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tv   Washington Journal Matt Schlapp Previews President-elect Donald Trumps...  CSPAN  January 15, 2017 10:29pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ rep. reed: c-span is featuring inauguration day. we begin tomorrow with the larry o'connor show from washington dc. watch that at 3 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> wants to welcome back the chair of the american conservative union. >> february 22-25. a month after the inauguration. >> the president will be there? >> you trying to breaking news? i'm confident there's a good chance he will be there. year, the come last last minute we had a little bit of a problem. the last minute, but we have enjoyed having him five years before and we hope to have them back, and
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the vice president, too, favorite. the firsts talk about 100 days. we know the affordable care act's front and center. what else is on the agenda? guest: if you think about it, the monday after you get sworn in, obama has said he was able to run the government with a phone and pen, so much of what he did an aqua to congress because he never really worked with congress and his presidency very much. for that reason, his agenda was put in place to executive order, which is a very powerful tool for the president, but the problem with that is when you are no longer the president, the next president can wipe it all away, and with donald trump, he will be able to our boy almost all of the obama agenda with his pen. some will be more, located. and then, he picks a nominee for the supreme court, which would change the supreme court for the rest of our lifetimes. most likely, he has an aggressive legislative agenda. there will be more activity in
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his capital them we have seen in a decade or more. host: let's talk about tax reform and what you want it to look like. guest: basically, there is a lot of red rope. the bottom line is there a couple of things to keep in mind, which is corporate tax rate is the highest on the globe at 35% tax bracket. so that needs to come down, we will continue to seek american companies go overseas and headquarter overseas. we see it in europe all the time. and we always thought it would be more progressive and on top paying, this is people even higher rates than that is the biggest threat. we are shutting down more small businesses benefiting created for the first time in our history. host: what about the debt? $20 trillion, huge, a stranglehold around the neck of a sadonomy, and what
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about politicians, when we talk about shutting down government, we are talking about a tiny sliver of federal funding. most of the spending is on autopilot with entitlements. unfortunately, the two parties have not been able to come to the point. paul ryan, george w. bush were trying to do something about the economy carried we do not do something, the programs themselves would not be around. host: you have been talking about bipartisanship, how do they do that in this polarized political environment? you saw the news that congressman john lewis is joining 17 other members of the house that will not be economical ceremony, so what is donald trump's role in all of this and what is the role of the democratic leadership to come together? guest: donald trump [indiscernible] times than any other republican senator. i think donald trump's coalition is made up of people who are not really strong republicans, but they are not even really republicans at all.
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they have a brand-new political coalition they put together. to get anything done, you have to have eight votes in the senate if it is beyond the budget conciliation, and that is where the battle will be. when republicans say we have control of everything, it isn't accurate. a vigorous majority of the house, obviously, donald trump into the white house, 52 republicans are great. you determine the time of the hearings, you have a lot of sway, but you do not have all the boats you need to get everything past the senate, so this government, as you said, has to be bipartisan to get things enshrined in law. host: can you do items i can for searchers spending, tax reform, and bring down a $20 trillion debt? guest: the devil is in the detail when it comes to legislation. it comes to infrastructure, they will try to make sure that they follow the budget rules that are paid for, and when it comes to infrastructure, a lot of it happens at the state and local level.
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determinations are still to be made, but i think if your question is, how do we do with a $23 debt and we don't talk about it? great question. we have to talk about it altogether. when it comes to taxes, they will to how much it cost, and when i hear that, i cannot believe it because the fact is if we do not cut the rates, you will never get the economy going. if we don't get the economy going, we cannot put america back to work and if we don't put america back to work, we will have delays, where two thirds of americans think we're on the wrong track. -- the wrong track. host: one of the criticisms from democrats was there were not a lot of safeguards or not safeguards in place. you go back to looser regulations or is there a middle ground when it comes to what washington needs to be doing with wall street and what wall street is doing or should be doing? guest: i think we should have policeman in charge of wall street. generally, i am the regulatory
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-- i am dealing in the toy but i don't think that cost the great recession. i think what caused it is we try to put our finger on the scale of markets with that everyone should be a homeowner and say that everyone could afford a home. there are ridiculous examples of people over purchasing their homes and the government was part of that because every mortgage was done in partnership with the federal government. safeguards that said you should not have that much credit because your earning ability does not really match it . if things go upside down, which , and pricesthey do can go to the basement and they did, and americans were left holding the bag, probably with loans. if the bank had to make the decision, they probably would not have given it to the person. iorge w. bush, the present serve for, the program he pushed for, it sounded great, but behind that where these
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pseudo-government private entities like fannie mae, freddie mac, that did the economy a disservice. i see that happening all over again. ,ost: our guest is matt schlapp earned his master's at wichita state university, chair of the american conservative union and will be covering cpac in february. peter is up from that which -- college valley, new york on their public in line. good morning. caller: good morning. hi, matt. i watch you and your wife on pots all the time. nice to see one there. one, judge napolitano said that the fbi dropped 200 -- 300 females of hillary clinton a couple of weeks ago, and according to him, there was a smoking gun there because it proved that hillary emailsneled classified to blumenthal, but after was mentioned on the air, it disappeared. i was curious of what was
