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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 17, 2017 7:00am-8:03am EST

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by michael breen and jay carafano. and kept during his time in office. ♪ it is the washington journal for january 17, donald trump companies will face senate hearings today as choice for and hisn secretary choice for energy secretary. 2:15ll have his hearing at this afternoon. both of those hearings you can see on c-span. go to our website at for information on both of the hearings. day, wes until election
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want to hear from you on what you believe the presidents influence and legacy will be on foreign affairs issues. efforts against isis, syria, the iran nuclear deal -- may be other topics you want to engage in on the presidents influence. here is how you you can let us know. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independent colors. tweak us or go to our facebook page. a recent piece in the washington about the president's foreign affairs talks about the use of restraint that the president has seen over the last eight years. madeites this -- mr. obama it clear that restraint was his primary choice.
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the result was that those who wish america may have had little incentive not to defy it. exhibit number one for the critics was the president's failure to enforce his own redline in syria -- a failure that contributed to a perception of weakness. yet it is simplistic to assign blame for all the world's ills to obama's restraint. a moreot clear that aggressive policy would have resulted in better outcomes. and as the decade preceding his presidency showed, the opposite may well up in true. at the same time, the assumption that everything in the world, for good or ill, happens because of american action or inaction greatly overstates our power and influence. it goes on more, those are the this morning. we want to use this as the entry
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point to talk about foreign-policy matters. president how this has handled issues with iran, syria -- we want to get your thoughts. if you want to call us, (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independent colors. you can tweet us or post to our facebook page. we start this morning with eric from maryland on the independent line. what do you think the legacy will be when it comes to foreign-policy affairs? thatr: thank you, i think
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what will be remembered is isis. the isis failure. expand on that. what should they have done or what should they not have done? war thatrying to avoid all costs created weakness in the decision of policy in the world. costs to avoid war at all emboldened the enemies of america. think they why i think they can do pretty much whatever they want to do. .ike russia and iran new york, the independent
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line. i am originally from ethiopia. i have been following obama since 2008. he said the same thing in kenya the obama administration when it comes to human rights and accounted of a in africa, he didn't do anything. on the ground, if you ask me, do africans feel free in their own country? none of this -- we haven't seen african young people cross the so obama is part of
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this problem. africa -- [indiscernible] obama has a lot to say about that. , talking about the on thents matters, republican line. are you doing?
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thank you for having me. as far as his policy goes, they were all failures. he was a failure, that is his legacy. and the senators, they shouldn't be allowed to vote. they should all be fired. host: so foreign-policy what are you main -- caller: everything that came out of his mouth. racism. he won't admit to it. the whole world. he has screwed everything up. he screwed everything up. ron. that was again, thoughts when it comes to the presidents policy matters. other topics as well.
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we want to get your thoughts. (202) 748-8000, democrats. , republicans. and for independent colors, (202) 748-8002. in the new york times, remarks about the nuclear deal. i ran reduced its nuclear stockpile by 90% and removed two thirds of it centrifuges.
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in short, iran is a pulling its commitment, and mistreating the success of diplomacy. in actually -- we will show you this in a little bit. first, james from new york. go ahead. caller: we were promised that he was going to make a difference. and that we would have better relations, especially in europe. none of that is true. a bitter disappointment. with soe relationships many countries and leaders. not hope we were promised. not hope and not change. host: eduardo from new york.
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caller: thank you for having me. as far as foreign-policy, i want to talk on specific foreign-policy. castro.he made with i come from cuba. it was raised there. no freedom of speech, no freedom of nothing. now she is worse than fidel castro. do you understand? this is ruthless.
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he only cares about money. doesn't care about jobs for cubans. host: the screen you just saw -- that was a visit there in an effort to pursue normalized relations. here's part of the speech. president obama: we cannot and should not ignore the difference is that we have. about our government, and society. has a one-party system. america is a multiparty democracy. cuba has emphasized the role and
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rights of the state and the united states is founded upon the rights of an individual. but despite these differences, on december 17, 2014, president castro and i announced that the united states and cuba would begin a process to normalize relations between our two countries. since then we have established diplomatic relations. we have begun initiatives to cooperate on health and agriculture. reached agreements to restore direct flights and mail service. we have expanded commercial products and increase the ability of cubans and americans to travel and do business. and these changes happen welcome even though there are opponents to these policies. still.
