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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 4, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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members this morning. we'll because here at the top of the hour. >> was she in front of or near the building where it happened? good morning. i'm victor blackwell here in el paso, texas. >> no she is actually at work at christi paul in atlanta. the dublin pub. and i know there was a couple as we this morning are that came in, and a woman that i recovering 13 hours of blood shed across america. know, she was extremely in 29 people killed, more than 40 shock. they were in ned's. injured. and i guess she said that they welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and joining us from heard a couple shots as people around the world. rushed the door and any just all the first shooting here on saturday in el paso, texas. dropped and another one of her co-workers was at a nearby 20 people killed, 26 injured. restaurant or are bar bar or s let's go to polo sand vallo sans and they heard the shots and everybody was diving behind the covering the shooting in dayton, bar. ohio. what is the latest there. honestly, i think nothing -- >> reporter: authorities are saying that the gunman like i was like in the car essentially opened fire at a business there in dayton, ohio pretty much and nobody was paying attention to me. in a very popular part of the i was just there. and it was just crazy. >> so isaac, we see through your downtown area, an upscale area that is described by officials video that you got out of the there on the ground. car. what happened after that?
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what we understand according to >> i actually walked up to the investigators and mainly the door and i was about to go spokesperson in the region is inside. and then i started looking back that an individual wearing body because i was just kind of are armor, armed with an assault confused. i was like, i don't know, i rifle, opened fire there in the didn't know if like -- because oregon district, again, a it stopped. popular night life area there as so i didn't know. you are about to hear from your sounded to me like there was a conversations with decker, the few guns like one doesn't fire public information officer from montgomery county. you can establish a bit of a that fast obviously. i don't know if there were cops short time line of what already on the street or what. >> we saw the people running. happened. >> as you know the shooting did you talk to anybody before began at a place in the oregon you got back in your car? district which is a very popular >> no, i didn't. district here in down you town dayton. there were people across and i wasn't really trying -- but the shooter, one person wearing body armor, carrying an assault rifle, began shooting and making there was a woman putting her hand over her head or -- i don't their way toward a place called know. i heard her when she came that ned pecker's. and a guy from ned pecker's she saw someone get shot. ended up grabbing the barrel of the gun and so the shooter so i didn't want to ask like, picked up a handgun and was you know, did you see --
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going to continue shooting, >> sure. >> i didn't wantqui however the police arrived and shot the man dead there. s questions, you know what i mean. so far including the shooter but yeah, a little excessive if there are ten dead. you ask me. we're looking at about at least that is just crazy. 16 wounded. that is insane. that is the extent of what i >> so i wanted to bring in boris know. >> so the last number we got was sanchez who is in new jersey nine. near where the president is you're saying there are ten dead staying this weekend. in this shooting in ohio? boris, it was 13 hours since el >> yes, there are ten dead and that includes the shooter. paso, and this just happened and >> oh, including the shooter. then the dayton shooting happened. that was about 1:00 in the morning. do we know if the president has okay. this investigation, tell us what -- what is happening there been briefed? at this moment? i imagine that it is shut down, >> reporter: no indication yet from the white house that there is a large scene there. president trump has been briefed on the shooting in dayton. give us an idea of what is happening right now. if he hasn't been briefed >> well, as you said, it is shut already, likely he will be soon. and we expect the president to down. the investigation is still going respond to this as he often has on. police have marked off the areas had to with condolences for a in the oregon district that they are keeping people out of as community ravaged by gun they do their investigation. violence. as far as el paso, last night he we've got the convention center
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set up for people that have writes today's shooting was not questions or are trying to find only tragic, it was an act of someone or need more information about possible loved ones that cowardice. were in the area at the time. i there are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify and we are here responding at killing innocent people melania montgomery county and waiting for the investigators to do what spend our thoughts and prayers to the great people in texas. they need to do in order to and he was alluding to the hateful motive. bring peace to these families. unclear if the president will address white nationalism and >> the 16 injured, do you know if those are all gunshot victims violence further. >> boris sanchez, appreciate it. as well, if they were all shot? thank you. >> i do not know that at this point. good ictor blackwell in el . >> okay. is there any idea -- and i know this is very early on -- of a motive potentially, did this man say anything, are you hearing christi paul is in atlanta. and in a matter of just 13 from peek there? >> i've heard nothing about a motive, no. >> okay. i understand that you're asking people to come forward with information, any pictures, video. talk to us about that.
