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tv   Vice President-elect Pence Promises Orderly Transition to Market- Based...  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 2:11pm-2:36pm EST

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he has encouraged us to fight, which we have made it clear we would do anyway. that's that same day, vice president-elect mike pence met with republicans on capitol hill to talk about their plan to repeal and replace the afford will care act. afterwards, we heard from republican leaders held a news conference with the new vice president-elect. >> i want to welcome you all to the start of the 115th congress. i would like to thank the american people for entrusting us and we have taken it to heart and responsibility.
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someone who has been here may times before in this service, i want to congratulate the trump-pence team. had the courage to listen and now have the courage to lead america. we're going to start with that courage. what hasatched happened to jobs across this country, the regulation that has been impounded for the last eight years. you will see this week that we will ring up the reins act. many of you know about that legislation. it simply says give the people a voice when it comes to regulation in america. it only deals with those bills of regulations that get imposed upon that cost more than $100 million. you think there would have been a few of those. presented82 of those every single year of this
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administration. we have to get that burden off. so no new major rulings will be imposed without a vote of the house and senate where the people have a voice. we will also be dealing with obamacare. many of you who know what these failed policies have done to america. look at those families that have employer-based insurance, there premiums have increased by $4300. of the 23 co-op that were created, 18 of them have already failed. but what is most concerning to so many, more than 1022 counties across america, that is more than one third only have one choice inside the exchanges. everything president obama has promised about health care, we are so thankful we have a new administration coming that had the wisdom to listen and the courage to lead.
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>> good morning, everybody. it was an exciting day yesterday to see all the new members get sworn in and see this new majority excited about getting to work for the american people. there's a lot we want to do and a lot we are going to do, working with our new president and vice president. it is great to welcome our friend and former colleague, mike pence, back not as a member of congress but as the soon-to-be vice president of the united states and a great partner in working to get our country back on track. there's a lot we are going to do but you know there is someone else who will be here at the capitol today and that is barack obama. i think when the president comes back here today, maybe for the last time as president, it is important to remember the first time barack obama came here as president. he came here and made very specific problem -- very specific promises and said if you like what you have, you can
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keep it. how did that work out? today, millions of americans lost the good health care plans they law -- they liked and expected to keep and are not able to because of the broken promises of this law. barack obama came to the n set of this bill passes, elf insurance costs will drop dramatically. instead, what have we seen? the reverse. dramatic increases in health care costs. in my state of louisiana, 20% increases in higher costs for health care because of those broken promises of this law. i hope he comes to apologize, but i don't think that's the case. i think there will be more concerned about preserving his legacy than fulfilling those promises. the good news is we are here to fill those promises to the american people. we told the american people if you give us this great opportunity that we will work hard every day not just to
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repeal obama care but replace it with reforms that puts patients back in charge of their health care decisions and increasing access to health care and bringing doctors back into the practice of medicine who are doing out of the practice because they don't want unelected bureaucrats in washington telling them how to deliver the health care they were trained to provide. it is an exciting time for the country and we are excited about restoring those promises and getting our economy back on track to make america great again. , everyone.w year i'm excited by the new year and the opportunity that it brings. it is a moment we have been given by the people, a moment to think big and reimagine the federal government and put people back at the center of it. just down the road is the washington monument. right now, it is closed to
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visitors. think about individuals that travel all over the country from eastern washington, a long trip, maybe a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the washington monument, yet they will be met with a closed sign because the federal government is going to take more than two years to fix an elevator. example peoplee are dealing with. these kinds of roadblocks every day at the v.a., the doctors office, when they are just trying to do the right thing, provide for their families, get a job, this is how the government has come to operate. decidingy at the top for everybody. that's why it is our responsibility as the people's voice and people's representative in their government to protect the constitution and the balance of power, representative government, the rule of law, equal opportunity for all is protected in the house by the people and for the people.
