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  Kellyanne Conway Discusses Incoming Trump Administration  CSPAN  January 15, 2017 9:42pm-10:06pm EST

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up next, we discussed the presidential transition process and what to expect in the first 100 days of a trump presidency with incoming white house counselor kellyanne conway and incoming press secretary sean spicer. after that, american conservative union chair match lap talks about some of the issues he expects president trump to focus on once he takes office. at 11:00, a conversation with the committee on q&a. >> now kellyanne conway, the incoming white house counselor, talks to c-span about her role in the trump administration and offers a preview of his inaugural message to the nation. d in politics. this is almost 25 minutes. as we speak to you in the
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heart of trump tower, you are preparing to move to the white house. what will your portfolio be? my portfolio in the west wing of the white house would include some communications, legislation. also, i have been in talks with the president-elect about help and strategy,data because that is something i have done over a number of decades. but all of that is information, numberecause we have a of different means and opportunities in the white house, with everything from the white house -- office of public liaison and so, anyway i can help with any of those efforts . on a day-to-day basis, it will be general strategy. anybody walking in -- and certainly helping to oversee our whole press and communications operation which for president donald j. trump is very important to him.
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host: walk in privileges, how important is that? ms. conway: i want to continue the relationship i have with mr. trump, which is someone who has the opportunity to speak with him on a regular basis. he has made their he clear as they say in the play " hamilton," he's likely to be in the room when it happened. i expect that it will continue to be as he sees it -- for my service for him. on have found on behalf of the president-elect and on behalf of candidate donald trump that's and particularly medication wise, -- particularly communicationwise -- i[indiscernible] in the interest of continuity, in the interest of keeping up with the relationships it has w orked. i believe that is what we are going to do. host: you understand washington,
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you understand power centers in the white house. how do you ensure there is a streamlined operation in the decision-making process and there is not a lot of in ffighting among your staff? ms. conway: that is a great question. that usually falls to the chief of staff and that is going to be reince priebus. he funnels the information, access to the president, so there are not all these -- [audio interference] the press secretary always has a role in that traditionally in the white house. we've been a small, cohesive team in the trump campaign in a way that we understand what it means to truly be in the foxhole so to be together. that team is going to going to the white house together now. we have an advantage because we
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do not come from -- ling bureaucracy when that we have to figure out how to break down o theions and funnel it int white house access. it is the way that we have operated all along. fullein ave a hand in nneling that in way. i also expect the president operatell continue to them he does, taking advice and counsel from the people on that issue and and ultimately makes the decisions. host: for you personally, this is a move from new jersey to washington, d.c. what has it been like? in conway: i lived washington, d.c., for 20 years. law schoolollege, -- had some of my greatest friendships in washington, d.c. i have never lived there is a certainlyfour and i never lived there as counsel to the president.
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it feels very different. i have all the responsibility and gravity of what this really means, and i also feel the tremendous bountiful blessings a place wherein i can leverage the opportunity to make an impact in people's lives. it is really why i decided to go into the white house. number one, i feel the ability to continue to serve president donald trump and vice president pence. i also feel -- have a positive impact on people's live. s. like new york, but i find washington, d.c., very green and clean and a bit warmer on a day-to-day basis. it does not rain every monday. everys tend to rain monday here, it feels like i'm excited for my children to have been new experience. the schools and washington, d.c., are phenomenal. it is going to be a life change but in many ways not unlike the
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president himself -- host: i read this the vote was not 100% among our kids. ms. conway: i have a very strong-minded, independent 12-year-old daughter and her moxie is something to behold. would perhaps12 like to finish the school year here, which will be an option for her. her twin brother george, also told, has his bags packed and by the door. he will miss very much his friends and his schools and his life in new jersey and memories -- at the same time he knows that we are about to embark on a very special time in our family. 's evolution. my two younger daughters, 8 and 7, they certainly have a safe in it. mommy, you work so hard, you should choose where we are going to live.
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vanessa is excited for her next adventure. host: you were raised by a single mom, your grandmother and two single aunts. what was that like? ms. conway: it was like being raised by south jersey's version of "the golden girls." nobody had a politics conversation that i can recall. isn't a civic duty? it was there constitutional right, and they voted. i' tilted more democratic until ronald reagan was on the ballot. the way i was raised was very unique and very special in that i was raised to be a conservative without ever hearing the word. entrepreneurial - - raised catholic. the pictures in our kitchen room ofre were, they weren't ronald reagan and john kennedy, they were of the pope and the last supper. something i do and second grade i am sure was hanging on the wall.
