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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  July 15, 2012 1:30am-2:45am EDT

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napoleon ad l victory withhuss atd when i said take vienna, i meant vienna. to have clarity of purpose.
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>> greetings. atei at repesu to welcome u toy his vent focusing on an attempt to rate under dead the pressure. the talk features a great historian and the man hale adds ivanans greatest writer working under levels of stress not known to mo. i amnly isr nerout thsktet the they tried to do fried bourse or a male from zero linds point* of view but the next best ell talk about the morepofobthg bls tvl and
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publishing his other book prior i have to observe he is not a political writer writesbuifn ry aylat pe a the fact he has been imprisoned before talks about the ku now is i have learned more about the realy of this country from his beautiful books and 1,000 in newspaper reports. we should be thankful to him those of us who have been questioning the value of books in the future that thre t ot luaren the author has reminded us what literature is all about.
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prsoom rnan o ia university and good greatest wrs has been a viablend from publishers helping us to contact mahmoud dowlatabadi to fd the perfect anslator thelp it into english. the so have the professor omni iie rm lo nrsit including of one volume hiory and also iranian montths. sof t gee meupe tlearn i
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harass a professor to give the more detailed introduction to our guest honored.owlatabadi buts thank you for your work. i look forward to your conversation. >> in the interest of time i will be very, very brief. we're in the presence of the greatest living iranian novelist. he has been so productive only a decade older than me , ny ways the political makeup is of mahmoud dowlatabadi.
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s speargt o,m reading his most recent novel, of the original versioof the colonel that has o been published. i borroweit a couple of nights ago thinking i would fini it. noisexisit to ih uset with the contemporary persian literure, as i have aid on manyocaons mu come across on loan
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to us in the united states. he is not that well known. one of his absolute mastpieces. and as any other students from the english-speaking world will have at the chance. s by a tred to perse, it is from contemporar persian i onhpn pray
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that can also be translated. the purpose of my a conversation today is asing basiquesonand his n s cy he mo tigcaof rtarel wion t nvtindsind [sintiveane]ranslated ng
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>> translator: being an active and productive wri throyo im r exn what the significance ofts novl is. >> very difficult question. [laughr] it belongs in a place i never imagined. >> wano plagwr hiok it came upon me all by itself
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[speaking native language] fi my vfrther: when i anug mysf then new notebook for another novel that was published in been persian. i know it is about old people. i struggle with the name. but the st times of aging people peg navengua]
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>> tranlator: around fi tmnpt i felt inner turmoil. i had to figure out how to deal with it. i began to write haphazardly with elements here and there and figure out to it is not it. [speaking native lauage >> translator: i began to get to a more clear image in mymnd n image
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down on paper. [speaking native language] ratoit was a very difficult time at that time and i am anguish. suddenly it all translated to somebody knocking on the door at night. the image began to grow. [speaking native language] >> translator: as i began to write i had a terrible nightmare.
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i had written notes about it ate n* e eamte story line of the nightmare. [speaking native language] >> translator: i was anguished and depressed and this book bea hetiatofs is i had to get it to it out to [speaking native language] [lghter] like the unwanted child a ne ua
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as i was creating it, i was so very fearful. [laughter] [speaking native language] >> translator: you describe the process it coming into being but i go back to the question, now it is in englishand other uacoow d ebo nrd as compared to your other tisreoo
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omta re speaking speaking persian. >> translator: but i had to write ts book ider to wri te otr s teote. br t oke pfhe 18 people. it had to be created before i went on with my writing. the mind asid fromhel as incredible power and
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these two things that are not expected. te relationship between the conscious and the brain on well i have been always very curious. [laughter] when i fished i asked i wrote tohdid i do this? rewoc [sin eanhen i was in prison.
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>> translator: in the search chain where this came cosi ourgns heo th aindme. wit nwingit a ie. [speaking persian]
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>>ranstor: oo t plity that to the germans and english came out then the i italians and the french version comes out. as if they are shadows of a book of that has nobody because it has not come out yet. what to is your opinion? iedtoa nss >> translator: everything is turned upside down. afthimas i
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n pblem to publish it. [speaking persian] >> translator: why is the book not getting the permanent ulication? spngsi >> translator: our leon journalist asked people from
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the ministry of guidance why no tsuigs with the book? they would say i have not read it yet to. [speaking persian] >> translator: they kept askingnd they pressed him and he said i finished it. but then why aren't you ising the permi the answer is it is a very good book but very different interetation of the revolution. akpersn]
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>> translator: and it they will contact mr. mahmoud dowlatabadi but they did not. peg ia [laughter] >> translator: they ran into each other at the funeral of day pont -- prominent writer. he said the li to see you and he said i was ike to see you two? >> ak pan >> translator: it is obvious censorship. not even camouflage.
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[speaking persian]ian] >> translat: my usual perfervid way. >> translator: move fomy trip by rhe ak pan
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speaking persian]
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therhod beubed ur o coury ono bld. akpen]
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>> translator: there are other countriestha ashesi ie kh nghasn. [speaking persian] are you being prejudicial by insisting it is published aniranfirst? >> translator: it is a responsible point* but i ania.a duty to mypublisher >> ol thae oee?
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>anork rt persian] otit. akn feit n. poils a misreading or misunderstanding arising from the fact the wor is published and other languages? peg ia
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rnorhiiry valid point*. i am sorry about this. i have to trust translators to be true to my work and hopet does not create misunderstanding. [speaking persian] >> translator: thepersian language has certain aracriststat fft.
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we have certain silences that are very meaningful in the right team. of this may not amount to [speaking persian] [speaking persian]
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translator: yoa creating a new readership as this comes out in english no lire by americans arpeople in the united team them but so vus other countries wherenglh be o tosomt ua anglo colonialism. hrre
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they will know your work. they will understand it how do you think of a whole new dimension of leadership? [speaking persian]
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