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tv   What Are You Reading with Senator Marsha Blackburn  CSPAN  November 11, 2019 7:51am-8:01am EST

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freedom and equality, and yet we're oppressing an enormous part of that, of our people. and so i think that there is kind of a thread that goes through there. but, you know, i also don't want to bear down on that too much because in the end they're just things i find fascinating as well. >> all right. so this concludes our discussion portion. both authors are going to be in the tent signing their books. the books are also for sale under the tent, so feel free to go in there and discuss with the authors if you didn't get to ask your question. and we just want to thank elliot and clay both for being here today from
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i am a gardener, i'd love being outdoors so you have to
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have the farmers neck. what can of information can you get from that? a lot of weather and it's really important to know if the woolly worms are going to be a problem this year. you will find all sorts of things in the former -- farmer's almanac. see mac he is so counterintuitive and a lot of his approach. >> i find it incredibly interesting because what he does is he doesn't take anything at face value of what you see on the surface and probably outliers is one of my favorite books this is why you
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should be curious about this premise. talking to strangers as i said i am just a little bit into that but for someone who likes to communicate and considers medication to be vital talking to strangers they had written i think this is like her third book. and this is another one of those communications.
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figuring out what motivates people and words to use and how you use language the latest book is one that i just downloaded. >> i thought it would be a good companion read as i read talking to strangers. we have those two that we are working through. i love the fact that i can put it on our candle especially if it's a hardcopy book that i have i can read and spare moments. and not had to carry the book around with me. i one -- i had one book i wanted to hold in my hands
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when i read it because i wanted to make notes in it. as a number one work. it is all about women's suffrage and of course that started in new york at seneca falls. it finished in nashville august 1819. our state have a wonderful presence. in the passage of the 19th amendment. a 72 year fight. in the way it lays out. she does it so beautifully. and having been in the states knowing the capital in the hotel that is across from the capital. i could to see and envision this.
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i've actually read it twice because it is so easy just to put yourself in that moment. >> is the hermitage still a hotel? when you walk into the lobby do you see that there. i can visualize how that would be. we have talked to you before about books and history. one thing i'm doing this year 's as many people do i read the bible through. a friend recommended using a contemporary version and reading it through and it reads like a novel. it is just fascinating that it reads more like a novel when you read it contemporary.
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so i'm doing that. i will finish it at the end of the year. it's something that i do on a daily basis. i have enjoyed that. i like reading cookbooks i have a variety of those that i have gone through. and continued to leaf through cookbooks. i find it as a tremendous is a tremendous way to learn about community. and customs in different communities. cookbooks are always on my list. >> do you get recommendations over here in the senate? do you get recommendations over here in the senate? i have not found that over here yet. but i still get recommendations. from friends that know i am a voracious reader and i've always got something that i'm
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working on. and one of the things that i enjoy with being able to download is i can download a sample. you can download a sample and get a little taste of it and figure out if it is something that you want to keep or put on your kindle and read. then you can decide if it's something you want to do. a lot of contemporary books on the trump administration or any administration that happens to be in power. i am working through public policy every single day i don't need a pundit to tell me what i think.
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to see what other members of congress are reading visit book and search what are you reading. .. .. >> host: rep yvette clarke is a democrat from new york. she is vice chair of the energy and commerce committee, and she is also cochair of the smart cities caucus. she's our guest this week on "the communicators."


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