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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 11, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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speeches. today on washington journal we devote the whole program to your reaction to watching president obama's final speech and to senator jeff sessions confirmation hearing. ♪ a busy day in the senate with three confirmation hearings scheduled. president-elect trump's nominees ,or secretary of state andsportation secretary senator jeff sessions for attorney general. go to to find out how to watch those hearings and other events on capitol hill. we want to get your reaction to two events that took place in
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chicago and capitol hill. president obama in his farewell address to those in chicago and the nation as well. also, the opening session for senator jeff sessions, the president-elect's nominee for attorney general. , if you want to comment on them, you can call us. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. .or independents, 202-748-8002 you can post on twitter and facebook. we will show you longer portions of events from the president's speech in chicago and send her sessions' hearing yesterday.
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-- andnator sessions hearing sessions' yesterday. the chicago tribune talking about one of the themes that came out of the address yesterday. yes, we did. a reference to president obama's quote."yes we can" [video clip] spirits onbama: that by immigrants and homesteaders ,nd those who march for justice that creed reaffirmed by those who planted flags from foreign battlefields to the surface of the moon come a creed at the core of every american story. yes, we can. [applause] president obama: thank you. god bless you.
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host: that event from yesterday in chicago. we will show you portions of that. you can see the whole speech on when it comes to senator sessions, a story already out about that second day of testimony that will take place today. featuring supporters and critics of senator sessions. one of those critics will be senator cory booker of new jersey who will be testifying against senator sessions. that hearing is today. it was yesterday that the senator took time in front of the committee to talk about several topics. one was racial bias accusations. [video clip] >> as a southerner who actually saw discrimination and have no doubt it existed in a systematic
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, i powerful and negative way know that was wrong. i know we need to do better. we can never go back. i'm totally committed to maintaining freedom and equality that this country has to provide to every citizen. i will assure you that that is how i will approach it. host: that whole hearing on those two topics are the topics of discussion for this program this morning. fornumbers, 202-748-8000 democrats. 202-748-8002 four republicans --202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8002 for independents. washington, d.c. republican line. caller: good morning. i really appreciate the opportunity here.
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the --this stuff in host: in his address yesterday. caller: yes. it years in washington, d.c. -- ,ight years in washington, d.c. -- i gave ame
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letter to the president and -- i give the power of the vote to you. norfolk,derick from virginia. democrat line. caller: good morning. president'soyed the speech. future inave a bright spite of our disappointment in having president-elect trump as the next president. i didn't particularly like where he said for us to not go into our own bubble -- i did particularly like where he said for us to not go into our own bubble. we cannot discuss our differences and there is too high a level of intolerance.
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i'm still confident that if we stick together and abide by the constitution, as president obama has said, our future will still be bright. river, new jersey. the public in line. -- republican line. good morning. caller: first of all, it is good that you guys keep this information on because it's good to know what's going on on the national level. with the involved community for a long time. -- thead to say that result book written by a famous cuban political prisoner. he spoke about the fact that we dupes,ot of useful
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people that spoke beautiful , history in reality will judge whether or not they were good presidents or not good presidents. for cuban-americans, we were totally distressed when he went into cuba. that is why the boat was so solid and southern florida -- vote was so solid in southern florida. cubans and venezuelans and nicaraguans and went for trump. because i could not vote for hillary with all her positions that were anti-church, especially on the abortion issues.
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host: did you watch the speech? caller: yes, i did. it resembles the speeches of fidel castro. when i analyzed it, i realized that he was saying a lot of the things that he didn't do. host: is that the only take away you got from the speech? his length? caller: what i expected of him relatives.his i knew a lot of things that were happening there that the president did not mention here. i was a missionary overseas. i felt terrible that he said i would have loved for him to have fulfilled in his own actions.
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you can for the people sometimes, but not all the time. the people sometimes, but not all the time. host: a breakdown of the president's speech last night -- 49 minutes 50 seconds in length. bush's farewell address was 15 minutes. bill clinton with seven minutes 23 seconds. president obama coming in the longest as far as the length of the speech. he talked about his a accomplishments, things he felt he did in his eight years in office. [video clip] president obama: if i had told you eight years ago that america would reverse the great recession, reboot our auto
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industry and unleash the longest jobs creation in our history -- [applause] president obama: if i had told her that we would open up a new chapter with the cuban people, weapons iran's nuclear program without taking a single shot, take out the mastermind -- if i told you we equalityn marriage and secure the rights for all americans, another 20 million of our citizens -- [applause] obama: you might have said our sights were set a little too high. but that's what we did. [applause] obama: that's what you
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did. you were the change. -- answer people told us because of you, while most every by almost every measure, america is a stronger, better place than when we started. you can talk about president obama's speech from last night. we also want to get your thoughts on the hearing that took place for senator jeff sessions, him being nominated to become attorney general. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independents, 202-748-8002. from utah on our line for democrats, this is lynn. caller: hello. thank you. i think president obama has not been given the credit he deserves for his amazing a
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accomplishments. he speaks so intelligently, speaks in a nuanced way. you need to listen to detail and most people don't want to be bothered to listen to any detail. they just want little soundbites that they can get while they are paying attention to something else. he is one of the greatest presidents we've ever had but he will never be recognized because people's attention spans are too short. if we do everything president obama laid out tonight and really take it to heart and act on it, that is our one chance for survival under this upcoming administration that will be uncertain and probably very tragic for our country and our world. host: take something away from what?eech message i, such as
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what would you apply to your self far as preparing for the next four years? caller: that we become more actively engaged and run for office and take the job of citizen more seriously and figure out what our responsibilities are to each other and to our planet. we start becoming more informed and listening to our opponents but also encouraging our opponents to compromise. host: republican line, barbara is next. north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. president'sthe , he did a goodht job of recounting the things that he accomplished.
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but the thing i was most concerned about, getting away simplye president, was the session's confirmation sessions confirmation hearing. -- theht it was questions were not designed to elicit honest nor in-depth answers. even though he hasn't has annity to expand -- opportunity to expand, he waffled. they did more testifying to his good name than really trying to his fitness for the position. whether he will
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live up to the things that president-elect trump talked or go his own way. he didn't seem to have a good response to the questions. when i looked at some of the other hearings that have taken place over the years, there was more in-depth questions that the responding an opportunity to define his or her views. host: can i ask you a question? what should they have focused on? which they focus on most? caller: they should have looked
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more in-depth at how he's going to handle these questions that how the police are responding, not only to white folks, but the black folks as well. how he is going to ensure that he is following the letter of the law and not just his personal feelings, coming from alabama, and the things he did back when they were trying to that area. he made some comments, but then he turned around and walked across the bridge. he has waffled even back and forth on that. i'm not sure what we are supposed to believe in terms of
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what he will do in this position. host: barbara talking about the hearing with senator sessions. highlightsgton post" it was the senator himself who said he would fairly enforced the law. -- he would fairly enforce the law. one thing he did address yesterday was his record on civil rights. it was the vice-chairman -- the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee who talked
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about a letter that was introduced into the testimony from law school professors criticizing, opposing this nomination. [video clip] >> nothing in senator sessions' public light since 1986 has convinced us that he is a different man than the 39-year-old attorney who was deemed too racially insensitive to be a federal district court judge. sonic'ss believe it is audible for someone with senator sessions record to lead the department of justice. eunexcusable. how do you plan to put behind you personal views and be an attorney general who fairly enforces the law and the constitution for all? >> senator feinstein, i would
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direct their attention to the remarks of senator specter who said he made one vote he would regret. that was the vote against me. he indicated he thought i was an egalitarian, a person who treated people equally and respected people equally. this caricature of me in 1986 was not correct. i had become united states attorney. rights casesivil in my district that integrated schools and prosecuted a plan that ended single-member districts that denied african-americans the right to hold office. i did everything i was required to do. votermplaints about the fraud case and the clinton case that i vigorously prosecuted and supported are false.
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i hope this hearing today will show that i conducted myself honorably and properly at that time. person, a little wiser -- i did not harbor the kind of animosities and race-based thi discrimination ideas i was accused of. i did not. host: that's all hearing available at his second hearing today with supporters and critics of senator sessions. off of twitter -- it was that session and president obama's speech --
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topics of discussion. susan in florida. caller: good morning. agohad a show a couple days , a comment that george will made about president obama's inability to speak a really good speech. i was thinking a lot about this. george willis from the school of -- those old debates they had in the 1960's and i can 70's between william buckley and --bett all that 1960's and the 1960's and the 1970's between william buckley and -- president obama has never been that kind of speaker. he is not a turn of phrase it speaker who comes up with little soundbites that everybody loves
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and remembers. what i judge him by -- jeff -- ions, oddly enough judge them by their sincerity in their words. the choice of their words, not their linguistic abilities, but their meaning. sayonly thing i would president obama failed at last night was not thinking his mother-in-law -- not thanking his mother-in-law. jeff sessions, i started to and recognize my own prejudice against the man.