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many people on both sides of this debate have asked, why now? why now? there is one simple answer. the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to knowledge that truth. a policy of isolation designed for the cold war made little sense in the 21st century. theembargo was only hurting cuban people and not helping them. and i've always believed in what martin luther king called the fierce urgency of now. again, that was president obama describing his efforts to see normalized relations in relations there. an opinion piece for mbc writes that fair is fair. now the long-standing drive
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for cuban migrants is over and this change is welcome and necessary. thursday, the president said -- do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subject to removal consistent with law enforcement priorities. soundis no longer a reason for granting cubans a special immigration process. the end is a logical expansion of the new relationship. let's go to kyle and maryland on the democrats line. since you just chose the cuban speech, let me make one, do this. this is one good example of courage that barack obama showed. knowing it would be popular. thate move forward because policy was punishing the cuban people.
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and working people people there were cheering and happy that we finally normalized relations. secondly, people have got to admit that the war in iraq and to push by george bush, democratize the middle east was the unraveling. of war.icans were tired nobody wanted to battle in syria and fight countries. with the to be more american people and support that viewpoint. so instead of calling and saying it was his fault, it wasn't his fault. he came into a situation where he did everything he could to pull troops out of these places where the people didn't want us there in the first place. around, a great president who showed coverage through his presidency and he
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did a lot of things that he knew would be politically unpopular but he knew it was the right thing to do because he was courageous. my last point is this. i'd is a man that showed made us proud as someone being our president. the way he carried himself at the way he spoke. he never had scandals and he is a wonderful father and husband. i hope we look back on him as a man who stepped up at a time of need. and i'm a democrat who at times was wishing he was more forceful but at the end of the day, i'm proud to say i voted for him. i think he did a great job. host: on twitter. that he got us out of iraq. let's go to gary in arlington. tennessee.
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i was just listening to the guy who was on here. apparently he didn't listen to what obama did and didn't do. but i am thankful that the democrats are continuing to follow obama. he is the perfect example of why you don't vote somebody and just because they are a female or because they're black. you need to vote for the person that can handle the job. and he is the reason we have trump right now. look at the seats that the democrats have lost because they're afraid of him. because he is black. question?i ask you a in terms of foreign policy, what do you think of the president over the last eight years? caller: i think it was pitiful. he showed in so many ways. romney said russia was the biggest foe and then he turned around and he tried to make friends with him.
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ande has been proven wrong so many ways. it is just sad that we have had to suffer through that. euro people wanted a black person in office. host: you have made that point already. uighurs the independent line. caller: good morning. ronald reagan destroyed the soviet union without firing one shot. freed millions and millions of slaves and barack obama and , with theinton pushing of a fake button resurrected the soviet union. they invaded crimea. and the ukraine. are doing nothing about
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it. the soviet union is back, folks. it is back. if weare you saying showed more strength, things would be different? caller: definitely. remember -- she said tell vladimir that when i get elected the second time, i can do whatever i want. do you remember when he said that? he did. he did what he wanted. let's hear from homer. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to know why we have to be the world police. and i think that was one of the bigger problems. we try to play the world police and we can't even get our stuff together here in america. and everybody talking about what
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obama did. what he did and did not do. but everything he did, he had to do it on his own. they voted him out there but then they decided how they wanted to run the show. is one of the major problems. everything a deity had to do it by himself. so it's just the way things go. host: so for the president having to do things himself, what do you think were the successes and failures? personally, i think he did a fine job. i'm not saying that because he's black. we take a little bit of something and make a whole lot out of it. host: as far as foreign policy? caller: he did a fine job. he had two wars to try to pacify
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with no money. help, he had had some someone trying to help them with hadacare, if somebody ideas, why didn't they put that there? they had eight years to do that. we are talking about the president's foreign-policy legacy. jim, go ahead. caller: remembered as the worst presidency ever. over 20 trillion examples. the iran deal was horrible. we got nothing out of it. getiran will be able to nuclear power. obamacare was horrible. he has divided the nation and race relations are worse than they have ever been since the 1960's.
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he has attacked our police forces for doing their jobs against criminals. he has alienated our allies. we have had more illegals cross our borders than we have ever had. more mass shootings under this presidency. andas freed terrorists every time there is an islamic terrorist act in the country, he blames it on something else. like fort hood, calling it a workplace incident. the horrible disgrace to our country and history and the worst president ever and he deserves to be charged with treason. in the washington post today, an op-ed. that is from the former israeli chief of military intelligence.