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>> honestly i don't know that they are doing any of that. i think that they are still trying to assess the scene and get people the treatment they need. >> can you give us a clearer idea of the oregon district and what that is? >> it is just a part of -- it i downtown area, nice restaurants and shopping and things like that. it is not far -- it is off 5th street in downtown dayton. where a lot of people go. >> i'm sorry, there is a bit of a delay. so if you hear me jump in, it is because of the delay, i'm not cutting you off. but do you know if what happened there in dayton the victims, have they been removed from the
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scene? >> as far as i know, yes. everybody is getting treatment. >> reporter: montgomery county officials there laying out exactly what we know for sure and what is still in its preliminary stages here. and that you mentioned. we do know for sure as decker laid out here, ten people dead and that includes the gunman himself. and 16 people wounded. and deb decker in that conversation essentially describing the area where the shooting happened, very vibrant popular part of downtown dayton. so as you can imagine, it would have been packed with people and that is a contributing factor when you look at the numbers, 16 injured, 9 dead and then the shooter, so a total of ten killed. the main question, what is the motive.
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there is no indication to connect to west texas, but it is a similar procedure that investigators are following after securing the scene, after going from an active shooter scene, it is now an active homicide investigation. and of course we're seeing something similar to what we witnessed in el paso, which is an effort to reunite some of the victims with their family members as they work to notify now the families of at least nine victims here. back to you. >> polo sandoval reporting on what is happening there in dayton. and we just got a new image in that i want to show you. dozens of shoes there from the scene in dayton, ohio. i don't know why there would be these shoes. maybe our law enforcement analyst josh campbell can tell us. maybe it is a night club and people were kicking them off to get away as quickly as possible. so people are kicking those shoes off to run, right?
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so just a poignant picture of the emergency that happens when you start hearing those shots fired off. >> absolutely. that is quite an image that we're seeing. again you have to put yourself in the mindset and patron as a bar where you are having a good time, you are out maybe dancing, enjoying the company of others. and all of a sudden gunshots ring out. we tell people that you run, hide, fight. if you ask run and get out of there, that is your primary task and so possibly that was the case here, people trying to flee the location. we don't know how many were actually in this location at the time, but now law enforcement will want to talk with them and try to understand what transpired. and gone we've been talking all morning long the fact that we're at the scene of one mass shooting reporting on yet another mass shooting. and for investigators, their key right now is to try to get to that motivation, to determine are there any people out there that any have known the shooter,
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others that they want to talk to. the differences good tbetween t scenes, that shooter is deceased. so it will be quite a task for them to try to determine what happened there and who this person was. >> deb decker gave us an important detail. that shooter in the oregon district there in ohio was wearing body armor. when you hear that shooter comes in wearing body armor, your first thought is what? >> there is no question that this person is coming to cause mass loss of life. someone who comes prepared to continue the attack. that is what it is all about. someone who -- at least in this day and age, if you are a shooter, you know that it is a possibility you will be taken done by law enforcement or perhaps someone there that may have a firearm. so the fact that you would equip yourself to prolong that attack, to continue to cause mass loss of life tells us about the
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depravity about that mindset of this person. >> this is something that we've discussed several times in covering mass shootings, but walk us through now in the case now that you have a deceased shooter to figure out a motive. unlike here, we know that the shooter in el paso is speaking with investigators. there you don't have a suspect, the shooter, to talk with. how do they go about finding out the why. >> first step is to identified them. we've seen incidents in the past sometimes shooters won't have identification with them. so authorities will have to look at fingerprints or possibly dna. and then they work out from that, trying to talk to his associates. we can imagine right now if they have identified him that they are gathering search warrants to conduct searches on any addresses associated with him. there is also the digital space. we've talked about a lot of
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times they have social media platform, oftentimes we've seen again in instances just in california last week where there was yet another mass shooting where the subject was on instagram talking about essentially the target of his attack. so that will be a task for the digital team to dig into this person and figure out who this person is and talk to his associates and get a picture of what they are dealing with. >> we've seen the cellphone video, the pictures. and that is not just to show the viewer what happened here, that really is a tool for law enforcement as well. and we know in this case and i'm sure there law enforcement is asking people to come forward with whatever video that they can find. talk about how important that is to build a case. >> yeah. so here at the scene in el paso, the fbi set up a special website and they are calling on any member of the public who was here to upload that video or picture.
