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tv   Washington Journal Tony Perkins Discusses Trump Administration Policy...  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 3:21am-3:54am EST

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interrogation of saddam hussein. >> he was a realist and the use of power and the way political power is exercised in the political power game. he saw that when you are in playing at his level of presidency, the top level in the country, when you win, you win big. when you lose, you also lose big. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a. >> a look ahead at the march for life with tony perkins. from washington journal, this is 30 minutes. announcer 1: "washington journal continues. host: back at the table, tony perkins to talk about social conservatism in the president. we heard from the president this week he will announce his pick for the supreme court on
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thursday next week. what do you hope? what are you hearing about who this will be? tony: first we know the president will pick off the list he presented during the campaign, the list with 21 names. that they have assured us and the public that it will take place, but also the president has been very clear on the type of justices that he would appoint, those that are strict constructionists. they are constitutionalists. they will not find things in the shadows of the constitution but interpret the words as they were intended. and he added they, for the first time ever, republican nominee saying he would appoint pro-life justices. it was very significant. in the third debate in las vegas when he drove that point home, i think that was where he closed the deal with social conservatives across the country in his bid to become president. host: we heard this list has
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been shortened to three names. neil gorka, judge william pryor from the 11th circuit court, and on thehomas hardiman third circuit court. would you be happy with any of these three? tony: all three have some very positive affects -- aspects. records,have extensive and i think that is important. it is important we have a supreme court justice that we know where they stand on these issues in terms of their judicial philosophy, because that is the other aspect the president has made very clear. he wants someone in the mold of justice scalia who interpreted the constitution. their judicial temperament is very important. all three have positive aspects. pryor has issues some have raised about. good liberty issues
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as well as hardiman, both have very good records on those issues. when we say good records, interpreting the constitution as originalists, those are the qualities of judicial philosophy the president stated he was going to pursue. to his credit, that is exactly what he has done every step of the way in his first week is that he has -- starting with his inaugural speech that many criticized, it was a continuation of his campaign. that takes people by surprise. normally politicians change once they win election. we will dial that back a little bit. he has continued saying and doing the things he said he would do. host: what about when he actually makes the announcement? of course he has to be confirmed by the senate, and there is remarks made by the democratic leadership in the senate, chuck schumer of new york, that this
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candidate needs to be mainstream. it does not sound like these three judges are in the mainstream of what democrats would like. if there is a battle to get him confirmed by the senate, what is the role of your group, and will you step into that and put money behind it? tony: we have to work with definitions, who is defining mainstream? i don't think chuck schumer and i have the same definition, nor chuck schumer or mitch mcconnell and the president, who said the president's nominee will be confirmed. is very precise in his words. he doesn't just say things. he will follow through. .t is going to be a battle it will be a battle right now -- royale, but the president will get his nominee confirmed.
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like we did with justice alito when president bush made that nomination, we worked with senator frisk who was the majority leader in the senate, and we helped get him confirmed. so yes, we along with other organizations, if it is one of the justices that we are completely committed to, will help the grassroots to move the president and the republicans in the senate gain the confirmation. host: want to invite viewers calling in mr. perkins. 8000.ats to 2748 8002.ndents 748 let me get reaction to the house , passage of an abortions bill. i want to get your reaction to what nancy pelosi, democrat of california, had to say about this bill. , anybody five children
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have standing on the issue? [laughter] >> and i think there has not been taxpayer dollars spent on abortion. you know that. this is fraudulent. it is fraudulent, and what they are doing is making it more dangerous of people can't spend their own dollars in the exchanges to have access to reproductive right. so we will fight that. host: mr. perkins? i have five children. my wife had them, i helped though. issue donald trump campaigned on as a pro-life candidate. what this bill did was take the bill that was passed in 1976 two separate taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion here and we know in the obama exchanges, they used an accounting gimmick.
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there was taxpayer money going to subsidize abortion in these health care plans. and the vast majority of americans are supportive of that. , while somecans support abortion, we are divided. it goes back and forth every other year, but on the issue of funding something you are morally opposed to, ending an innocent human life, that is beyond question. what this bill did by house bill seven was that it said taxpayer money will not go to find abortion. it makes the hyde amendment, which has been a manual writer for 1976, a permanent statute. that is all it does. host: cnn has a story that says bannedtion would also be for people to obtain insurance through obamacare or plans that cover abortion services.
