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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 15, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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how it relates to donald trump's proposallater, american conserve union chair talked about the agenda that president-elect trump plans to pursue when he takes office. ♪ host: good morning. today's new york times, the optimism of barack obama. the national review is writing about obama's failed presidency. perspectives on our 44th president as he appears for his final week at the white house. on friday, barack obama will welcome donald trump for a theitional talking marking peaceful transition of power. the inauguration will take place on the u.s. capitol beginning at noon eastern time followed by the congressional luncheon and
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the inaugural parade on pennsylvania avenue. live coverage throughout the day friday. welcome to "washington journal" for this sunday morning, january 15. we want to begin with your perspective on the last eight years. what is the president's legacy? are you better off today than you were eight years ago? 0, that is our line for democrats. 202-748-8001 hour line for republicans. for independents, 202-748-8002. be sure to join us on twitter. or join usweet online at good sunday morning to you. thank you for being with us.a busy week in washington, d.c. inaugural coverage throughout the week and all they friday beginning 7:00 a.m. on c-span. want to share with you the editorial page of the "new york times."
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it reads as follows. americans will miss mr. obama's negotiation skills onto issues -- on tough issues. they will miss an impassioned speaker whose eloquence rings with that of mr. lincoln. he would have never gained office without that optimism which inspired a generation of young voters, who saw him as a new kind of leaders. that this morning from the editorial of the "new york times." last week in chicago, the president had this to say. [video clip] >> if i told you eight years ago that america would reverse the great recession, reboot our auto thestry, and unleash longest stretch of job creation in our history -- [applause] >> if i told you we would open up a new chapter with the cuban people, shut down iran's nuclear
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weapons program without firing a shot, take out the , if i had of 9/11 told you we would win marriage equality and secure the rights for another 20 million of our american citizens -- [applause] obama: if i told you that, you may have said our sights were set a little too high. did.hat is what we [applause] president obama: that is what you did. you were the change. the answer to people's hopes. because of you, by almost every measure, america is a better, stronger place than it was when
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we started. att: the president's speech mccormick place in chicago as he prepares to return to chicago for the weekend and coming back to live in northwest washington , as his youngest daughter finishes up high school. a number of editorials and opinion pieces on this sunday morning looking back at the obama years. national review is riding on his failed presidency. this available online. it reads as follows. "the president is correct that the largest issue in the election was the obama legacy. 125% increase in the federal debt while the workforce shrank by 10% --
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your thoughts on the obama legacy eight years later. on our twitter page, many of you already waiting in. i remember when bush was leaving. there was no discussion of his failed policies. he said he would invade iraq again. eight years later, i am better off, and it has nothing to do with barack obama. my work on my decisions. let's go to bob from duluth, minnesota. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i think he did a pretty good job if you consider the obstruction int he had with the congress cleaning up bush's mess. he took a lot of heat --
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a lot of heat for the things bush actually did. i think that the next presidency, the only thing we and see whatt wait happens, but i think he will remove all doubt. maybe we will get rid of the republicans in congress once he does that. thank you. host: let's hear from david, who is joining us this morning from michigan. good morning, david. you are on the. -- the air. caller: hello? host: good morning. caller: i called on the independent line. host: go ahead. caller: i am not better off. i live on social security. anyway, somer me
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of my food i used to buy is twice what it was eight years ago. and-pay is , my so on is more. i do medicare through the v.a. i do not feel i am better off. i had a heart dr. and so on and bluerth, and blue cross shield almost quadrupled their premium for me. i am 79. i am back working again and going to the food bank. i am in a unique situation perhaps, but in my case, i am not doing as well. host: david from michigan. inside the "washington post" a photograph of harry truman and incoming president dwight eisenhower. their icy relationship and cool
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conversation on pennsylvania avenue on january 20, 1953, when dwight eisenhower took over the presidency. "washington post" points out that barack obama and fdr share something in common. the revolt sworn in on four separate occasions -- they both were sworn in on four separate occasions. obama was sworn in on january 2009, and then some miscues forced a redo the next day. the full ceremony on january 21. that of trivia from "washington post" this morning. we talked to joe mccutchen, who is joining us on the republican line. good to hear from you. caller: steve, you are the best. just want to say you are always