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aps is written taking a look at the iran deal, calling for the next administration not to tear it up. they make three points. first of all, they say it is improbable that the other parties of the deal would agree to jeopardize it. a second reason to keep the deal is that in the first seven years it delivered a time of significant constraint over iran's nuclear program as long with tight inspections and monitoring. and the agreement will gradually allow enough nuclear inability to reach almost zero breakout time, the time needed to build a bomb which makes this an important time to address the flaws. and they say third, it would create a dangerous void. be no credible leverage to restrain iran on its own. it was july 2015 that the
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president announced that the u.s. and partners had come to an agreement with iran over the nuclear deal. here's a portion of that statement. president obama: without this deal there is no agreed-upon limitations for the iranian nuclear program. iran could test more centrifuges. they could fuel a reactor creating a plutonium bomb. and we would have no way to detect that. deal means no, no lasting constraints on iran's nuclear program. a scenario makes it more likely that other countries in the region would feel compelled to pursue their own nuclear rooms. threatening a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region in the world. the unitedesent states with fewer and less effective options to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
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i strongly believe that our national security interest is now depend upon preventing iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. which means that without a diplomatic resolution, either i or a future u.s. president would face a decision about whether or obtain 11ow iran to or whether to use our military to stop it. a greater chance of more war in the middle east. up byer, we give nothing testing whether or not this problem can be solved peacefully. , a worst-case scenario, iran violates the deal, the same options that are available to me today will be available to any u.s. president in the future. and have no doubt that 10 or 15 years and now, the person who holds this office will be in a stronger position with iran further away from a weapon and
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with the inspections of transparency that allow us to monitor the iranian program. host: we are asking you to share your thoughts when it comes to foreign policy, what his compliments or failures have it. from twitter, sigmund said we have two wars and additional six conflicts adding that everything the president has touched in the middle east has affected the islamic jihad. says that twitter and facebook had more influence on foreign policy. here is andrea. caller: i am an african american female. i feel that obama was the worst president we have ever had. the country is more divided. general,s attorney
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they never brought the country together. everything was divided. when talkingay about chicago police. host: in terms of foreign policy, what do you think? caller: iran. how to become into this agreement when they are a large supporter of terrorism? send americans over there to fight terrorists? that is the worst in addition to turning his back on israel. host: steve from louisiana. in new orleans. caller: the problem is that the , -- media in this country
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controlled by rich jewish people and they make all the decisions. host: jeff from washington, d.c. on the republican line. you are next up talking about the foreign-policy legacy. what do you think? will get really honest because it is the first time i have been able to get through. and i am an independent that i'm calling on the republican line because all of the other lines being picked up. they go straight to voicemail. this is what i think. electedican public has amnesia. they want to put all the blame on barack obama. but really, look at what part did they play in this. and also, they want to say that i keep hearing people say the same talking points that i hear on the conservative radio
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programs. c-span, i think your moderator suck and i think you need to stop and look at what part you all play in this past election. i think people are always talking about dividing america. he didn't divide america. you forget about the tea party. the right wing talk shows that spew hatred. foreign policy, what do you think specifically? caller: i think he has done more than any other president ever. and the legal up there, they need to stop and think. do the math. look at the relationships he has had with all of the other countries and all of the people around the world. host: what was the chief accomplishment?
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caller: sitting up to israel. making sure that they are neighbors to others in the middle east. especially iran. so many people over there are trying to do the best they can with what they have. and so many people here want to take it. cornell is next in new jersey. on the democrat line. go ahead. caller: i think president obama is the best president be of ever had. his foreign policy with cuba will be historic. -- he had dignitaries all over the world, recognizing him as a statesman. israel -- benjamin netanyahu, when he addressed the congress and a couple of days before that, benjamin netanyahu
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said we will never have a palestinian state. he said the after, first thing they would do is have a palestinian state. nojamin netanyahu said disrespect. anytime you have to say no disrespect to someone, you disrespect them. and as far as president obama, history will show that they vilified martin luther king in his day. they vilified malcolm x. in his day. and they vilified jesus in his day. host: that was cornell. the president's foreign-policy legacy is what we want to get from you this morning. you can also post on our twitter page and on facebook. todays in the papers
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looking forward with the new administration, particularly beijing. a topic for how they are preparing for the incoming administration saying that in some ways, beijing has been bracing for a u.s. administration that appears determined to shake the foundation of the u.s. china relation. restrained in the public response, china has sharpened its rhetoric since donald trump double down on the one china policy whereby the u.s. agreed to not recognize taiwan as a separate country, that is up for negotiation. that would upend the diplomatic ties between washington. that is in the wall street journal. let's go to washington, d.c. on the republican line. are you there?
