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tv   Bridget Bowman Previews Senate Confirmation Votes  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 11:42pm-11:48pm EST

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we have many great heroes. we tremendous respect for you all. thank you all. [applause] [applause] announcer: the week ahead in congress includes confirmation votes for several of president trump's can cabinet nominees. we spoke earlier with a capitol hill reporter joining us from
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philadelphia where house and senate republicans were meeting this week for their annual retreat. >> what can we expect to see during that debate? >> so monday evening the senate has a cloture vote to end debate as you will recall democrats changed the flule 2013 so only a majority of senators are required to end his nomination. so that is expected to move forward. the question is when the final confirmation vote will come up as democrats insist that they want to draw out debate on his nomination. that could push the final confirmation vote until wednesday. >> besides voting on transportation secretary nominee elaine chow, senate committees will vote on jeff sessions and
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education secretary nominee betsy dubois. what's the status of those nominations? >> as you mentioned both of those nominations were delayed one week for senator sessions' nomination that was per committee rules. senator feinstein asked for more time. a couple of days before the senate committee were expected to vote, they received about 200 pages of additional answers to senator's questions. so they wanted more time to review those documents and the chairman senator grassley said granted that request and said that was find. betsy's nomination was also extended. this has been pretty contentious in the health committee. her fellow democrats have asked for another hearing on her nomination to review her office of government ethics report. senator alexander, the chairman of that committee has denied that request saying mr. ross has spent a lot of time before the
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committee, has met with every member and they've had their questions answered. >> bridget bowman follows the senate for roll call. you can read more of her opinion on thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. announcer: you watch live coverage of the senate and committee confirmation votes next week on the c-span network or online at you can reason listen on the c-span radio app. >> they said, let me tell you something. i have done everything i can to protect my country. and if i am not afraid of you and i'm not afraid of president bush. and i'm not afraid of anybody. if i have to give an order to protect my country, i will. and he kind of did this mussolini thing with his arms and he just -- and he just said,
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but i did not give that order. and then we just said, wait, wait, saddam, just calm down. >> sunday night on q&a. former senior analyst talks about his book "the interrogation of saddam hughes sane." >> saddam was a realist in the use of power, in the way that political power is exercised in the political power game. and i think that he saw that when you are in -- playing at the topl of presidency, level of the country, when you win you win big but when you ose you also lose big. >> sunday on c-span's "q&a." >> thousands gathered for the annual march for life. after that speaker house paul ryan talking about the agenda. and radio talk show host hue
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hewitt talking about the republican party now it that controls congress and the white house. >> pro-life supporters were in washington, d.c. for the annual march for life, an event that began 44 years ago to coincide with the anniversary of the supreme court anniversary roe v. wade. attending kellyanne conway and mike pence the highest elected official to have ever spoken at the event. this is just under two hours.


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