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i want to thank vice president-elect mike pence for joining us today. it is so exciting for us as we start this unified republican government in 2017 and all it has in store for the people of this country to create opportunities for everyone. >> happy new year, everybody. throughout this transition, we have been working hand-in-hand with the vice president-elect with one goal in mind -- that is to make sure president-elect trump can hit the ground running when he takes office on the 20th. we are getting right down to business. toare starting on our work get relief to americans struggling under obamacare. we must remember this law has failed. americans are struggling. the law is failing way -- while we speak. law, we needl this to make sure there is a stable transition to a truly
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patient-centered system. we want every american to have access to quality affordable health care coverage. all the things obama has -- obamacare has kept from the american people, we want to put them back in their hands. we know things are only getting worse under obamacare. this is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop it. it's about families paying deductibles that are so high that it doesn't even feel like you have health insurance in the first place. in so many parts of the country, even if you want to look for better coverage, you're stuck with one option. it's not an option, it's a monopoly. the health care system has been ruined and dismantled under obamacare. theanswer is not to ignore problem. the answer is not to ignore the problem, the answer is bold action, solve problems, bring relief to americans. we will help americans crying
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out for relief from obamacare and we will keep our promise to the people. we will be working with the new administration every step of the way, even before day one. with that, i want to hand it over to somebody we know very well because he has served your with us. we are so pleased about this new working relationship with our new vice president-elect, mike pence. [applause] mr. pence: thank you, mr. speaker, thank you to the speaker and the leadership and warm welcome today. i will be meeting later today with members of the senate at their weekly luncheon. , our message is very simple.
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on behalf of the president-elect and all of our leadership, we are 16 days away from the end of business as usual in washington, d c. our message is very simple. working with the leadership and house and senate, we are going to be in the promise keeping business. campaignednt-elect all across this country. he gave voice to the frustrations and aspirations of the american people and laid out an agenda to make america great again. my message on his behalf today before this congress and members of the senate is we intend to keep his promises. that begins with assembling a government and the energetic effort to build a cabinet that will be able to implement that agenda. it will literally begin on day one. before the end of the day, we anticipate the president-elect will be in the oval office
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taking action to repeal executive orders and set into motion executive action, promises that were made on the campaign trail. working with the congress, we will have the classic three-part agenda the president-elect talked about so often on the campaign trail -- jobs, jobs, jobs. work with the congress, you heard about the efforts this week to roll back onerous regulations that have been stifling growth in the american economy and stifling jobs and opportunities, we are going to be working with the congress over the course of the next several months to construct the kind of tax reform that will unleash the bound up energy in the american economy. to end keep our promises illegal immigration, build a wall, we will invest in rebuilding our military as our
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commander-in-chief marshals strategies with our military commanders to hunt down and destroy isis. but, the first order of business is repeal and replace obamacare. was our message today and will be our message on capitol hill. it needs to be done, not just as a promise kept, but because in the course of this election, the andican people had a choice what appeared to many as against all odds, off and times with overwhelming opposition, our president-elect took his case to the american people to repeal and replace obamacare and the american people voted decisively for a better future for health care in this country and we are determined to give them that. 2010 inre in march of another capacity when obamacare was signed into law. i remember all of those
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promises. we were told if you like your doctor, you can keep it. not true. we were told if you like your health insurance, you could keep it. not true. we were told the cost of health insurance was going to go down. not true. this year are increasing by an average of 25% in some states. in arizona, premiums went up 116%. 63 percent in tennessee. 40% in north carolina. obamacare has worked a hardship on american families and businesses. a very simple conclusion, the american people have sent new leadership here because obamacare has failed and has been rejected by the american people. now it is time for us to keep our promises. step one is to repeal obamacare. but as the president-elect said today and i admonished members of the house conference today
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that we have to remind the mayor can people what they already know about obamacare. the promises that they made were all broken and i expect you will see an effort in the days ahead to talk about the facts about obamacare. second is to begin the orderly transition to something better. , the commitment the president-elect made was to repeal and replace obamacare. as he said this morning in a tweet, it's important we be careful as we do that, that we do it in a way that does not work a hardship on american families who have gained insurance through this program, doesn't work a hardship on our economy. we are working on a strategy in concert with the house and senate for both a legislative to executive action agenda
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ensure an orderly and smooth transition to a market-based health care reform system is achieved. the speaker of the house used the word stable and we will do that. in his famous speech in philadelphia, the president-elect spoke about an orderly transition and it will be that. but make no mistake, we are going to keep our promise to the we will people and repeal obamacare and replace it with solutions that lower the cost of health insurance without drawing the size of government. there are a broad range of ideas about how to do this and republicans have been offering those ideas again and again, literally every year since obamacare was first signed into law. we will be working with dr. hise before and after confirmation as he steps into the role at hhs, working to bring forward those solutions and take the case for those solutions to the american people.