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tony: that is what it does. because it is a subsidy, the accounting gimmick of the obamacare use of was it provides refundable tax credit, which is a government subsidy that goes to pay for these health care plans. it is not someone cueing their own money and having their own money -- keeping their own money and having their own money to go to health care coverage. host: virginia, democrat. caller: yes. host: gracie, you got to tell those television down. caller: so sorry, ma'am. trump, and here he is the 45th president, and ain't nobody, congress, nobody, saying going to turn this text paper over. if you want to do right, and he ain't doing right, how can he
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tell the american people -- he is commander in chief. perkins, do you have any thoughts on him not disclosing his tax records? tony: they weren't disclosed during the campaign as they were released, but it is not about his tax records but his policies. it is interesting what happened in this election. it started out as personality driven. he is a unique individual. you have hillary clinton, you have donald trump, very little discussion about policy. the end of the day, this turned into a policy election, and it really was reflected in the party platforms. posted election poll -- a election poll voted for people -- people voted for donald trump based on republican issues. it is following through on those and keeping the commitment of
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the republican party to the voters who put them in power. host: the march for life, jerry mancini, are you attending the march life here tomorrow? this is from the washington post. it says he brightly rattled off for demands -- four for trump. justice, making a permanent law rather than a one-year provision extended each year, pass a law banning abortion after 20 weeks, and stop federal funding for planned parenthood unless the organization or to stop performing abortions. he wants to see it all accomplished immediately. tony: we are on our way. house bill seven, taxpayer funding of abortion making that permanent. president has committed to a life justice. we will see that next thursday. the reconciliation bill will be planned parenthood, the 20 week
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basically five-month -- after five months you can't have an abortion when the child feels pain. that is making its way through congress. it will have a vote on that. people are shocked at the speed by which this president is moving forward not just on social issues. national security issues. where his passion is the most is on the economic issues, canceling the trade agreement, going to negotiate new trade agreements, the pipeline, creating jobs. he is going again -- you want to know what this president is going to do? look at what he campaigned on, that is what he is doing. host: independent from maryland. caller: good morning c-span. tony: i am fine, thank you. caller: i go back to the character issues that our president trump -- were you a supporter of his once he became the nominee? tony: once you begin the nominee
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, though there were other candidates more closely aligned with the values i advocate for, i was supporting another, but in the primary as i talked about earlier, it came down to two ideologies, and he embraced of the republican platform, then yes. i was supportive of him in the general election. caller: did you find it hard character was? -- character wise? the disabled reporter, the comments about women's genitalia and things of that nature? did you find it challenging to kind of overlook that and say, i heard the things i think i said? did you find it still someoneing to support that had that type of character issues?
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tony: it is a great question, because i am not alone in that. you are not alone in that. there were a lot of social conservatives, evangelicals that struggled with that issue. it was a matter of a lot of prayer for me. but it comes back to the ideologies and the party platforms and the issues he said he would push. that is why i think it is so important for him to continue doing exactly what he said he was going to do and adhering to the party platform. aver in recent history has party platform played such a key role. that is where evangelicals, social conservatives more broadly, when they had issues like the color just brought up, they look to the party platform. donald trumpput over-the-top. he is doing exactly what the party platform called for.