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over the years, i haven't really liked him. or 30 years. i'm not the same person i was 30 years ago. i was never an old come outrageous racist or anything like that. but i have my own hidden opinions. surface.r the you have to examine yourself very closely. host: did you learn anything new about the senator yesterday by watching the hearing? caller: yes, i did. i cannot quote the words that he said, but the overall impression -- the overall impression was excellent. that he waseling speaking the truth about himself . one thing about the speech, the dianne feinstein question brought out his legal -- he kept
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talking about it is the law now. if congress changes the law on rights, he voters will say that is the new law, i will gladly follow that. host: susan in florida. let's go to las vegas, democrats line, victoria. caller: good morning. i agree with the lady that was just calling from florida. it's all about the law. it's all about the law when it pertains to what they want to do. it has nothing to do with the constitution. it just has to do with what trump is saying. make america great again. america is great. president barack obama did everything he could do for this
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country, for the united states of america. we are all one people, even though they want us to be separate, but we are not. host: did you watch the president speech last night? caller: i missed it. host: paul from fort lauderdale. republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. sayuld like to truthfully that the presidency of barack obama was the biggest disappointment of my entire life. i can remember how great i felt when barack obama was elected president. statesht the united would become a bipartisan nation and come together and do things together. but we are so divided today, as
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evidenced by the election, i cannot believe it. how can you have a successful presidency and have this nation so divided? when barack obama came into office, i did not care if he was black, white, or purple. i had great hopes. let's have the economic commission that this nation on track. he did not get behind it. and nothingailed happened, he got a smaller commission. he did not get behind the smaller commission. that went away. bipartisanship just blew up. then, he had this famous meeting with the speaker of the house somethingimed that
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bad happened and they did not have an agreement. speakergree with the and he went to harry reid and nancy pelosi and they would not let him do it. he was a complete disappointment. i will give him credit for one thing. our military activities were sapping this nation and that is the single most important thing that he did. the sacking of this nation with our military involvements. he said in his speech that nobody would have believed america could come back. i never had a doubt. host: rob in maryland. independent line. caller: good morning. did last night in his
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speech, he reminded us the same thing that lincoln tried to remind this country of. a nation divided against itself cannot stand. our enemies realize that. they know that if they can divide us, they can destroy us. we had better get it together and star stop knocking each other and come together with each other. we recognize and start being compassionate towards each other and quit looking for reasons to hate each other, we will continue to be divided and it will destroy us. it created a civil war at one time in our country. we have get away from the sickness of being entrenched in the vision. -- division. chinapeople in russia and , theyrth korea and iran
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recognize this and they will do everything they can to promote this decision. when we are united, we are the envy of the world. i am a vietnam veteran. this is very important to me. we have to stop this division cr ap. we have to be more compassionate and listen to each other. do not become divided. that is what obama was time to say last night. that's trying to say last night. adds "the new york times" -- chief speechwriter looked over other farewell addresses for inspiration.
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let's hear from regina in kansas city. republican line. caller: i will admit that president obama is a very compelling speaker. but behind the emotions, you have to listen to what he said. he called us a democracy 20 times when i lost count. he said our job is to take two steps forward, one step back. foundation of communist dialectical materialism. the overtaking of our republic come our free society by moving ahead so far to the left and then taking a step back when we lose -- there is still one step forward. as far as dianne feinstein's questioning of jeff sessions,
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i've never seen a bigger hypocrite. legalized child prostitution in the state of california and she is talking about sex trafficking. i thought it was a total farce. can" -- he got it from "bob the builder." that became their slogan. i think he is a cartoon character and we need to get on the right track and self govern. we are a free society and we must keep our constitutional republic. host: richard on the hearing --terday said carol says --
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those are the comments about the hearing with senator sessions yesterday. again, available at you can comment on that and president obama's speech from last night. the president-elect holding a press conference at 11:00. one of his nominees facing a hearing today. , his choice to become secretary of state. you can watch that hearing on andan3 and our c-span radio app. north carolina. democrats line. caller: good morning. i personally felt obama's speech was very eloquent. i listened to the caller before thato is trying to suggest he is a communist because he
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wants equality. that impressed me -- depressed me most about the gop, they always tend to blame the victim. to do away with make itights, tries to havefor people of color to any upward mobility. thing -- another thing one, the gop day said we are going to obstruct obama.
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and then they are going to blame obama for not achieving the goals that he set out to achieve. it wasn't his fault. if you had a congress working senatem, if he had a working with them, we would have a compass to a lot more. -- accomplished a lot more. i don't think you can blame obama for things not getting done. it was the gop. host: antonio in boston, massachusetts. independent line. caller: thank you very much. good morning, everybody. my name is antonio from boston. 20 minutes north of boston. i voted two times for obama. , i didn't like hillary clinton. second time, i did not like romney. in my personal opinion, obama
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destroyed this country. destroyed the reputation of this beautiful country. he did not do anything for black people. nothing. he used to talk and talk and no action. i used to know somebody who worked for the government years ago. i called them two months ago and i don't know if it was you or i said hillary- clinton would never be president of the united states. she never wille be president of the nine states. states -- president of the united states. obama is a gentleman but he destroyed this country completely. host: guy in maryland. good morning.
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caller: this is what i recognize when youthis -- already make up your mind that you are not going to help this president i publish anything, that was a setup. they were determined to make him they did not care about how much the people got hurt in the process. they wanted to make obama a one term president. him come offelped a lot more would have been a compass. -- accomplished. republicans will tweak obamacare and say look at we've done. host: beverly in north carolina. democrats line. the morning. caller: good morning. istening to these gop's quite upsetting.
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i am so proud of my president. andso proud of his speech i'm so proud of his legacy. history will claim that. i want these people to remember that the night of his inauguration, the gop met and decided to destroy him. but, they could not. he had to do everything alone. for those who don't like him, god bless you. host: as far as the speech last night, what was your favorite portion of it? caller: i loved all of it. because i cry for this country. i don't want to say it's going down, but i don't see any hope for it. you have a fascist coming in who you cannot believe.
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god bless america. host: betty in green bay, wisconsin. independent line. callersthe last two took the words right out of my mouth. whene have a short memory he first came in. how bad it really was. i look back on when mitch mcconnell says no second term. it was their personal view of him. mark my word, down the back.h he i was
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he did 90% of what he said he was going to do. he is one classic person and his family as a role model of what families are supposed to be. of the things happening on the senate side, the process of repealing portions of obamacare. politico plays out what to expect over the next couple of days. under the reconciliation process, bills are protected from the 60 vote filibuster. once a budget is adopted in the senate, the house is expected to quickly follow suit, passing it
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as early as friday. it is the only way to set reconciliation. in other words, the obamacare , in motion. arendful of republicans looking to delay the deadline until march 3 to give the gop enough time to come up with a replacement. president-elect trump himself looking to see a quicker timetable when it comes to the replacement portion. andre from georgia. independent line. caller: good morning. i guess i would just like to say i was very impressed by the president's speech. just like the previous caller, we have to go back and look at where we were when he took
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office. i'm 45. times as bad as they were towards the end of the bush administration. we had companies that had been around for 100 years that were going under. we had the oil industry going under. he had taken us to a war that every republican member of congress would say now was the wrong war to get into. when president obama took over, this country was going down. of course, when they talk about , we cannotwth sustain our 2% gdp, you know what, i would take 2% gdp again compared to where we were when he took office. i think he has done a great job.
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man, he hasa family tried to work with congress. congress did not want to work with him. he still has to do his job. if that means using executive orders to go around them, so be it. if they are going to obstruct everything that he does, that is what he has to do. i think he did a tremendous job. president-elect trump, i'm hoping he does a good job. all i have to do is look back on republican presidents, the last two republican presidents we've war.ave taken us to i was not in politics prior to me being 18 and really didn't get into politics until around 30. my really started paying attention to the issues.
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it's been republican presidents that have taken us to war, that have gotten us into the situations we were in in 2007 and 2008. god bless president obama for getting us to where we are today. so that president-elect trump can build off of his successes. host: donovan in washington, d.c. republican line. caller: good morning. obama andpresident his family. tople in this country need honor their president. people need to honor their presidents for who they are and stop calling them by their first name. host: we are talking about the president's speech last night. caller: it was great. i liked all of his speech.
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if the republicans did not fight this president, we would have done great stuff or the people. the politicians forget about the people. the democrats fight republicans and republicans by democrats. they need to stop and remember the people in the country. host: leonard in michigan. immigrants line. -- democrats line. caller: hello. ago, ie over 10 years studios in chicago and i talked to miss oprah winfrey. i was able to talk to a lady that was born in mississippi, not far from where i was born. having a problem with
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discrimination. i am a man of color, of african descent. americans who werelicans giving me a problem. i needed to borrow some money, so i called ms. oprah winfrey. from theith a lady area of mississippi i was born in. the gospel of mark chapter eight verse 36 -- host: how does that apply to the president's speech or the senator sessions hearing yesterday? caller: obama definitely kept his soul. host: terry up next from
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california. independent line. caller: good morning. i thought president obama's speech last night was very eloquent, very to the point. we have forgotten where we were in 2008. i remember my 401(k) and my stock prices going down tremendously in 2008. he could have done a lot better had he not had the opposition of the republican party. we are such a divided nation. i'm worried about what is happening with our president-elect. more so with the appointees that he has. one of which is jeff sessions. i'm concerned with him being able to uphold the constitution. he will say it is the law. it's amazing, what he
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his defense of civil rights in this country when he did two major things. one, he prosecuted three civil voters. he did quite a few things in the past. he is not really changed. as you can see by his votes recently. i am more concerned about jeff sessions being the attorney general. to senator sessions, did you watch the hearing? caller: yes, i did watch some of the hearing.
7:49 am
i plan on watching more of it today. hearing, can watch the the second day of hearings featuring supporters and clicks of senator sessions. go to for more information. the headline saying the senator assured other senators he would rein in trump. it was during the course of hearing yesterday that senator al franken asked senator sessions about his involvement
7:50 am
in a series of civil rights cases and questioned him quite sharply on his level of involvement in those cases. you can watch the whole thing at here is a bit of that exchange from yesterday. [video clip] senator franken: i'm one of the few members of this committee that is not a lawyer. case," iar "i filed a , it might have a legall meaning in parlance, but to me, as a layman, it sounds to me like filed means i led the case. or i supervised the case. it doesn't mean that my name was on it.