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happening with that, and do you believe that the new agee is going to pursue this is president obama does not part in hillary clinton and her people? i do not understand why they are not pushing the narrative from donald trump about that. he was pummeled in the media, particularly by the video saying all kinds of terrible things, and that was the great equalizer as far as the hillary clinton insinuation that the russians were interfering with her campaign? guest: thanks for your kind words. first of all, i would say that the election was with two sets of emails, a set we should never have bread and another set of females that the american taxpayer had the right to read because they were there and it was their property. hillary clinton actually got rid of the emails, many that the american voter had a right to look through. in a way, she did go ahead defense because if she did not
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do anything wrong, it would help to describe the fact that she did nothing wrong. there was a mistake in every way. as far as jeff sessions, he will recuse himself because of the things he said on the campaign trail. the fbi i believe has had shackles on this from the beginning of the investigation. i believe that they took a direction from the white house to back off on hillary clinton. i think it caused jim coming to look silly throughout the or he wouldcess, not and said we found additional their on anthony weiner, laptop, and then he had to go back, look at them, and that was problematic in those females. and here is a back -- problematic in those emails. had handledct, if i classified information the way she did regarding evidence, guess what? i would be in big trouble, maybe
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jail. i think the american people saw the fact that there was a double standard and i think it is one of the main reasons why hillary clinton has been preparing her speech this week. that is a fact. i think it is ok for the country to move beyond these things but i don't the she should get a mulligan and be able to get off the hook because she lost. tweet from a viewer -- i never said i wanted to cut entitlements. i wanted to make sure that we talked about them within the context of the program survival. i agree, we made a contract with seniors on social security and paid into it. and cannot on a lot continue to go in the way it goes and that is the conversation george w. bush was trying to have a congress and the american people. how can we put the program in a sturdy position and not bankrupt the country?
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if you look at entitlements in short order, they will be bankrupt and i do not know -- when does america go bankrupt? with $40 trillion, at some point, china and these other countries will quit taking care of our debt. it is scary thought. host: and it has doubled in the last eight years. guest: that is right. host: let's go to donald. go ahead. caller: morning. guest: how are you? caller: doing pretty good. i have a question. donald trump has been saying for over a year or so that he would release the tax returns. i have a brother who worked for the irs. the fact is you are under audit and it does not mean you cannot release your tax returns. guest: you are correct about that. there is no legal prohibition to releasing your taxes. caller: so why doesn't he releases tax return? this is my theory and i want you to comment on it.
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first, i think that he always shows a loss every year. secondly, i do not think he has been worth what he says he is. great i think there's a questions. he set again in his spectacular press conference he had that he would release his taxes when audit is over. host: why do you call it spectacular? guest: it was amazing, like the show or program. usually, presidential press conferences, he is not the president yet, but usually the president-elect just walks up to answer questions, but he had the press secretary, the vice president there, and he was aggressive in that exchange, which i think a lot of people like and he had his lawyer said to go through how he will structure his empire while he is president. it was kind of an extravaganza carried it shows you that donald trump is rethinking everything, including the president interacts with the press. host: a moment with sean spicer,
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the incoming white house press secretary, here's what he had to say. [video clip] >> a visit frankly outrageous and irresponsible for [indiscernible] campaign to drop highly salacious and flat out false information on the internet just days before he takes the oath of office. according to buzz feed's own editor, there are some serious reasons to doubt the allegations in the report. "the newtive that of york times" also dismissed it by saying, it was "totally unsubstantiated, echoing the concerns that many of the reporters expressed on the internet." the fact that both speed and cnn made the decision to run with this up substantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get clipped. the report is not an intelligence report, plain and simple. one issue the report talked about was the relationship of three individuals associated
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with the campaign. these three individuals, paul manafort, michael cohen and carter page. carter pages an individual who the president-elect is not know and was put on notice months ago by the campaign. adequatelyrt has denied any involvement and michael cohen, who is said to have visited prague in august and september, did not leave or enter the united states during this time. we asked them to produce his passport confirm his whereabouts from the dates in question and there is no doubt he was not in prague. mr. cohen has never been in prague. suggests that michael cohen was at the university of southern california with his son at a baseball game. one report now suggest that apparently, it is another michael cohen. for all the talk lately unpaid use, this political witchhunt i summon the media is based on some of the most flimsy reporting and it is shameful and this graceful. host: from trump tower in new
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york, sean spicer, who served as rnc communications director, heading into the white house. your response guest:. you look at that picture and it is unbelievable -- your response. guest: you look at that picture, unbelievable. you have sean spicer, but how often does the press secretary have prepared remarks while the incoming vice president, incoming president, incoming presidential family are all sitting there looking at him. that is a heady moment, which i think he handles well. host: michelle in, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. three quick comments. number one, the conservatives do senate, 60 votes in the so unfortunately, i do not know we start with low hanging fruit or worked, but donald trump is going to have to make sure that the house and the senate conservative leaders work