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raised to be strong and independent and to look out for yourself with a certain grace and elegance and respect for other people. me throughrried this campaign many times when it got really rough and tumble and people were very unkind. on social media, in my own party. behind my back. and to my bosses, donald trump and mike pence, they were very mean to them. been raised to feel that you have worth and value and you have choices and you are not a victim of your circumstance. and that nobody can make you feel badly about your -- without your permission. i was raised that way with these four women. that even if you fail, there are people who love you just for being you, that unconditional love. i've always known it was a great gift to have this unusual upbringing by a single m oom,
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but it was a gift that served me very well as an adult and a very vaunted position during some tough times. tot: how will you apply that the white house, to your own role, to your decision-making process, to the backstabbing and to life in washington? is it going to be a fishbowl? ms. conway: i am sure washington is seen as a fishbowl. [indiscernible] share a few lessons from this campaign with my children. the sheer value of hard work and luck. i was in the right place at the right time for donald trump to elevate me to campaign manager and to be the highest ranking, nonfamily female in his west wing. that is the fruits of decades of hard work and sticking with it even when it may not have looked been-- it may not have lucrative at times. it may have been very difficult -- to turn and walk away.
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in a very male dominated industry, politics. secondly, the sheer value of being kind to other people. in this come back to me campaign. people will stop me in airports, on the street, certainly and they will say, some combination of thank you so much for helping the campaign or thank you for helping save the country. i'm happy for the country. we're happy for the country, it is a fresh start, new blood. it is turning the page, not just changing the tone in washington, it is changing the whole channel. we have a great opportunity. it is the sheer value of being kind to make up drivers, the uber drivers, the people part of my staff, and the people above me -- and remembering people's names and their kid's name.
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i am an imperfect person and a flawed professional certainly and a flawed boss. but if you're kind along the way, that is what people remember. they remember how you said it and how you delivered it. people will stop me and say, i did not vote for donald trump or i do not care for your administration, but i like the way you handled yourself. i thought you did a great job and you taught us a lesson about grays and poise -- and grace and frankly lady likeness. i will repeat it -- not allowing people to define who you are and what you value is in 140 characters or less or a bunch of emojis. there is such a temptation for all of us to be sucked into this ball of self-pity. twitter is against your facebook is unkind or someone called you a name. so what? that is what i said to my small children. by saying it, it does not make it true.
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did you say, my homework is done? you cannot say it and it become true. that has been a great lesson. jarrett, 8 valerie years in the west wing, as top counsel to president barack obama. and she gave me that advice, also yourselfhave to steel and not worry what other people are saying when you are focused on serving the president of the united states and the people of this great country, and i agree with her. host: when did you first meet donald trump? ms. conway: in the late 1990's. i grew up not far from atlantic city. and atlantic city, people forget, if you grew up 40 miles to atlantic city and 20 miles to philadelphia, working-class, blue-collar, high whenol educated area,
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donald trump and others built the casinos and tried to revitalize atlantic city, it area.t a lot adjusted the my mother worked in a donald trump casino for 21 years. it is how she supported us. it has brought a lot of economic growth and vitality and certainly jobs and benefits to the area. i knew who he was firsthand. i probably met him sometime in the late 1990's, early 2000's. him better once i sat on the condo board of the trump tower 10 or 11 years ago. i showed up at a condo board meeting one night and in walks donald trump and i thought, he comes to condo board meetings? i should have realized a long time ago that donald trump is going to be very involved -- in anything that bears his name. on tv talking about politics and he knew that i did polling. he was fascinated with the polls . and and we would
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talk about politics and public policy. donald trump thought about running for president in 2012, people know. we did some pulling for him in 2011. and we talked about presidential politics then. people urged him to run for governor in 2014. i attended a meeting and trump tower, january 9, 2014. i remember it well. and the conversation was people, coming from all over the state to ask him to run for governor. he had already thought about running for president. every great movement needs a transformative individual to help them bring other people along who otherwise have lost faith in the movement, asn't have part of it, or sort of a a just disenchanted, unenthusiastic member -- the british monarchy has princess kate and prince
