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tv   Open Phones on President Obamas Farewell Speech  CSPAN  January 10, 2017 10:21pm-10:51pm EST

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and firsthe president lady depart the stage at one,mick place, boarding to root -- air force one, to
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return to washington, d.c. a couple of tweaks we want to share with you. this is from claire, who said, the academy of class and respect for all americans. this one, from deanna, nothing thature the presidential, is how you give a speech to americans. another said, this is why i watch c-span. in curtiso robert bay, maryland, on the republican line. go ahead. caller: i would just like to say, farewell to president on obama.
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here is a president who will go down in history as one of the have presidents week had. fromivision of races ferguson to washington, the michael brown issue, for not standing up for the police department of this country. i would just like to say, good riddance, and i can't wait to the donald trump in office. host: the headline from "obama sayspost," goodbye to the nation, admits challenges ahead." your thoughts about the address tonight in chicago? caller: he did a good job at the farewell address. terms, obamacare, i
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wish he was here for another term, basically. farewell. god bless his family. host: we will go to remote from anaheim, california. your reaction tonight. caller: thank you for taking my call. i speak as a veteran of the vietnam era, a very loyal american. i am very proud to have seen president obama and joe biden and his administration. i saw a man that thought carefully before he spoke, a conscientious man, who was the president for all the people. unfortunately, we had a senate of obstructive. president obama and mr. joe biden, i wish them the best.
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i think america is much better because they served. we all know what he inherited as he came in, and stood for eight years to try to help each and all of us, regardless of race, color, or creed. thank you very much, mr. president, mr. biden, and family., a look at the president and his southside chicago roots. nytimes.comlable at , and in tomorrow's newspaper. cleveland is joining us from san antonio, texas, republican line. what did you hear tonight? caller: several things, and several realities in the present 'srewell speech -- president
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farewell speech. one thing that intrigued me was guys,iddle class white from the outside seemed to have the effects of- congress sitting on its hand, not giving the president went he after -- what he needed, george bush, who drove the state in.o the situation it was th like i said, i'm a republican, my father is a republican, a vegan from vietnam -- veteran from vietnam. said,back to what obama
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it is really a reality for us all. we are not singularly in this, we're all in this together. for americans, people born here, like one of my friends, when i grew up california, i down the street from him, but as we got older, he removed himself from associating with me. towere educated, went college together, and all of a sudden we were older, and different. that mentality has to change. we have the same school, the same education. we need to stick together. we all have to deal with what we deal with. host: thank you for the call. the presidential library will be housed in chicago, not are from hyde park -- not far from hyde
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park. tosident obama will return chicago as a private is in, and then returned to washington, d.c., not far from where president bill clinton and hillary clinton have a home. he will live in washington until his youngest daughter finishes school, and then will likely move to chicago or new york. next friday morning, january 20, we will take you to the white house and the president-elect is on the by the president west end. then, of course, the pre-and a -- inaugural ran is joining us next on the
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democratic line. caller: has a going -- how is it going? host: fine. it sounds like you have a party there. caller: we are having a good time inc. the sendoff of the seeing the sendoff of the president. we are actually really sad. i don't call myself a republican or democrat, or independent either. the think of, i think we will be in trouble over the next or ur years.for host: this is from marty who said barack obama will be known as a hero, just like martin luther king junior and malcolm
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x. caller: i am inspired by president obama and the first lady. hope and those vibrant, positive aspirations i ipe to see in america and look forward to implementing those in the near future as a proud latina. host: the first color we got, taking your calls. spewing negativity about our presidency. some are still naive to the , onde in the country twitter.
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confirmation of general jeff sessions, the next attorney general. the attorney general hearings before the senate judiciary committee. that will get underway at at 9:30 a.m. it eastern time. the first day of hearings for >> tillerson, secretary of state. we are also covering elaine chao as transportation secretary. all of these on our website at duluth, georgia, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to say farewell to the president and his family. he will definitely be missed. in my family's opinion, going down as one of the best presidents this country has ever had. we are very inspired by him.
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he is given us hope. my 12-year-old told me recently she felt safer with him being country.dent of this the other thing about barack obama is he looked out for the interests of all americans not just a few. it is amazing how america is so divided to the point where we can vote against our own self interests. we have to participate and get out for one look another. hopefully in the next four years that is what we will do. host: is there a line in the speech you will take away from what he said tonight? according to the white house, a speech he largely wrote himself. caller: when he said that we have to participate. that part, it is resonated with me because he is exactly right. goingnot think things are to happen. they just do not happen.
