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tv   Vice President-elect Pence Promises Orderly Transition to Market- Based...  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 11:43am-12:00pm EST

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>> live comments from house and senate democrats after their meeting with president obama on health care this morning. chuck schumer and other senate leaders also nancy pelosi and others offering remarks.
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>> i want to welcome you all to the start of the 113 congress. at first like to start rethinking the american american people for entrusting us. we take it to heart and responsibility. we have a special guest with us today. someone who has been here many times before. i want to congratulate the trompe pants team. they had the wisdom to listen in now they have the courage to lead america. when we watch on the floor, we are going to start with that courage. we watched what has happened with jobs across the country. we will bring up the reins at act. it simply says that the people of voice when it comes to regulation in america. the only deal with deals of regulation that get imposed upon that cost more than
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$100 billion. if you look in the last six years there's 82 of those present and have put in place every single year of this administration. we have to start working. no new major rulings will be imposed without a vote of the house and senate for the people have a voice. we will also be dealing went obamacare. so many people know that these failed policies have done to america. employer-based insurance, premiums have increased by more than $4300. other 233 co-ops created an obamacare, 18 of them have already failed. but what is most concerning to so many, more than 1022 cap across america, more than one third had only one choice. inside the exchanges.
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everything promised about health care and we are so thankful that we have a new administration coming to have the wisdom to listen in the courage to the period >> it was an exciting day yesterday to see the numbers get sworn in, to see this new majority excited about the work for the american people. there's a lot we want to do, but we are going to do working with other new president and vice president. it's great to welcome our friend and former colleague, mike pence back not as a member of congress, but as the soon-to-be vice president of the of the united states is a great partner in working to get our country back on track. there's a lot we need to do. there's a lot we are going to do. we also know that there's somebody else here at the capitol today and not as barack obama. when the president comes back
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here today for the last time as president, it's important to remember the first time barack obama came here as president. barack obama made specific changes to obamacare. if you like what you have you can keep it. how did that work out? millions of americans lost a good health care plan that they like and expect it to keep that are not able to today because of the broken promises. barack obama came to this capitol and said if his bill passes health insurance costs will drop dramatically for families and instead, what have we seen? the reverse. dramatic increases in health care costs. and my city louisiana, 25% in resist and higher costs for health care because of those broken promises of the law. i hope he comes here to apologize for those broken promises. i don't know if that's going to be the case. more concerned about legacy than
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about the filling those promises. they are here to fulfill those promises. we told the american people if you give us a great opportunity to work everyday and not just to repeal obamacare, but replace it with report that put patients back in charge of their health care decisions. they focus on lowering costs and increasing access to help kerry bring in doctors back in the practice of medicine who are getting out of the this because they don't want unelected bureaucrats in washington telling them how to deliver the health care they retrained to provide. so it's an exciting time for the country. we are really excited about getting to work to restore those promises made to the american people can get our economy to make america great again. >> happy new year, everyone. i'm very excited to energize the new year, the new opportunities that it brings. this is the moment we've been given by the people, the moment
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to think big, pomona to reimagine the federal government and put people back in the summer benefit. right now it is closed to visitors. we think about families, individuals that travel all around the country. for mr. washington is they want trip it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the washington monument and yet they will be not what they closed side because the federal government is going to take more than two years to pick an elevator. this is just wanted end quote that people are dealing with these kind of roadblocks every day at the va, the doctor's office or they are just trying to do the right thing, provide for their families and get a job. this is how the government has time to operate. one person, one agency at the top deciding for everyone. it's our responsibility as the
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people's voice and the peoples representatives in their government to protect the constitution and the balance of power. representative government, the rule of law, equal opportunity for all is protected here in the house by the people and for the people. i want to thank vice president elect mike pence for joining us today. it is so exciting for us as we start this unified republican government. 2017 and all that it has in store for the people of this country, creating opportunities for government. >> happy new year, everybody. throughout this transition, we have been working hand-in-hand with the vice president-elect with one goal in mind and that is to make sure president-elect traub can hit the ground running when he takes office on the 20th. we are getting right down to business. we are starting today on our work to deliver reduced is under obamacare.
