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tv   Armed Forces Bid Farewell to President Obama  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 10:04pm-11:18pm EST

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. not only one that knows how to fight, but one that knows how to lawld the values of rule of and professionalism and and recognizes our constitutional structure and maintains strict adherence and authorityr civilian and democratic practices in determining how we use the awesome force of the american military. so i just want to say thank you to all of you and with that, we've got to do some work. all right? thank you so much. later in the day, president obama was honored by leaders of the armed forces forces and a presidential farewell ceremony at joint ace meyer henderson home in arlington, virginia. this is about one hour.
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>> once again, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to henderson hall and today's farewell tribute honoring barack obama, the 44th president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the arrival of the official party and remain standing as honors are rendered. taking a position on the theewing stand are honorable ashton b carter, secretary, accompanied by the chairman joint chiefs of staff.
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[band playing] ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. [band playing] >> present arms!
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. presidential march]
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[cannonade] >> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.
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-drum corps, under the direction of timothy houlton. marching platoon from the army's third united states infantry regiment, the old guard. the united states marine honor guard from purex -- barracks washington, d.c.. one of the most important elements of a literary unit. at the center of our formation is an armed forces color guard bearing the national colors and the service flags of the army,
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burning core, maybe, air force and coast guard. an element of the united states from washington, d.c.. the next element online is comprised of members from the united states air force honor guard from joint aced anacostia bowling. following, honor guard from coast guard station, alexandria. to the rear of the formation are the 56 state and territorial flags of the united states. [applause]
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[military band playing]
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[playing "yankee doodle"] >> [drill instructions]
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ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the advancing of the colors and remain standing for the united states national anthem. >> [drill instructions] [military band playing]
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>> present arms! ["the national anthem"]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. [drill instructions]
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>> the department of defense medal of distinguished services presented to barack obama, who had -- has distinguished himself a leader of the fighting force tillom january 2009 january 20, 2017. president obama kept our nation safe, let a strategic transition pursued newtrategy, partnerships and laid the foundation for a force of the future that will continue to win wars.tion president obama countered decisively the most immediately
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threat to our national security, terrorism. he directed the operation to kill osama bin laden, decimated al qaeda's terrorist network on the path to a lasting defeat and developed counterterrorism platforms from south asia to north africa. he did so relentlessly, effectively, with increased transparency and in strict accordance with our values. simultaneously, president obama achieved verifiable nuclear disarmament to iran, the greatest threat to security in the middle east. and my countering proliferation bolstered our nuclear deterrent at home. president obama also directed a transition in our defense strategy. he implemented a rigorous intellectual policy and legal framework to guide the most solemn decisions that a commander-in-chief makes to deploy and employ our men and women in uniform. he did played strategic
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to deploy our military at sea, with missile defenses and in space and cyber domains, including by establishing the u.s. cyber command. in so doing, he led the transformation of the united states military from over a decade of counterinsurgency into a full spectrum fighting force. -- the mostly, he consequential region for america's future. president obama also recognized security in the world can't be america's responsibility a loan. he strengthened our alliances and pursued new partnerships. in europe, he led nato to its commitment in afghanistan and counter -- president obama bolstered our military presence in europe and reestablishing of deterrence against russian aggression. in asia, he modernized our
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alliances with japan and korea. strengthened this cornerstone of security in east asia and securing threats from north korea. he increased east, israel's qualitative military edge. in an ever-changing world, president obama recognized america's relationships must also change. he directed the advancement of new strategic partnerships, including the unprecedented deepening of the strategically consequential united states-india partnership. in all of this, president obama recognized the source of america's greatest strength, including military, is its people. ensure the united states military stays the best, he understood we must continue to attract, recruit, retain, develop and transition the best talents our nation has to offer. his repealing of the don't ask and extendingicy
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the positions to women will ensure that. he championed advanced research and innovative print -- programs for wounded warriors and their families. he led efforts to better make the transition to civilian life. these and other accomplishments of president obama reflect great credit upon himself, the department of defense and the united states of america. [applause]
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>> [drill instructions] ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the closing of the colors. [military band playing]
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>> [drill instructions]
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mc: ladies and gentlemen, general dunford. >> mr. president, vice president biden, secretary carter, distinguished guests. winky once again for joining us as we pay tribute to our commander-in-chief and the obama
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family. i have the distinct honor today of representing your soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard men. as you know most, those men and women are busy. thousands are deployed across thefamily. i globe, deterring potential adversaries. they are taking the fight to the islamic state, al qaeda and other extremist organizations. defending us from threats in space and cyberspace. throughout your time in office, we have pop in urdu a -- heard you express your appreciation for their sacrifice. but this afternoon, i want to express our appreciation for your leadership and on your service as our commander-in-chief for the past eight years. mr. president, we have been war -- at war throughout your tenure , longer than any other american president. throughout those years, you have always been there for us. you were in the situation room where i witnessed your thoughtful deliberations when
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ordering our young men and women in harm's way. wherever it was deployed, making sure our men and women had the support necessary to get the job done. you were there on holidays, meeting with troops to simply say thanks. you were there when wounded warriors returned home to heal. your constant visits were without fanfare or ceremony, but always marked with heartfelt words, hugs for moms and more lunges andnot, a few push-ups alongside those who were trying to recover. finally, mr. president, you were there at dover air force base to receive thremains of the fallen. you were there to visit them. shared go on, but let me a few sentiments from the men and women you have touched as a leader. lieutenant colonel will phillips sent this message. and first lady, thank you for your tireless dedication to our nation.