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they happen because we know these things are going out but we have to get ourselves out and get involved. the only way we can make a changes by participating. that resonated with me and my family. going forward, i will get more involved with the process. do so.y civic duty to host: state senator barack obama thrust on the keynote -- on the state when he delivered the keynote speech at the democratic national convention. when john kerry was nominated. that speech as part of our video library. check it out at good evening. caller: good evening. something is the president did when in office i might have agreed with or disagreed with. but, i think the president paths speech this evening was sincere and heartfelt. it was not just for whites, not
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just for blacks, it was for all americans. i am very proud of my president this evening and i wish you nothing but luck. host: was there a message to donald trump in republicans in the speech? caller: well, i just think we chose the right person to succeed our president and i hope he does a very good job as we are all expecting. i think that is all i have to say about it. hopet voted for him and i he does well. host: thank you for the call. another tweet. send us your's tweets at c-span. this one said, america is in for a very bumpy ride for the next four years. tomorrow, on c-span's washington journal we are devoting it to what you think.
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also the day for the confirmation for senator jeff sessions to be the next attorney general. washington journal gets underway every day at 7:00 a.m., for those of you on the west coast be sure to check out our free radio up. -- our free radio app. get more details on the website. independent line, getty. good evening. host: who did you vote for? caller: hillary clinton. host: what to do here tonight and what was your take away? caller: i think he still sounded hopeful for the future and year and i think it is very important we focus on that. fromok some key points certain grassroots movements. the movement for black lives, obviously, was very important to and i think it was also important that he i guess showed
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movement waspy influential and the political movement we have had. to quote him, he specified that the 1% and i just do not think that would have happened without black lives movement and without bernie sanders to kind of thing that about in the past year or so. it isr that i think important for folks on the grassroots movement, especially because of what we are going to be facing soon. it is not just the president that makes business and i think that is crucial. host: the president often delivers the address from the white house but this time he chose to deliver it from his
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adopted city. he will be returning on air force one after 1:00 in the morning eastern time and back in the white house for the next week and a half before departing on january 20. more tweets, this one says, "you will be truly missed. he made this world a better place. i am glad you are my president and wish you could be here another war years." and this one, "a president for all americans whether they appreciate him enough or not. gus -- the best among gus" host: our next caller, who did you vote for? caller: who did you vote for? host: i am asking you. for donaldvoted trump because he ran as an economic president to would unitedobs back to the
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states. he also campaigned hard on the other candidate's lies. my problem is that today he said during his campaign that he would not touch social security, medicare, and medicaid. today the senate voted to not hold him to that. right on c-span. my question is this, and i thought well, you know, we will get this thing turned around. senate has done nothing. you know, they don't vote on nothing. they are wasting our money and they have got a heck of a lot of a retirement plan. i would like to see some term limits for those guys. but that aside, they kept talking about lying. the other ones are lying. i am still counting on president-elect trump to do what he said he will do.
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now hopefully, he does not finish second to barack obama because i do not think barack obama made too many promises other than some of these health care plan where he said you can keep the doctor and that type of thing. going against the grassroots and going against the american people, i do not think barack obama tried to hurt us -- well i guess he did on some of heardepa regulations, he the ones on there. but he did not lie about. you know, he did not say am not going to do that then turn around and do it. on president-elect trump to not touch medicare, medicaid, social security. i hope donald trump does exactly what he said he would do and the republicans who are finally in charge now, i think it does time we should americans and showed the world that we are ready to govern and we're going to do
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what is right for the american people, the middle class, and god bless america. host: please stay on the line for a minute. we sat down with kellyanne conway in new york and we will be airing the full interview later this week, and after the length and tone about the president-elect speech, she said it would be reasonable one that would touch on many campaign themes he ran on in "make america great again." what you hope to hear when he is sworn in next friday? caller: i want to him say he appreciates all of us grassroots middle class. we campaigned hard for him and to get this thing turned around so we get something done without wasting money. i want to hear him say that. said is what he is going to do. and let him do the best he can. i realized there are times he will hit a roadblock.