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great to all of your c allers, but i just want to comment. i think obama is a fine man. we never got more than 2% growth under the eight years under obama. under trump, i am confident we will get 4%. maybe even 5% growth. i think i have never in my life, i am 77 years old, i have never been more fired up about the future of the country. i think under trump, the stock market will hit 20,000 this week. that will be in every newspaper in the country. i am extremely optimistic. i think trump has the best cabinet, the most pro-business cabinet in american history. obama's a good man but he had to many regulations, too much antibusiness. the trump tax cuts and cutting the corporate income tax will
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bring in millions of dollars from all over the world. also, in america, when he cuts taxes for the 25 million businesses, it will create the biggest economic boom in american history. i am fired up. obama is a nice man. i do have anything against him personally, but i think trump will be the best president history. host: how do you deal with the tax cut and the president saying he wants to spend billions in infrastructure and bring down a $20 trillion debt? caller: yes. that is a very valid point. when reagan cut taxes, that brings in tremendous revenue. unfortunately, when reagan cut taxes, the congress continued to spend too much money. in my opinion when they cut these taxes, that will bring in a lot more money, a lot more revenue, and you will be able to cut the work on cutting the deficit as well as during the kind of spending i think the tax reagan, weke under
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had a super economy. the stock market was 800. now it is nearly 20,000. i think cutting taxes and we need to work on the deficit. there is so much waste in government. to nowhere in alaska, that needs to be cut off. cutting the taxes and looking that istting spending totally unnecessary, that will lead to the best economy in american history. host: joe mccutcheon from georgia. always a pleasure. we will talk to you in 29, 30 days. caller: yes sir. you are the best. host: front page of the "new york times." obama of eight in his early reticence. a look back at the obama presidency. the author of a book on the obama's will join us in the next hour. "washington post" also
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reflecting on the obama legacy. "the distance between obama's first words as president-elect and his final words as president as the, as vast difference between a leader in more allies by a cleaning monument on the mall in washington -- audrey is joining us from macon, georgia. good morning, democrats line. caller: good morning, steve. how are you? host: i am good. caller: you really do not have enough time for me to say what i think of president obama's eight years because i think he was absolutely fantastic.
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i feel sorry for him. had president obama had more help from congress, he could have done so much more. they did not help him. they did not want a black family in the white house. that is just the bottom line. you have a great day. obama years, a look back at the last eight years of the 44th president available online at rob on the democrats line in boca raton, florida. are you better off today than you were eight years ago? caller: yes i am. and so are you, steve, by the way. i went on obamacare almost right away. self-employed. i was not eligible for any subsidy. thet the cadillac plan, best plan i could find on obamacare. around -- it is not
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cheap. around six and a $70 a month. -- around $670 a month. host: for just you? caller: it is cheap. before obamacare, i could not find insurance for myself as a self-employed guy. the brokers wanted 1000 $1100 a $1,100 a month before obamacare. i could have opted for similar coverage when obamacare came out for $430 a month. $670se to spend the because i can afford it and want to be the best policy. obamacare, as far as i concerned, should be improved and not illuminated. -- as far as i'm concerned, should be improved and not eliminated. i don't need or want the tax
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breaks. it will not trickle down to anybody but me. i think it is crazy to start talking about giving tax breaks. for millionaires and billionaires, we have such needs paying off the debt. it will not trickle down. it never works. thank you for c-span. host: thank you. eight years ago president george w. bush sitting in the oval office with then president-elect barack obama. obama reciprocating, doing the same thing as trump did as a thing with him a few days after the election. time magazine looking at the transition process. tyler from austin, texas, republican line. better off than you were eight years ago? caller: i would say i told the person that i was, but i don't think i could be. that is accurate.
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before obama, was doing pretty well for myself. as the taxes have gotten worse and worse and health care prices have gone up, i really feel that he was -- he did good for us. host: mike joining us from byron, minnesota. good morning. caller: good morning. i would say i am better off. i am a veteran. my health care at the minneapolis v.a. is extremely good. i prefer it very much. i live near the mayo clinic. they did a lot of cancer research. today, they are having an eagles cancer telethon. the money they raise is donated for cancer research.