7:51 am
setting aside any political or ideological differences i may come a doj is facing real challenges, whether it is protecting civil rights or defending national security and our country needs an attorney general who doesn't misrepresent or inflate their level of involvement on any given issue. i consider this serious stuff. as i know that you would if you were in my position. senator sessions: you are correct. we need to be accurate in what we say. raised, iissue was did say i provided assistance and guided civil rights attorneys and had an open door policy with them and cooperated with them on these cases. cases and i attempted to be as effective as i could be in helping them be successful in these historic cases.
7:52 am
i did feel that they were the kind of cases that were national in scope and deserved to be listed on the form. if i am in error, i apologize. franken: you cannot find 20 or 30 desegregation cases that you stated you had participated in. you don't sound like you personally handled cases you handled -- host: that whole hearing on you can comment on that hearing and what you learned from the senators.with other a host of other hearings take place today. another with senator sessions, rex tillerson, elaine chao. other hearings coming up as well.
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gene from houston, texas. thank you for waiting. go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i will try to get in as much as i can. i listened to the speech last night. that is one thing about president obama. expertise when he does beaches. -- speeches. he is a good speaker. think -- he wasn't a bad president. he just did not do enough for the country as far as immigration policy and stuff. he doesn't live out here amongst us and he doesn't know what's going on. he has taken credit for bin laden. he should not be that. -- do that.
7:54 am
he signed whatever to get the military to go over there or whatever. our military is the one that got the guy. they are the ones that should get the credit. the military guys, the ones that put their life on the line. he did not do enough during his time for the military. i am a veteran, i was in the navy during vietnam. the veterans don't get enough recognition. that was my comment. perfect, he might make a good attorney general. he will be honest. everybody has faults. if you have a fault, you need to fix it and get on with it. we will go from there. host: the president's speech, senator sessions hearings.
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willy in savannah, georgia. caller: good morning. let me take this moment of privilege to honor a statement. resident barack obama came into office with the economy up and down. let me take this moment to tell you that president barack obama deserves all the credit. i want to thank him for the journey that he carried me on. we hadct the fact that in on a plymouth rate that was 10 something, stock market at seven something. -- theyment at 4% president is the one you can -- presidents bad barack obama, i tip my hat to
7:56 am
him. last night, i witnessed a true statesman speaking last night. i was touched the moment he recognized his wife and family and most of all, his country. president barack obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents united states of america has ever seen. did in thethe way he white house, a statesman, someone who carried a lot of people on the journey so much that some of us have a tendency this president came into office as a statesman and left as a statesman. thank you for taking my call this morning. god bless america. host: laura on a republican line from washington. you are on. call -- iwanted to
7:57 am
don't like terrain on everybody's parade. rain on't like to everybody's parade. president obama has shown so much disrespect and has done so little for this country. they only blame it on republicans. president that has never had adversity. a's done nothing but cause slew of problems. athave millions of people each other's throats. god bless him. not -- what has happened in this country is not the fault of the republicans or any white person.
7:58 am
jeff sessions, all democrats want to get into -- oh, he is a racist. we are all on this one tiny chip of a nation for freedom. that's it. we've got each other and that is it. we are torn apart, tearing at each other's hair for no reason. we all want to be free people, a prosperous people and healthy. i think the election should have shown that we don't hate each other. but barack obama and the democrats, oh, we are racist -- we are not i'm sick of it. host: josie in pennsylvania. democrats line. caller: good morning. i am calling because i'm a retired history teacher. i've been watching the president , he will go down as a great president. say he didill: will
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much -- call in and say he did much to disrespect. i disagree with that. he used his position in a very positive way. he brought government to young people, which is an american amazing thing to do. we are in hard times and he addressed those hard times. is an active-duty marine officer who has been deployed to four times. i know what barack obama has done for the military and it has all been positive. wife, michelle, and jill biden. they have worked for military families. when i hear these soundbites, i'm very disturbed. history will judge him less harshly than many americans have. he brought us back from the brink of depression and despair. itled this country and left
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in a better shape financially than it was. he had a grace that i could only lincoln.ared to i know that as a comparison that historians will use in the future. i admire the man. i really think he was good for the country. we have just spent the last hour talking about a two specific events from yesterday. president obama's speech in chicago, his final farewell address. touching on many issues -- race news, the family, state of democracy. all of that took place. also, senator jeff sessions appeared before the judiciary committee to talk about what he would bring to the position if
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he were confirmed as attorney general. so those topics will be going on for the remainder of the show. , democrats.00 (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independent colors. that building will be busy today. at the take a look future of obamacare with several procedural happenings on the senate side. and also another confirmation hearing -- rex tillerson. of exxon. you could also possibly see that there is a line of people waiting to get into this hearing. they will hear from rex tillerson, they will take questions from the men -- from the members of senate members. this is just a line of people hoping to get in.
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you can see this on c-span at 9:15 this morning. go to our website for more on how you can view it. we will show you how this proceeds as we go in this morning. other confirmation hearings are taking place. including the president-elect's choice to become the transportation secretary. four, (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. independents., the washington times has a right up. writing that dinan in prepared opening statements released tuesday night, rex all countries must be held to their international commitments. theirs. must stand up to allies and adversaries must be a held responsible for their commitments. continueat we cannot
8:03 am
to accept empty promises like the ones that china has made to pressure north korea into reform only to shy away and looking the other way when trust is broken encourages more bad behavior and it must end. that is from the prepared statements and you will hear more from that hearing today. jacksonville, north carolina on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i just have one thing or maybe a couple of comments. the lady from california who said that jeff sessions prosecuted three black alabama citizens for voting irregularities, that was brought to him by black voters in the county. they were complaining that these folks were opening balance and changing them. and this was on three or four sessions.
8:04 am
he finally took it to a superior court and they asked him to look at it. so when the lady from california called it to say he had charges against three black citizens in alabama, alabama county, it isn't true. it was brought to him by blacks. that -- god bless her for being a teacher, barack obama is great for the military. somebody said her son was an active-duty officer. how does her son explain what our troops have done through the pentagon? obama, if he is such a great president, why in the world and she say that when he said you keep your plan and aur doctor and there was video of benghazi. i could go on for hours and all the things that were said in front of the citizens.
8:05 am
speaking about something well doesn't get something done. god bless him. i hope him and michelle have a great life. of as far as him being one the greatest presidents we've ever had, you have to look at both sides. a president for half of america doesn't mean he is a great america for all folks. host: this israeli on the independent line. caller: how are you doing? i haven't called and since october. i was in the hospital and i just got out. i have the president speech was very good. and as far as the other callers calling in, everything that the republicans did from the day the president got voted in was to block him on everything. the war in iraq was done by bush, he lied and said there were weapons of mass instruction, there wasn't. he had us in debt. obama got us out of it.
8:06 am
haveese republicans would worked with obama, we would have been a lot better off. and when the investigation goes on about the russians and trump, i think trump may end up going to jail. so i hope the republicans think about that. you all have a good day. thank you. host: banned from massachusetts on the democrat line. good morning. taking myank you for call. i watched his speech last night and i thought it was a great speech. i think some of the things he talked about were very important for this country. host: such as what? tried to put issues in place such as the responsibility of the individual , not depending on others to make the country better. having of us responsibility for that. i thought he put that in perspective fairy well. the other thing i wanted to say was that i agree with the lady
8:07 am
from michigan, i believe it was, who said -- the history teacher, i think he will go down in history as one of the great presidents. i would like to remind the listeners, many of them talk about the decision that this president protected for the united states of america when president obama was elected, the cabinet with the bipartisan format, you may remember the department of transportation was headed by of republican. the department of defense was headed by a republican. people in permanent places who were already there in previous administrations. so he tried to be bipartisan and his approach but people dealt with the issue that had been brought by senator mitch
8:08 am
mcconnell. organized the republican party against going along with anything the president came along with, because they wanted him to be a one term president, the public at large seemed to have like him much better than the republican party. one thing people have to understand and remember is that the division that was caused by the tea party and the 6000 of that by the right-wing talk shows every day, every day, obama could do nothing, nothing, nothing correct. and it permeated throughout the session for many people in the country. some pump people talk about the affordable care act, some people don't even understand the importance of it in terms of their lives.
8:09 am
he strives for all medical insurance. protecting against previous conditions to protect people. everybody loves insurance has benefited from the affordable care act. host: previous caller brought up no information that occurred in the last 24 hours. the unconfirmed information as of yesterday, talking about donald trump, information held by russia. this was communicated in a briefing. this is the wall street journal, this is an update saying that russia says they had no compromising material on donald trump, saying that the former soviet union denied on wednesday that it has compromising material on donald trump following a dossier of verifications and habitations in an attempt to damage u.s.-russian relations. the press secretary dismissed the report which said they used
8:10 am
blackmail for mr. trump as pulp fiction. "this is a clear attempt to damage our right lateral relations." that story did get a response from all trump. a series of tweets. thisfirst one saying that " was paid for political opponents and it is a complete fabrication. very unfair. he also adds that russia has never tried to use leverage over me. and then said, i have nothing to do with russia. no deals and no loans and nothing. he said a great movement is verified and they try to belittle our victory with fake news. that is part of the information from the story that came out yesterday. and it possibly will be part and most likely will be part of the press conference that donald
8:11 am
trump will hold at 11:00 today. go to for more information. now, to ohio with the republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i am here to make a comment. i am nearing my 68th year in life. obama, we putent him on the titanic as he took the office, he did his best. some of it wasn't the best and some of it was. elect anothere to dignitary but we went from a black person and now he had a woman to get a white president. but that didn't happen. so whatever ended up with? a fruitcake. he is coming in office soon. and that is all have to say on my comment. host: in oklahoma, this is michael on the independent line.