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caller: i think president obama has been one of the best presidents as far as attacking each and every ethnicity. everybody wants him to be everybody to everyone. he has been trying to do as much as he can. he the black community says is the worst but i want to say this. as far as disrespect. on your station, no one calls him president obama. call them a president. i worked for the clinton be 21stration and it will years since the last on inauguration. so right now i'm looking at how this is playing out. president obama has done so much for our country. host: in terms of foreign
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policy, what has he accomplished? caller: foreign policy, when you states,the different with foreign policy, with russia, he is upset about it. but this new president is already in bed with the summary at government. this is going to take us down. he hasn't even been in office yet and is already in bed with the soviet union. there was a previous callers said we were not strong enough. do you agree with that? caller: no, we were. everybody is looking at this with eyes wide shut. this is bigger. in 1968 tomber back
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1985, 17 years, the worst time in this nation's history. now donald trump is already giving them permission to -- to do what he wanted to do with hillary clinton. add. we go to good morning. caller: you seem to have to justify everything about the policy legacy. anyway. -- thateel that was really helped president obama's foreign-policy legacy would come democratsll all the in this country the truth. that the democratic party was formed for one reason.
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and that was to protect slavery. that is the truth. in the democratic party would look their party up and find out the history of their party, they would say it madet the republicans that jim crow, it was the democrats. democrats cause all the problems in this country. policy,ck to foreign what do you think? he is gone. we go to john. what do you have to add? caller: i think president obama did a good job as far as foreign policy and relations with cuba. the only thing i have a problem with is the foreign policy in the middle east, and in particular, libya and syria. i think it is a continuation of the bush policy. and it was wrong.
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and it is all about money and power. liked towould you have see us leave the countries alone? caller: absolutely. the people in libya, this is a theory of mine. but i think the whole problem with libya is that -- is trying to separate his identity. -- it is all to about control. and as nothing to do with whether these people are good people are not. the fact is there a sovereign country. and we need to leave them alone. it is a foreign country. and if they meddled with the united states affairs, we would
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have a problem with it. everybody is talking about how russia got involved in our election. can you imagine trying to overthrow the government? it is just hypocrisy. host: the business insider website has a story taking a look at theresa may. and she is set to announce today that she is willing to take written out of the european single market and the customs unit in order to gain full control in the u.k.. woke up the clearest signal yet on a government that will push for a cleaned apart form the eu. this will be referred to as the hard exit. she will make the statements today in the united kingdom. you can see it on c-span later. here's a bit from the prime minister about why they're planning on leaving the eu.
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>> no rejection of the values that we share. the decision to leave the eu represents note sire to become more distant to our friends and neighbors. tois no attempt to do harm the eu itself or any of the remaining member states. we don't want to turn the clock back to when europe was less peaceful and less able to trade freely. it is a vote to restore our parliamentary democracy. and to become even more global and international in action and spirit. to be reliablee partners with allies and close friends. want to buy your goods and services. we want to trade with you as freely as possible and work with one another to make sure we are safer and more secure and more prosperous through our continued friendship.
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you will still be welcome in our country as we go power citizens will be welcome in yours. at a time when we face a serious our enemies, britain's intelligence capabilities will help to keep people in europe safe from terrorism. and at a time when there is growing concern about european security, version servicemen and women stationed in european countries will continue to do their duty. we are leaving the european union but we are not leaving europe. host: that's the test concluded but you can go to our website to see the thoughts of the british prime minister, theresa may, on the u.k. plans to leave. georgia, thank you for holding on. caller: i agree with the last caller, talking about how we
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need to leave other countries alone. president obama's achievement was bringing troops home. so you have critics saying that. but look at iraq. how long we going to stay over there? that is my comment. host: barbara is in miami. good morning. caller: good morning. onseems like he was bent punishing israel, particularly the last few days of his administration. to i ask my fellow americans think about your home that you may have worked your pro-life or and all of your neighbors aiming a gun into your home. how would you react? i think the president's actions last few days are shameful and i think it is because he has a personality disagreement with the prime minister. host: because you are calling from the area of the country
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you're calling from, do you have any thoughts -- oh, she's gone. from go to william chicago. on the independent line. caller: good morning. with respect to president obama's foreign-policy legacy, i think it is a mixed bag. on one hand, you look at the himing of bin laden and removing the vast majority of troops him removing the vast majority of troops from afghanistan and iraq but at the same time, you can look at his reluctance to withvene in syria and gadhafi. i think there are a couple of
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things i want to point out. iran, i think we have to revisit these topics in 10-20 years to see how it pans out. why do i say that? because we don't know -- i will start with cuba -- we don't have the government is going to be, a democracy. i believe obama did the right thing. in resuming relations with cuba. the policies and lamented by a past president were not working. and it impacted the people in power. with regards to iran, which i support, we need to look at 10-20 years down to see if iran is going to follow the agreement.