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together and there was going to be deals made. number two, individual taxes. we have to work on individual and i know you mentioned corporate taxes but we have to mention individual taxes. congress, -- tell the congress, if a person has a mortgage, you move it or use it for the mortgage. maybe they can write up $20,000 to charities, but set it at the limit and do not get hung up on this. host: thank you. guest: michelle, you are right. i always think i am a poor communicator because i thought i made it clear but i want to make clear that with the 35% corporate tax bracket, which is about the highest on the globe, individual businesses and individuals pay even higher rates than the corporations, so you are right. but we really have to look at is
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what is the effective tax rate? after take out all the deductions and honeypots in the tax codes, what is the rates that the income you pay? what we find in both corporate and individual instances, including small business, the rates are so high that that is what is killing the job creation and that is killing us when it comes to corporations overseas and all these corporations that talk about adding jobs back to our economy, they're doing it in every case because they believe that donald trump is going to be able to make the regulatory environments more welcoming and the tax environments more welcoming, but for individual americans, you are right. high,tes are too especially in the american experience with state and local taxes, so our tax by two at individuals is one of the things that has americans feeling like we cannot get there. as farce the 60 votes in the senate, i would like republicans to quit saying the big of is 51
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votes in the senate, we will be able to do what we need to do. it is not true or accurate. what happens is we never really in my lifetime, enough votes to overcome a filibuster. i am 49 years old. 52, 54, great if you are a conservative and republican alike the agenda, but without 60, like obama had, you do not have the ability to get your agenda through without making a deal uncompromising. host: in fairness of president obama, it was when the senator was quite ill and you had a senator from minnesota not seated until july, so is it fair to say -- guest: you have a good memory, but how did obamacare pass? host: by one vote. guest: because they had the super majority. what mitch mcconnell knows him and everyone talks about the nuclear option and the ability to reduce the threshold for filibusters and everything, what mitch mcconnell knows is when democrats have the majority in the senate or frequently, and when they have the majorities,
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for them tocommon get the super majority. if you look at the history of the senate, republicans get the majority less frequently, and when they get the majority, there are pretty slender majorities. we have 55 seats when i am the white house -- when i was the white house medical director. we got to 55, and we were opening up champagne bottles. that is about as good as it gets republicans. getting to 60 gets the job done. host: let's go to bruce from florida, democrat line. by the way, we welcome our listeners on c-span radio and those missing -- listening on sirius xm, the potus channel. go ahead. caller: i would like to talk now thee rnc, which is russian national committee. donald trump -- guest: very clever. caller: is going to his of this country out, all the people that voted the donald trump, get your sons and daughters ready to go
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die for this idiot. host: bruce, how is it going to sell us out? caller: because he is proving -- because he is putin's pulpit. he loves putin. come on! paranoiah, i find this in the conspiracy theories over this putin-term relationship. i think it is time to close the book on the conspiracies after the election is over. the one thing i know about donald trump and i had the opportunity to work with him over the last several years, he is nobody's puppet. thisnk it is great and important country of russia can set up on the right good as he is sworn in to be president. hillary clinton and barack obama tried to start off on the right for it, and i think it is right
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when they want to start that way. they brought that red reset button over to the foreign minister in russia, and they pressed it, which was translated incorrectly into russian, and she had her chance to reset the relations. let's look at donald trump and when he said the other day and i think it is true. if vladimir putin turns out to be about partner, you will be very tough on him. i think you will be very tough on anybody who steps on american interests, but i know you are a skeptic and we will all have to watch and see what happens. pence,ou mentioned mike and when it comes to court legislative agenda items in the trump administration, what key role quality plan capitol hill? guest: he is one of the few people in the innerworkings of the trump white house with significant congressional experience. anddeputy chief of staff has spent 17 years working in the white house, there are a few
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others, but not that many who have a lot of experience in the .hite house and in congress mike pence, although he does have white house experience and executive experience, when he was in the leadership in the house of representatives, he has been involved with legislation had to [indiscernible] in the final pieces of legislation. i do not know -- you know mike pence, he is one of the most levelheaded, calm, very midwestern -- i like midwesterners -- and he is the great yin to donald trump's steadyith great advice, and the great diplomat on the hill. host: let's go to joe. good morning. [indiscernible] remember eight years ago when
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president obama took office? of tracks a couple off. eight years ago and president obama took office, president another $4put trillion on the credit card. another fact, i moved down from new york, south carolina. about two years ago, my wife did not have insurance, and president obama's aca helped her out tremendously. she found out she had stage two diabetes, which could have killed her, and then she got a job and another fact after she got a job, now, she can afford the aca, but it is good for the poor people. veteran so i war don't have to worry about my health care. but my wife does have to worry
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about her health care. my son and daughter have to worry about their health care and they are working hard to make ends meet, you know what i mean? i just wanted to make them to facts.two personally, and helps and it still does help because my wife consultant for medicine through the medical field down there. host: thank you. we will get a response. guest: i'm glad you like is doing better, good news. we all make the mistake that with a piece of legislation -- i am a guest to the affordable care act -- that there is good in it and bad in it. one of the bad things in the that wele care act is rated medicare and put a lot of people and trust among medicaid. a lot of people lost their health insurance in the process. we are finding that what the american people care the most about is what it costs.
