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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  January 12, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 12th. it's 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin this morning with president biden launching a major public push to shore up voting rights. speaking from the cradle of the civil rights movement in atlanta tuesday, the president urged congress to pass two federal
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voting rights bills that have stalled because of republican opposition. >> some voting advocates have felt frustrated frankly for months, saying that the president hasn't made this a priority as republican lawmakers across the country have spent the last year passing those laws aimed at making it harder to vote. the president said yesterday he's had enough. >> i've been having these quiet conversations with members of congress for the last two months. i'm tired of being quiet. the vice president and i have supported voting rights bills since day one of this administration. but each and every time senate republicans have blocked the way. even strom thurman came to support voting rights. not a single republican has displayed the courage to stand up to a defeated president to protect america's right to vote, not one. not one.
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>> after a year in office, mr. biden now seems ready to use his bully pulpit. but the reality is right now he doesn't have the votes on capitol hill to change senate rules. and if he fails on this, he could lose more than just the voting rights issue. cnn's jeff zeleny starts uoff this morning on the road with the president in atlanta. >> reporter: christine and laura, president biden and vice president harris traveling to atlanta to make the strongest case for voting rights reform. particularly the two bills in the senate. president biden, of course, a long time member of the u.s. senate and a respecter of its traditions, called unequivocally to change the filibuster as it relates to this voting reform legislation. he talked about last month when the senate decided to make a change to raise the nation's debt ceiling, showing the flexibility of the senate. president biden talked in historical terms and explained voting rights as the issue of our time. >> to protect our democracy, i
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support changing the senate rules whichever way they need to be changed to prevent a minority of senators from blocking action on voting rights. >> reporter: of course, it remains ab remains an open question for the audience if kyrsten sinema or joe manchin were listening and change any views. we do know votes are expected in the coming days. senate majority chuck schumer said they could start at any time leading into the birthday celebrations for dr. martin luther king, jr. now, of course, this raises the stakes because the president is staking his administration and his credibility and his capital in some respects on getting voting reform accomplished. it rehe mark haines an open question if that is possible. laura and christine? >> jeff, thank you for that. this morning tennis star novak djokovic is apologizing for the first time, admitting he did not isolate immediately after testing positive for covid
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last month before he arrived in melbourne. this as the time line of his behavior comes into sharp focus with australian officials still weighing what to let him stay in the country for the grand slam next week. cnn's paula hancocks joins us live in melbourne. paula, it isn't clear when he knew he had covid. he took a positive or negative rapid test, positive pcr test eventually. layout for us what is he saying now, what is the time line? >> reporter: laura, there are a few new elements to update you on and djokovic is admitting to a couple of errors. the time line is this. on december 14 he attended a basketball game in serbia's capital belgrade. many people tested positive after that. he took a pcr test, then took a rapid antigen test. he had a number of public events where he was filmed and also
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photographed maskless. he said it was after that that he understood he was positive for covid-19 from that pcr test. but then the next day, on december 18, he admits he did go to a media interview and a photo shoot. now, he does say that on reflection this was an error of judgment. now, also in addition to that, he admitted there was an error on his australia travel declaration form. he said he didn't fill it out. it was his agents that had -- his team that had filled it out. but under the box where it says, will you or have you traveled for the 14 days before arrival in australia, the box was ticked no, and, in fact, we know he was in both spain and serbia. that he says was, quote, human error and certainly not deliberate. on top of all this, we know the australia border force is investigating many different things, but they just now said according to a source familiar with the investigation, they are expanding that investigation to look at possible inconsistencies in documents related to the pcr