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remastered of this law -- americans are struggling. the laws feeling when we speak. we reduce the damage -- and went through a field of thought, we need to make sure there is a stable transition to a truly sufficient centers to. we want every american to have access to quality affordable health coverage. the things obamacare has cap from the american people. more choices, more control, more freedom. we want to put them back in their hands. we know things are only getting worse under obamacare. this is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop it. damascene deductible so high it doesn't even feel like you have health insurance in the first place. in so many parts of the country as you've always heard, even if you want to look for better coverage, you are stuck with one option. it is a monopoly. the health care system has been ruined, dismantled under
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obamacare. the answer here is not to ignore the problem. not to ignore the problems that keeps the failed legacy. bold action, solve problems. bring relief to americans. we will help americans crying out for relief from obamacare and keep our promise to the people. as you can see, working with the new administration on every step of this off, every step of the way, even before day one. i want to hand it over to somebody that we all know very well because he served with this. we are so proud of him than we are so pleased about the new working relationship with the vice president elect. last not to speak or into the leadership to the warm welcome.
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we meet with members of the senate after we leave münchen. this is the day that our message is very simple on behalf of president-elect and behalf of all the leadership that we are 16 days away from the end of business as usual in washington d.c. our message is very simple. working with the leadership in the house and senate, we are going to be in the promise keeping business. president a lack campaigned all across this country. he gave voice to the frustration for not her rations and the american people. he laid out an agenda to make america great again. my message on his behalf today before this congress and before members of the senate is we intend to keep those promises. that begins with the sampling the government through the course of this transition to
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build the agenda speaks for health. it will literally begin on day one before the end of the day we do anticipate the president a lack will be in the oval office taking action to both repeal executive order is incitement to motion or executive action policies to implement and promises made on the campaign trail. working with the congress, we will have the classic three-part agenda of the president-elect talked about so often on the campaign trail. jobs, jobs, jobs. this will be from day one to work with the congress have you heard about the efforts this week to roll back the onerous regulations that have been stifling growth in the american economy and jobs and opportunities. we work with it for several months to construct a tax reform for businesses and individuals
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that will release the bound up energy in the american economy. we will keep our promises to end illegal immigration. we will invest in rebuilding our military as their commander-in-chief with our military commanders to hunt down and destroy isis. but the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. and not with our message today and will be our message on capitol hill. it needs to be done. not just as a promise kept, because in the course of this election, the american people had a choice. what appeared to many against all odds often times with overwhelming opposition, are president-elect to repeal and replace obamacare and the american people voted decisively
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for health care in this country and we are determined to give them that. i was here in march of 2010. in another capacity when obamacare was signed into law. remember all those promises. we were told if you like your doctor you can keep them. not true. we were told if you like your health insurance you can keep it. not true. we were sold the cost of health insurance will go down. not true. the reality is two-day premiums this year are increasing by an average of 25% in some states. in arizona premiums went up 116%. 63% in tennessee, 52% in pennsylvania, 40% in north carolina. obamacare has worked a hardship on american families, on american businesses and in a very simple conclusion the american people have said the leadership here because obamacare has failed.
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it has been reject it by the american people. but now it's time to keep our promise. step one will be to repeal obamacare. but as the president-elect said today and i admonished members of the house republican congress today. it's important that we remind the american people what they are doing know about obamacare, the promises were broken on expect to see an effort in the days ahead to talk about the facts around obamacare. secondly of course is to be gained that orderly transition to something better. truth is the truth was to repeal and replace obama can and does he said it will be important to be careful as we do that, that we do that in a way that doesn't work a hardship on american families who gave insurance through this program.
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doesn't work a hardship on our economy. but they told the republican congress today, we are working on a strategy in the house and senate for legislative and executive action and did that to ensure that an orderly a smooth transition to a market based health care reform system is achieved. the speaker of the house use the word stable and we will do that. in his famous speech in philadelphia, the president-elect spoke about orderly transition. make no mistake about it. we are going to keep our promise to the american people and we are going to repeal obamacare and replace it with the health insurance about growing the size of government. a broad range of ideas about how we do this and republicans have been offered those ideas again and again, literally every year since obamacare was first signed into law. we are going to be working with
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dr. price both before and after his confirmation when he steps into the role at hhs at the republican leadership in the house and senate to bring forward the solution and take the case for the solutions to the american people. that being said, i couldn't be more humble than more excited to be back in the capital today. i was encouraged by the president-elect to come here on capitol hill. the first photo because it is time to get back to work. while others are visiting the capital today talking about defending the failed policies of the past, we are here today in speaking to republican majorities in the house and senate to it and policies to make america great again and have a more prosperous future for the people of this nation. >> we will leave at this point to go live to the u.s. senate


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