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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 12, 2017 11:11am-11:32am EST

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agreed to. >> that health care law repeal measure, actually a budget resolution that the senate approved around 1:00 a.m. eastern this morning comes before the house this morning. it does not repeal the affordable care act. it instructs congressional committees to write legislation to repeal the law. when the house takes up the measure tomorrow morning, we'll have live coverage right here on c-span. and today on capitol hill, house speaker paul ryan speaks with reporters. that's scheduled for 11:30 a.m., in about 20 minutes. you can see it live right here on c-span. while we wait, some of your phone calls from this morning's "washington journal." a very gooo you. we begin this morning where the senate left off just a few hours ago. politico reporter john brennan ham with a tweet last night
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saying the process of repealing obamacare has officially begun. the senate approved a resolution that allows it to happen. the house is going to be voting on it on friday. the politico story accompanying that tweet, it was a 51-48 vote that came after a seven hour photo from a, a rapid -- vo te-a-rama. the budget that was voted on last night did not become law after the senate and house vote. it does provide a powerful procedural tool known as reconciliation to let the republicans dismantle the health law with simple majorities in the house and senate. senate adoption of the budget is the first step in that process. this morning we are going to be talking about it, talking about donald trump at his press conference. we want the viewers to call in, but more on that vote from last night, lawrence o'donnell from
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msnbc tweeted last night, they were violating the rule of no speeches well voting against the repeal of the affordable care act. i want to show viewers with the scene looked like last night. >> the senator is not recorded. >> because there is no plan in the alternative, i vote no. >> no. >> madam clerk. >> ms. baldwin. >> how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. >> i vote no because -- >> debate is not allowed during the vote. >> miss baldwin? >> no. >> madame clerk, how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. speeches are not allowed during vote. >> mr. merkley.
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>> no. >> reading clerk. -- madam clerk, how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. >> i vote no -- >> debate is not allowed during a vote. host: fox news tweeting that all democrats voted no except for , whoor dianne feinstein was not president, and rand paul voted no. he wants a replacement plan to be ready first. starting all the republican side of the aisle after the vote last night, david perdue of georgia said, we are one step from getting some relief from this disastrous law. cam scott said we took one step closer to providing the american people with a health system that works.
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claire mccaskill, democrat from missouri, because there is no replacement plan i voted no on repeal. this is called repeal and run. chaos is coming. there is senator casey from pennsylvania, it has been a wild day for votes and i'm just getting started to protect affordable health care for pennsylvania residents. the front-page headline in today's papers all belong to donald trump. here is some of the headlines after that press conference yesterday. trump saysk times -- , thea probably hacked front page of the washington post. trump prepares to hit the ground running, lashes out at press over fake news on russia. the front page of usa today this
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morning -- trump on offense amid controversy, his first news conference since winning the white house gets confrontational . we will be going through that press conference through all the headlines this morning, but we want to hear from you and get your reaction on those confirmation hearings, the press conference, last night's vote. darrell is up first in bedford, ohio, public and. -- republican. caller: i want to talk about the , donald trump and the press conference. i think it was awesome, i think it was great. i think what it tells to russia and russian hacking, it is something that you have to look into like cyber security. if hillary clinton won the election you would not hear anything about russian hacking from the liberal media or from democrats. the reason why obama did not say
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anything about russian hacking before the election is because he thought it was not a big deal because hillary clinton was going to win the election. russia did not tell hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin. russia did not tell hillary clinton to use a private email server. the whole russia thing is just political. as far as the rex tillerson hearing, i want to talk about that. i thought marco rubio was horrible in that confirmation hearing. he was absolutely horrible. the reason why he was so bad in that hearing was because he basically asked a guy who is supposed to be the top diplomat of the united states, at a confirmation hearing, he is asking him without him having all of the information, he is asking him to label people were criminals, murderers. that is just crazy.
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how is he going to have any room to negotiate, and a room to do anything if you are calling half the people you have to deal with on a diplomatic level murderers or more criminals. -- war criminals. i agree with rand paul, some people like john mccain, marco rubio, all they want to do is ave confrontation and war. you cannot disparage all of these world leaders before he even gets confirmed. that would not make any sense. host: we will get to all of those topics this morning. matt is up next, emerson, new jersey, the line for independents. caller: i would like to say that the president-elect trump handled himself professionally. specifically with regard to the
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, and verys, rude nasty reporter from cnn, which by the way does put out fake news. they are so biased, and this is an example of why the american reject not just madame hillary and mr. obama's agenda, but they rejected the dishonest media as well as the failed policies of obama. on behalf of the people of new jersey, i would like to booker whoor the mr. wants to be a basically clone of behavior,his terrible unnecessary what he did in the senate. referring to, for
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our other viewers who may have missed it, cory booker to testify against his senate colleague, jeff sessions who was before the judiciary committee and is up for attorney general. we will show you some of the highlights from all of these different events yesterday. a very busy 24 hours in politics. joe is next in sarasota, florida, a democrat. caller: i just want to say that donald trump can be one of the best presidents in modern history if he honors his own words. he promised to the american people he was not going to touch social security, medicare, and medicaid, and marco rubio, i agree with him. , i disagreeller with him. the people that voted for clinton, close to 3 million.