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results and also movements in the days after testing positive. now, we are reaching out to the serbian authorities who would have been in charge of the pcr test to get some clarification. but it just shows that the twists are not over in this saga, and that it is still not guaranteed that djokovic will be playing in the australian open next week. we're still waiting as well for the immigration minister to decide whether he weighs in and cancels his visa himself, but presumably he will wait until the australia border force investigation is over, laura? >> i think he said he didn't want to disappoint the reporter, but i think i can safely say on behalf of all the member of the media, we'd rather you not show up for an interview with covid. paula, thank you. this man in honduras was arrested after breaking into the cockpit of an american airlines jet, damaging the flight controls and then trying to jump out the window. all this while the plane was boarding passengers for a flight
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to miami tuesday. no word so far on a moment. wow, quick thinking from that flight crew. >> how does that happen. you can't even get that close to the cockpit these days. so scary. glad everyone is okay there. still ahead for you, a blunt warning from the acting head of the fda suggesting that omicron surge won't end any time soon. >> most people are going to get covid. with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now i'm managing my diabetes better and i've lowered my a1c from 8.2 to 6.7. take the mystery out of managing your diabetes and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free at
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well, would you look at that? jerry, you gotta see this. seen it. trust me, after 15 walks... gets a little old. i really should be retired by now. wish i'd invested when i had the chance... to the moon! ugh. unbelievable. to covid now, as the nation's top public health officials try to defend the federal government's response to the pandemic, at the same time public health experts are calling for a fresh strategy. testifying before a senate
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committee tuesday, officials were grilled on the same day that the u.s. hit record hospitalizations. acting head of the fda janet w woodcock said the priority is making sure hospitals can still function, adding this stark assessment. >> i think it's hard to process what's actually happening right now, which is most people are going to get covid. >> another major topic, masking, with omicron's high transmissibility, officials say it's time to upgrade your mask. a point dr. anthony fauci echoed on cnn last night. >> i recommend that you get the highest quality mask that you can tolerate and that's available to you. right now it doesn't seem to be any shortage of the masks that sometime ago were not available. if you can tolerate an n95, do it. so, we should be wearing the best possible masks that we can get. that's a fact. >> cnn's elizabeth cohen reports for us this morning.
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>> christine, laura, the senate hearing on tuesday, senators grilling u.s. health officials on several topics. one, why was the isolation guidance so complicated from the cdc, and also about home tests. so, to look at the isolation guidance, cdc director dr. rochelle walensky doubling down, saying the science said it was the right thing to do. that if you're feeling better or you're asymptomatic after having covid, you should be able to leave the house after five days as long as you faithfully wear a mask. she said especially important for essential workers so they can get back to work. let's take a listen. >> we saw the growing surge of omicron and took swift science-based action to address the very real possibility of staffing shortages in hospitals and in other essential areas of the work force, including schools, pharmacies, public safety, public labs, grocery stores, and other sites.
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where shortages could have and have proven to have dire public health consequences. >> also news of the hearing from the biden administration about home tests, you'll remember that last month the biden administration said there would be 500 million tests shipped out. they said the first of the 500 million home tests would be shipped out this month, and the rest will be shipped over the next 60 days. the hearing was held against this backdrop. on tuesday, a record set for the highest number of covid-19 hospitalizations since the pandemic began. now, it's important to put that in context. omicron is very, very transmissible, and many people are going to the hospital not because they're sick with covid, but for other reasons, and routine screening finds that they have covid. so they're not really there because of covid. they're there just because, for some other reason, and they happen to also have covid. but even so, covid-19 is putting a strain on hospitals and it's because of the unvaccinated. that red line, that's
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unvaccinated people with covid-19 in the hospital. that green line, it's people who are fully vaccinated with covid-19 in the hospital. that difference is so clear. and when you look at individual hospital systems, at the university of maryland, for example, less than 5 percent of the covid patients there are fully vaccinated and boosted. at beaumont health and michigan, less than 8% of the patients are fully vaxed and boosted. at riverside less than 10% are fully vaxed and boosted. once again, it is the unvaccinated driving the pandemic. they are putting themselves at risk, the people around them at risk and putting doctors and nurses at risk. they are getting covid because they're unvaccinated, then they expect doctors and nurses to take care of them, and they're putting those doctors and nurses at risk of getting covid. christine, laura? >> elizabeth cohen, thank you for that.