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they want to look to ensure that there weren't other people that were there associates and accomplices and the like. in dayton, if you are out with friends, not unlikely that you would be taking pictures, videos. the moment that turns into a crime scene, that now becomes evidence. so law enforcement wants to look through that to determine the movements, determine if there are others there. again, they are calling on the public to provide that information. they will have cctv footage likely, but it is a gold mine of evidence to get that there witnesses to put eyes on and again paint this picture of what happened. >> josh campbell with us all morning. thank you for that. and now let's go to julia who is in cambridge. at one point to say that we were covering two of these in a week was a tragic threshold. now you were on just a couple
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hours ago talking about el paso. now it is dayton on. what is your reaction to what we're seeing in a span of 13 hours? >> well, obviously this is a tragedy so just looking at -- i'm most interested in if there are commonalties at this stage. we didn't know much about dayton, so we'll be careful, but we are getting enough reliable reports about the shooter being in some sort of body armor as josh just described. that is somebody ready for the mass killing, somebody who has maybe thought through. we believe this is also true of el paso because this is an individual who posted, who drove ten hours to get to el paso from where he was. so looking at dayton, i'm looking at was he triggered by something that happened in el paso, what is his digital footprint, is he part of a larger sort of ideological group, or is this just unfortunately a random shooting that has no motivation but for
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anger or maybe he knew people at the bar or whatever. the body armor though is the trigger in my mind that this is something that at least might have an ideological motivation simply because that is something that you don't just sort of wake up and decide to do a shooting. it seems to be planned out. so in my mind thinking about the commonalties in the kind of terrorism that we're in, that is what i'm looking at over the course of 2we68 ho12 hours. i went to bed at 1:00, i'm getting all these alerts and i thought they were about el paso but then they were about ohio. >> and again the concern over soft targets. it has become part of our normal jargon. this a department store, that an entertainment district, bar and restaurant. this renews the conversation on if there can be some way to harden these targets.
3:14 am
>> it always happens after these mass killings, the challenge of course is that you also have to promote the flow as we say of people shopping at a walmart or going out on a saturday night. so you try to use technology and other apparatus to try to minimize the risk but you're never going to get it down to zero. we were told yesterday there is a couple thousand people in that store, it is also an open carry state so there is an acceptance of guns and having guns on your person. in dayton, this is a lively area where people are -- do not have an expectation of high security. it would be hard to fortify even a street in an active sort of social area. so that is the challenge. so one of the reasons why people like me who worry about fortifying places and thinking about how do you keep people safe in these areas where lots of people are congregating also
3:15 am
talk about the kind of weapons that are being used, that are killing this many people this quickly. just listening to the eyewitness reports in dayton let alone what we know happened in el paso, that is a lot of people dead or wounded in a short period of time. so while i'm a proponent of physical security, you also have to look at the capacity to kill and the weaponry that allows people to kill that quickly as well as what we're wondering now, is there a common ideology between these two tragedies. >> from a national security perspective in reaching out to these individual communities to figure out a motive if there is some connection, what does that process look like? >> so it will be different as josh was describing, you know, you have one killer who is still alive, another one who is dead. so the way you do it is going to be different. but what you are looking for is
3:16 am
a couple things. who were they with, did anyone help them. what was their online presence. were they reading or writing in ways that would have disclosed what their motivation was. so in some ways it is no different than the way someone like me who sort of was a counterterrorism person on al qaeda, streets no differenit is. the same kind of investigations. so that is why i push back on the concept that these are lone wolf incidents. horrible person did something in he will pass stoel paso or ohio. that is the wrong way to think about it since the fbi has told us that white supremacy terrorism is the major threat for the u.s. right now. it is not isis, not islam, not immigrants. it is white supremacists. so how are these people feeding off each other in terms of the kind of terrorism that we're
3:17 am