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set annt obama, you have example for us all as a statesman, a father and a husband. dennis, currently deployed to iraq, told me how much he appreciated your call on christmas day to say thanks for his sacrifice and service. we met within a few hours after your call and he was still pretty pumped up after the call. after your phone call that morning, a visit from the chairman joint chiefs and his senior enlisted leader didn't carry much weight. 1 may -- [laughter] said, when inford first met the president, i was just regaining the ability to walk. i had days that were tough and days of doubt. but shaking hands with president obama and having a conversation with him is something that will stick me forever. given the responsibilities he shoulders, president obama's thoughtfulness and, -- were inspiring.
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your support for educational benefits as a senator and is a president has meant to his family. if it wasn't for the post-9/11 advocacy bill, i wife and i could not have afforded to send our child to college. while i wish he was going into the army, he figured out -- while i wish he was going in the army, i am incredibly proud he will be the first military officer in my family's history. another commented on the impact of your support to military spouses. like most public school teachers, my mom -- wife doesn't earn that much, but she loves being a teacher. because of the residency relief act that president obama signed into law, my family saves thousands of dollars a year that would otherwise have to pay, just because he has -- she has chosen to move with me across state lines from duty station to duty station.
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alsoin alex lowell is apparently a big fan. he said, i am glad to have started my service under such a charismatic and cool commander-in-chief who can also play ball and sing a mean al green. [laughter] i have not had the opportunity situationt in the room, i will take the captains work for it. servicemenf these and women, we recognize and appreciate your service, your sacrifice, your commitment to the force and your leadership. serve, military families so has the obama family. biden'sma and mrs.
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creation of "joining forces" has created a lasting impact, significantly expanded education opportunities. advicecreation of "joining fors created a lasting, making careers more transportable for spouses to move every few years. in fact, the entire obama family has served and it would be impossible to sum up the contributions this afternoon, so in closing i will simply say, thanks for sharing your mom and dad with us and the nation. thanks for representing our nation with such class. mr. president, thank you for aing a come pet -- commander-in-chief we have been privileged to follow. thank you for your confidence in the senior leaders who have had the privilege to serve on your watch. it is my privilege to introduce another individual who has made a lasting impact on our joint, someone we have been proud to call our secretary of defense, the honorable ashton carter.