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he can't do everything he said he was going to do but we have shut up now. let him take advantage of it. like a football game. if you don't want to do a defense run, or offense run, we are -- the: ok, thank you for call. from far more a, ohio. a tweets as "president obama did a great job instilling love and hope in many. he will be missed by many." and brighton, tennessee. what did you hear tonight? caller: president obama has always been very inspirational giving speeches and tonight was no different. he has been a great beacon of hope for many people everywhere. i appreciate him for keeping it classy no matter what was thrown at him and being a great role model. line, robertcan
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from taylorsville, kentucky. go ahead. caller: take you for taking my call. i always thought obama's greatest asset was his speeches. he gives great speeches. the problem is they are not always truthful. i can probably tear his speech apart from the beginning of the first minute until the end but i am just going to touch on his u.s.nts about the constitution, ok? he upheld the constitution and how much it is a great document and all but he did nothing in the office except right executive orders bypassing congress. i don't know how many times the second amendment, his attorney general appointment criticized and threatened that if anybody says anything against muslims after the san bernardino attacks that she would prosecute them. on freedom ofack
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speech. the political right, and said everybody makes, or tries to freedom was preventing of speech. there has been a lot of biased information about that. i want everybody to know that president obama does give excellent speech but he tells the people what he wants the people to hear at the time and at this time he wants people to believe he was a great president. he did nothing to bring jobs back to the united states. they started coming back after donald trump started saying he was going to put taxes on companies to leave the united states and tried to sell their products back. import taxes extremely high and that is why some companies decided to cancel their expansion plans. expand their company's
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initiative. host: robert, thank you for the call. line, on the democrats cleveland, ohio. hello. caller: hello. i just want to say that he was a wonderful president. he did a lot for this country. which the other side will not give him credit at all. he helped a lot of americans. plenty of them. he helped me. he helped a lot of americans that otherwise there is no telling where they would be. republicans, i don't have many things against trump because he had to take away the attitude but from what i am hearing, i am a little thisul simply because of stuff he did when he was running for office about women and blacks and mexicans. you know, i don't think he has
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the temperament to be resident but i guess we will wait and see because we do not have any choice. as far as obama is concerned, he was a great president. he was not perfect. who is? but he did a lot and he brought jobs to the country but when he started, we were at the worst point we had been since the depression. he turned that around. like him bute to at least give him credit for what he did for the country. and now, you know, we are starting over and we do not know where we stand. we just have no idea where we stand. host: thank you for the call from cleveland, ohio. another tweet from of you are saying, "farewell, obama. i wish you could survey third term."
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either way, donald trump will be holding a news conference, we will stream and live. an incredible amount of events happening. the hearings today with senator jeff sessions. we will continue tomorrow and into the week. the best sources our website, air thealso hold the -- bearings on c-span2 in c-span3. you can also check out our archives at anytime. tomorrow morning we will continue with your calls and comments. your reaction to the farewell speech tonight and day one of the jeff sessions information hearings all here on c-span and thank you for being here with us tonight. announcer: c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's
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cable television companies and is brought you today by your provider.atellite >> confirmation hearings for the upcoming presidential cabinet kicked off today on capitol hill. worst off, alabama senator jeff sessions who has been selected to become the next attorney general. his colleagues questioned him including questions on u.s. muslim -- muslim immigration to the u.s.. repeatedlyident has -- the president-elect has will place aid he ban on muslims coming into the united states. expressing the sentiment of the senate, the united states must bar individuals from coming into the united states based on their religions. all democrats and most republicans, including the chairman, were in support of my resolution. do you agree with the president-elect that the united
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states can or should deny entry to members of a particular religion, based on their religion? do you believe, and you agree with the president-elect that the united states can or should deny entry to all members of a particular religion? crack senator leahy, believe the resident-elect made clear -- >> senator leahy, i believe the president-elect made it clear he believes that immigrants coming from a country that has a history of terrorism, he has strong vettingis from people of those countries before they are admitted to the united states. >> then why did you vote against resolution? in thatason was it said
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you could not consider a person's religious views, sometimes, not in the majority, but many people have religious views that are in opposition to the united states. i did not want to have a resolution that suggested that cannot be a factor in the vetting process before someone is admitted. i have no believe and do not support the idea that muslims as a religious groups should be denied admission to the united states. citizensreat muslim that have contributed and 70 different ways to america. as i said in my remarks, we discussed it in committee. great believers and religious radome and the right of people to exercise their religious believes. announcer: you can watch state to of senator session's hearing tomorrow on c-span2. also on capitol hill tomorrow,
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secretary of state nominee rex tillerson appears before the foreign relations committee. online at and on the free c-span radio app. today's busy day on capitol hill, drama unfolded the underground, this time over a controversial painting in a tunnel that connects house office builds. it depicts a police officer as a paid. it was painted by a teenager in missouri who won a congressional art contest. the paintings were displayed in the capital tunnels. some spent the day removing the painting, each time to have missouri congressman, lacy clay, who represents the teenagers district, put it back up. today the painting has been taken down the end we hung at least three times. outgoing director of national intelligence james clapper was joined today by the heads of the fbi, cia, and the


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