seeing. i don't know the demographics of the bar in dayton, ohio but i do know just simply what we're reporting that this was -- what happened in el paso was that it was a targeted killing based on national origin, based on either hispanics or mexicans. he wrote it, that was his purpose of going to a border city. i want to learn more about what is happening in columbus, what is that demographics of that area, do we know why he would have chosen that area or that specific bar. >> and in the case in el paso, of course that four page manifesto posted according to sources just a few minutes before the shooting. investigators in ohio will have to work a little harder to find a motive there because their suspect is dead. so we'll continue to follow both stories. we'll lean on your expertise all
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morning. thank you so much for being with us. we'll take a quick break and when we come back, continuing our coverage here in el paso where 20 people were killed, 26 injured, 9 first of two mass shootings in just a matter of a few hours. stay with us. ne else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. this melting pot of impacted species. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change. did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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3:22 am
42 people total are injured between dayton and el paso. and this is some of the newest video in from dayton, this happened within 13 hours of the mass shooting in el paso. this is brand new video. you can see the incredible presence of police. we know the fbi is assisting in this. here is what we know about dayton, ohio. what you're looking at here in terms of what happened. there was a suspect who started shooting outside a pub. he was wearing body armor. and he was shooting with a long gun multiple rounds according to the assistant police chief. you can see the emergency vehicles there. we've had video that sounds as though there are a few gunshots. and then all of a sudden there is a barrage of gunshots one after another after another,
3:23 am
that coming because according to authorities the suspect was shooting as i said with a long gun, multiple rounds. and then someone, we don't know who, but somebody grabbed the barrel of that gun and that is when the suspect picked up a handgun to continue shooting. you're looking at the aftermath here. at that point, that suspect was shot and killed by police. but not we've had killed nine people and injured 16 others. and what you are looking at there is video that is just into us from dayton. of course there is a coroner that needs to go to that scene, people transferred to hospitals. we know eight people are in fair condition, one person was shot in the abdomen. there is video of authorities working on someone, trying to
3:24 am
save somebody's life. two people we know were treated and released and at least two people are in surgery this morning. but this is what is so striking. this is dayton, ohio. 1600 miles from el paso. and you've got 71 families not including witnesses to what had happened, to how it had happened over the last 13 hours. but you've got 71 families, many of them 1600 miles apart, as they are waking up to a new reality, their families are broken. because their families are feeling the absence of somebody in their life. we have nan whaley, the mayor of dayton, tweeting this.heartbrok. thank you to our first responders for all that you have
3:25 am
done. we'll share updates as we have more information. the dayton police department also sharing updates on their twitter page as well. but of course those lights, that police presence, the emergency presence of people who are trying to help victims, still all there in dayton, ohio. want to take you from dayton again 1600 miles away to el paso where victor blackwell is. and even with that kind of a distance, victor, the pain is the same. you lose somebody in your family, the pain is the same. doesn't matter how many miles there are between you. but it is unheard of i think -- we heard that from the assistant police chief saying this is unheard of what has happened in dayton. i think that the people of el paso feel the same. there is a numbness and a sense of unbelief, of disbelief, at
3:26 am
this moment, victor. >> it is sunday morning here in el paso as it is in dayton, ohio, a time when people -- many people pray and they reflect and there is a lot to pray for and about today. and now these two cities have joined this morbid from a tenity of cities that have faced this type of gun violence and we all know the names. the small cities, we know aurora, squirrel hill in pennsylvania, the synagogue shooting there, the larger cities what happened in san bernardino, orlando, parkland. it continues to happen. first it was every month or so. and then it was two this week and now two back to back in a few hours of one another. both communities in pain and trying to get answers to why and what this means for their
3:27 am
communities. i have with me now david stout, el paso county commissioner. thank you for being with us. and it has been, you know, 12 to 18 hours since the shooting happened. what are you feeling, what are you thinking this morning? >> still not understanding why this is happening here in this community. not understanding why this is happening in dayton. why this even needs to occur. you know, der psperation, angero many different emotions have been overwhelming us here over the last number of hours. and it has just been a very difficult number of hours. and you know, a lot of us are going to be going to church this morning and praying even harder i think. >> we were talking a bit during the break, you said that you were at the hospital earlier. tell me about that.