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just in to cnn, more covid tests are provided. really, far more are still needed. there are 53 million students in k through 12 public schools. according to the cdc, most of them should be tested at least weekly. in chicago, 340,000 public school students returned to class today after a standoff with the teachers union over safety protocols kept the nation's third largest school system shutdown for a week. meanwhile chicago's mayor lori lightfoot also now in isolation after testing positive for covid herself. across the country school districts facing teacher shortages asking parents and alum to fill in as substitutes. cincinnati public schools dispatched more than 60 staffers from the central office monday. still, the district was being forced to switch to remote learning. students at one elementary school in clayton, missouri, was stunned to have a major league baseball star show up as their p.e. teacher. >> it's always so much fun
2:17 am
engaging kids at that age and seeing how their mind works and everything. >> it was rnn't a hesitation foe to hop right in. >> in the game they played, they had more success than i did. >> i had more success playing in front of st. louis fans. >> that is the school district in clark county with 300,000 students postponing two scheduled days of class because of the covid surge there. and new orleans with mardi gras coming up in just a few weeks, that city has reinstated its indoor mask mandate starting at 6:00 local time this morning. covid is disrupting life. the omicron variant has folks calling in sick and isolating. causing businesses scrambling. 5 million people are estimated to be isolating at home. that's 2% of the american work force. that puts even more strain on the labor market already dealing with shortages. airline industry cancelling
2:18 am
thousands of flights with workers calling in sick. united is trying to handle the fact there are some 3,000 workers out sick. it is being called the big sick-out across the country here. honestly, managing family life in the pandemic has been a challenge with school closures and testing and quarantines. there are still 1.2 million women missing from the work force. they're managing kids, managing elderly family members instead of staying in an unfulfilling job or low-paying job. 1.2 million women out of the work force. around every corner daily life still altered, nearing the third year of the pandemic. you might have noticed that grocery store shelves are once again empty, disrupted, right? winter storms on top of staffing and supply issues. and gas prices are starting to tick up again, folks. the national average rising a few cents this year to 3.30 per gallon. that is well above 2.31 this time last year. that's because the economy is trying to reopen, but there are all of these disruptions.
2:19 am
even your tax return will be disrupted. it will be messy again this year. the irs is opening the tax season two weeks early, warning of a backlog. there are staffing shortages. that could all delay your tax returns this year. just around every corner, laura, another example we're heading into year three of disruptions to our daily life. >> the sick-out, though, stark there in every industry. in quebec, canada, people there will soon have to pay a significant fine for being unvaccinated. it will help pay for the health system. it is fairness for those who have been vaccinated. quebec announced residents will have to be vaccinated to buy alcohol or cannabis. it quadrupled the vaccination rate. all you have to do is take away the fun things. >> that is what i call incentive. ambassadors from nato trying to calm a tense situation along the russian ukraine border. we're going live to brussels
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welcome back. happening right now, ambassadors from all nato nations are meeting with kremlin officials at belgium. they are trying to diffuse the security crisis at russia's boarder with ukraine where 100,000 russian troops remain on alert. alex marquart is live for us in brussels covering this meeting. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, christine. well, this meeting which is absolutely critical to try to prevent an invasion of ukraine is actually only a few hours long. and, of course, there are some major issues to discuss. it has to be said that before
2:25 am
this meeting even started, nato had already rejected the main russian ask, and that was a demand that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. i did speak with the u.s. ambassador to nato yesterday who said that they are not seeing any sign of russian de-escalation. in fact, they expect that more russian troops will be sent to the borders of ukraine. and i asked her about that demand from russia that ukraine never be allowed to join nato. take a listen to what she said. >> no one has the right to kick the door shut. and any decision about enlargement will continue to rest between the nato alliance and the country in question. we are all committed to a dialogue with the russians tomorrow to hear from them what they want to talk about with nato allies. we're intent on doing this with our allies by our side. >> reporter: so, if neither side is really getting what they want right now, what progress actually can be made? well, there are a number of areas where both sides feel that
2:26 am
more discussion is needed. that is, specifically on the questions of arms control and nuclear weapons, missile placement, as well as transpatr transparency over military exercises. nato hopes the fronts about their massive restrictions, trade support for ukraine militarily and eastern european countries, that that will get ukraine -- russia to not invade ukraine. the best possible scenario for the u.s. and for nato out of all this is more discussions. but what we don't know is how much patience the russians have. the kremlin said yesterday that they have no reason for optimism yet, and, of course, the major x factor is what putin is thinking in all of this. christine? >> of course it is. all right, alex marquart for us in brussels. thanks, alex. laura? you know her face but do you know her whole story? the new cnn original story reframed.
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marilyn monroe premiers sunday night at 9:00.