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it is a real good program. i would like to give them a plug. it is a wonderful event. it lasts for about 20 hours. they have done a lot for cancer research. i got a sister that has cancer. that is why i wanted to give it a plug. i would say i am better off. i am on disability also. i had an accident and a traumatic brain injury. i have been very well taken care of at the minneapolis ba. veterans callf and complain about bva health health-- the v.a. system, but it has been fabulous. thep has never served for
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v.a. health care system. i don't care about that. does. just to see what he if he does all the things he says he will do, he will be a good president. host: thanks for the call. let me share with you a couple tweets. this one saying my fellow george's seem to forget the tax cuts eight years ago that broke america. another tweet from a viewer saying th now that president obama is leaving, republicans are not interested in fiscal responsibility. allen, you are next, wilmington, delaware. are you better off than you were eight years ago? caller: yes. i am definitely better off than i was eight years ago. like most people that had 401k hit duringok a huge 2008, 2009. it has recovered and is healthy now. when i look at it, you will remember that obama gave a tax
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cut during his first term that was on either fica or the income tax. the odd thing about that is when i saw towas in play party people complaining about being taxed when they were already getting a tax cut. the market is just about tripled. folks that lost money doing that the housing industry is recovering. yes, better off. the auto industry is back. when you have 20 million people who now have health care that is in danger of losing it because of the republicans, you have to think, what is wrong with the republican leadership that they away fromke something
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20 million people and not replace it with anything? yes, the country is better off under the eight years of obama. would just look at things logically, they would understand that. you would see that we are headed in the right direction considering the mess that obama had to clean up when he came into office. host: thanks for the call from wilmington, delaware. the obama legacy? the end of the democratic party. time magazine is out with this cover story this week. the survival guide for the white house from team obama for team trump. land atne prepares to the white house. the president will have his final trip on marine one in air force one shortly after ceremonies get underway friday morning.
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leaving withma the first family, we will have all of that getting at 7:00 a.m.. inoculation at noon. noone inauguration at eastern time. jersey,from edison, new on the republican line. eight years later, are you better off? caller: unfortunately not. obama came in and said he was going to be the great uniter and ended up being the great divider. look at the crime, the gangs, the drugs in his own hometown of chicago. he ignores it. we have illegals and terrorists pouring into this country. obamacare is imploding by itself. a lot of divide.
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because law enforcement to stand caused law enforcement to stand down. obamacare is a disaster. we are trillions of dollars in debt. he said when he was running against george bush, how can you add so much to the debt? he has added more than any president combined. white, he could have done a lot with that. he written off to a totally bad direction. his legacy is unfortunately a failure. have a nice day. host: thank you for the call. politico is running about the democrats plotting their departure for donald trump at the inauguration. 18 members of congress will skip the inauguration. yesterday, a lot of attention on congressman john lewis. an appearance on "meet the press," one of the five programs we carry every sunday afternoon.
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michael has this tweet. whatever the gop puts up as a placement for the affordable care act will have to pass with 60 votes in the u.s. senate. why weer viewers saying, protect the republicans do not destroy the economy? pretend thato think there obama hatred isn't based on racism. should have mentioned this to counter the last week. now that obama is gone, democrats are suddenly interested in fiscal responsibility. albert from delaware, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i just want to say that the that no one in corporate prayer fails to point out is the president stopped tracks. their they appropriated money for a cure. it is coming out now.
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he did that, and nobody gives him credit for it. most of these people like the caller that just call, they are afraid of the dark. they never got over that. thank you to c-span. host: democrats cannot wait until they realize how bad obama's financial responsibility was. the piece by matt stoler reads as follows. in nearly every sector of the economy from pharmaceutical to telecom to the internet platforms to airline and the power to concentrate in the administration before did not prosecute a single significant monopoly under section two of the sherman act.
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that is a big factor as to why trump won in november. james is joining us from sierra vista, arizona, as we get your reflections on the obama legacy. good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: fine. caller: thank you for c-span. i am not better off. i live in a very small community in arizona. we are being overrun by this porous border. a the aspect, it is causing lot of having around our neighborhoods because of the drug trafficking, the gunrunning, and all of this the illegal, activity that is going to our neighborhoods now has become rampant. i live in a town that has 55,000 people in it. is about 30 miles from the border. is getting out of control.
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i have border patrol agents that have been sold to stand down. they are not doing their jobs because they are not allowed to do their jobs. these are the things that are serious issues to me because i have lived here for the better part of 30 years. that we haves me people running this country that they don't even come down to this border to see what is really going on down here. it just frustrates me because of the amount of crime being committed in this area and enjoy drugicking -- the trafficking and the destruction of our natural habitat. the people leaving things out in our desert. i am honest, in some ways better off, but in some ways, the city i live in is not better off. thank you. host: let's go to debbie joining us next from flint, michigan.