3:28 am
>> yeah, so i was having breakfast across the border when i started getting reports about what was going on. i immediately reached out to the ceo of the hospital and asked him, you know, what was going on. and he said that they had already received a couple victims. and so i got over to the hospital and i wanted to make sure that i was available to them if there was anything that they needed on behalf of the county. and just try to show solidarity with the victims and their families. >> el paso is not a tiny town, but it is described as being pretty tight knit, a community -- as much of a community as a city this size could be. >> very tight knit. i think that you have seen in many cases how this community has come together, whether it is folks that are from here or folks that are not from here,
3:29 am
for example the refugees that have come through here. the yourt pooutpouring of compas been a haymazinamazing. people were showing up at the hospital, they were showing up at the blood banks. so much so they had to started turning people away because they didn't have the capacity to attend to even and they asked them do back today. you know, people just bringing food, people bringing water, just showing up for example to the reunification site and offering hugs. it is a beautiful community. and i'm very proud to live here. >> there is this manifesto that suggests at least and there is a lot of investigation has to be done that this community might have been targeted because the shooter thought that this is what -- or the suspect thinks
3:30 am
this is what is it wrong with america, that el paso is an example of what should not happen in this country. to that ideology, you say what? >> that is sickening. you know, this community is one of the safest communities in the united states and the reason is because of the people that live here. you know, i've seen the manifesto and it is very sick. i don't know, you know -- we can't blame this on mental illness yet. we don't know if that is what may have provoked this young man do what he did. but it is very hateful. it is racist and hateful. and that is something that is going on in this country and it is a problem in this country. >> last question. does this change el paso? >> i think it does change us,
3:31 am
but i think we will come out of this stronger, more unified and loving each other much more. >> commissioner david stout, our condolences to you and the entire community. as we are mourning with you here in el paso and the country is mourning with the people of dayton, ohio as these two communities now are facing mass shootings in just a matter of a few hours. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll get the latest on what happened overnight, nine killed, 16 injured in ohio in a mass shooting. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. the latest pictures in from dayton, ohio, the scene of the latest mass shooting that happened just overnight around 1:00 a.m. local time. you see here police cars everywhere. this is the immediate aftermath of the shooting. people running. you can feel and see the chaos there as people are really confused by what is happening there, trying to get to some safety. people there on the ground injured as well. we know that nine people were killed in that shooting. the shooter as well is dead. and we're just finding out and
3:36 am
just getting this from our producers that the mayor of dayton, ohio will speak soon to give us the latest about that investigation. thine de nine dead there, 16 injured. let's talk now with james galliano, retired fbi supervisor. james, thanks for staying with us. i want to talk first about a detail that we got from deb decker who is there with the emergency management montgomery county in ohio, that the shooter in that case was wearing body armor. that indicates to you what? >> well, first of all, let's understand that the wearing or the owning of body armor is not in and of itself a crime. however, if you are a convicted felon, victor, or you are in the commission of a crime which obviously this was, that makes that illegal. now, that didn't help bring anybody back. it doesn't make anymore clear what happened last night. obviously -- and look, i look at
3:37 am
in from a number of perspectives. we have to look at the mental health issue, we have to look at hipaa and privacy acts and things like that, not being able to find out when people have these issues. i look at the dark web and the gun issue. they all play in together. but there is a proliferation of disenfranchised, disaffected young white males that are attracted to these websites. and they also often are tied up in the violent video games, the first person video games. some of these games you can put a bulletproof vest on your first person shooter. i'm not suggesting yet in the ohio case, we don't have the details yet, but it does seem erierily similar. and last thing, last night as we talked about the el paso shooting, you are there on the ground right now, this was the eighth deadliest mass shooting since we started really tracking these things on august 1 of 1966 with the university of texas