8:12 am
caller: i wanted to focus on the positive today, president obama focused on his family. and that is most important. family makes the community, the state and the country. we are all americans. he focused on america. the focus on the american people. family, when you start with the family, you have to build a family out. and he started with being a father. and that is the most important saying that he did. he focused on the family. the obama family was a prime example of what a family is supposed to be. and i'm proud to say that he was our president. and he blessed my father. my father died. and he was blessed to see the first black president. he did so many great things.
8:13 am
everybody wants to degrade him can't talkublicans about how racist this country is. they said they wanted to make him a one term president. and that racism is always going to be a part of the american culture. host: judy is in virginia beach on the democrat line. good morning. i wanted to comment on two things. primarily, with jeff sessions and obama's farewell speech. truth and honesty. oure are the keys to government functioning in a great way. people can talk about what obama did.
8:14 am
what obama said or this or that. jeff sessions can talk about what he said or what has been in his heart. and actions, action show what has happened. jeff sessions can defend himself and speak in detail about things he actually cares about the orngs that he is lying about is misrepresenting himself as, he can only say oh, it is the law and i'm going to enforce it. but that's not true. enforce thehave to law. he could decide not to enforce it. so i think that we need to be really clear that when it comes to women's rights and lgbt minorities, there will
8:15 am
be no support from the attorney general's office. indiana onh is in the republican line. thank you for holding on, you are on. go ahead. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a comment that our country still has a long way to go as far as respecting and honoring each other and fair play. the whole primary, day after day, it showed exactly what felt, personally and to his country. and they had no problem violating your daughters or sisters or mothers. the vulgarity of this man should not have qualified them to win. on the other hand, obama has shown dignity.
8:16 am
so the comparison of the two we need to admit we have a serious problem. don't say this man is the worst president. host: when you say it is a racial problem, what do you mean by that? caller: in our homes and our hearts. it is such a popular suspect -- it is such a popular subject. and treat people with dignity. but we get together in a group and have somebody who displays the hatred that donald trump's plays, it sets us back 100 years. we need to look each other in the mirror and have fair play. because you know that the
8:17 am
congress fought this man all the way. and as a previous caller said, if we had worked together, we would be better off. that is all i have to say. that was judith. one of the things obama did address last night was the topic of race relations. say.s what he had to president: after my election there was talk of a post-racial america. and such a vision, however well intended, was never realized. the race remains a potent and divisive force in our society. i have lived long enough to know betterce relations are than they were 10 or 20 years ago, no matter what some folks say. [applause] itsident obama: you can see in statistics and in the
8:18 am
attitudes of young americans across the political spectrum. but we are not really need to be. and all of us have more work to do. if i for economic issue is framed as an issue between a hard-working white middle class and an undeserving minority then workers of all shades are going while the fighting wealthy was draw further into their private offices. if we are willing to invest -- if we are not willing to invest in the children of immigrants because they don't look like us, that we diminish the value of our own children. because those children represent a large share of your future.
8:19 am
[applause] obama: and we have shown that our economy doesn't have to be a zero-sum gain. last year, incomes rose for all races and age groups. for men and women. if we are going to be serious weut race, going forward, need to uphold laws against discrimination in hiring and housing and education and in the criminal justice system. that is what our constitution and highest ideals require. [applause] obama: but laws alone won't be enough. hearts must change. it won't change overnight. social attitudes oftentimes take
8:20 am
generations to change. but if our democracy is to work the way it should in this increasingly diverse nation, then each one of us needs to try to heed the advice of a great character in american fiction. atticus finch. who said you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. until you climb into his skin and walk around. for blacks and other minority groups, that means tying our own struggle for justice to the peopleges that a lot of in this country face. not only refugees were immigrants or the poor or transgender americans, but also the middle-aged white guy, who, from the outside, may seem like he has advantages, but has since seen his world upended by
8:21 am
change. he have to pay attention. that was president obama in chicago yesterday, the speech .e gave at 9:15 this morning. rex tillerson, that is the hearing room that will take they are in the process of letting people in. as you saw previously, a long line of people getting into this hearing. people are starting to filter in now. the hearing is starting in an hour. so this will play out and we will serve you more of that as the morning goes on. don't forget, 9:15. you can see that on c-span. 02 for more information.
8:22 am
lynn in indianapolis, go ahead. caller: good morning. good morning, america. on thed to comment on little segment of president obama's speech. i didn't expect to hear that. but that says it all. when going to comment on he left the stage -- "yes we can. yes we did." america is in a great spot right now. and as the president just mentioned, we do have a big .roblem
8:23 am
we have the immigration crowd. that helped to bring the president into office. we need to really realize the shared inhat we have the last 40 years with this. say thei want to american people need to wake up. stop the racism. and put a cap on it. and the new relation of islam, they have until monday to get those thoughts out of their hearts. at 9:15 on c-span3 is where you can see today's hearing featuring rex tillerson, the secretary of state nominee.
8:24 am
listen on and on the radio app. you saw a lot of people lined up for this hearing, hoping to get in and get their chance to hear and see the nominee, to give the and also getting questions for members of the senate foreign relations committee. 9:15 this morning is where you can see that on c-span. when it comes to another nominee, the courier newspaper out of south carolina had an interview with governor nikki haley. cap to be the next u.n. ambassador for the united states and she talked about some of the things that she brings to the position. i will read you a couple of quotes. know is thatall i everything i've done leading up to this point has always been about diplomacy. it has been about trying to lift up everyone and getting them to work together for the greater good.
8:25 am
." she said she faces a learning curve and is getting to know the agencies. getting to know the players and members of the security council and all of those things. she declined to give detail on her preparations. she went on to say, i don't know what it takes to be a u.n. ambassador. i know that i will do everything i need to to sure that i make people of the country proud. she would not discuss her opinions on issues ahead of her confirmation hearing. she did visit senators last week and says she will resign as governor after the senate approves her nomination. and she added that her and her family will be based in new york. line,m on the democrats by the way, you can find that story online if you want to read more of the interview. that was with governor nikki haley. liam, go ahead. you are on.
8:26 am
caller: i am a 70 five-year-old white male and diane proud to be an obama supporter. presidentmost honest we have ever sat. if it wasn't for mitch mcconnell, we would have had him do a great job. they will tell you they are not but they are lying to you. i can tell you from experience men don't even speak to me anymore. i am proud of obama. host: susan, you are up next. hi. the democratic liberals are not like the liberals i knew when i was a democrat. these people focus simply on emotion. and if you don't believe what they believe, they are the most judgmental. we don't want any more of his policies. we don't care what his color is. the bottom line is that we deliberately wanted people to
8:27 am
obstruct this because it is a one-man wrecking machine. i owned a business for 40 years. i've never had problems with anyone except females, female democrats. thisurse we are divided in country, nobody understands that everybody in the administration and washington, d.c. under obama never has had a job in the private sector. these are people who just talk and they like to make everyone feel good. the bottom line is that life is tough. it is hard and you have to have logic. he is a one-man wrecking machine and i can't wait for him to go. and the democrats will do everything they can to say it is his color that it has nothing to do with that. his policies suck. business has been horrible for everybody. bottom line is that for the first time yesterday since 1980, -- they can say it all he want to but it doesn't make it true.
8:28 am
the russia is stuff isn't true either. thank you. host: from florida, on the democrat line, go ahead. i believe your last caller sums it up for the -- she sounds very biased and negative in her views and narrowminded. i believe that president obama's speech will go down as one of speeches. he had so many good points as in many of his speeches, all along from the very beginning, when john boehner stood up, he said when he was first elected they would do
8:29 am
everything he could to make the president fail. and of course, now, the republicans are saying now that donald trump is elected, we need andll come together everyone needs to support the president. but where were those voices when obama was elected? ifmany of the caller stated everyone had pulled together, we would have been much better off. everyone forgets that obama came into an awful atmosphere. the all-time record inflation. unemployment. that,ese small businesses they forget that the business atmosphere is not going to get better. because all of the people, the
8:30 am
1% people who own and run the corporations, they laid off all the workers. and they didn't choose to hire them back. or when they did hire them back, it wasn't the highest paying jobs they had. they limited the high-paying jobs to make more money. these businesses are killing the goose that laid the golden leg because the middle class doesn't have the money to buy the goods they want to sell. host: lets hear from richard in new york on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: which party controlled both houses of the legislature during obama's first two years? host: the democratic party. caller: that's right. and the second two years,
8:31 am
republicans. so obamacare got pushed through without a single republican vote. it was voted through the democrats and it was deemed passed. but not even past. when the republicans controlled all houses of the senate in 2003, george w. bush put forth medicare part d. geezers pay for medications. 192 democrats voted against that. the problems that obama brought on were because of himself and his failure to work with republicans. do you remember the meeting in blair house with the big square and ryan was sitting at a dad and all and obama was at the other and they talked about obamacare and obama said, i won, elections have consequences. and it has been downhill, ever since. so welcome. this is what happens when you don't try to get along and do what's best for the country.