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if iran is going to build nuclear weapons. answer ifere is no iran will have nuclear weapons, it do we go to war with iran? we need to think about that. host: and 10-20 years, do you think the relationship with the countries will be dramatically changed? the people in these countries have admiration towards america. waygovernments are in the of these countries having a strong relationship with the united states. tim and north to carolina on the republican line. caller: good morning.
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let's get some facts straight quickly. 500,000 dead in syria. isa, most of their money profited by russia. why would obama go to cuba and tried to deal with a dictator who murdered his own people, just like saddam hussein did, doing all this other stuff, it seems to me that obama is in bed with russia because cuba is run by russia. but america doesn't realize that because they are not educated. especially the democrats. you had clinton over there trying to hit the reset button. is this not a catastrophe for the country? i know there were problems before. but look at the facts. look at the facts.
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journale wall street says that the president-elect is expected in washington for an event that looks at foreign policy, saying the most exclusive event preceding the inauguration was a black-tie dinner and that introducing diplomats to american policies. -- 500 guests at the chairman's global dinner. it will offer many in washington diplomatic community the first chance to meet the cabinet appointees and political donors and mike pence. the event will take place in washington at the entry mellon auditorium. a review ofude broadway numbers. organizers are looking to begin introducing the new administration of am a little
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outreach. trail, thee campaign republicans portrayed america as outsmarted by other nations through trade deals and military pacts. in michigan. on the democrat line. go ahead. caller: i have a couple of comments to make. first of all, regarding the middle east. iraq opened up the door. at the beginning of the war, i watched as us loads of men from other countries came in, came pouring in to fight. what they did is they gained training and they learned how to protect and perfect the ied. and how to do the terrorist attacks of attacking each other and they took it back to their countries and it spread. so that was opening up pandora's box. and it is hard to put things back in.
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and going to israel, lest we forget, it was the united states and the united nations that formed israel. i live in an area where there are many muslims and many people from the middle east. gentlemanioned to a saying that they were cousins with the jewish and, why don't they get along? and he got angry and he said, how would you like it if you came home to your house and someone else was living there and just said it was your house. you would fight for it. and that is what the middle east conflict is all about to me. that were people living in land. and we gave it to israel. israel has had to fight ever since they've been there because it was other people's land.
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host: it was october 2011 that obama announced the end of military action by the united states and here's part of the statement. president obama: as a candidate for president, i pledged to bring the war in iraq to a responsible end. our nationalof security and the strength of the american leadership around the world. after taking office, i announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in iraq and remove all foreign troops by the end of 2011. commander-in-chief ensuring the success of this strategy has been one of my highest national security priorities. last year i announced the end of our combat missions in iraq. today, we remove more than 100,000 troops. fullraqis have taken responsibility for their country security.
7:50 am
with the ago, i spoke iraqi foreign minister. i propose that the united states keep their commitments. he spoke of the determination of the iraqi people to forge their own future. we are in full agreement about how to move forward. can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. years,early nine america's war in iraq will be over. on the next few months, our troops in iraq will pack up their gear and board, for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border out of a rock with the head held high. proud of success and knowing that the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is how america's military efforts in iraq will end.
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host: if you want to see more of these statements and speeches that the president has given over the years when it comes to foreign policy, go to our website at you are able to search these topics. by person or topic or what have you. it is all available courtesy of our video library. , ohio on theeland democrat line. kathy, good morning. caller: i think that president obama's legacy should be that he demanded and got respect from leaders from other countries. and he gave us back our dignity. think as far you as leaders from other countries, can you give an example under how respect has grown with obama in office? caller: they're willing to work
7:52 am
with him and talk with him. and he understands and he is willing to negotiate. host: we will hear next from jim who is calling on the independent line. jim, go ahead. you are on. caller: think you for taking my call. listening to a couple of these callers before. and there are facts that people need to get straight. what we are doing and what we're allowing in israel is basically what we did to the american indians. and that has been the root cause of all the hostility for decades. in the middle east. as the president's i have tolicy legacy, say that iran was a tremendous success. i believe hed and
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derailed the nuclear program there. concerned,uba is people have to realize that fidel castro overthrew a terrible dictator in batista. they were cutting off the economic supply lines and they were having hard times. and that is basically what i wanted to say. host: shone on the independent line. hi. caller: good morning. i agree with the previous caller just said. it was obama's foreign policies. ishink the main difference americans foreign policy, obama is a sickly trying to do what he is doing because of americans
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foreign policy. -- thet goes back question needs to be asked, why -- it seems benefit like that is the only thing we do. we went over there and basically caused chaos in a place that was already chaotic. we can help. though these people fought, there were no suicide bombs occurring in the history of this whole area until the 80's when the united states went over there. so we cause a lot of these problems. and the more people look at the united states, other countries -- so we have a guy who is actually trying to do it different. and a lot of people say, this guys different.
