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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2017 5:48am-5:58am EST

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did not keep them but cut them up to repurchase them so there was no address but her daughter donated a dress and it turned out to be in the inaugural gown but it turns out she was telling the truth so the dress biggest intact but she cut up the ladas so we recreated hat. >> people will be interested of the other members of the trump amily. >> the collection focuses on the first lady. what we're really concentrating on is the first lady but we will see what urns that collection . as things evolve we will see
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what turn the collection takes. >> preparations for the 58th presidential inauguration are well under way in washington. chair of the presidential inaugural committee spoke with reporters at trump tower in new york city. he gave details on how plans for the inauguration are shaping up. >> the inauguration is going to be amazing. what we're doing is trying to orient it towards the greatest tribute to america. the only peacetime transition of power that ever happened this way to the focus for this president-elect, since he is a celebrity, is really on the place, on the people, on the history, on the tradition. so it starts on -- martin luther king day is monday which is a great epic start and verbage for whether or not all this means. and there will be a series of events leading up to thursday. thursday is kind of the kickoff
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of it all. thursday night will be a candlelight dinner which has been traditional. and each of the dinners and each of the venue is really oriented to just allow people to breathe the place rather than the actors on the stage it's about the stage. so thursday and friday are the two big days the swearing in, the capital staff is amaze ags how they planned it. so it will be commemorative moments, thoughtful. >> talk about actors. if you could tell us how concerned are you you have enough performers, people to do readings, songs, all of that. are you satisfied that you got with a you need to fill the day as it were on a typical inauguration day? >> overwhelmed. look, i think -- we're fortunate in that i feel we have the greatest celebrity in the world, which is the
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president-elect. side by side with that is the current president. so what we've done instead of trying to surround it with what people consider a-listers, we're going to surround it with the soft sentence wult of the place. so we have all of that but in a much more poetic cadence than having it, a circus like celebration that's a coronation. and that's what this president-elect wants. so i think it will be beautiful, but the cadence of it is going to be let me get back to work because the people that i'm presiding over in america are back to work. >> last question. you talk about what he wanted. tell us what he has told you he wants. what are some specifics that he wants to be a part of the inauguration. >> he really wanted it to be about the people not about him. so his instructions to me by the way, which is the worst job
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in america. e gave the best job in america to all the bright guys. was to be the party planner. how to relate 200 years of history, a couple hundred billion dollars of investment in this place at a moment where we have to build bridges. he know what is his constituency is and he knows he needs to reach out to the constituencies who have questions, who have doubts. so his direction to me was, the campaign is over, i'm now president for all the people. i want you to build a bridge and tie them back in. i want to heal the wounds and get back to work on saturday morning. >> would there be any -- anything that deeve yates from previous -- deeve yates, things you're doing for the first time? i know you already address it had announcer. but there was some commentry who has been doing it longer than i've been alive, is being replaced by someone mr. trump
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knows. tell us how that change happened. >> it's a dell can't balance between -- delicate balance between tradition. and president-elect trump is a traditionalist. so he's tending to that and having his own fingerprint on a new canvass. so he's mostly abiding by tradition. in that moment when you look up that west capital entrance and the shift of power in a moment goes from a very strong powerful man of one party to another very strong powerful man of another party, that cadence and tradition of america allowing power to change like that -- so he's kept that pret my touch -- tretpi much. of course he has his finger print on the details. >> the announcer. no hard feelings there?
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>> i don't think there's any hard feelings anywhere. everybody would like to be close to the president and president-elect. i think there's a spot for everybody. and of course he needs to put his own signature. >> who did he choose to replace the announcer? >> i don't know. we'll find out. >> will there be any opportunity for president-elect trump to mix or mingle with the other former presidents? >> sure. they're there on the podium. so if you remember, the podium is built out on the west side looking to the washington monument. they're all sitting right across. now, the timing and sequencing is all very tight. but they'll all be within shouting distance of each other. >> there's no private time that's expected at all? >> there's holding rooms. as they all come through the capitol there's holding rooms where they will have an opportunity to see each other. but there's no organized interaction. >> i know in previous inaugurations the president and
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the president-elect sometimes i think -- go from the white house. have you heard from them, the white house, about anything? >> sure. they've been very gracious in extending an invitation for coffee or tea in the morning. >> so the traditional. so they come president-elect trump as a family comes over there and then they ride together? >> not the family. i think probably the president-elect and first lady elect. >> and then the four of them ride together? >> yes. so most probably they'll go to the white house and after coffee or tea, spend a half hour there, and then go together. >> that's a great moment. that's a great moment. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> thank you for your time. >> watch the 58th presidential inauguration live on friday. or listen on the free c-span radio app. >> barack obama held his last news conference as president
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yesterday. that's next on c-span. on this morning's "washington journal" we'll look at the presidential transition process d president obama's economic legacy. "washington journal" is live each morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> our bus traveled to communities across the country. recently our bus stopped in virginia visiting students at hampton high school. here's a video students made about our visit. >> it's pretty hard to miss the c-span bus outside today. inside, students are receiving an informational session about c-span's mission. c-span's bus goes around our nation speaking to high school students, colleges, universities, and political gatherings. let's take an inside look. >> tables, satellites.
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>> awesome. >> it was really important. the way they made it was awesome. we reached out to students through email correspondents and also through heir social studies classes. they replied and wrote a one-paragraph statement about what this experience would mean to them. many responded in terms of their career interests, others in their interest in media. others just in response to their questions about how do they think the campaign occurred and how c-span was a part of the that effort. >> the students have never heard about c-span, we want them to be able to come on the bus and learn all there is to know. welsh created as a public service to the community. our goal is educational community outreach. if they come on they can learn about c-span, ways they can use that in the classroom. opportunities whether it's internships or student cam competition. we just want them to be


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