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kinder bueno. kinder bueno. ding-ding. it's crispy. it's creamy. woooow... ahh! enjoy the ride. ♪ it's kinder bueno! smooth milk chocolate, crispy wafer, creamy hazelnut filling. it's not your average chocolate bar. it's kinder bueno. all right. good wednesday morning, everybody. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's 31 minutes past the hour here in new york. it's time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. president biden made a passionate plea on tuesday in georgia. current senate rules require 60
2:32 am
votes to pass most bills. a threshold democrats can't meet alone. more on all this in just a moment. >> the only thing that came out of senator rand paul and to some extent senator roger marshall were ad hominems, which does nothing but distract from what we really need to be doing. >> dr. anthony fauci warning political attacks by republican senators are hurting the coronavirus response. he said with the omicron variant's unprecedented transmissibility, it will ultimately find just about everybody. tennis star novak djokovic admits knowing he had covid when he did a media interview and photo shoot last month. he is now a poll jiedsing but ins -- apologizing. but insists he didn't know he was positive in other events. sheriff nathan johnson is accused of having deputies seize cash from undocumented
2:33 am
immigrants during traffic stops. he has not been charged but is serving in real county. two guantanamo bay detainees have been cleared for release. it marks 20 years since it was opened under the george w. bush administration a few months after the september 11 terrorist attacks. medicare will pay for costly alzheimer's drug for people enrolled in clinical trials, a move that will sharply restrict the people eligible to receive it. according to medicare, at-home benefits are in question while its $28,000 per patient per year cost is a budget buster. back to our top story now. president biden in atlanta tuesday calling senators to stand against voter suppression. for the first time he's now calling on lawmakers to change senate rules in order to pass the set of stalled voting rights bills. the president invoked the battles of the civil rights movement in the '60s comparing jim crow wrongs to modern day subversion. >> he pointed to the capitol
2:34 am
insurrection and voting restrictions all based on trump's election lies. >> the question is where will the institution of the united states senate stand? every senator, democrat, republican and independent, will have to declare where they stand, not just for the moment, but for the ages. do you want to be on the side of dr. king or george wallace? do you want to be on the side of john lewis or bull conner? do you want to be on the side of abraham lincoln or jefferson davis? this is the moment to decide to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. >> the president's lack of progress on voting rights has drawn criticism from some in his base. cnn's daniela diaz live on capitol hill for us this morning. nice to see you. even chuck schumer admits this is an uphill climb.
2:35 am
what's the plan? >> reporter: an uphill climb indeed, christine. look, he wants january 17th, martin luther king, jr., day, to be the day the senate votes on a rules change, a so-called filibuster carveout, so that they could try to pass voting rights legislation with just a simple majority. so all 50 democratic senators could support with kamala harris being the tie-breaking vote. but there is a problem. senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema do not support the so-called rules change, the filibuster carveout because they believe this could affect the rules of the senate chamber in years to come, especially if democrats lose their majority in the 2022 midterms, and they do believe in bipartisanship. you know, senator joe manchin was working last year to try to get ten republicans to support a voting rights legislation. he ultimately failed, but he does not believe in this filibuster carveout. he does not support it and he's
2:36 am
been adamant about it. so it is an uphill climb. but that is not stopping negotiations behind closed doors, but the democratic caucus, most democratic senators want to see senator joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema change their minds and continue to talk to them to convince them to support the rules change. take a listen to what some senators said yesterday about their optimism and why they support this rules change in the senate. >> a lot of my colleagues and myself are worried about, okay, if you change the filibuster, what happens the next time when somebody else is in the majority? well, the answer is if they're in the majority and they overreach, as long as the system is working, the voters can throw them out the next time. there is always an election in two years, but if the election itself is compromised, if that check is compromised, the system doesn't work. >> what we've seen since the 2020 election is we've seen state by state pass laws that restrict voting, fencing people
2:37 am
away from the polls. it's a great way to ruin a democracy. it's a great way to tear this country apart by sowing division. we need to fix a problem in this country that could literally destroy our democracy. and if we don't, shame on us. >> reporter: christine, the bigger problem here is democrats shift their focus from the build back better act last fall, they were working on this all last fall because senator joe manchin torpedoed it. that is why they want to pass voting rights legislation. the state of the union is march 1st. they were hoping joe biden could present some sort of victory around that time. so this is a major priority. but, of course, the 2022 midterms are coming up and they want to prove to voters they can do something. christine? >> daniela, nice to see you. thank you. let's dig in on all of this with three questions in three minutes. let's bring in the co-founder of punch bowl news, john bresnahan. john, nice to have you on "early
2:38 am
start" this morning. let's start with this blistering speech. i think one of the most combative aggressive tones we've heard from this president to date on this issue, at least so far. you know, essentially shaming republicans, saying you either want to be john lewis or bull conner. what happens' the "end game," though? if he can't get the bills through, because joe manchin is not on board, kyrsten sinema is not on board, what's the end game, having more energy going into the midterms? >> i think that was an extraordinary speech, as you said, that statement by the president where really for him, for biden, a particularly rough. he doesn't -- this is not a president who talks like that, not like the defeated former president has, he mentioned again. i think they don't have the votes to pass either build back better or voting rights or filibuster, any kind of change to the filibuster at this point.