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[applause] >> thank you, chairman dunford, for that tribute to the president and the first lady costs amendment to our troops and our families. mr. president, mr. vice president, the department a defense leadership, ladies and gentlemen, welcome. as the department honors our commander-in-chief of eight critical years, for one final time. this afternoon, i would like to do so by speaking of those aspects of his service and commitment to our national defense that have been so --iking, and that we built
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that will be so memorable. each one, a constant throughout his tenure as our president. his focused strategic leadership, his steps to strengthen our force in its people and its capabilities, and his decision-making. obamah it all, president has led our military with an appreciation that america's defense is so vital that we tomb ensure itssted must continuity and excellence across the years, and across the notins of our conflict, just air, land, and see, but also space and cyberspace. across parties and government agencies, from strategic era to strategic era, from administration to presidential administration. he has done so not only for the last eight years, but even today, as we prepare for a new administration, we are following the president's leadership in ensuring a smooth and orderly
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transition. our military is a global force. president obama has steadfastly and strategically lead it in every region to ensure the men and women of the strongest and most principled fighting force in history effectively defend our country, editor our adversaries, bolster our alliances, and make a better world for our children. in the asia-pacific, president obama has sustained a comprehensive rebalance of military power in the region, the single most consequential one for america's future. are repositioning 60% of naval forces and overseas air assets, including some of our most advanced new systems. we are strengthening and modernizing key alliances and partnerships with japan, south korea, india, vietnam, australia, and many others. europe, following russia's
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illegal annexation of crimea and use of hybrid warfare techniques, president obama has stood strong with our nato allies and lead a united response to deter russian enhancing u.s. presence and implementing a new playbook so nato can adapt against 21st century threats. in the middle east, president obama secured an accord that is verifiably preventing iran from nuclear weapon, removing a key source of danger in the region. as we continue to counter iran's other destabilizing activities, he has also strengthened defense our keyships with all regional partners. for example, providing our ally securityprecedented and advanced capabilities across domains. i -- around the world, in the face of threats from al qaeda to
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al-shabab to isil, president obama has led the most robust and sustained counterterrorism fight in american history. campaign, theil president supported the development and acceleration of the coalition military campaign plan. the factn destroying and the idea of an islamic state based on this evil ideology in iraq and syria. countering the isil cancer pass theytases everywhere emerged, and protecting our homeland and our people. in addition it -- he has taken action to make sure afghanistan does not the become a safe haven for terrorists. ofhas directed eight years strikes on al qaeda to devastate that terrorist organization, before and after bringing osama bin laden to justice.
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he has built a counterterrorism supportedthat has countless plots against our homeland, and he did all of this consistent with our values, because our president knows, as he put it, we lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals we fight to defend. we are stronger in our people and capabilities, to meet those ambitious but necessary commitments. indeed, our president knows very well that the single factor above all others that makes the u.s. military the finest is its people. some represented here today. far more come out in the world. has been obama dedicated to improving the quality of life of our force, making sure servicemembers get itt they need, not only when comes to training and equipment
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but also important benefits critical to recruitment and retention, like maternity and paternity leave. he helped keep sacred the commitment to wounded warriors, the families of the fallen, the military families, and the veterans. he has made sure our people are treated with dignity and honor the fitting the profession of efforts tosupporting rid the ranks of sexual assault to improving the suicide prevention efforts. he has helped ensure the long-term viability of what is, after all, and all-volunteer force, recruited in comparatively small numbers from the entire american population, recognizing that we have to compete for top talent. to have the best, we must select the best, solely on their qualifications to meet our high standards, not race, gender, identity, or sexual orientation, rather focusing only on whether
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someone can meet our standards. veteransso supported and their transition to whatever is next for them in life, whether finding a job or starting a business. i know how much that matters, because i am old enough to remember the shameful time when our veterans were treated differently. , it isur people america's capabilities that make the military edge second to none. president obama has sharpened that, as well. he always asked, are we looking around the corner? ensure that we anticipate the changing nature of warfare and future threats, and stay ahead of the men take advantage of new technology. d.o.t. return to full spectrum capability in the army and marine corps. many years of skillful but all absorbing focus on large contingent counterinsurgency deployments. lethalitye size and
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of our navy and drove forward production of new fighters, bombers, and tankers in our air force. we increased funding for spacelogy in r&d, notably and cyber electronic warfare. all of this, amidst persistent budget turbulence and uncertainty. even as president obama has worked towards a world without nuclear weapons, he insured the united states maintains a secure and effective nuclear deterrent for as long as these weapons exist. from thefinally, vantage of someone who has worked through 11 defense secretary's over 35 years, under democratic and republican presidents, helping secretary -- being secretary myself, i will offer perspective on the nature and the quality of president obama's leadership and decision-making as our commander-in-chief.
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appreciated by those who have had to sign the plan -- deployment over -- orders, who have been to walter reed and know these decisions have consequences. most americans don't get to see how president obama makes decisions about our national security, so let me give you a window into what it is like when we meet in the situation room or the oval office. to begin with, he is steady, deliberate, rigorous, and demanding of himself and of us. always reflecting the seriousness,with the way he approaches the grave responsibilities of the presidency. he makes us think through the consequences of a proposed course of action as thoroughly as that can be foreseen. first andfocuses fixedly on our northstar, america's national interests.