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good morning. caller: good morning, steve. thanks for c-span. host: thank you. caller: if we are all honest, we are better off than we were eight years ago or better off than we would have been had obama not taken the steps he did. we were circling the drain, folks. we could have been standing inbred lines. he does not -- in bread lines. he does i get enough credit. he saved the auto industry and the people in detroit voted against him. i cannot believe trump michigan after obama went out, got so much criticism for saving the auto industry, and they don't even back him up. i very disappointed with my fellow michigan voters. the first caller had part of a quote, and i would like to give you the whole quote. this is a message to trump. better that you keep your mouth
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shut and let people think you are ignorant than open your mouth and remove all doubt. host: thanks for the call. the pew research center looking at an extensive research of the obama legacy. how america changed during obama's legacy. the gallup organization. you can read that survey online at raton.ning us from boca good morning, independent line. caller: thank you. thank you c-span. commend, i just want to president obama. i think he was a very effective president in what he tried to accomplish, especially getting elected. back in 2008, that was a very special time. he really didn't captivate the country at that time -- did captivate the country at that time. i think his legacy will make it similar to past bush president
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almost where he is a big bank, big weapons, big pharma president. the way tv has changed in the past eight years is pharmaceutical marketing with all of those lovely side effects we love to hear about. heroin abuse is up. he also has a legacy of the drone program, with sets dangerous legal precedents for a vote warfare, especially as we are entering ai weapons and space weapons. actionhrough executive has really set a dangerous legal precedent for future warfare. host: karen has this tweet. let's face it, no one in government is really interested in fiscal responsibility if it impacts their favorite agency or program. this editorial from the "new york times" reads as following.
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americans will miss mr. obama was negotiating skills on tough issues and the dignity and character that he and his family brought to the white house. jody has this tweet. the stock market at record levels, gas costing two dollars, people with health care. how is this worse than eight years ago? jeff is joining us from louisiana. good morning. welcome to the conversation. are you better off today? caller: though sir. -- no sir. country inieve the total was headed in the right direction the last eight years. i have something i would like to say to the leftist agenda, to
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the ungodly ideas of the progressive movement and why they lost and why they have been losing for a number of years. you lost because we are afraid of you, and you have caused concern that we will not continue as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. you have no protected us. you have made us week. you have not served us. you have demanded from us. you have not been truthful. you have created a corrupt administration. you have denied the word of god. you have not supported the truth. you have not increased our value. you have reduced our standing in the world. you have not treated us as equals. you have made us your enemy. host: thanks for the call from louisiana. viewers,rom one of our
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saying obama did not save the auto industry or save us from economic collapse probably. another viewers saying i am better off personally, and the money the economy is better, but i worry for the youth. virginia, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. i think the country is much better off than it was eight years ago. we hadremember, financial collapse of all the financial sector. the tax cut that the republicans talk about, that is what caused the tax collapse or the financial sector. . everybody keeps talking about trigger. we used to have three years average income. we used to be able to deduct interest on cars, credit cards. he canceled all that stuff.
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obama could have done much better if the republicans were not obstructionists. they never worked with him on anything. people who want to cut regulation, let's go be a throat world country. no clean air, no water. people working in unsafe conditions. -- he doesn'tven even have a coherent sentence. they cannot convey his message to the people. he just keeps repeating since the campaign the same thing. i think he is not legitimate. he is illegitimate president because the fbi checked clinton for the email, but they never checked the russian interference in our election. i am a little bit nervous, but obama, at least you could listen to him. the guy try to do the best for the country, but the republicans were always in the way. they stood in his way.
