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tv   Open Phones on President Obamas Final News Conference  CSPAN  January 18, 2017 3:22pm-3:45pm EST

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tragic things happen. i think there is evil in the world. end ofhink that, at the the day, if we work hard and if we are true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, that the world gets a little better each time. presidency hasis tried to be about, and i see that in the young people i have worked with. i could not be prouder of them. and so this is not just a matter of no drama obama. this is what i really believe. it is true that behind closed doors i cursed more. and sometimes i get mad and frustrated, like everybody else does. but at my core, i think we're going to be ok. we just have to fight for it, work for it, and not take it for granted, and i know you will help us do that.
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thank you, press corps. good luck. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> per resident barack obama, his 39th and final news conference as president. his 24th here in the white house briefing room. we would like to hear what you think. a 2-748-8920. to republicans, 202-748, 8921. -8922.hers, 202-748 ,e would like to hear from you so you can send as a tweet. he is returning to the nation's capital, where he and mrs. obama ide inside the city. let's hear from anna in california, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i wanted to take a minute to thank our president and his family are giving us eight years of his life. i think we have become much better as americans and as citizens, and i just hope that our president-elect will continue to go forth, rather than go backwards. thank you for taking my call. host: now to illinois, our republican line. caller: yes, i want to say the same thing that anna said in california. thank you. that is it. host: comments on twitter. here is one from @cspanwj rebecca. -- here is one from rebecca. @cspanwj is how you treat. this is talking about the commutation of chelsea manning's sentence. tweetarie with another --
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cannot answer that, but i bet somebody will answer it for us. we will hear from roger on the independent line. caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. can you hear me? host: we can. go ahead. caller: what i would like to say is this past election, eight was the most hateful, divisive campaign i have ever seen in my life. donald trump actually asked russia to help him hack the democratic party, and now that he is president, he don't want nobody questioning whether or not he is legitimate, even after he questioned the legitimacy of barack obama. party, nowublican they have control of everything. they have still been the party of no. they have actually got to do
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something now, and i guarantee the first bill on the floor will be massive tax cuts. they never do nothing for people like me. coal miner.led imed dying of black lung. i have filed three times for black one. every time i file, they say you are not sick enough. but they will not change the law. they have got to protect the wealthy. far as i am concerned, it is the republicans' war on the workers in the coal mines. it is just not right. if you have black lung, you should be treated for it. are calling on our independent line. who did you vote for any last election. caller: i did not vote. it was just too hateful. no hope for anybody, all about hate.
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i went to the polls, and that is all i heard, one hateful comment after another. host: seattle, washington, what did you hear from president obama in the news conference? same old good obama. i am so proud to have voted for him twice. i hope i am around again, but i do not think i will be. i am glad i saw a black resident that has such a calm demeanor about him. he made me so proud to be an american, and i am wishing him and his family the very best. host: to illinois, the president's home state, we her gene on our republican line. i am a proud american, served my country. i have served the community. i have worn two uniforms. i'm proud of my flag and of my
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country. but it is time to retool and take back our country. it is time for everybody, both sides, no matter what color you are, to stand together and support this president and to go forward from today, from friday. this friday we have a new president. oneeed to work together as team. that is the only way we're going to survive. thank you. askedpresident obama was about the plans of some 50 or more democrats to boycott the inauguration. the president deferring not to answer that, saying that he knows one thing, that he will be there with michelle obama. we have inauguration coverage planned beginning friday morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, and coverage of the parade and festivities throughout the day here on c-span and you can also listen live on the free c-span radio app. pleasant, south
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carolina, democrats line. i am sorry, go ahead. caller: yes, a few comments. caller, i wish he was around when president obama was elected eight years ago to voice his implants about constructionism. desk to voice his complaints about constructionism. . am 63 years old first time in my life i ever voted was eight years ago when i voted for president obama. i never regretted it. i am proud of him. he has helped my family with the health care act, my son helped e affordable care act. and back to the last nominee, i find him correct. i cannot believe the people that have been calling do not see the clear and present danger that he presents to the appointment the
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is possibly going to have. i wish everyone would just listen to these people instead of listening from their side, republican or democrat, listen to what they have to say. that is all i have to say. i wish republicans would comment on price and see if they can come to the conclusion that he has a conflict of interest beyond any other. host: thank you. folks will get a chance to see it again momentarily. we are taking your calls and comments, also on close -- on facebook. we have something from sam that says history will show that president obama as one of the best presidents in our history. thank you vice president biden and everybody that worked in the administration. donn said he was a national disgrace. good riddance. and we on the republican line.