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, and i havegrateful always gotten a full hearing on my views and recommendations. in my observation, chairman dunford always did, as well. president obama valued not only my advice and his other advisers, but also candid professional military advice. he was always willing to listen to what we had to say, even if i knew it wasn't something he wanted to hear. knows it isama also not only whether the decisions made are good that matters, but also whether they are implemented with excellence. thatis a management style is rare among policymakers in washington. whether it was a accelerating the counter-isil campaign, stopping the spread of ebola, and rebalancing the asia-pacific, president obama insisted on getting the job done right to the end. to ask harditates
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questions and keep asking until there is an answer. making sure that all of our , airmen, and marines had what they needed to do their job. as you heard from chairman dunford, that kind of commitment means a lot to our troops. asave seen that up close, well. many times, i have visited sir -- service members on bases after the president stopped by, or wounded warriors up -- after he visited. matter how much time has passed, whether he visited the week, the month, or their year before, they remember the genuineness of president obama. they can feel, as only young troops can, the unending concern women inr our men and uniform and their families, and the boundless care with which he makes decisions that put them in
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harms way. years,e course of eight president obama's level of dedication and mastery of his responsibilities has been remarkable. it is difficult for anyone to imagine that whole of never being able to unplug from their duties. long.e stakes, for that all the while, being a gracious and inspiring example, and all the while helping to raise two doctors -- two daughters. -- toimpossible to man think of a man caring more. andpresident, for this more, i have been proud to serve as your secretary of defense. for me and the entire defense department, thank you in full measure for your leadership, your support, and your devotion to our country and its defense. may you begin to feel the great weight shift from your shoulders. may you feel the warm wind of
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the nation's gratitude at your back. may god bless you and your family, and may god continue to bless the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen -- [applause] >> the president of the united states, president barack obama. [applause] president obama: thank you so much. thank you. thank you. please, be seated. good afternoon. it's easier when you're talking about somebody else. in moments like this, i think of all the times that i have stood before our men and women in commissioning our
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newest officers, presiding over promotions, presenting the commander in chief's trophy to the best football team in the military, i will let you argue over that one. i have never taken sides. carter, i could not be more grateful for your gracious words, but more importantly, for your outstanding leadership. across, as you noted, more than three decades, and nearly all of my presidency. you have always given me your best strategic counsel, you have made sure we were investing in innovation for the long-term, and a strong force for the future. is one ofcist, ash the few people who understand
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how our defense systems work, and i know that our troops and their families are immensely grateful for the compassion you and stephanie have shown them over the years. to you and your family, on behalf of all of us, thank you for your outstanding service. [applause] general dunford, we relied on you as commander of the marine as our commander in afghanistan and now, as our nation's highest ranking military officer. i think you -- i think you and for there joint chiefs unvarnished military advice you have always provided to me, for your dedication, for your professionalism, for your integrity. because of you, because of this team, our armed forces are more
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integrated and better prepared across domains. a truly joint force, which is why, as a white sox fan, i can overlook the fact that you love the red sox. moreover, on a personal note, outside of your professional qualities, you are a good man. i am grateful to have worked thankou, and i think -- i ellen for allowing you to do this. [applause] president obama: to members of congress, vice president biden, who along with jill, has known the love, the pride, and the sacrifice of a military family, to decorate -- deputy secretary work, service secretaries,
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distinguished guests, dedicated civilians from across the defense department, my national security team, most of all, our men and women in uniform. i thankyou for this -- you for the warmth respect you have shown me, the support you have shown michelle and our doctors through these past many years. -- and our daughters through these past few years. the formalities require me to inten to praise directed large part to me, but i want to turn the tables. im still commander in chief. i get to do what i want to do, and i want to thank you. thisl the privileges of office, i will miss air force one, i will miss marine one, but
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i can stand before you and tell you that there has been no greater privilege and honor than serving as commander in chief of the greatest military in the history of the world. [applause] president obama: i noted that insidents, and those of you uniform, swear a similar oath, to protect and defend this constitutionhe that we cherish. by stepping forward in raising your by right hand and taking that hosts each of you, committed yourself to a life of service and sacrifice. i come in turn, made a promise which to the best of my
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abilities i have tried to uphold every single day since. send you intonly harm's when it was absolutely with a strategy and well-defined goals, with the equipment and support you needed to get the job done. that is what you rightfully expect and that is what you rightfully deserve. i made that pledge at a time when less than 1% of americans wore the uniform. fewer americans know someone who serves. as a result, a lot of americans don't see the sacrifices you make on our behalf. but as commander-in-chief, i do. i have seen it when i look in the eyes of young cadets, knowing that my decisions could very well send them into harms way. i've seen it when i visited the baghdad, faram, in