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donald trump eggs to stop saying obama created isis -- needs to stop saying obama created isis. we all know isis was created by .ush, the unnecessary war the dictator of iraq has weapons of mass destruction. we all know that. when they said iraq had weapons of mass distraction, let's say, ok, the only weapons of mass was two sons. , we see asaid mushroom cloud, the only mushroom cloud we were going to own twoaddam hussein's
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sons. host: he said to become one of the most -- one of the greatest presidents -- you said to become one of the greatest presidents in history all he has to do is not touch medicare, and medicaid. caller: most americans respect social security, medicare, and medicaid. american history, the first , warren harding, coolidge, the first depression was because of them because they believe in -- the first depression, who fixed that? fdr. social security, fixed the problem. you have to understand that. the second depression, they called it recession thanks to , andn, started with nixon
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father and son, the bushes. who fixed the problem? barack obama. to me in my lifetime -- i am 48 thes old, close to 50 -- best president in history is barack obama. if we look at history, do not get me wrong, i know three good republicans in history, the best in history. , david [incoln indiscernible]. host: debbie is waiting in troy, ohio, an independent. caller: good morning. i love donald trump. i am so glad he is our president elect. he is going to stand up, not be pushed around, and he is going to do a fantastic job.
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those people that he has selected for the cabinet to try to turn our ship around, they are intelligent. and everys a good man one of them that has been up there has so far been good. marco rubio and john mccain and lindsey graham and schumer and and arcsd all of those -- whatever, communists, they want to go to war with russia. it is so funny that john mccain was the one that was given the report, the fake news report. he is dangerous. wasn't he called a songbird in vietnam? it is sickening. host: susan page in today's usa today wraps up donald trump's press conference, saying has any
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other president elect or president held a news conference quite like that? he announced he would turn over control of his businesses to a trust controlled by his sons. -- he said to enact he would nominate a supreme thet justice to replace late antonin scalia in the first two weeks. he said he would fulfill his promise to build a border along along mexico and have the mexicans pay for it. issues from donald trump's press conference yesterday, but most of the national headlines focusing on his comments on russia. here is what he had to say. mr. trump: as far as hacking, i think it was russia, but we also
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get hacked by other countries and other people. lost 22y that when we million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they did not make a big deal out of that. that was something that was extraordinary. that was probably china. we have much hacking going on, and one of the things we are going to do, we have some of the greatest computer mines anywhere in the world we have assembled. agoaw it just a few weeks -- you saw it just a few weeks ago. we are going to put those minds together and form a defense. i have to say this also -- the democratic national committee was totally open to be hacked. they did a very poor job. they could have had hacking defense, which we had. i will give reince priebus reince sawause when
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what was going on in the world to this country, he went various forms and ordered a strong hacking defense. and they tried to hack the republican national committee and they were unable to break through. we have to do that for our country. it is very important. host: an hour-long press conference yesterday with a dozen reporters called on. cnnof our viewers noted, was not called on despite a bit of a confirmation between donald trump and one of the reporters. we will talk about all of it this morning, and we want to hear your calls as well. democrats, (202) 748-8000. andblicans, (202) 748-8001 .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 jerry is in stratford, connecticut, a republican. caller: one of the issues around
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a press conference they came up and is continually in the news are these leaks coming out of our intelligence community, be the obama white house or whoever it is. i want to express that if you are an investigative journalist, these leaks are crimes. if i am working for the washington post, i do not owe nbc news anything, so if somebody is leaking, some government official is breaking the law and leaking stuff to nbc news or the new york times, every other investigative journalist with every other news organization should be looking into that. they should be tried to find out who is breaking the law. you have no obligation to the sources for other news organizations. you should be putting the public .rust and public interest ahead if somebody else gets the scoop,
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great, but you want to find out who is linking to them. yes, i hope the trump administration really does drain the swamp of these politically motivated leaks, but these are crimes. it is in the public interest for every investigative journalist to find out who has been leaking classified materials to other news organizations. host: do you think it is in the interest of those journalists who may not get any leaks coming their way if they do something like that? caller: it is the public trust. if you are in the business of protecting the public trust by looking into governmental wrongdoing, this is governmental wrongdoing. if it cuts off your sources, that is a price you pay. how many journalists do pay prices? the public has a right to know who is breaking the law and leaking classified information to other journalists. understand you do not
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turn over your own sources, but you are under no obligations to protect the sources to the new york times, nbc news, or fake news organizations like cnn or buzz feed. news coming out overnight, the director of national intelligence james clapper said he spoke with president-elect him therump and told intelligence community did not leak information about the unverified memo that sparked a firestorm of controversy when it was published online. quoting, ibc news this document is not a u.s. intelligence community product and i do not believe the leaks came from within the intelligence community. the intelligence community has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions.
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in hislapper saying statement, i express my profound dismay at the leaks appearing in the press, and we both agreed they are extremely corrosive and damaging for our national security. there is a statement from director clapper from the office of the director of national intelligence. paul is in appleton, wisconsin, a democrat. good morning. caller: i just want to say to all the people who voted for trump, congratulations, you just >> speaker ryan is expected to talk about the health care law repeal measure that the house will take up tomorrow morning. speaker ryan: this is the first of several steps we will be taken to deliver relief to americans who are struggling under this law. some of these steps will be taken by congress. some of these steps will be taken by the incoming trump administration, and after he's confirmed, h.h.s. secretary tom


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