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ont: the republicans acting hr 7, wanting a clear house bill does not stand a chance in the senate. tony: we will see. we have never had a president like this who is determined to get things done. it is kind of like when you don't know that you can't do something, you get it done. he is not a part of this political establishment. he has not been here for years and has these political barriers that stand in his way. he says, we are going to get it done. we will see. i have more confidence in donald trump than i do chuck schumer determining what will happen here in this city. host: let's go to bill, little rock, republican. caller: the headline on television says social conservatives and president trump. ,or years, the host majority
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the people that believe in the judeo-christian god have had so many setbacks. in little rock, one of our legislators passed a bill to set up a 10 commandments monument on the capitol grounds. and here at the newspaper, there is a group that wants to set up a statue of satan right next to it. now we are having hearings and debates, and this is what i would like to do. how about us trying to fight back and establish once again what the constitution really meant in separation of church and state, and that is that the congress can't establish a religion, but that we can have a 10 commandments monument on the capitol grounds, which corresponds to that 80% or 90% of people who believe in the 10 commandments? now they are trying to, this
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group wants to get a statue of satan. my god, we have got to fight this at some point. how about we try to take it up to this new supreme court we are going to get? host: tony perkins. tony: it would be interesting to see the model for that satan statue. the issue is not lost on this election cycle. i think this issue of social conservatives christians in particular have been suppressed in terms of their religious freedom. religious riddim is not the ability to choose what church you want to go to. it is the ability to live your life according to your faith. this past administration was constantly trying to suppress and quarantine faith. that is why donald trump received the highest percentage of evangelical vote in recorded history since we have been , 26% voted for
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donald trump. again along with the life issue, religious liberty. reporters read, what is the johnson amendment? they had no idea. it was a provisional tax code that limited the speech of churches and organizations. that will go away this year. he will get rid of that. i think christians and others around this country are going to be emboldened. they have been emboldened by donald trump who refuses to be choked down by political correctness, that they are going to speak out. i think we will see a revival of sorts of religious freedom in this country. i think it is long overdue. host: do you think some people consult as a model? tony: i am interested in who they might choose. to, as where we have gone nation with ace shared ethic. remain that everyone was
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a bible believing christian, but those people that came, that united us. basic law of principles. as those are torn down, and as those have been marginalized from beginning in our schools and even now in our military, that actually undermines the authority of government and those that are trying to lead this country, and it further divides us. we are very divided. you saw that this weekend this past weekend. cann't think donald trump fix that. we are a very divided nation, but i do think religious freedom, not forcing anybody to participate in, but allowing people the free expression of religion what the constitution guarantees, i do think that can help bring us back together as a nation. host: let's hear from chris in arlington heights, democrat. caller: how are you doing, greta? if there is a name you could not
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be further from the side of the spectrum -- for starters [indiscernible] claimed have been building on the campaign. that will never happen. secondly, -- tony: i miss what you said. greta: he said he has not released the taxes. president's income tax and look for conflict of interest, which is under the umbrella of ethics. secondly, it keeps talking about religious freedom. you are talking about originality when it comes to the constitution. i understand those things. but how does banning muslims from coming into this country play into that? it doesn't seem sensible and you are looking at the constitution itself, specifically the first
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amendment of the united states constitution. i would like to hear your response as well, and the senate will kill any bill that will try to stop abortions within this country. if you don't believe chuck schumer, i would take a second, step back, and think about it. think about where this country will be controlled from the next four years. that is where the buck stops. greta: ok. tony: i wouldn't agree with that last statement you can see how things have already changed and will be further changing. to his point, the muslims in a proposed ban, it is a good question. if there is religious freedom, why can't you have muslims coming into this country? this is not about banning a religion. it is about banning those who are putting -- it is not an overall ban. extreme vetting, those who have a propensity to undermine,
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destroyed, and attack americans. greta: all muslims do? tony: no. how many baptists have committed terrorist attacks in this country? we haven't. not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists we have seen so far are muslim. religious freedom stops when you start to undermine the country and the constitution itself. it is ordered liberty that we have. so religious freedom is not the ability to do anything you want when it comes to threatening the lives of other people here the president is simply saying, we simply need to bet those people thatg from countries threaten national security. i think it is the wisest thing to do, prudent, and as he stated, pro-american. i think it is time we put
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america first. greta: columbus, georgia. aller: i wanted to make comment as far as getting things done. a lot of people don't realize when president obama was elected, you know, they didn't like what was going on, and they wanted change. and obviously that didn't happen . people,e is a lot of that is why president trump was elected is because people wanted things done. now they are actually getting done, the way i look at it. more has been done actually before he was even president than in the past four years as jobs to america and getting things done. and you know, as far as all the social -- i could care less about tax returns. i could care less about what president clinton did in the
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oval office, but he was a good president, and he got things done. greta: all right let's get tony perkins' view. tony: i would take a little different view of that. i think barack obama did get a lot of stuff done, it just wasn't good stuff. in his first four years you drove a lot through as he polarized the country. he did not get as much done then. but as he said, he did quite a bit. that is what donald trump has been cleaning up in his first -- undoing on doing because the president did not go through congress. having said that, i believe there were times when barack obama exceeded the true limits of what he can do by executive order, because he couldn't work with congress like he did on some of the immigration issues. president by this the force of his personality and his persuasion to move congress
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with him and work with them. i did not, and i don't think any conservatives want to see this president crossed the line of the constitutional authorities establishte house to conservative things. we think he has the type of personality and stick to it -- sticktoitiveness to stay in the boundaries. caller: good morning. tony: good morning. caller: i am a democrat. i did not vote for president trump, but he is our president now, and i will give him an opportunity to see what he can do. i just got a few questions for you, tony. you talked about the hyde amendment earlier. in that event, funding going to , organizationsls and sometimes states that forsor abortion, that pays
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abortion. my question to you, will that include israel, canada, japan, and those other states as well? that is the first question, and i think the american public is sort of confused, misguided. their focus is on the president being able to solve all their problems, and that is not the way our system was set up. we have three branches of government. why i think is the preliminary problem is congress in action. they have yet to pass a comprehensive immigration reform , and in their consideration, why are we focusing on people of colored? you spoke earlier about social conservative -- conservatism. to me, that reeks of -- and i am only just -- i am a religious man myself, but that reeks of
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white people. that is not what social conservatism is about. greta: i will have mr. perkins respond. with i would take issue that last statement because i know a lot of social conservatives that are people of keller, hispanic, african-american, so it is not a white club, believe me. to his point about where the president,s with the i could not agree more. we should not be looking to washington dc to solve all our problems. really where most of america's issues can be solved is in our own home. we have to take personal responsibility to be working to raising children, educating, working in communities. ,ashington has a role to play but i do think we disproportionately look to washington dc to solve all of america's problems.