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from your families, risking your lives so that we can live hours safely and in freedom. you have inspired me and i have been humbled by you consistently. i want every american to know after know, through year year after year of continuous military operations, you have earned your place among the greatest generations. accomplishments that ash mentioned, they are because of you. that is what i tell my staff, i am the front man. you are the ones doing the work. because of you, our alliances are stronger, from europe to the asia-pacific. because of you, we surged in
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afghanistan, trained afghan forces to defend their country while bringing most of our troops home. today, our forces serve there on more limited missions because we must never again allow afghanistan to be used as a safe haven in attacks against our nation. it is because of you, particularly our remarkable special forces, that the core al qaeda leadership has been decimated. countless terrorist leaders, including osama bin laden, argonne. gone. we have forged partnerships to go after terrorists that threaten mass. -- theleading the goal global coalition against isil. the terrorists have lost their
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leaders, towns and cities are being leadership -- liberated, and i have no doubt this barbaric group will be destroyed because of you. that when itn comes to fighting terrorism, we can be strong and we can be forcesnot by letting our it dragged into sectarian conflicts and civil wars, but with smart, sustainable, principled partnerships. that is how we brought most of our troops home, nearly 180,000 troops in iraq and afghanistan down to 15,000 today. that is how, as we have suffered righties here at home, from foreigno orlando, no terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years. because of you, the world has reach ofawesome
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american armed forces. in some of the first few weeks of my job, when somali pirates took captain phillips, and later, when they kidnapped jessica buchanan, it was you that went in and you that risked everything, and you that brought these americans home. the world has seen your you deliverthe help in times of crisis, from an earthquake in haiti to this -- to the soon army in japan. in japan.nami think of ebola and the countless lives our armed forces saved in west africa. it was you that set up the , and set the example for the world's
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response. one woman in west africa said, we thank god first and we thank america second for caring about us. .hat is the difference you made you continue to make, in the lives of people around the world. servicenow well, with comes great sacrifice, and after 15 years of war, our wounded warriors bear the scars, both seen and unseen. in my visits to their bedsides and rehab centers, i have been watching a wounded warrior grabbed his walker and pull himself up and through excruciating pain, take a step, then another. or hearing troops how -- describe how they grappled with ptsd. as a military and as a nation, we have to keep supporting our
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resilient and incredibly strong wounded warriors as they learn to walk and run and heal. as they find new ways to keep serving our nation, they need to know that we still need your incredible talents. we have given -- you have given so much to america, and i know you have more to give. then, you have not seen the depths of true love and true patriotism until you have been to dover. when our troops received our fallen heroes on their final journey home, until you have grieved with our gold star family's who have given a piece of their heart to our nation, a son or a daughter, a father or wife., a husband or
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a brother or a sister. one, a patriot. every single one of these american families deserves the everlasting gratitude and support of our entire nation. today, after two major ground wars, our armed forces have wound down, and that is natural and necessary. after reckless budget cuts and sequester, we need to keep improving the readiness and the training and modernizing our forces. let me take this opportunity to come a while i still have it, appeal to our friends in congress who are here. we cannot go back to sequestration. there is a responsible way forward, investing in america's
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strengths, our national security, and our economic investing in the reform and the equipment and support our troops need, including the pay and benefits and quality of life and the education and the jobs that our troops and our veterans, and all of your families, deserve. mistake, even with the challenges of recent years, and there have been challenges, our allies and adversaries alike understand, america's military remains by far the most capable fighting force in the face of the earth. , tested by years of combat, is the best trained and best equipped fighting force on the planet. our navy is the largest and most lethal in the world, on track to surpass 300 ships. our air force, with its precision and reach, is
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unmatched. our marine corps is the worlds only truly expeditionary force. our coast guard is the finest in the world. best becausehe this military has come to welcome the talents of more of our fellow americans. service members can now serve the country they love without hiding who they are. joe biden and i know that women are as least it -- at least as strong as men. we are stronger for it. it is one of the reasons our military stands apart as the most respected institution in our nation by a mile. the american people -- [applause]
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the americanma: people look up to you and your devotion to duty and your integrity and your sense of honor and your commitment to each other. achievementsudest that i have been able to, i think, communicate through the constant partisan hayes -- partisan haze, along with so many others, how special this institution is. and the esteem in which our military is held has held steady and constant and high throughout my presidency. i'm very grateful for that. because you remind us that we are united as one team.