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obamacare, how come they did not have a plan for seven years? he had pre-existing condition, kids, they are on their plan, on their parents's plan. he did a lot for the country. foreign policy, i disagree with him on the lot of issues, but the country is much better off in the last eight years. host: isa from virginia. your comments echoed what congressman john lewis told chuck todd in an interview taped on friday, saying he does not consider trump to be a legitimate president. he will for the first time in his political career skip the inaugural ceremonies. this is the headline of the "new york times." all talk, no action. in afrom donald trump twitter attack on a civil rights icon. there is an excerpt from the interview that airs later today
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the press." [video clip] >> i believe in forgiveness. i believe in working with people. it will be hard. it will be very difficult. this president-elect is not a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president? why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected. destroyed the candidacy for hillary clinton -- they helped destroy the candidacy for hillary clinton. i do not plan to attend the inauguration. it will be the first that i miss. at home with something that you feel is wrong. >> that sends a big message to a lot of people in this country that you do not believe he is a legitimate president. >> i think it was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and
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others to help him get elected. that is not right. that is not fair. -- that is not the open democratic process. host: you can listen to the pool program on c-span radio beginning at noon eastern time. one of the five study programs we carry every sunday. we welcome our listeners on this sunday morning on the oldest channel. also if you're watching in great britain, we have a line set aside for you. join in on the conversation.this is from fred barnes. he always fights back, a look from the weekly standard. trump responding yesterday to the comments by congressman john lewis in three tweets. two yesterday morning, and another one afternoon. lewis shouldhn
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focus more time on fixing and helping his district. " later in the day, donald trump with this tweet. a response from trump yesterday following the comments released yesterday by nbc's "meet the press." linda from charleston, virginia, republican line, are you better off? caller: no. host: why? caller: no, i am not. as i told the other lady, excuse me, i'm getting old. i was a police officer for 15 years in virginia. when obama came in, we had a lot
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of mexicans come through. fine. they were workers. learn do my job, i had to some of their language. as i had to arrest them, i could relate to them in a language they knew that they were under arrest. then, we automatically had somebody come in from a school and taught the language would be there go through with us. when the military would upgrade their weapons, way would donate them in a that police departments that could not afford better weapons could get them and were trained on them. he stopped that totally. i don't know what he did with the weapons after that. host: thanks for the call.
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when you get through, we ask that you turn the volume down. that illuminates the echo you were hearing a moment ago .let's look at the unemployment rates from january 2009 through december 2016. the president inherited a nearly 10% unemployment rate in 2009. has declinedt i over the years according to the labor statistics. as he prepares to leave office, the most recent figures have it at 4.7%. this is a piece from inside bloomberg business. billionaire donald trump and bigrnor jim justice winning in west virginia with promises of blue-collar jobs. the story is also available online. our next caller is from west virginia. david, your next. independent line, the morning. caller: good morning. i like to see c-span do a
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segment on, could we have been better off, should we have been better off? obama and the democrats, did they waste the last eight years? trillion, we should have been better off. immigration should have been fixed. taxing the rich should have been done. do a segment of, where are we in eight years? where could we have been? host: let me take your question. could they have done a better job? caller: yes. they had eight years. they could have done everything they said. they were they could do anything, everything, but they did not. they could have done anything and everything. country, they split the half and half as far as political philosophy. they really have done nothing.
7:41 am
you spent all that money. we should have been better off. the things they said they were going to do, they could have done or should have done, but they did not do. you have a nice day. host: the book is called "the obamas." now in paperback. both michelle and barack obama, there eight years in the white house, and what is next as they prepared to leave. this headline, obama's legacy is far more than being the first black president. jimmy is joining us from pennsylvania on the democrats line. good morning. caller: yes, i think we are way off. we are worse now than we were before when we took office. i am a democrat. my whole family was a democrat. like the other general and sent, they have done nothing -- other gentleman said, they have done nothing. nobody complained against obama when he used a
7:42 am
plane to campaign his second term? did he pay for that plate when he was supposed to? i have a small business. allve to let people go with of these rules and regulations, and i only have a small business. i only had five people working for me. i had to let three people go. we are worse off. than is widely pennsylvania over 50,000 people went from democrat to republican because bpublican all democrats -- ecause all the democrats wanted to do is line their pockets. they don't like the people he picked for different offices. but look at it this way. they are all millionaires. they do have to take money from nobody. i have to drive one hour and 45 minutes to this other doctor because i cannot keep my same doctor.