2:39 am
so i'm not sure of the end game strategy here, not sure where they're going, but clearly the president has to be more energized. there's 26 house retirements -- 26 house democrats have already announced their retirement, and less than a dozen republicans. the house majority is in big trouble. the senate majority hangs on any seat. they need an energized president pretty badly. >> the backdrop is an exhausted nation with omicron spreading like wildfire literally and hospitals full of unvaccinated people stressing the health care system. and the former president, donald trump, spoke to a right-wing media outlet yesterday. he was asked about the vaccine developed on his watch. listen. >> i've taken it. i've had the booster. many politicians, i watched a couple politicians be interviewed, and one of the questions was, did you get the booster? because they had the vaccine. and they all -- they're answering it like -- in other words, the answer is yes, but they don't want to say it because they're gutless. you've got to say it, whether
2:40 am
you had it or not, say it. >> they're gutless. you know, at the time the president did not publicly reveal when he got his vaccine. but, john, this is i think the third time in recent weeks i've heard him publicly say -- endorse the booster or say he got the booster, one time to boos. what's the strategy here from the former president? >> you know, it's fascinating to watch. of course, it's all about him because it's always about trump. you know, we think it's about desantis, florida governor desantis who won't say whether he has gotten boosted or not. won't talk about his vaccine, whether he's been vaccinated. he won't say what it is. it's clearly desantis, to a lot of republicans, is a viable option if trump doesn't run. here's a guy who became governor because trump helped support him. he upset a more well-known candidate in florida and became governor and he governs like a
2:41 am
trump republican. so, this is to a lot of republicans, desantis is somebody they look at. but desantis won't talk about it. we think this is all about trump trying to position himself against desantis. because it's all about donald trump. >> as christine mentioned, we have record hospitalizations now. the top officials in the country are on capitol hill trying to defend this administration's response to the pandemic. the republicans used that time to attack dr. anthony fauci about his financial disclosures. he pushed back. one moment gets caught on a hot mic, of course. listen to this. >> you see things before members of congress would see them so there is an air of appearance that maybe some shenanigans are going on. you know, i assume that's not the case. >> what are you talking about? my financial disclosures are public knowledge and have been so. you are getting amazingly wrong information. >> i cannot find them.
2:42 am
our office cannot find them. where would they be if they're public knowledge? where? >> it is totally accessible to you if you want it. >> for the public, is it accessible to the public? >> to the public. you are totally incorrect. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you, it is public information and he's happy to give it to you if you would ask. >> what a moron. jesus christ. >> so he's obviously frustrated, right. he's been under relentless attacks for two years now, maybe not quite. there is sort of a turning point. you can see his financial disclosure right there. you can get them via freedom of information act. this is a spectacle, right? this is a performance art for folks. but it's coming at a time when this country is at a breaking point in hospitals and there is a crisis of trust and faith in our public health officials. >> yeah, and a lot of republicans, rand paul and others, have made fauci the problem when fauci is not the
2:43 am
prosch. fauci talked in this hearing, an extraordinary hearing, about the death threats he's received over the last couple years. you know, he lives here in d.c. you can see -- i've seen fauci out in the street with security, enormous security because of just this issue. you know, they don't like -- there are a number of people who don't like fauci's guidance on masks and vaccines and everything, but instead of blaming -- you can't blame a pandemic, you can't blame a disease, so they blame fauci and they blame the government for their inability to understand what's going on. so, again, this is just -- the exchanges between rand paul and fauci have been going on for a couple years now. i've been covering the hill for almost 30 years. i've never seen anything but personal vitriol between a senator and a witness. it's extraordinary. >> when do you talk about senator paul unless he is doing something out rage us about
2:44 am
senator fauci? to me it's publicity -- doesn't seem like it's policy making. seems like it's trying to find publicity. i don't know. john bresnahan, i haven't seen anything like it either. punch bowl founder. nice to see you today. >> thanks, john. to china now where there is a zero tolerance policy for covid as coronavirus cases rise across china, major manufacturers are shutting factories. ports are clogging up and workers are in short supply. chinese officials are locking down cities and launching mass testing on the widest scale in two years. leading to the disruption of the world's second largest economy and it is rippling around the world. the textile maker that supplies nike and adidas is rippling. the u.s., by the way, averages 800,000 cases a day. meanwhile, officials in several chinese cities are taking measures to counter these outbreaks. they're rolling out a second round of mass testing on the 14
2:45 am
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time for a check on cnn business this wednesday morning. let's look at markets around the world. asian shares closed higher. goods gains across the board. europe has opened up as well. wall street, gains for stock index futures after a higher day tuesday. the nasdaq rose 1 .4%. adjusting to a new era of rising interest rates after years of easing money. that hurts high growth stocks like tech particularly hard. this morning we're bracing for a key inflation report, folks.