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go ahead, mel. caller: thank you. i would disagree with anybody that says obama was a good president. but i kind of like what he was saying today, his tone was a little more measured as far as -- and i would hope that people will listen to him instead of people like john lewis, or the people who are boycotting the inauguration. you know. i think it is a good point to make that a lot of people out they areen the voters, not really well informed on things. they go more with emotions. which is why i appreciate your least people who
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are interested, they can get into it. and at least think about things. a lot of people, and a lot of ,oters do not -- i would never i do not think anymore, what i both for a democrat. -- would i vote for a democrat. only because there is one alternative. i am hoping donald trump will make america great again like he promised. and i am very hopeful for that. host: thank you for calling and watching. we are showing you the reporters still in the briefing room. and we understand in an interview today, the incoming press secretary indicating that the first news conference or briefing from the white house will be indeed from the white house. president obama started his comments this afternoon recognizing the former president george h.w. bush and his wife
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barbara and calling for prayers and thoughts on their behalf, the headline here, they are both in the hospital or were earlier this afternoon. the former president hospitalized in houston, and his wife under care. the former presidents in intensive care after being respiratoryan acute problem. barbara bush according to reports is in the hospital for some shortness of breath and other issues. we will keep you posted with any additional news that comes from houston from the bush family. here is joann on the independent line. caller: hi, thank you for taking my call. obama twice. for one thing i can say, i consider myself a very informed voter, informed about the issues. i cannot help but think about
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the difference between answers we got from this press conference and from the press conference that happened a couple of days ago with the incoming president, that seemed more like a circus than really a press conference. i hope people, independent, democrat and republican, press or whoever, holds him at countable for getting to questions truthfully. that is the point of the conference. to really inform the public on the perspective on the issues. and i have no problem with ideological differences, the policy will change based on who is in office. i've dealt with people who have had policies can even obama, who have policies i do not agree with. and i question whether that will be the case going forward. host: thank you for your input. norma is in colorado on the
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republican line. hello? i in the republican. am a republican. i have just a couple of things to say. i think the democrats need to and not and be truthful being such crybabies about losing. donald trump did not get putin or russia to help him win. year and this time, the christians stood up for ourselves and our rights. and donald trump promised that the christians, the real christians of the united states would have a chance at not being put down, because the christians are the minorities in the united states. so we stood up for ourselves and
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did not put the democrats down, but i think they need to stand up and be truly american and give donald trump a chance but ecausee he said -- b he said during the campaign that he would go through all the districts that were downtrodden and help them get up. i hope and pray that the democrats will get behind this instead of doing all this stuff and trash they are doing. and i pray to god that he has put somebody in there that will straighten our nation out. host: president obama wrapping up a news conference at the white house, his final news conference. we will show it to you later in the schedule. we will show you the tom price hearing from earlier today before the senate. president obama during the news conference asked about his plans after leaving the white house. president obama: what i meant, is it is important for me
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to process this amazing experience we have gone through. make sure that my wife, with whom i will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, is willing to put up with me for a little bit longer. i want to do some writing. quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so darn much. i want to spend precious time with my girls. so those are my priorities this year. as i said before, i am still a citizen and i think it is important for democrats or progressives to feel that they came out -- who feel that they cannot on the wrong side of the direction, to -- election, to be able to distinguish between the
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normal back and forth at the and flow of policy -- ebb and flow of policy, harvey going to raise taxes -- are we going to raise taxes, or lower taxes? are we going to eliminate this program, or keep this program? how concerned are we about air pollution, or climate change, those are all normal parts of the debate. before, in a said democracy, sometimes you will win on those issues and sometimes he will lose. i am confident about the rightness of my position on some of these points, but we have a new president and the congress are going to make the determinations and there will be back and forth around those issues and you guys will report on all of that. but there is a difference between the normal functioning certain issues
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or certain moments where i think our core values may be at stake. i put in that category, if i saw systematic discrimination being ratified in some fashion. category explicit obstacles to people being able to vote to exercise their franchise. i put in that category institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press. putfor me at least, i would in that category efforts to round up kids that have grown up
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here and our american kids and , whenhem someplace else they both this -- love this country and they are classmates to our kids and now they are entering into community colleges and in some cases serving in our military. the notion that arbitrarily or , thatecause of politics whenuld punish those kids we do not do -- when they did not do anything wrong themselves. host: we will be taking your phone calls on the president's last news conference. caller: i would like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart to our
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outgoing president and his vice president for this service that have given their country. to -- for the dignity they have given the office. i hope somehow, some of that will stay. i really hope, but he and his wife and the vice president and his wife have been absolutely wonderful examples of the best we can be. thank you. host: thank you, helen. brett on the democrat line from philadelphia. caller: hi, can you hear me? host: we can. caller: first of all, i wanted to point out the start differences -- stark differences between the republican line and and theic line independent line is moderate. it is striking to see how deep
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those divisions are. and a nice way to illustrate how shown inso inflated is one of your last colors -- call ers talking about john lewis and his decision to boycott the inauguration as it being a crybaby, she said. and there is a reaction that comes from people that know his history, i think, that is just, you do not attack a living hero like that. sure, that is not mean everything john lewis says is correct. host: right. caller: the point he is making is he has reason to believe that the president elect will not represent the values that he holds as somebody that created and helped enforce these values in american history, that is still tangible today. in this sortght
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of, you can attack john lewis -- if he came out and said pump compiler was made of spiders, -- pumpkin pie is made of spiders, that would be what it was and people would discredit what he was talking about. but the fact is he is making a claim that is backed by intel from government intel, to an extent. i don't know, i think he knew what he was doing in making this protest and the word illegitimate is enough to get people talking about what we should do in the future. host: the numbers on that are over 50. maybe four dozen or five dozen in terms of members, house members, but i have not heard of any senators. thate hill, reporting
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elijah cummings, the top democrat on the oversight committee saying he will attend the inauguration because it is bigger than mr. trump. now we get to a caller from pennsylvania. donald, go ahead. caller: i would like to send that -- to say i am glad that president obama is leaving office. i do not believe that he has helped us as much as he said he has. i do believe president trump will do as he said he will do. and god bless america. have a good day. host: ok, donald. a lot of comments on facebook as well. this one addressing the first question for president obama, janice says, i just want to hear how he sugarcoats the commutation of meaning. sam says, im


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