8:32 am
obama takes credit for killing bin laden. notd he take credit for moving a single wheel towards benghazi on the night of september 11, 2012? let's go to evelyn in texas. on the democrat line. caller: good morning. iesident obama's speech, thought it was very inspiring. work with he tries to everyone, include everyone and with respect. so he will go down as one of the greatest presidents ever. dignityhis country with and respect and for all of the people who are calling in and are complaining, you know what? maybe you need to learn from your republican friends who have treated this president with respect. the cousin like the lady from indiana has said, it does start
8:33 am
from home. so let's be honest. if you're going to teach your children to disrespect on the base of color, then this is the repercussion that will take place. and i'm going to tell all of those people that are just accept it. we are not going anywhere. with the issues and move on and stop complaining. the lady from arizona, i don't know what kind of business she ran but i'm going to tell you, my business that i own with my husband has been getting better and better as time goes by. and i give credit to president obama because of that. he treats women with respect. thees, give credit to president. he is good for us. host: can i ask what it is about president obama's policies that i think -- that you think benefited the economy? are small business
8:34 am
owners. and people say that small business owners have been affected negatively. but we don't feel that way. our business has increased. my husband is a contractor. with we hire all kinds of employees. we have blacks, hispanics, and asians. we have to work with the president. i think, you know, like him -- he has always been an inspiration. and he shows people that they need to be treated right. host: let's go to california on the republican line.
8:35 am
that i and like to say think his speech wanted us to get together and also to try to a forward and hold onto democracy. and what is happening, i see a lot of nations -- a lot of countries are against that. and we are at war with at least four of them. and things are not better. democrats tothe help get our people in place, because when all did not concede the election, and we ended up waiting and waiting to get people in place, that is when we were attacked. so please, for the sake of the people of this country who elected donald trump, get people in place. let's get this in order. let's not have people try to destroy the new president of the
8:36 am
united states. host: one of the issues in the last 24 hours over russia, the donald trump will give a news conference and is expected to deal with questions about havemation that russia may against him. also, the topic of russia is coming up in a hearing that comes up on capitol hill with the senate intelligence committee with director james comey and he was questioned by legislators about the influence of russia, not only specifically to target the republican and democratic committees but also related groups. here is a bit of the exchange yesterday. >> between the dnc and the rnc, were they able to penetrate the same quantity, quality and type of materials? or was there a difference in what they were able to glean from the democratic dnc or the rnc?
8:37 am
deeper and wider into the dnc then the rnc. t-rex did they use similar methods with both? why? >> it's hard to say. hard to say in this form. hard to say even in a closed form. it is harder to answer. there were similar techniques. the spear phishing techniques used in both cases. there is no doubt they were more successful in the dnc, deeper and wider. they had the republican affiliated organizations but not the current rnc itself. host: on the independent line, robert, good morning. caller: hello. thati just wanted to say while obama did all right, considering the amount of obstruction he faced, he was claiming a little too much credit.
8:38 am
and democratsama lost millions of senior and working-class voters by ignoring their problems. and this is the first time in years that seniors and the working-class, who used to be the base of the democratic party, went to the republicans. thatemocrats want to blame on racism. it had more to do with economics and their jobs disappearing. host: so what do you think they were ignoring? it came's towhen senior citizens? seniors, for example, they haven't received a raise in the cost of living in six of the last eight years. and millions of working-class jobs continue to be outsourced.
8:39 am
and they didn't seem to make any special effort to retain the jobs. and hillary clinton, for example, she was calling millions of working-class voters a basket of deplorables. even if that's what she believes, it certainly wasn't very smart of her to say it. host: that was robert. , about the president's record, highlighting this saying that he put $10 trillion deeper in debt, not a laudable accomplishment. and then woody from twitter says isn'to 19,800 on the dog enough for some. talk about the current economic state and what the dow is doing since the election of donald trump. ongo to louisiana with emily the democrat line. go ahead.
8:40 am
caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i'm sorry, i am a little nervous. say thank you to gratefuld to say i'm to president obama and the first lady. and his family. i think that as i get older as a baby boomer, i think we all need to put things into perspective. i'm concerned about the future for my grandchildren.
8:41 am
and that brings me to my point as president obama was talking we holden he said that these truths to be self evident that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by the creator. rights andlienable the pursuit of happiness is included in that. i just think that is what do for each should other. service. underlying service for him. and his wonderful wife. inean, they have been service.
8:42 am
they didn't have to have a combat uniform on. host: ok, let's go to betty. thatr: yes, i think president obama was the most divisive president we have ever had. and what i mean by that is this. he was the president of all the people. this showed up in the past few years with ferguson. with the way the justice department went after white people. and what has happened in this hastry is that everybody rights except for white people. why people have been stripped of their civil rights and the representation and their voice. and it has been done by the federal government. you say they have been stripped of those things, what examples would you give? thatr: ok, i would say
8:43 am
white people cannot form civil rights groups like others. we have been stripped of jobs by different laws that are in place. we have no voice. cannot form civil rights groups to protect our interests. the government has to say that if white people have the right to organize into civil rights groups like the blacks have and the jewish people have and illegals have. and hispanics have. and what this election was all about was the scream of the anger of white people. who have been stripped of all of our rights. we have been stripped of our country. int: ok, we go to jake virginia on the independent line. jake, talking about the speech from the president last night or the senate hearings about the
8:44 am
attorney general nomination. go ahead. caller: good morning. happy new year, belated. the c-spanbama, staff, you guys are doing an astronomical job. but with all due respect to senator cory booker, that politician, the politician has jeff sessions. steve miller, you don't hear much about that. talked about building a wall to keep criminals out. and muslims, you know? black on black criminals. speaking innton was pennsylvania. and donald trump son was speaking in philadelphia mississippi. --all know the killing of
8:45 am
but you don't hear too much about that. elected, he went to montana where he met richard who gave theguy speech. and that is what happened. sessions, it hasn't changed. i get emotional every time i hear it. on the radio station, on the left side of the dial, i think it is a local station, and i've done research. you, c-span. have a good one. -- the callertor mentioned senator cory booker. today is the second day of hearings and the senate judiciary committee on senator
8:46 am
jeff sessions. this is a story from abc news saying they plan to get the testimony on why he believes jeff sessions should not be the next attorney general. the firstenergy to testify against this over a member of the presidential candidate. >> while i do not take lightly ae chance to testify against cabinet member, the deeply troubling views of the nominees, he will be joined by representative john lewis, the democrat from georgia and the leader of the congressional black caucus, cedric richmond. and others. this will be the second day of the hearings. that is 9:30 this morning when the hearing is set for. you can watch it on c-span or c-span2 or go to for more permission on the hearing and other confirmation hearings and things that are taking place today. in virginia on the democrat
8:47 am
line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. thank you so much for c-span. and everyvery morning once in a while and might try to call. but i listened to some of the people on the republican line and probably people on the democratic side is well, but people who have jobs or who have good health insurance through their employer that belong to unions, those people are fine. i was in a union with the telephone company for over 40 years. and my health insurance went from nothing, having to pay nothing all the way up until 2015 when my health insurance, the same one, would knock out a plan that lots of us had and replace it with something they said was comparable. it went from $200 a month to $700 a month.
8:48 am
at that point, i decided to investigate the aca. i am retired now. aca saved my life for two years. and now i am on social security which is great. the socialith security is because so many thate have lost their jobs there is nobody paying into social security anymore. taxes.ody is sending for every person who doesn't have a job, we pay unemployment insurance. and those taxes are not coming back to us at the federal government. host: ok, that was kathy in virginia. events surrounding the testimony by rex tillerson as the ceo ofork exxon. outside the building where the hearing will take place, a protest. here is the protest.
8:49 am
>> [indiscernible] >> shame. policy in the hands of an oil mogul, he will deftly put the rights of exxon above the rights of the american people. since the 1970's, scientists warmed executives about the dangers of climate change. about the possibility of fossil fuels on our climate and community. but instead of heeding these warnings, what did exxon do? they covered it up. they covered up their own scientific findings. instead of telling the truth, they turned to the pr department and forced an incredible amount of resources into the discussion
8:50 am
about climate change and stemming it. host: again, that is the protest taking place over featuring rex tillerson, taking place today. that person was talking about his tenure at exxon. these confirmation hearings will be taking place. and again, we are interested in hearing from you either on the other confirmation hearings that took place yesterday and into today with jeff sessions and obama's farewell speech. those topics are up for discussion. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independent .allers we go to kansas on the republican line. thank you for holding on. you are next. i was just going to say
8:51 am
that i don't rights the speeches but anybody can read a speech. and viacom was months of the last eight years? was he trying to rewrite the thee about marriage and webster dictionary about a husband and wife? the lady that you asked the helped herout how he business, she didn't really answer that. he will have a way of using words and not answering a question. and that is what i have to say. host: we go to mike on the independent line. thank you for calling. caller: i did think the president's speech was pretty amazing. yes, you have that a person in front of the teleprompter but his delivery is amazing. thewhen you compare it with years and the rules of law that
8:52 am
-- and the department of justice decided not to enforce and some of the rosy pictures that were outlined, i didn't see it matching up with the facts of what i see in america. comparing it and say we are better than eight years ago is hard. i see police getting shot all over the country. i see disenfranchised young people saying black lives matter but they are really anarchists who don't believe in law. they're not speaking to what they bring to the table, which is frankly, anarchy. so i am a little confused with some of that. it doesn't match up with my life experience and what i see. but his speech was amazing. but again, and you compared with what the reality is, i'm sorry. i don't see it right now. host: are you saying that those
8:53 am
things you've listed, that is under the influence of obama? i would say it wasn't his influence but lack of influence. he oftentimes would speak out over the gun violence issues where kids were killed in connecticut. a painful thing to see and hear about. but there was no speaking out when there was shooting of the police. and was more of -- the police have their bad apples. so i feel like he is running a fair game. i see an agenda. doubt thinkere i the police feel like their back is covered. and even an international affairs, there are people who feel it their back is not covered. more from the lack of action. what he hasoice is
8:54 am
but no speaking to the violence against police in a major way. of theiro let the kids words. we have to let their have their chance to speak out. and quite frankly, it needs to be eliminated. the killing of the police and the targeting of law enforcement. i'm not a cop. but i don't like anarchy. and i feel like that is where it has been allowed to go. concerned,ittle especially that the hometown of chicago is the poster child. we need to get that turned around. host: you mentioned eric holder, let me draw you back to the nominee for the vice president-elect. bring when it comes to the issues of violence and police protection and things like that? you bring thatd
8:55 am
up. because yesterday during the hearing, and was nice is that during the hearing we got to both sides. a kkk membersecute . i don't know jeff sessions. been listening to the c-span broadcast of the hearing. but whether he likes the law or not, he will enforce it. and this is the problem i have with eric holder and our current attorney general. i believe it is because the boss wants it this way. and that is the only answer you can have? and ank of prosecution aggressive prosecution in areas where they want to go after groups of people.