2:50 am
december's consumer price index, the annual rate is expected to hit 7%. that would be the fastest inflation, the hottest inflation since february 1982. more than 80 fact-checking organizations are calling out youtube for its insufficient response to misinformation. in a letter to youtube see yee, the organization's laying out a series of recommendations to help youtube provide more context and debunking while reducing the ability for spreaders of misinformation to make money on their bad content. youtube claims it collaborates with hundreds of publishers to steer users in several countries to fact-checked content. bank of america the latest financial institution to announce it is slashing fees for insufficient funds. starting in may, no more fees for bounced checks, and overdraft fees will be cut from 35 bucks to 10. capital one announced it will stop penalizing clients for taking out more cash and writing
2:51 am
checks foremor more than they h in their accounts. regulators say the poorest wind up paying the most. kazakhstan extending the crackdown on thousands of protesters are increasingly gaining control following a week of violence. cnn's fred pleitgen is on the ground for us live in kazakhstan. fred, thanks for the hustle. you scrambled to get up for us. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: we certainly did. we landed in kazakhstan two hours ago. obviously we went live as fast as we could. the situation here on the ground certainly is very calm. there is actually not much in the way of security forces you would see on the street. however, i did manage to speak to seizier kazakhstani official. he told me the country is very much reeling from the protests that unfolded here. he also says the kazakhstani government learned valuable lessons. also the way that things went down as well. they do say they understand that they are in need of reforms here
2:52 am
in this country, but at the same time, you're absolutely right. of course, that crackdown also continues as well here in this country. the latest numbers we have from the government are almost 10,000 people have been detained. however, also the president went to the hardest-hit city which is the city of almati. more than 100 people of course killed in that city. to survey the damage there and obviously that city is going to take a very, very long time to get back on its feet. but, again, the authorities say they understand what's ahead of them, at the same time they do have a big investigation going on. and, of course, say they are hunting those behind the protests, guys. >> fred, thanks for reporting as usual. let's go to sports now. the new york giants have reached a verdict on the future of head coach joe judge. coy wire has it all covered in this morning's bleacher report. hey, coy. >> laura, there are 37 of the nfl teams that don't have a head coach. the giants are deciding to part ways with joe judge after two consecutive losing seasons. judge leaves new york with a 10
2:53 am
and 23 record. no playoff appearances. the firing comes just one day after the retirement of general manager dave gettleman. he plans to find a new g ame m before a new head coach. he's the fifth coach to be hired since sunday. let's go to where memphis state, steph curry's brother. no draymond green. he leads the grizzlies to the league's best win 10 in a row. that's a franchise record. moran finishes with 29. memphis has 29 wins, one less than golden state sitting at fourth in the western conference. finally, america's mikaela shiffrin heading to the beijing olympics. yesterday she won a record breaking 47th slalom cup title.
2:54 am
in fifth place, a half second behind to come out on top by 1500th of a second. shiffrin was visibly emotional. she tested positive for covid. she hugged her competitors showing that respect. she hopes to race all five individual events at the olympics the first time. beijing games set to begin february 4th, and it's going to be a lot of that, a lot of emotion, hard work coming to fruition. >> and a comeback. nice to see you, coy. thanks. >> thanks for joining us for this wednesday edition of "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. puffs bring soothing relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. america's #1 lotion tissue.
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brianna is off today. a frightening scene as a man storms the cockpit moments before takeoff. and tennis star djokovic, a swirling controversy brewing this morning. and critics from president biden's side of the aisle thinking that public shaming is enough. and waiting to talk to president trump for six years. why he finally answered the called and ended up hanging up on him. good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, january 12th, and then breaking overnight, a cockpit breach just before takeoff.


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