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tv   President Bill Clinton Farewell Address  CSPAN  January 18, 2017 7:52pm-8:02pm EST

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. >> my fellow citizens, tonight is a last opportunity to talk to fromm the office as presidentthe saddam profoundly grateful for twice giving me the honor to work for you and with few and i am grateful to the vice president in my cabin secretary but this has been a time of dramatic transformation.hav to make the social fabric stronger and to make the people more prosperous.
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with great american renewal.xec with every executive action that i take your every bill that i would sign i tried to give americans live a good society and as a more prosperous world. opportunity for all and responsibilities of a community of all americans.rn, to be more effective with those policies appropriatele tool is put people firsto italy's focus on the future. america has done well.
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22 million new jobs. popov but along this tond fruition in history and her half 45 million americans 8 million have moved off of welfare. ten millions received more college aid and more peopleng tee going to college. in them higher tax and -- higher test scores.fte in more than 7 million have been lifted out of poverty.r then drinking water is safer and brcs sacred and anytime forc in 100 years.
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and every corner of the but with america in such ati strong position. we must maintain fiscal responsibility. uphold who to trevor-roper for f with $600 billion of national debt. for the first time since 1835. but with greater prosperityoose but if we choose what islammentf dealing with the retirement of the baby
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and prosperity requires us to continue to lead in the world progress this remarkable moment in history the alliance is stronger than ever people look to america to be a force of peace and prosperity and freedom and security. for millions around the world for those who raise their families but the forces of integration also make us more subject to terrorism or organized crime the threat of deadly weapons and disease. trade has not close theme adapt from the globalc economy the global gapsurv
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requires action.e ig and the powder keg it could be ignited from the first inaugural address jefferson ward of untangling laneed of since but america must not disentangle itself from the of world. we want our shared values with the shared values solos with cosell low and bosnia.nd and then boldly and resolute.he glo into put a face on of a global economy.
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in all nations lifting lives and hope that it cannot lead in the world into the fabric of one america up. if we become more diverseound o with our common values between must work harder to overcome differences entry all people with fairness with gender or sexual orientation.d but hillary and chelsea and i wish our very best to the next president george w. bush and his family to meet
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these, and as for me to be more idealistic and fall of pope been more confident than ever. my days in this office are nearly through but in thee years ahead of never hold a th position higher than that of the president of united states but there is no title level where more probably. thank you. god bless you and god bless america. . .
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at the united nations. then we will sit down with a former chief usher of the white house gary walters to talk about inauguration day. later we will join the john medicine show for a live simulcast on his talk radio show the black eagle. that starts live at 6:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span2. c-span's washington journal
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live everyday news and issues that impact you. the economic policy director josh bivens and makeda center program on the economy and globalization codirector griswold will discuss the economic policy of the obama administration. in the impact it has had on job creation, unemployment, wages and federal debt. sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. join the now oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt hearing. from the senate environment and public works committee. this is about five hours and 45 minutes. good morning. i called his hearing


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