8:56 am
and i think we have a lot of examples of that. the scarytivities and picture of the powers of a large government with many rules. host: that is mike. he was talking about the president's speech, related of two jeff sessions. you could talk about both or one or the other. we go to the democrats line. francis, you are next. caller: i thought the speech was wonderful. i thought it reflected who he is. and i think the dignity he brought to the presidency -- in oft, his speech reminded me fdr's speech. is basically a
8:57 am
pacifist and peacemaker. and i think that many of the problems we face today were generated by things in the past. and i think if we had had a he would havehim, done better with some of the things. but he accomplished a lot. to have had him as our president. host: francis, before i let you go, do you have any thoughts on the jeff sessions. caller: i know he was under a lot of stress being in that chair. and being around all those questions. but he had the honesty to say that he might not agree with the
8:58 am
law but that he would follow the law. was an honestthat direction. i think the man is who he says he is. hope so, for our sake. host: that was francis from arkansas. this coming up today after the confirmation hearing with will ross, the nominee for commerce secretary. that has been postponed. fromis a press release senators who serve on the committee. the committee has been required to -- before holding a hearing. the responses to the questionnaire, we have not received his ethics agreement. he is working on that to that, especially given
8:59 am
that the committee will be competing with the hearing for another cabinet hearing tomorrow. they have agreed to postpone that. story in the washington post today that takes a look at some of the meetings that have been postponed it of information that had to be compiled. -- writing that there are no indications on tuesday, because delays, noteduled only for wilbur ross but also for others saying that there is no indication on tuesday that any of donald trump's cabinet choices are being at risk of being rejected. and rapid leaders continue to insist that all of the choices will be confirmed. but the current change in the hearings, they occur quickly and simultaneously. of director of the office government and ethics complained to senators that his agency was struggling to review the extensive backgrounds of
9:00 am
nominees who had never been subject to public scrutiny. releasedday, the ogt reports of five nominees. james mattis's confirmation hearing is set for thursday. the commerce nominee wilbur ross. ben carson. full vetting of the nominees financial holdings could take .eeks or sometimes months georgia ononesboro, the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i did not watch obama's farewell speech. i have listened to his speeches and the only thing i can say is the democrats are still the democrats.
9:01 am
i watched the confirmation hearing of senator sessions. haddisappointment that i with one senator blumenthal is unreal. he tried to humiliate senator sessions about an award and ask him will you give the award back. the democrats are slow walking the process of confirmations and they are doing it for grandstand. if cory booker -- he's throwing himself in the fray. i think the democrats are wanting to groom him for the next presidency because he is afro-american. what they need to take into account and realize is that for the last eight years we republicans have listened and in slow walked, lied to. i was ready for change.
9:02 am
i would have voted for anybody but hillary clinton and the department of justice has been a joke. on the attorney general meets on the tarmac with the united states of america tries to tell the public they talked about grandkids and golf. god bless america. have heard your thoughts on the president's speech last night and also the hearing that took place with jeff sessions. one hour to go before we finish our program today. give us a call and let us know what you think. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents.
9:03 am
the hearing for rex tillerson will begin. was jeff sessions getting questioned by his colleagues in the senate. one of the topics that came up by chuck grassley of iowa was if senator sessions would pursue as hillary general clinton's private you server use. here's that exchange. >> you weren't alone in that criticism. thes really critical in same way as were millions of americans on those matters. now you have been nominated to serve as attorney general. in light of those comments some have expressed concern about whether you can approach the clinton matter impartially in both fact and appearance. how do you plan to address those concerns? (202) 748-8000 democrats.
9:04 am
9:05 am
9:06 am
republicans.1 (202) 748-8002 independents. baltimore, maryland on the independent line. caller: i would like to make a few comments. listening to the president's speech i noticed that the speech and the hearing was really pregnant with the mentions of racism and race. first of all,g
9:07 am
it's true that the president is an african-american. his father was an african. his mother was an american. but it is not true that he is black. he is multiracial just like me. his mother was white. isling him black in effect sort of a confirmation of sorts that some people perceive america to be a racist society. society that is dominated by white one drop of black blood would make you back -- black. racism is an equal opportunity disease. to fact that some claim themselves to be immune from racism i'll have a surprise for them. -- of melaninor on your skin does not immunize you from racism.
9:08 am
host: pittsburgh, pennsylvania. republican line. good morning. thank you for giving me the opportunity as a black republican to share my vision. i have stuck by president obama's side the whole way. i am a cna. i stuck by his side until he made gay marriage. the reason i don't support the gay marriage is 30% of the people that are meant died on the bed of aids. there's no cure for hiv right now. i see new jewish communities that i don't see any new black communities being built. opportunitye equal in the schools. we need equal opportunity as far as scholarships for the minorities. thank you and stay blessed. i'm not absolutely clear
9:09 am
if the hearing has formally started yet. present, rexmbers tillerson in place at the senate foreign relations hearing room. john cornyn from texas is part of those that will introduce mr. tillerson to the body before his questioning. we will show you more as the morning goes on. those activities have started and we will show you pictures as we get them. new york, democrats line. thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. i thought the president speech as usual was tremendous. he is a tremendous communicator and very moving in his manner of speaking.
9:10 am
i'm a lifelong democrat. i think the perversion of the senate confirmation hearings has to be addressed in the future. theverybody should know senate is there to advise and consent. i didn't hear the word approval in the. trumpk president-elect although i don't agree with any of his policies has the right to pick the people he wants to be in his cabinet. the senate is supposed to advise and consent. as far as advising and consenting it's not an approval process. thank you for taking my call. host: from california on the republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i would like to talk about the great theft of the american people. barack obama with his health care law stole hundreds of
9:11 am
billions of dollars from medicare. which is double taxation. and also with the iran deal, where did that money come from? it's going to be another double taxation. the waste fraud and abuse to the , the fraud alone -- hehis program effectively sponsored these people. he should have to pay that back out of his own pocket. it's incredible. we've got people living on and along it's amazing.
9:12 am
jail becausehem in they have no addresses. and our jails are full. it is incredible what is going on in this country. americansnative fighting to save america because if that type line bursts it will balloon to hold missouri river. it will pollute all the waters in america. margarita in florida on the democrat line. caller: i'm here to tell you that the greatest legacy obama left us is the family. american families will be better and america will be better because when a man and his wife raise the children to the best they can be they will be good citizens. the obamacare. i happen to be a nurse. there is a lady that had cancer
9:13 am
and i had to take care of her. she had no money for insurance. what do you say to the daughter? i'm a hospice nurse. right now there's not much jobs because the obamacare. there's not much work for me. but it's ok. i'm afraid if they don't replace --with something like that when dof of twitter, confirmation hearings start again today and why can't this be on c-span2?
9:14 am
the senate judiciary second day hearing of senator sessions will be at 9:30 on the -- the senate commerce hearing with elaine chao also at -- the-span3 you can see starting part of the hearing featuring rex tillerson. ted cruz is part of the lead up to those introducing mr. tillerson. you can see the whole hearing on c-span3. a lot of activity. also on the senate side the starting process of the repeal is expected to take place today and tomorrow. a lot of activity going on. the best place to keep close to it is
9:15 am
from new jersey on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. my comments today are on mr. sessions and mr. tillerson. yesterday on c-span during commencement at some university, alabama or thereabouts, he made a statement that he took a job as an old black school. that is problematic. since i guys and how are we have not had all black or all white schools. he said that he worked there. he's not a black person. it is rather problematic to me that there are still black elementary schools in this callry and that he would it as one and that he would go
9:16 am
there and teach as a white man. this is not correct. tillerson. had this rather unique relationship with one of our main enemies, mr. putin. he unfortunately is taking a very problematic course. warlike action in the ukraine. particular in syria where he has been bombing civilians. madenk mr. putin has erroneous decisions on his matters to intervene in civil wars. i give mr. obama credit for holding off and not taking part in any serious war action other than some out things that he did. as opposed to libya in which we
9:17 am
bombed. libya of course, their leader was -- have done harm to the united states and he was previously bombed by reagan. in syria the syrian people and their leaders have not done us any harm. this was a civil war and it was important that we stay out of it. putin was not able to do that. he took the bait. go to chad in duncanville texas. republican line. thank you for taking my call. in response to the caller who was performing the reality is that depending on geographic location you have some neighborhoods that are predominately black. you will have schools that reflect those neighborhoods. that's the reality.