7:43 am
when i was at 45 minutes to get an operation on my thyroid when i have a guy right here in town. we are in debt. he gave people money that he should have never gave money to. the battery companies, they made one battery, and that is it. he gave ibm money not to lay people off. after ibm got the money, where it it go? overseas. he is the worst president we ever had, and i am ashamed to say i am a democrat. if the democrats were to wake up, let him get in, see if he does what he said he was going to do, and stop being crybabies. host: thanks for the call. "usa today": the obama c complex. available all my at usa breaker somold expect the unexpected in this undated piece as preparations
7:44 am
continue for the inaugural ceremonies. a couple of points from sandy. will you be showing the bureau of labor stats on total workforce participation? unemployed, not seeking work, .or counted me to put up the labor participation rates as well. tell the whole story. is with reference to those no longer seeking unemployment and no longer in the work force. those are the official statistics from the department of labor we were showing a moment ago. richmond, virginia, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. personally, i'm doing better than i was eight years ago. everybody i think on the republican side, i think they we were losing whe jobs
7:45 am
when he took over and we were losing at that rate up to the inauguration. are happy the iraqis finally having to fight their own wars. we do training and help them out a little bit, but our soldiers are not there. the republicans vowe to make d to make him a one term president. those that think he did not do a good job, you can think the republicans for that because they did not go along with his ideas. he was elected because of his ideas. they disrupted everything he tried to do. if they think more things could have been done, they have the republican senate and congress to thank for it. reagan had his tax-cut. it made george h.w. bush a one term president. clinton had to come in and claim that up. up.- clean that george bush, we know what went into that program.
7:46 am
tried tos he accomplish, he had to stop us 800,000ing jobs a month. i cannot remember the last month where we did not have positive job growth. it'd aprilho thinks job my think it is a personal issue they had with them in. i think he did a great job considering everything. host: thanks for the call. we lost you at the very last minute, but we appreciate your comments. a lot of you waiting in on our facebook page. here are two points of view. robert saying, ask the americans that have had the injury as premiums quadruple. as those who cannot find jobs due to the illegals moving across the southern border.
7:47 am
another viewer saying, why are the trump winners so angry? are thingshappening he said he would not do if he won. -- win. the heritage foundation is calling obama failing at home and abroad. the former senator penni ng that op-ed.
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good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: i am doing fine. how are you? caller: i am all right. host: we can hear you. caller: things have gotten worse because they never bring it up. the first president who never gave a raised to anybody on medicare one time. they said they gave a raise this year, but you did not see any difference in the pay. you might as well say that is four times nobody on medicare got a raise. it is amazing it went down to last year. people are how high it was the other years. we are not better. host: thanks for the call. eric on our facebook page better than where bush left us. ashley says yes, unequivocally.
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susan is joining us from massachusetts. good morning. you are on the air. caller: good morning. i am better off than i was eight years ago. there is a variety of reasons for that. i lost my job during the obama administration. host: with you do? -- what did you do? caller: i was a registered nurse working as a critical analyst for a large international company. they outsourced my job to someone from india. as a result, i lost my job. dramatic decrease in income as a result of that. my husband is still working, so he supported me, but my health insurance was company supported. $1200, $1500 maybe
7:50 am
a year. when i first got laid off, almost $15,000 a year as a result of that. implemented, but because of the way they calculated it, i was the eligible for any kind of supplement. i had to pay that for a long time. the health care issue was a lot. over the eight years, my husband went on to medicare. however, with the very little or next to nothing increase, his payment went down because of the increase in cost of health insurance. host: you blame your job loss to the president? or was it the economy outsourcing? or other outside factors? caller: i don't blame the president for much. i think he is a fine person. personally, i have nothing with him. i think his inexperience coming into the role of president that
7:51 am
he really was dramatically underqualified when he came in. as a result of that, the policy and guidance he received was probably not the way the country had gone. race relations, i was born and raised in the sout, and race relations are worse than they were when i was a child in the 1950's. i was really saddened by the. -- that. he was the kind of person that was just inexperienced and got some cabinet around him that probably had a very difficult time telling him things that were not so that he wanted to be so. he could have done a lot for the diversity of the country. i am not even going to go there with isis and the fear is that all of us americans live with, the policing, and away the police were treated over the last eight years. it has been a terminus decline for people. i respect our police.