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that is why we have the depth that we have as a nation. that is why we have the polarization. when i served in office at the state level, we worked together. yes, itrepublican, meant something. being democrat meant something, but not a whole lot. it was more, let's come to an understanding and on common ground to help advance our state , families of our state. so we worked together. i came to washington 14 years ago and found partisanship is much different here. it is stronger, and has become even more polarized in the 14 years i have been here. i don't think that is a good thing, but it is what we are dealing with. one way to solve all of these problems is to look back at the state, local, all the way back to the home. greta: a tradition that has been happening over the years is the march for life rally that is occurring tomorrow here in
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washington. tony: and the weather will be nice. it will not be minus five degrees or snow. we had the blizzard last year. greta: that is happening tomorrow. our coverage begins at noon tomorrow on c-span and you can see who is featured in their attending the rally, kellyanne conway, the president's senior white house person. joni ernst, me a love, you talk, and chris smith. there is reports of a surprise vip guest. what do you know? tony: i can't comment on it, but i am sure there will be a nice guest. greta: the president? tony: i can't say, but is someone that has a track record on this issue. greta: the vice president?
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tony: all of the margins will be pleased to hear from. greta: how many are you expecting to hear from? tony: i don't do counting, but as i have heard from across the country, people are energized. they are encouraged, thankful. i think you will have a massive crowd tomorrow. greta: coverage beginning at noon on c-span. robert greenville, north carolina. a couple of calls, go ahead. caller: good morning. tony: good morning. caller: i have a question for you, mr. perkins. as a conservative and the whole group of conservative christians that back a morally bankrupt resident -- president, i find it this does noting go with donald trump, and for a model for satan you elected him for president. he is the devil in street clothes. greta: why do you say that,
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robert? why do you say that? caller: i am saying this for the democrats now. we are in the sewer. this man should not have been allowed to get as far as -- he should not have been there in the first place. greta: why do you say that, why? caller: why? everybody that is close to him knows, and even the republicans know, we know what he is. to him should be more ashamed because they are allowing him to remain our country. tony: you have yet to answer the question. oh, you lost him. we have a choice. the choice was between hillary clinton, whose party platform actually for the first time called for taxpayer funding of abortion. specifically named planned parenthood and supporting planned parenthood, then you
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have republicans. both of them in the public, wrapping themselves in party platforms. was i supposed to vote for hillary clinton? was i supposed to stay home and not vote? as a christian i have -- first as an american, veteran of the marine corps who understand the price that has to be paid for us to have the freedoms that we have, that as american citizens we have a right to vote, and as a christian i have an obligation to vote. sometimes i comes down to voting for the candidate you think will do the least amount of damage to our country. in this case, when we look at the platforms and the ideologies, yes, there were concerns about the personal aspects of both candidates. but it came down to looking at the ideologies and the platforms. it wasn't a choice. it was very clear donald trump was the candidate. i make no supporting -- glad to do so and be a part of
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mobilizing christians across the country to put him in the white house. greta: if you want to learn more about the family research council, you can go to their website tony >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, alert cliff will join us to discuss president trump's first days in the office. , hughtalkshow hosts hewitt will talk about his new book, a conservative playbook. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> next, a look at the effects of


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