9:18 am
it has nothing to do with segregation. it's just a fact. i'm a 26-year-old black man. this always thing -- this whole race thing. it's interesting to me how democrats always blame republicans for being racist and they're the ones that you writing this whole race issue. i thought that was very problematic. my third comment with russia interfering with u.s. elections. it's interesting to me how the media on one hand will say that 'sssia revealing these emails intervention with american elections on one hand on the other hand when it comes to pay to clinton and her
9:19 am
play politics with saudi arabia funneling money through the clinton foundation they don't call that interfering with american politics. i think that's very problematic. the second hearing in front of the judiciary, here is some of the guest lineup. they include the honorable michael mukasey. dreamerskets, former and u.s. veteran. thecommissioner for commission on civil rights. the honorable larry thompson, , cedricker, john lewis richmond. as well as other members including -- chuck canterbury. a lot of people mentioned as far
9:20 am
as those in the lineup which you can see today as well. fran from utica, michigan. caller: thanks for accepting my call. i am agreeing with the first caller before me. president obama's speech was eloquent. it was perfect. i heard a lady say anybody could read off a piece of paper. not all people can do it. they can't even get their comments right. said -- heould have did say what he had done for this country. nobody can see it. the big blue ball was broken and he has done so much. everything i have heard about trumpet is tit for tat. he's on this twitter thing a little bit too much. carrying everything so far.
9:21 am
this inauguration on this farewell thing makes me want to wish i was in another country. i'm african-american if they call it that. i am mixed with a lot of different things and my husband is polish. we are very scared. if he starts repealing laws, will it be interracial marriage? everything gets rerouted just what he callsof america's great. part of me wants to hear his inauguration speech but i don't think anybody will be there. all i can do is say pray for our because some people can't even see what's going on and it's usually the ones that .re non-educated (202) 748-8000 democrats.
9:22 am
(202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. this was taken last night. the president, his wife, his daughter. vice president joe biden and his wife in the background. the post says mr. obama's speech for us in part on recounting and celebrating his accomplishments for a crowd in the auditorium that include many of his most loyal staffers. the pageantry surrounding the were all the hallmarks of a white house that has meticulously cultivated the president's image in the digital age. television screens showed comic out tanks from white house videos as well as curated tweets
9:23 am
from the event. a big crowd full of white house staffers and longtime supporters made the event you like a cross between a campaign rally and a week. -- wake. caller: good morning. is president obama, we love you. we will miss you. we will miss your honesty. your trustworthiness and your faithfulness to our people. now we are going into what we call we don't even know. we have this man that has done and soing in the book are his people there putting at his advisers. people, why isn't anybody talking about impeachment? that's my comment. host: in massachusetts,
9:24 am
republican line. caller: [laughter] thanks for taking my call. before hehould wait gets in office before we impeach him, what do you think? that in of surprised president obama's farewell speech he decided to as he did throughout his presidency inject race and further drive everywhere wedge and divide this country racially. much morery was so united before he became president and i just can't believe how horribly divisive he has been. i just can't wait for the breath of fresh air that donald trump will be. host: what convinces you that we were united beforehand? caller: you didn't see the knockout game being played where blacks just run up and not down white people for the fun of it. you didn't see the social media organized events where huge groups of blacks run through
9:25 am
stores just grabbing things and running out. you didn't see cops getting shot sitting in their cars. the racial tension in this country in the past eight years has exploded. i'm appalled you could even ask that question. , georgia, republican line. caller: good morning. i'm interested in the testimony that was given yesterday by senator jeff sessions concerning prosecution of hillary clinton. i think he recused himself a little too soon because of what happened after the hearing. on sean hannity mr. craig murray said that he was handed information from the dnc by a disgruntled bernie sanders and julian assange confirmed this man was his former employee. this was weeks ago. heard on december 30 on
9:26 am
bloomberg tv that the justice department was bringing a case against the chinese hackers so i have been asking why we weren't bringing a case against the russians. whent the democratic party mr. obama for no good reason insulted mr. putin at the olympics. i don't believe in poking at a snake. .o i left democratic party mr. obama's solicitor general ringing a case against an american citizen using a u.n. treaty. that scared me. i worked for a republican senate. they gave mr. obama the iran deal after all. this business about this intelligence report, i don't believe mr. obama knows the difference between the white house and an outhouse. that paper is just toilet paper is what it needs to be.
9:27 am
director -- cia what's his name, clapper. host: let's go to alfred in california. independent line. go ahead. just want to say something about the speech that president obama gave last night. i think what he was attempting get all the heroes looking to themselves in order to come together as people of this nation. i believe that he was trying to get the people to look at their own prejudice attitudes that lead to the problem that is this.
9:28 am
has been mentioned about racism. prejudice is the root of all kinds of evil. if we begin to look at our action to and take repent our prejudice then we will become a better person and a better people within this country. that's alfred from georgia. for democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans .nd independents we're getting your reactions on the speech the president gave last night in chicago or you can comment on the hearing with senator jeff sessions that took
9:29 am
place. taking a look at questions concerning how he would handle the job of attorney general should he be confirmed by the senate. president obama spoke on a lot of different issues last night. say.s what he had to threatenedcracy is whenever we take it for granted. [applause] all of us regardless of party should be throwing ourselves into the task of rebuilding our democratic institutions. [applause] americaing rights in are some of the lowest in advanced democracies -- we should be making it easier, not harder to vote. [applause]
9:30 am
when trust in our institutions is low, we should reduce the corrosive influence of money in insist on thend principles of transparency and ethics in public service. when congress is dysfunctional, we should draw our congressional districts to encourage politicians to cater to common sense and not rigid extremes. but remember. none of this happens on its own. all of this depends on our participation. on each of us accepting the responsibility of citizenship. regardless of which way the pendulum of power happens to be swinging.
9:31 am
our constitution is a remarkable beautiful gift. but it's really just a piece of parchment. it has no power on its own. we the people give it power. the people give it meaning. with our participation and with the choices that we make. and the alliances that we form. forher or not we stand up our freedom. whether or not we respect and enforce the law. that's a us. that full speech available on you can see the events that took place in chicago and at the senate yesterday.
9:32 am
committeen relations is starting featuring rex tillerson. hear a we may get to little of him before this show is done. right now senator bob corker in his opening statement. we will monitor that as we go on. you can watch it on c-span3. questionsy with us, and comments taking a look at the president's speech or the hearing from yesterday. from los angeles, california. independent line. caller: thank you for taking the call. i wanted to make a comment about the speech last night with obama. i'm 39 years old. i am what they would call you know, white working-class voter i guess. i voted for obama the first
9:33 am
time. i voted for him the second time. this time around i really stayed out of the election. i just wanted to comment on what i have seen over the last eight years with president obama. he's not a salesman. is absolutely not a salesman. this has been the problem. reagan was a great salesman. clinton was a great salesman. when he has so much pushback from congress and the senate i get the sense that he didn't want to put in the work to go down and meet with the senators, talk to them, try to get things done. and every speech that he gives is sort of this grandiose -- it's almost -- you feel that he has a sense that there is a historical context to what he's saying. my opinion if you put trumps dealmaking abilities inside the
9:34 am
, amazingrofessor obama things could happen. the problem is obama is just an amazing philosopher, professor. far as getting down and doing the deals and getting the work done that has been the problem and that's why there has been so much pushback among my demographic. i work for the largest bank failure in u.s. history. a bank called washington mutual. i had worked for them for quite a number of years. i'm still trying to get back on my feet. thaty i just wanted to say thanks for taking the call. host: can i ask you a question before you go? -- notked about the
9:35 am
being a salesman. he did list accomplishments. the affordable care act, the economy. what do you think about those accomplishments that he tends to list and what he brought to the table as far as what he did with those? caller: i think it's what you would call ad nauseam. it's kind of repeating the same accomplishments over and over. we have historically low unemployment rates. an accurate's not number. in norm is amount of people have dropped out of the labor force. it's artificially low. the affordable care act in my opinion is probably one of his greatest accomplishments ever. as far as getting health insurance for 20 plus million americans. as far as the things he has we are talking eight years of a lot of stagnation.
9:36 am
i'm in a way excited to see what's going to happen in the future. andd just want to call share my thoughts with this great program you have. thanks again. host: that was chris talked about the salesman asked back. twitter says, now you've got a salesman, good luck to us all. you can post your thoughts on .ur facebook page north carolina, democrat line. randy. hi there. a salesmansed to be most of my life. i used to be a republican most of my life. i have also been an independent. i will probably go back to independents. i'm calling about one of the most informational speeches if you have the ears to hear that we have had the pleasure to hear a true statesman's give.
9:37 am
we are going to miss president obama deeply. he talked about our reality and he did so in a way that was aiming high probably over most of our heads. i just wanted to share the thought. he talked about using democracy purposefully. makeo exploit it but to ourselves regenerate always toward something better. thepoke specifically about logical gerrymandering that has gone on her years to grab power by that group of american citizens we have always had. the belligerent. we have a chip on your shoulder group of americans and they went and settled the west gathering scalps as they did so. and they built up an amazing agrarian society through slave labor.
9:38 am
isappreciate our true nature the first thing we can do before we can love ourselves and consequently anyone else or the rest of the world. the way we treat our world is a pretty good indication of how far we are from it. obama points in the right direction to get is reestablished toward the good. i dearly love this president. i am terribly proud that i voted twice for him even after my constituted conservatism. as an old successful white man, i am deeply disturbed that the country has so arrogantly stuck out its bottom lip and said, see what we can do and thrust its weight around like schoolyard always and i hope to god that we don't do it in the world in this coming generation. host: that randy from north carolina on the sales man theme.
9:39 am
another viewer tweet this morning, it takes two to make a deal. the gop went to obstruct president obama at every turn. jeff in north carolina. republican line. thanks for calling. go ahead. caller: thank you very much for taking my call. i feel so honored and privileged to be able to make a comment today. from way republican back when lincoln freed the slaves and we were all once republicans at one time. i am at the state in my life now where republicans are becoming like it did cater ship here. with trump and prudent doing their thing and trying to hide it from the american people. it's not right and i feel as though everyone should know this and no one is talking about this.
