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tv   U.S. House Legislative Business  CSPAN  January 11, 2017 7:59pm-8:20pm EST

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benefits cost, in many cases, a lot of money. do? what did we we passed a tax, a mandate, a ine, a penalty, whatever judge roberts decided he wanted to decide that it was or define it, here we are but passing a mandate for people to purchase something they can't afford. astonishing, that you tax people for something they cannot buy. repeal our bill did was the affordable care act, it then health y expanded savings accounts. there are a indian tribes out the indian health insurances. they can't have h.s.a. there are retired veterans who have h.s.a.'s and retired people who can't have it. we've expanded that. my practice for my patients and i used one myself. we ed high-risk pools and expanded the risk of benefits to help offset pre-existing conditions. i think in two paragraphs i could have done 2/3 of what the affordable care act
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is expand medicaid, which is the system that needs to be reformed, and allow 6-year-olds to stay on their parents' health care plan. we also allow to you buy across with association health plans, malpractice reforms and transparency. a very simple patient-centered bill and i bill, ge and i think our we've said this before, is open for amendment. a good idea, as i'm open to listen to it. he main thing is, i want patients and doctors to be in charge of their health care decisions. mr. chairman, i appreciate the opportunity to be here tonight and to discuss this and i look future, where the
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i can go into much more detail about the details of this articular bill. mr. walker: dr. roe, thank you for your patience. line is, we need to return health care choice to the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the speaker easnounsed policy, the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. minutes. r 30 mr. franks: mr. speaker, one of the most important elements of the ability of the people to understand and to public actions and record of those they elect. vital to government
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accountability, to historical and to the future direction of the future generations of this country. mr. speaker, what follows is the record and legacy of bama. ent barack o i ask unanimous consent to have full statement entered into the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. franks: last night, mr. speaker, president barack obama his farewell address to the nation. in his speech, president obama praised american exceptionalism or the very first time since his presidency began. unfortunately, mr. speaker, much remainder of the president's speech was far emoved from reality. mr. obama implied that his esidency had increased trust and respect for america. yet the truth is that under mr. presidency, the trust and respect that both friend and previously had for america has been demonstrably
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world.erbed across the mr. obama in fact weakened our and led the most anemic military campaign in our history. us now eaker, let recall the grand promise of andidate barack obama. bedecked with brief columns and bipartisan unity as it was. to the compare it actual legacy of president rack obama, the partisan ckler at home, the lead from behind, apologize for america academic abroad, who was ever to force catholic nuns to buy birth control than to fight the ruthless tch orse they have islamic
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states. president obama has taken credit for a growing economy but after stimulus, his was the worst economic retvry in the history of america. presidency will be the first in modern times whose ight years in office will fail to include even one year of 3% economic growth. under barack obama's presidency, the number of long-term eclipsed 15 million for the very first time in history. today, 95 million americans, the ighest number in history, in history, are now not in the work force. n america. according to the latest numbers from the census bureau, incomes fell by more than $2,100 in inflation djusted terms. 5.3 million americans, the highest number in history, mr. peaker, now live in poverty. more than 43 million americans receiving food stamps under barack obama, the highest number
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n history. barack obama single handedly added almost as much deficit to all of the debt as other presidents in the 240-year the united states of merica combined. standard&poor downgraded the u.s. government from its iple-a credit rating for the very first time in history. signature policy achieved what was called the affordable care act. we have learned year after year, essentially nothing mr. about the affordable care act was true. contained over $1 rillion in new taxes which was the largest tax increase in history. millions remain uninsured, health care costs have never the entire and ebacle called obamacare is now
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catastrophiccally collapsing before our very eyes. . speaker, mr. obama engineered the sequester on the military, which had a vastating consequence on our men and women in uniform and our ability to fight and to win wars hen necessary. mr. obama's was the opposite of commitment to peace through strength. when it came to justice at home, told aker, barack obama us that adult male transvestites had the moral right and legal into the bathroom with little schoolgirls, whether their parents liked it or not. fundamentally sought to abrogate religious freedom in america. weaponized the internal revenue service, the environmental protection agency, the attorney general's office justice department against america's own citizens. epitome of the tyranny. mr. obama unconstitutionally selectively applied america's immigration laws and
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llegally suspended immigration enforcement. criminal d 19,723 illegal immigrants from prison into nearly every state of the union. ese nearly 20,000 criminal illegal aliens were collectively crimes,d of over 60,000 including over 12,000 drunk driving convictions and over crimes such as assault, rape, and murder. mr. obama's actions endangered americans and denied justice to crimes.ims of their . obama bears a share of the responsibility for every crime these criminals have committed or will commit against americans
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them from leased prison into american society. mr. speaker, perhaps mr. obama's most egregious broken to all americans is when , barack obama, do solemnly swear that i will xecute the office of president of the united states faithfully and will to the best of my preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. he has shown complete and open contempt for the onstitution. stoked racial tensions in america and in the process painted a deadly target noble men s of the and women in blue who risk their ves every day to protect the innocent citizens of this nation. arack obama consistently subjected americans to condescending lectures. oppose obamacare we didn't want people to have health insurance. f we opposed wasteful stimulus spend, we hated school teachers and firemen. if we opposed the nuclear deal we were compared to
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terrorists sponsoring iranian mullahs. believed in god and exercised our second amendment bitter. if we didn't believe in open, unsecured borders and vetting came into this country we were un-american. we believed in protecting unborn baby girls from being killed simply because they're we were waging war on women. mr. obama was also fond of using politically correct constantly using them to distort nearly every issue. our embassy in yemen was a reduction in staff. attacks are, quote, man-caused disasters. global war on terror is operations.tingency islamic terrorist murdering 13 american soldiers is work place violence.