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they want their health care to be the best in the world and it always has been and now it is at risk. secondly, they won it affordable. what we have seen from the premium increases is double digit increases and the fact that health care costs people so much money. most of us have plans with high deductibles, where wind insurance that we does have taken, it pays a smaller percentage, 40% to 62%, and we have an annual and lifetime cap. for most of us, we want insurance to cover when the wolf is at the door and there is a terrible health crisis. you want your insurance company to kick and then. we are less worried about the insurance company kicking it with the $150 expenses. be kind of got everything we do not want coupled together, so i think that is why -- look, you do not have to think that what i'm saying is correct and don't agree with me, but i just think the american voter said the
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affordable care act is not working for them because the democrats who have been pushing this since the beginning, certainly since barack obama was resident, they have suffered so many losses. they lost their majorities in the congress, and they lost so many govern ships, and more state legislative races. they had not done this much losing in 100 years. a lot has to do with obama's one signature legislative success with the credit notes, and it is the affordable care act. i think what republicans are faced with now is, what is good? more people covered by health insurance. that is a good thing. how do we take out the bad, which is the quality of the health care that is at risk, the premium increases to hide that health care is not affordable, and that you have insurance companies exiting these marketplaces? .bamacare is ready to collapse but we have to do is get more insurance companies back in,
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stand up to these private marketplaces, allow people to have choice when it comes to their health care. everyone of us has things in a life that they will never decide to do, yet, obamacare forces us to have coverage for all types of things that we do not want. like contraception mandates. let's let americans choose what they want. i think we will be better for it. host: donald trump has been treating this morning. -- tweeting this morning. guest: have i made any? host: [laughter] you have not. with all the jobs i am bringing back to the nation, that number will get higher. car companies and others, if you want to do business in our country, you have to start making things here again. when!. -- win! let's go to sarah in florida.
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we have one minute left so be brief. caller: real quick, if you care about small business in america, you need to look at what the sec is allowing. and technology companies come public and then they are devastated by the short . you have got to pass something saying that stocks under two dollars cannot be shorted because you have brilliant technology, science, people who start up companies and then all they do is goldman sachs just admitted they do it. they all do it, the hedge funds do it, they short is little stocks, play with them in the market makers that are in on it. host: thank you. we talked earlier about the stock market. guest: you live by the sword coming down by the sword. the other thing that these investment banks and private equity firms is they invest in a lot of firms and they help to grow them. it is part of one of the reasons -- that is so unique about the
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21st century t american economy -- i could go back to thewet -- century american economy -- if i could go back to the tweet from donald trump, these companies are really going to invest in this country again like they have not turkish team years. the have money on the sidelines and i think it will be treated more -- cannot in the past 10 5 years. they have had many on the sidelines and i think it will be treated more here. with the announcement from carrier, ford, the people through trump tower, there is a new contact. the president is saying, i will make the environment easier to do business, but you have to have it done in this country. i do not see how anyone can be against that. host: matt schlapp, we >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with
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news and policy issues that impact you. coming up monday morning, we are taking a look at the influence president obama has had on race relations in the u.s., with associated press race and at the city reporter jesse holland, author of "the invisibles: the untold story of african-american slaves in the white house." also, sophia nelson, author of "e pluribus one: reclaiming our founders vision for a united america." and cheryl cashin, author of "loving: interracial intimacy in america and the threat to what o white supremacy." "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. join the discussion withnight on c-span, "q&a" mya the guinness. that is followed by british pride minister theresa may taking questions from members of the house ofmo


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