3:38 am
clock tower shooter. 20 people killed. eighth deadliest in u.s. history. and we follow that up by waking up this morning to learn of another one in dayton, ohio. >> yeah, a tragic weekend for two communities. for the country really. and we'll have that broader conversation. i want to talk more about the investigations. of course investigators in ohio will try to get an answer to the question why. we know in the el paso case, that the fbi has opened this domestic terror investigation. how important will this four page document being called this manifesto be to making that case, to determining the motive and all of the underlying elements of answering the question of why? >> supremely critical for the investigation. obviously the subsequent prosecution. we know in el paso this is one
3:39 am
of the most rare he st of rare s items. a mass shooting means four or more killed or injured by gunfire. the person that drafted this manifesto is now going to be prosecuted. the fbi will take this from two different angles. so the domestic terror front, they have jttf assigned to work this. and since this is labeled out now in the press and i heard chief allen yesterday in el paso say this, at a hate crime, the fbi civil rights division will also be working this. we just want the person to go away for life or if possible and i think off obviously now that it happened in texas, the death penalty will be on the table. but that manifesto will be critical for the prosecution to show state of mind and what the motivation or causality was behind his heinous action. >> texas governor greg abbott also calling it a hate crime
3:40 am
here. james galliano, stay with us. we of course have plenty of questions about what happened here in el paso and in dayton. so stay with us. special live coverage of this tragic weekend, 29 people killed, 42 injured across this country in two mass shootings. we'll continue in a moment. our smartphones zero times a day. times change. eyes haven't. that's why we created new ocuvite eye performance. between screen light... sunlight... and our always-on world... eyes have never been more stressed! ocuvite delivers nutrients that can help strengthen your eye's natural protective filter. and with new ocuvite eye performance you get 7 protective nutrients vital for today's eyes. because in this day and age nourishing your eyes has never been more important. ocuvite eye vitamins. eye nutrition for today.
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welcome back. i'm victor blackwell here in el paso. it is sunday morning.
3:44 am
and there will be a lot of people filling pews at churches across the country praying for the victims of the shootings that happened overnight and yesterday. but most people did not wait to pray. i want to show you video now of a vigil that happened, this is at saint piu s x. and just take a listen. ♪ a community coming together. and while that is happening, there is this very active investigation that is happening as well. let's go to james galliano, cnn law enforcement analyst. and i'd like to talk more,
3:45 am
james, about this manifesto that was found, law enforcement trying to determine if it is connected indeed to this suspect who is in custody. and in the post at least we know that the phrase i'll probably die today. if this is -- and again the investigation continues -- connected to this shooter, what do you make of that assertion, i'll probably die today, but then being taken into custody without incident and then i guess cooperating with investigators. >> a lot of times people have a certain idea when they are considering perpetrating such a horrific tragedy like this, and they iin inthink that they willt in a blaze of glory. and then as police arrive on the scene, they reconsider their options. what usually happens, and we know that in el paso, police were on the scene in a staggering six minutes. these things usually go down
3:46 am
between five to seven minutes. and look, prior to the police arriving, the shooter typically either commits suicide, leaves the scene or is apprehended or taken into custody by somebody there not police. after police arrive, a lot of times we see a phenomenon called suicide by cop where the person wants to go out in a blaze of glory. that could have been the situation here and then he reconsidered. it is critical to understand the mindset of this perverse ideology. police are also at the suspect's home going through that. they want to determine if there are any co-conspirators, did anybody inspire this person to do it or did anybody direct this person do it because those people are subject to prosecution too, victor. >> so let's turn to that part of the investigation. stay with us throughout the morning. brian todd is in dallas outside the suspect's home. brian, give us an idea of what
3:47 am