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terrorists beheading children, burning menomen and alive in the name of islam are individuals from various who practice hateful deologies. veterans, pro-life groups and states' rights advocates were at-risk to become domestic terrorists. mr. speaker, from day one, barack obama considered the cold car a giant misunderstanding. he did his famous reset with turned and caved into everything they wanted. weakness's policies of and appeasement yielded crimea, sea, the rise of the islam exstate, the return of the unspeakable desecration of thousands upon housands of innocent people in aleppo where the result to date now over four million refugees and 400,000 people
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ead. nd during a so-called arab spring, the obama administration sided with the muslim in egypt. at the end of the obama administration the only countries we have better with are iran and cuba and even that has been entirely terms. mr. speaker, the average number innocents killed by terrorists before the obama esidency was approximately 3,000 per year in the world. it is er barack obama, approximately 30,000 every year. mr. obama labeled the islamic varsity team and then stood by with a golf club raped an d while isis butchered and behead their way
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middle east, raping little girls and murdering eople. the islamic state now keeps an and women ,000 girls in sexual slavery, while mr. down the clock on his time in office and hands the the against isis off to next president. because of his delusional acquiescence, may place the finger of launch button of an entire nuclear arsenal and merica's children and future generations may thereafter been forced to live their lives in of nuclear terrorism. mr. obama stood before a group of thousands of supporters in proclaimed, quote, when the chips are down, i have israel's back. but then as president he blatantly refused even to knowledge jerusalem as israel's capital and
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consistently expressed more open than he didd israel an rd iran for building entire nuclear effort to someday hreaten the world. i'm going to say that again, mr. speaker. as president, mr. obama blatantly refused to even israel as israel's capital. rere-- he refused to acknowledge heusalem as israel's capital consistently expressed more open rebuke toward israel for its capital s in city than he expressed for iran's efforts to build nuclear with which to existentially threaten israel along with the peace and of the entire human family. in the political safety of his lame ducking he orchestrated and a resolution that undermines israel's very right to exist. it was a cowardly act of political treachery that
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united states and it will send barack obama's name down the corridor of history as overt traitor to the state of israel. council security quartet meets on january 15 and united nations security council meets on january 17, i barackely concerned that obama will overturn u.s. precedent going back to lyndon opportunity se the to stab israel in the back one allowing anti-se se mites at the u.n. to attempt israel to e map of indefensible pre1967 borders, would leave eaker, the world's only jewish state less than nine miles wide. mr. speaker, no government greater any responsibility than that of protecting the innocent. stood by and allowed not only isis, boko
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russia, and syria, but also planned parenthood to desecrate the innocent on a horrific scale. to dent barack obama went great effort against taxpayers' wishes to give billions of planned dollars to parenthood to expand abortion on demand in america and throughout world and to proactively romote policies to allow the indiscriminate killing of these, the most defenseless of all human beings. appointed an he empire and rad -- of radically and bortion judges government bureaucrats. when he was in the state legislature, barack obama voted no four times on a bill that would have protected after they were born alive. in the u.s. senate mr. obama voted no op a bill that would have prohibited someone from a minor child out of state for an abortion without
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the child's parents. prenatal o veto the nondiscrimination act which would prohibit discriminating ainst an unborn baby girl by subbletting her to an abortion simply -- subjecting her to an bortion simply because she's a little girl instead of a little boy. he promised to key vo-- veto the pain-capable unborn protection act. a bill that boo whoa have their ed mothers and babies between the beginning of their sixth month of pregnancy rom the unspeakable cruelty of planned parenthood and evil onsters like kermit gosnell. mr. speaker, perhaps most astonishingly, barack obama, the president of the united states, free leader of the world, wrote a letter to congress and said he would veto born alive abortion rvivors protection act, to protect breathing, crying, born alive human babies
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if it ever reached his desk. mr. speaker, could not the president have agreed that little human babies who survive are born alive ?hould be protected president barack obama's record clear. al for his entire political life, he's strongly supported the full legalization of abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, for any , including o reason sex selection throughout all pregnancy and forcing american taxpayers to pay for t, whether the taxpayers liked it or not. under barack obama, nearly nine million innocent, defenseless little american babies were ever saw thee they first smile of their mother. president obama was in the unique position perhaps among all other presidents in this country ng together to protect these helpless little children. most powerful human being in the world, mr. obama
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most o become the powerful enemy of the most in the human beings world. and nothing will stain his legacy or his claims of looking the little guy with more shame than going down in history the abortion president. mr. speaker, it gives me no out this record. i truly and sincerely hoped for god's best for barack obama when office. thatte him a letter hoping he would be remembered as someone that stood up for the constitution and stood up for innocent. in a republic like ours, where the people are the final , iters of our public policy and where those who would subvert this republic
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resort to deception and historical revisionism, an our ate record is vital to nation's survival. and its future generations. alas, mr. speaker, i am tragically obama wasted his precious and historic .pportunity however, this is the true record of president barack obama. , we may choosese to look the other way, but we never again say that we did not know. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the president. the question is on the motion to adjourn. mr. franks: i move we adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands


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