9:40 am
we are becoming a dictatorship country now? we are a free country. we can do anything. you can be anything that you want to be in this country. i love this country. i have my colleagues all the time telling me you shouldn't be a republican. them i'm a republican because the republicans going to tell me the truth. as a black man today they are telling me that you have nothing coming. to either the president speech or senator sessions from yesterday, what do you have to say? caller: obama speech was great. senator sessions, this guy is a race. he should not be attorney general. .ost: margaret next democrat line. go ahead. caller: good morning america. i enjoyed president obama's speech.
9:41 am
i enjoyed his presidency. i'm afraid that america has become really dumbed down. i have seen our country go down in the last 30 years since good old reaganomics. i am so sick of hearing reagan. he was an actor. and then bush. oh my god. he opened up such a can of worms in the middle east. it seems our country has a very short memory. i think obama did a wonderful job. as far as sessions is can earned, trump is concerned and the people he's putting in office? -- this country is so worried about isis and now you have just put in the christian taliban. that's pretty much all i have to say. one more thing. mentioned -- i was so happy to him say that.
9:42 am
the working class in this country needs to come together. and they need to form unions again. because the corporations are controlling everything. we have laws on the books that say the corporations need to for the people who own the shares in the company. i think we need to make laws to give people raises who make the money for these companies that make the money for the shareholders. it's time for the working class in this country to together and start unionizing. not only unionize our country. start spreading the word across the oceans to these people that they exploit and help them learn how to unionize also. a lot of activity on capitol hill. some of the activity taking place in the hallways of capitol hill. this over a painting hung by a legislator. here's a picture of the painting
9:43 am
that was on the website of npr. it's called untitled number one. it's by david paul this. it was chosen to hang in the capital. this is the painting as it played out. a group of republican lawmakers backed by law enforcement advocates are engaging in public clash for a high school work of art depicting police officers with animal heads. representative william lacy clay held a re-signing ceremony for a painting that have been taken down last friday by his gop colleagues. it's about defending the constitution said representative clay. by the afternoon a duo of removed it from the wall again and carried it back to clay's congressional office.
9:44 am
has been on display in the capitol hallway since june of 2016. resident ofs a clay's congressional district which includes ferguson missouri. read more of that at the npr website. let's hear from gary in west virginia. independent line. you are on. go ahead. in regards to sessions confirmation i anchor definitely needs to be a thorough review of his past in order to protect our democracy through justice and uphold our constitution. with obama's speech we have taken the democratic process for granted and we have jeopardized justice in this country by doing that.
9:45 am
i feel our constitution is in jeopardy when we don't value the democratic process and constitutional rights by taking these things for granted. future concerns for generations that we don't face our societal shortcomings. these things are going to continue to linger on. we are not far removed from the .ifferent challenges in america these things still exist and we have to confront them and eliminate them. host: cheryl lives in hampton, massachusetts. republican line. your next. caller: good morning. i want to say i watched obama's farewell speech last night. it was a nice speech. i did notice you could read and you couldnes still tell he was poking out some racial division. with trump coming in i'm hoping that a lot of this division will
9:46 am
slowly come to an end and morebody can start uniting and not hear so much about that. thank you. adelaide, democrat line. good morning. did you attend last night's speech? caller: i watched it on television. i would have loved to have been there in person. a really goodave speech. i'm a big obama fan. i really admire him and his wife. i just thought the speech was really beautiful. i don't think that obama is trying to divide the country. i think he's trying to unite the country. i think what's really divisive putting up a wall and
9:47 am
registering muslims and things like that. speech reallys interesting to just see on america is growing underhand. i don't know what's going to happen under trump. i'm really kind of scared about it. what do you mean america is growing? the economy is growing. i think there is less racism between people. the whole idea of chicago being like i'verous city lived here 10 years. i've never had anything happened to me. i've never seen a shooting. i'm not saying we don't need to stop shooting. we need peace on our streets.
9:48 am
i don't think you can blame obama for that because that's had when we had jim crow and slavery and things like that. some of the way that would ,ffect somebody psychologically i don't think that has been addressed. i think it would be good to think of how to build up communities rather than just of illinois and everybody in a city like chicago where i find it very peaceful. people from all over the world get along with each other. i think that's amazing. i think that's what president obama wants for the country. for us to all work together. independent line.
9:49 am
hello. i was calling about obama's farewell address. is biggest thing about it that he is the best or greater -- orator since daniel webster. speeches to inflict all things and he didn't speak over anybody's head. anybody who was willing to listen heard a lot of things. he didn't even say all of the things he accomplished. do you not realize that in 2009 -- stock market was at 1400 was going toward 1400. after the crash it went down to 6500. it is now at 19,000. that is one of the biggest
9:50 am
accomplishments anybody has ever made in terms of the stock market. and earlier someone said that he -- obamacare took money from medicare. that's not true. deal where didan that money come from? it came from the fact that over 20 years ago almost 30 years ago we owed iran money from the fact and hadtook their money it under sanction. especially around the time that reagan was selling guns to the contras for iran. then the guns came back -- not the guns. for them and held they got the money back with interest. it just bothers me that everything obama did or tried to
9:51 am
do is being held against him. everything that the republicans are doing now they have already reversed what they were trying to do. even in terms of getting these nominees past. we will leave it there. one of the things you brought up was iran. one of the interests the nominee for secretary of state had was also in iran. this is from a story in usa today saying that he is agile to testify today. includes members of the senate foreign relations committee opposed to deals between u.s. companies and iran. the obama administration and five other world powers. last month tillerson told cnbc his company would consider doing business in iran if the opportunity arose.
9:52 am
a lot of european competitors can't conduct business there. investment opportunities opened up after sanctions were lifted. i also learned a long time ago that sometimes being first is not necessarily best. it is a huge resource owning company. these are statements made last march. they will probably be topics of discussion in that hearing. the ranking member ben cardin of maryland now giving his opening statement. bob corker previously gave his statement. we should expect to hear from mr. tillerson shortly. c-span3 is where you can watch it. while you are watching the let's go to joseph in washington,
9:53 am
north carolina. democrat line. go ahead. caller: good morning. u.s. marined captain. 23 years. i was 15 years day for day. president obama last night mentioned collective-bargaining. the right for unions to represent workers. every time the republicans get , he ranas with reagan on a union platform, a labor platform. the first thing he did was fire 26,000 air traffic controllers. the only thing reagan ever did for unions was to support solidarity in poland. the way the republicans have torn obama down over eight years is ludicrous.
9:54 am
if there's one thing i can say about the aca, no matter what they do to it, no matter how they try to destroy it or rename it, he opened the conversation. that's all i've got to say. host: this is jerry in greensboro, north carolina. republican line. presidency office of should be a uniter, not a divider. in my opinion he has been very divisive over the last eight years. he has not done a lot in my create good relationships. when you have an attorney general appointed by him that goes in and attacks police officers right off the bat. not every police officer is perfect. the florida shooting recently. there were some photos that showed several officers standing over blacks, whites,
9:55 am
males, females, children living on the ground and they were putting themselves in harms way. you have a president that does not support law enforcement. on monday it was law enforcement appreciation day. on tuesday representative clay puts that photograph that you are showing earlier pointing a gun at blacks. at the calls in art and says it's good. i understand the congressman picked those photographs from art contest. that does not represent the country. it shouldn't be what you put forth to the public how we portray officers. you can't take one and say all the rest of them are bad because of that one.
9:56 am
these officers put their life on the line every day and on monday we lost two great heroes. a black officer who lost his thistrying to hunt down guy that shot his pregnant girlfriend. both black and both well-recognized in the community as leaders and heroes. host: ok. that's jerry in greensboro, north carolina. dorothy in arkansas. independent line. i wanted to say about the farewell address, i would like to commend obama for his high character and for his legacy of trying to unite this country and bring the country forward and i'm sorry that we are going to have to say a sexual predator that has groped
9:57 am
women, that's going to be the presidential legacy we are going to get. i'm sorry so many young people are going to suffer. i hope for the future that we can unite and help each other participate in the government and improve the government and not tear it down. rex tillerson now starting with his opening testimony. here's a bit of it. that achieve the stability is foundational to peace in the 21st century, american leadership must be asserted. we have many advantages on which to build. our alliances are durable and our allies are looking for a return to our leadership. harmon and women in uniform are the world's finest fighting possess --e
9:58 am
>> protect my community. checked america. rex tillerson, i reject you. our men and women in uniform are the world's finest fighting force and we possess the world's largest economy. america is still the destination of choice for people the world over because of their tax record of benevolence and hope for our fellow man. america has been indispensable in providing the stability to prevent another world war. host: we can only show you a small portion of that hearing. to see the whole thing happen go to the c-span3 right now. rex tillerson before the senate foreign relations committee. danny from pensacola, florida. democrat line. you are next. caller: good morning and thank god for c-span.
9:59 am
about last night, i really enjoyed the president's farewell speech. to me he has brought a lot to this free world. the man was great. and a graceful first lady. i'm 70 years old. race has been here all the time. it hasn't gone anywhere. it is still here. .e cap blame obama for race we can uphold him for a job well done. also jeff sessions come he's a racist. i can't believe they would get attorney general as a racist. the things he has done. why would you not dismiss yourself from that when you know you are the racist? what's in your heart is in your heart. you can't change it. , we are in danger with
10:00 am
that man. nobody seems to want to find out anything about him. i'm so sad. i thank god for you because you are a good news man and utility like it like it is. i appreciate that. host: that's annie in florida. the house of representatives comes into session. we will take you there. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. january 11, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable charles j. fleischmann to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for


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