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division, you have shown what it means to pull together. so my days as your commander-in-chief are coming to an end, and as i reflect on the challenges we have faced together, and on those to come, i believe one of the greatest tasks for our armed forces is to retain the high confidence the american people rightly place in you. it is a responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform, but for those who lead you. it is the responsibility of our entire nation, so we are called to remember core principles that we must never hesitate to act when necessary to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war, because sending you into harm's way should be a last, not first, resort.
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thehould be compelled by needs of our security, not our politics. we need to remember that we must not give in to the false illusion of isolationism, because in this dangerous time, oceans alone will not protect us, and the world still speaks and need -- seeks and needs our leadership. we need to remember that our military has to be prepared for the full spread them of threats -- spectrum of threats, conventional and unconventional, century aggression to 21st-century cyber threats. when we do go to war, we have to hold ourselves to high standards and do everything in our power to prevent the loss of innocent life, because that is what we stand for. that is what we should stand for.
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we have to remember that as we of our times,ures we cannot sacrifice our values or our way of life. the rule of law, and openness and tolerance, that defines us as americans, that is our greatest strength and makes as a beacon to the world -- makes us a beacon to the world, we cannot sacrifice the freedoms we are fighting for. finally, in our democracy, the continued strength of all -- our all-volunteer force rests on something else, the strong bond of respect and trust between those in uniform and the citizens you protect and defend. americanswhen too few understand the realities and sacrifices of military service,, at a time when many political , if someave not served
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in the military begin to feel as though somehow, they are apart from the larger society they serve, those bonds can fray. as every generation learns a new, freedom is not free. so, while less than 1% of americans may be fighting our wars, 100% of americans can be behind them, support you and your families. .verybody can do something every business, every profession, every school, every community, every state, to reach out and give back and let you makethat we care, to help the lies of our troops and their families just a little bit easier. everybody can do something. that is why michelle and joe biden are mobilizing americans to honor and support you and your families through joining forces.
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even after we leave the white house, ship -- michelle and i will into new looking for ways to help our federal -- our fellow citizens to be there for you like you have always been there for us. can't say it enough, and we can't show with enough, thank you for your patriotism. thank you for your professionalism. thank you for your character. representing the very best of american spirit. .ur nation endures we live free under the red, white, and blue because of patriots like you. it has been a privilege of a lifetime to serve with you. i have learned much from you. i am a better man having worked with you. i am confident that the united
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states and the armed forces will ofain the greatest force freedom and security the world has ever known. god bless you, and your families, and god bless the united states of america. [applause]
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>> [drill instructions]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the service arm of the united states -- the armed forces of the united states. [band playing] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's farewell tribute in non-arab our commander-in-chief, the 44th president of the united states. please remain at your seat and enjoy the united states army band until the departure of the official party. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> foreign-policy analysts discuss the national security council and the potential for change during the incoming trump administration. that is live at 8:30 a.m. eastern on c-span two.
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on c-span three, a hearing on cyber threats against the united allegedincluding russian hacking during a presidential campaign. watch national intelligence miketor james clyburn and rogers testified before the senate armed services committee. live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> c-span's studentcam video direction competition is underway, and students are busy at work, sharing their experience with us through twitter. it is not too late to enter. our deadline is january 20, 2017. in your documentary, tell us, what is the most urgent issue for the new president and congress to address in 2017? our competition is open to all middle and high school students
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grades 6-12, with $100,000 awarded in cash prizes. the grand prize of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best overall entry, and the remaining money will be awarded and shared between 150 students and 53 teachers. for more information, and contest rules, go to our website, law professor richard epstein and christopher preble the united states should go to war. this is about an hour and a half from new york city. >> thank you. the resolution, the united states should be prepared to use force in defense of friendly nations, even when not subject to the direct threat of war's peer -- of


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