7:52 am
the respect for the police has gone down. if you look at the whole situation, not just a ca, not -- not not just jobs, we have gone forward likely would have liked to. i do not blame the president alone h. this is where we are today. i do not think it is in a good place. i am supportive of the new president, whether i like him or not. he is my president. i am saddened to see some in congress did not realize that, but by setting a tone of not recognizing him as a president for all, they are not paying him the respect that people paid obama when he came in office. host: we will leave it there. thank you. that is the story this morning from the metro section of the "washington post." d.c. a deep blue city, went
7:53 am
heavily for hillary clinton. as the inauguration nears, the blue washington decides protests, leave, or cheer. we will have live coverage of that on the c-span networks. ed in maryland, democrats line. 8 years later, are you better off? caller: yes, we are far better off. this president turned this country around. he brought us out of the announcement. downspin. he turned the automobile industry around. .nd the global warming aspect john kerry wins and made an arrangement with the iranian government to stop the iranian nuclear weapon development. that is a credit to barack obama and john kerry. this is a history book.
7:54 am
lewis said hehn does not support trump, he does not consider him as legitimate. 17 intelligence agencies all over this country pointed out the russian interference interfered with the elections in our country. the broadcast all over this and thethe u.s. saw world saw how this president-elect going into the white house offended people all around him. meryl streep spoke out at the golden globes awards, calling out trump. offended a war hero. all over the world, they saw that. i had top-secret clearance, the
7:55 am
same clear is that colin powell state, other heads of for example. , hillary did not lose this election. pedro is a smarter and better looking host. i am steve. caller: hillary did not lose the election. she got many more votes than donald trump had. host: thank you. we will go to michael in new york. good morning, independent line. the previous caller richard john kerry, who returned from one of his final states as secretary of state. he served in the vietnam war. making a final stop in vietnam. an emotional piece for the secretary of state who served in the military during the vietnam war. michael, go ahead, please.
7:56 am
caller: yes, i believe our country is much better off than it was eight years ago for many reasons. the biggest reason, i found, was that financially, our country was like a crushing train. we had $11.3 trillion in debt by the bush administration. that was handed over to obama. here, they run obama down for fixing that problem. how do you stop a runaway train? you have an obstructive congress, 450 job creation bills in the house and senate. you had a guy like mitch mcconnell taking a bow that he would make obama a one term president, which he did not. he was a failure. all the republicans in the house of representatives were failures. they internet spending tons of money. they did not show up half the time to do their jobs. look at how many days they attended the sessions. they really raked over the american people.
7:57 am
republicans bringing up these ridiculous, ludicrous comments about obama failing at this and that, there is nothing substantiated that they have come up with. obama was a good president. he brought the people together. i fear that this new president coming in will extremely divide us, hand out huge corporate tax where, and it will end up the american people are going to end up paying for those tax banks. you have thelks, billionaires club running the country. that is the bottom line. that is how i feel. we are much better off. obama handed trump a better government than what was handed to him when he took office. was for the our live coverage of the inaugural ceremonies getting underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. we will take you to the white house and capitol hill, where the ceremony will take place on the was front of the u.s. capitol. the parade, the inaugural balls.
7:58 am
we will be your source for the inauguration. coming up in just a moment, we will turn our attention to more of the obama presidency. now out inr paperback with her latest book "the obama's,. ." a portion of an interview with the chairman of the presidential inauguration committee on what to expect this thursday and friday. [video clip] >> we had a great celebrity in the world, which is the president-elect. side-by-side with that is the current president, was also great. oft we have done instead trying to surround it with what people consider a listers, is we will surround it with the so we ave all about writers and much more poetic cadence than having a circus celebration.
7:59 am
that is the way the president-elect wanted it. it will be contributed, beautiful. the cadence of it will be let me get back to work. >> you talked about what he wanted. tell us about what he has told you he wanted. what are some specifics he wants to be part of the inauguration? >> he really wanted it to be about the people, not about him. his instructions to me, which is the worst job in america right , was to figure out how to elate 2000 years -- ral years of history, investments in this place at a moment where we have to build bridges. he knows he needs to reach out to the constituency who have questions, doubts. his direction to me is the campaign is over.i am now
8:00 am
president for all of the people . i want you to build a bridge. i want to heal the >> would there be anything deviating, that you're doing for the first time? i want to ask about the announcers. there was some commentary about his announcer. apparently he's doing it longer than i've been alive meway. can you tell us about how that change happened if that's correct? >> you know, it's a delicate balance between abiding by tradition and the president-elect is a traditionalist. so he's tending to that. and having his own fingerprint. so mostly he's abiding by tradition. especially in this swearing in ceremony. and in that moment when you look up that west capitol entrance and the


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