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william. people look to the british monarchy as out of touch -- none of which i thought were fair. this young you have, couple with the young family and it's a new face on the british monarchy. the catholic church, my catholic church, has benefited in large degree by pope francis, the people spoke. people's pope. he is a transformative figure for the catholic church prefer many people who are lapsed catholics or lost faith in the church or not been involved, or who were from a different relation and now believe because of pope francis. we need a transformative figure to take us away from the dangerous veering towards elitism where my party is going, where the autopsy called for things that were so outside of where the base of the party,
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where the voters really were. somebody with a message that people spoke to them -- relevant to them, the forgotten man and woman. and donald trump has transformed himself into one that values and -- the worker. and that is liberating. host: how do you make sure he does not lose his way, that he can become that transformative president? is my belief that donald trump will be a transformative president. he will have a positive impact on americans almost immediately. ais is a guy -- we havd preview of that in the transition. two monthselection ago. since then, it has been a flurry of activity, deliberations and decisions. but that are truly incredibly. in that way, i see someone who is very loyal and very focused
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and engaged, very serious to learn more. he knows an awful lot already. i think that is how you don't lose way. go back to hisou motivator and running for president of the united states -- different from the usual motivators for many people in politics. power and prestige and money and status and access. he had all of that. his family had all of that. he has sacrificed a great deal of all of that to serve as president of the united states. what inspires him and motivates him from the beginning in my view will serve him very well as he takes on the role to be steadfast and loyal and to perform at the level, the high octane level he has promised. host: couple more questions >> a couple more questions. i understand you're a good blueberry picker >> over plaintiff rubber bands and i was the fastest they have
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ever seen. a blueberry packer. i learned early on at the age of 12 that you got paid by the piecework. the faster you worked the more money you would make. a whole system of constant motion, i would just be doing that. some jobs have been outsourced to machines. a beautiful come back with the donald trump and menstruation, i am not sure. i learned a lot about teamwork and come watery area -- comm eradery. deal ofs a great display around that. 12-19.d there from that's where i learned the value of a dollar. team, producing
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quality, accountable for your results, punctual. i thought i was being entrepreneurial. like the trunk corporation it was people who grew up together live together bringing it to the next level. it is a great memory for me. the grand marshal of the christmas tree in my hometown and it was 6000 people read they got a lot of -- 6000 people in the blueberry capital of the world. how special it is. how a town can stick up for each other. god-fearing loving population. most of it i learned on blueberry farms. >> you describe yourself as a recovering lawyer. >> my husband is a practicing
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lawyer. if you were to think in a, b, c, there is fashion, plenty of room for passion. if you can approach problems into opportunities passionately and not emotionally you can do well for yourself in business. teach you how to negotiate. speechtime ago i gave a same time as mark melvin. my business was a year old and asked what myman
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speaking fee was. i knew i was going to undercut by value and be a self-denying. instead of saying it is a privilege to give a free speech i said i will have what he is having. that worked out well. we were going to the same exact thing, take the same questions and answers. i said i will have what he is having and it is the most i have ever been paid for a speech by many magnitudes. when in doubt, ask to be treated the same. treateduld like to be the same way you are treating him and say it very politely and ladylike. more often than not you get your way. >> donald trump will be sworn in as our president, what is his message to america, what will he
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say? >>'s message will be the i am the president of all americans. even those who do not support me. you.l be here to work for i think he will appeal to a higher purpose. to the fact that what has brought us all together as americans still bonds us together. a man who has been talking to some of us about past president addresses. he can appreciate those of president lincoln, kennedy. those timeseciates and those men and how the men matched the moment. there was something to the gravity, to addressing the and not going on and on
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for a very long time. leaving it at that and having a shorter parade. a short celebration and getting down to business. messages, happy 50th birthday kelly and. that is my 50th birthday. thank you very much. c-span also talked with sean spicer, the incoming house press secretary. as job and president trump in online news media. this is 25 minutes. >> sean spicer, how are you to go behind the podium and take on this job? mr. spicer: it is an ongoing process. we've been doing a daily call at 10:30 every day, which we hide behind a phone when we do it. o


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