is happening there. >> reporter: it has been a very busy crime scene here. we've been here for a couple hours now and the entire time we've been here an fbi team has been behind my. the shooter's home we believe is right behind me, they are not letting us beyond this point. it is behind me 200 yards and to the left down this street in allen, texas. we're led to believe that the shooter lived that the home with a relative here in allen, texas. and fbi agents, forensics team, they have been going in and out of the home all morning and in fact overnight. there is a forensics truck parked in front of the home. we have video of that that we shot a short time ago. you see agents coming in and out, processing some evidence here. a key part of the investigation, i heard you and james galliano just talking, is possible motive here. the fbi agents behind me and other fbi officials opening up a domestic terrorism investigation into this shooting. and of course the governor of texas greg abbott calling it a
3:48 am
hate crime and that is because of what you were talking about, law enforcement officials investigating a four page manifesto that they believe the shooter posted on this messaging board called 8chan. 8chan is typically full of racist hatred and white nationalist sentiments. there is a four page manifesto again filled with racist hatred toward immigrants and hispanics. they believe the shooter wrote that manifesto, in that he said, quote, i'm probably going to die today. later a couple minutes later he posted a quote on it saying nervous but -- nervous as hell but i can't wait any longer. and then that was posted about 20 minutes before police got the first calls of a shooting at that walmart in he wiel paso. so again trying to figure out more about motive and about planning. this is about 660 miles away from the scene of the shooting. what led him to select that particular target, that walmart in el paso, it is about a nine
3:49 am
hour drive from here. and what else might he have been planning. those are key components of the investigation that we hope to learn in the coming hours and days. >> yeah, a lot of questions to answer. and correction, brian todd there in allen, texas, the home of the suspect. brian todd, thank you so much. starting to drizzle here in el paso. we know that that investigation continues both inside and outside of this walmart supercenter. hopefully the rain won't last long or complicate the investigation or collection of evidence any more than is necessary because of the massive scene that has to be processed. we'll take a quick break and continue with our breaking news coverage in a moment.
3:50 am
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it is sunday morning and we are essentially recovering at the moment through 13 hours of violence in this country. of course we had el paso where 20 people were killed and overnight starting at 1:00 a.m., another shooting, nine people have died, 16 are injured in dayton, ohio.
3:54 am
and in fact there was a man, isaac johnson, who was there at 1:00 a.m. here is what he saw. [ gunshots ] >> oh, my [ bleep ]. dude what the [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ]. >> part of what is so jolting about that, i'm sure you recognized, it starts out with
3:55 am
the pop, pop, pop of bullets. at a regular pace. i don't know what a regular pace is, but at a smaller shorter pace. and then all of a sudden a barrage of gunshots. that is because the suspect was shot dead by police officers. and you essentially heard that happen. and i want to be very sensitive to this because as we heard those gunshots going off, let's be honest, we were hearing people die. we talked to isaac johnson about what he saw and what he was doing in that moment. let's listen. >> i'll be honest, i didn't really know at first because i take my girl friend to work and pick her up on the weekend and there are always motorcycles and cars. and i was kind of sitting there waiting. and i heard a pop and i kind of thought maybe there were fireworks or something. just one or two right before i
3:56 am
started the video. and then it was like three or four and i kind of like -- fire work be -- fireworks are timed to be like five seconds or three seconds apart or right back to back and those were spaced out even. so i was like -- excuse my profanity in that but yeah, i was like what is going on. and then i saw people start running. and cars started coming out of the intersection like recklessly. i6s just confused really. i didn't even get out of the car because i was sitting there watching saw the window go up a down. were you trying to protect yourself in that moment? >> i don't really know. i think that i was going to get like -- i was thinking since it was gunshots i should go inside. but then at the same time, i was looking at my phone and was like i need to record this. so i don't know. i just like was sitting there
3:57 am
deciding if i needed to roll my window down to see what was happening or if i yes, they she.
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