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and that is my opinion but other people may see different. host: the wall street journal profiled the wall street journal nominee for the protection agency, he is the attorney as the and served oklahoma state attorney general in 2010 saying he had repealed regulations issued by the obama epa including the signature piece to cut carbon emissions by goal is tocrats paint the pic as out of step the international community. they help to tie am on the ties to gas. -- that was brian thinking who
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is desired by the trump administration to become the interior secretary. he will get a cabinet hearing today. 2:15 this afternoon and you can see that on c-span, and listen to it on radio.pan and the head for the education department, that confirmation will be at 5:00 this afternoon. again, see it on c-span and our other platforms as well. samantha powers was the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. gives her positionech in the before the atlantic council, that'll be at noon and you can see that on c-span and she will probably address a lot of these topics we've talked about this morning when it comes to foreign policy. specifically the obama administration foreign policy. hear her remarks at noon today on c-span. your thoughts on the legacy that
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president obama has when it comes to foreign policy. the rebel the mine, your next. caller: i have been puzzled over the years by the decision by the obama administration to promote the change in the middle east. , includingn to do so the disastrous invasion of iraq by the bush party, the fall of saddam hussein -- evident at the time that obama took office. obama speech in 2009, a new york times article from march 2013, he jumpstarted the states. the obama administration did not help manage a limited transaction. so that upset the governments. yemen, it did and
7:58 am
not succeed while yemen is a success. thet is in turmoil and situation in yemen is approaching a humanitarian crisis. and there are two other countries where it held disastrous consequences which are libya and syria. both of those have been disastrous with thousands of people having died. eden -- this is jeff and he will be the last caller on this topic. good morning. caller: unfortunately, i don't believe there any positives from obama's actions and decisions. leaving a rock created isis. and giveszes concessions to our enemies. egypt, that was anti-american. israel tohit team to
7:59 am
defeat netanyahu in their election and everybody talks about russia? to defeat a team netanyahu in israel. which is unheard of for america to metal. , obama has nothing but concernings hands his foreign policy actions. goodbye. host: that was jeff, the last caller on this topic. talking about the president's foreign-policy, the discussion will continue as we feature our two guests to talk about the successes and alias. and james jay c arafano. holan will talk about how
8:00 am
many promises he met a sticky. that is when the washington journal continues after this. ♪ >> we found that public officials, the people who really govern this country, and it's not congress, not the president, its bureaucrats. they write thousands of rules and regulations that have the force of law. we found out that they don't think much of ordinary americans. >> sunday night on "q&a," professor of political science and chair of governmental studies at johns hopkins university talks about his book, "what washington gets wrong: the unelected officials who actually run the government and their misconceptions about the american people." >> we learned that we elect a congress that makes the law, the president executes the law, the courts review the laws, but that ain't exactly how the system
8:01 am
works. much of what we think of as "the law" consists of rules and regulations written by bureaucratic agencies, by bureaucrats who are not elected by anyone, and who often serve for decades. >> sunday night on "q&a." >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span3's american history tv, real america will air the historic 1970 film "the time has come,'narrated by james earl jones and originally created for overseas audiences. the film documents the progress of african-americans by profiling several newly elected black public officials. >> by being a part of the justice system as a judge, i feel i am making an impact on the socio-economic difference. >> participation of blacks in
8:02 am
the democratic process is bringing about a new sense of hope, and not just a new sense of hope but a new sense of optimism. but it is also bringing about a sense of economic talent. >> american history tv on c-span3. for the complete schedule go to >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday. c-span will have live coverage of all the day's is absent ceremonies. -- day's events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and, and listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> "washington journal" continues.


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