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that thing said, i could not be more humbled and excited to be back at the capital today. i was encouraged by the president-elect to come here to capitol hill for the first full day of work for the american congress because it's time to get back to work and while others are visiting the capital talking about defending the failed policies of the past, we are here today speaking to republican majorities in the house and senate to advance policies that will make america great again and have a more prosperous future for all the people of this nation. >> mr. vice president? for vice president-elect tense. today, the speaker called julian assange a sycophant for russia who steals
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data and compromises national security. in --esident-elect trump cites him as a source. who are you with, the speaker or the president-elect question mark mr. pence: vice president-elect and i will have a briefing this coming friday and we will be listening in. president-elect has expressed his very sincere and healthy american skepticism about intelligence conclusions and we will sit down later this week. the president elect and i have been receiving regular and wegence briefings will be looking at the facts and the information. i've been given some of the intelligence failures of recent years and the president-elect has made it clear that he is skeptical about conclusions from
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the bureaucracy and i think the american people hear him loud and clear. mr. speaker, the president-elect's warning you to be careful. is there a danger? why move forward with a repeal when you don't have a clear plan to replace it? we are trying to emphasize that so much damage has been done to the country. obamacare is a story of broken promise after broken promise followed by failing program, higher premiums and hired a ductile we want to make sure as we give relief to people that we do it in a transition that does not pull the rug out from anybody. that is the point we are trying to make. this law has failed. no one hasg worse, choices. we have to fix it by replacing it with something better and we want to make sure we don't hold a rug out from anybody.
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replace?ill no plan to speaker ryan: we have plenty of plans to replace it. you will see how we get better choices with lower prices by not having the cost overrun takeover which is causing all these problems in the first place. we are talking about a transition that going to happen relatively quickly if he is going to take action the first day. is it possible you will extend some of these provisions i think people want to know what this will look like and not only us in the room but people across the country. >> want to be very clear. i would commend you and anyone i wasooking on, commending you to do something.
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good to be back. [laughter] it really is. [laughter] i would commend all of your attention to the president-elect's speech in philadelphia during the waning weeks of the campaign where he laid out plan to repeal and replace obamacare. he laid out the principles of harnessing the power of health savings accounts. allowing americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. his commitment was very clear in that, that we will insist upon and implement working with the congress, but also using executive authority, to ensure that that is an orderly transition. we're working right now. the white house staff is. on a series of executive orders that will enable that orderly transition to take place, even as the congress appropriately debates alternatives to and replacement of obamacare. reporter: some of these provisions might stay in place until there's a new full plan? speaker ryan: we've been saying
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all along, we don't want to pull the rug out from people while we're replacing this law. the point is, in 2017, we don't want people to be caught with nothing. we want to make sure that there's an orderly transition to so that the rug is not pulled out from under the families who are currently struggling under obamacare while we bring relief. reporter: on the a.c.a. repeal and replace, can you give detail on the executive actions that are planned and how does that square with the complex budgetary process that's also involved? speaker ryan: they're hand in glove. we're working on the legislative process right now. as you know, the senate's going to be acting first next week. then the congress will follow. which gives us the budget resolution we need to bring the legislation through, while the administration works on the
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executive orders that they're talking about to deliver the kind of transition relief that we've been talking about. the problem is, just remember, obamacare has failed, families are hurting, they broke the health care system. it's a string of broken promises. so we're going to make sure that we have an orderly transition to a better system so we can get back to what we all want, which is lower-cost health care, more choices, so families can get better health care with more choices, more competition and not a costly government takeover that has bankrupt this health care system and left families struggling. vice president-elect pence: if i can respond to that, i'd be happy to. we're working out right now with the white house staff and in concert with legislative leadership, a two-track approach to ensuring that it is an orderly transition as the president-elect has directed. you read his tweet this morning. he's admonished the congress to be careful and i reiterated that before the republican conference today. look, we're talking about people's lives. we're talking about families. we are also talking about a policy that has been a failure virtually since its inception.
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we intend to, over the course of the coming days and weeks, to be speaking directly to the american people about that failure, but about a better future we can have in health care. a future that is built not only growing government, not on mandates, not on taxes, but rather a future that's built on giving the american people more choices in health care, allowing the power of the free marketplace to flow in. but, the transition to that we will work out in a way that reflects the compassion of the president-elect and the compassion of every member of congress to see to it that we do
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that in a way that serves the best interests of the american people. look, i think what's clear here is the american people have spoken. they want to see us repeal and replace obamacare. -- >> after the vote, several senators spoke from the senate floor. >> today, we have a new congress.


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