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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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this special coverage out of washington. our breaking news coverage of the first full day of donald trump's administration. and of the women's march on washington and around the country. begins right now, continues now with andersen cooper "360." >> good evening. thank you for joining us for this special saturday edition of "360" on the first full day of donald trump's presidency. women standing together trying to make their voices heard. the women's march in washington, the mission to stand together to protect women's rights and stand with all who say they have been insulted, demen ionizdemonized. the vision was to join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too grit to ignore. that is exactly what happened in terms of numbers. hundreds of marches all over the country and around the world, women, men, boston, denver, chicago, and in phoenix, from coast to coast and many cities in between. the pictures show the turnout
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has been overwhelming. this is drone video from st. louis. and the pictures are similar from marches in a number of cities around the country. more on the march in washington. >> reporter: generally americans of all faiths and walks and life converging on the nation's capital protesting the agenda of the 45th president donald trump. >> it has been a heartbreaking time to be both a woman and an immigrant in this country. our dignity, our character, our rights have all been under attack. >> i am unafraid to be nasty because i am nasty like susan, elizabeth, eleanor, amelia, rosa, gloria, condoleezza, sonja, malala, michelle, hillary. >> a powerful, eclectic group bringing their message of equal rights for all americans. directly to the steps of the white house.
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>> we are here representing the majority of americans, majority of our fellow americans did not want the man in the white house. >> where do we go from here, we stay here. we keep this fight up. we keep letting them know that we are not going anywhere. >> this is -- a wakeup call. >> who needs to wake up? >> anybody who cares about democracy. anybody who cares about sanity and the presidency. >> do you have a message for president trump now? >> it's time to leave. >> and the movement spanned well beyond just washington, as hundreds of thousand of dissenting americans gathered in all 50 states from chicago to los angeles, st. louis, new york, denver, and boston. >> hello, women of massachusetts! >> celebrities, politicians, and
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everyday americans uniting. ♪ this girl is on fire >> in rebuke of president trump's past statements, standing up to say they will fight for the country they know and love. >> president trump, i did not vote for you. >> my husband and i fought for 35 years for marriage and i lost him right before christmas. and i am here. >> jessica's mother fell ill at 48 years old, of hending her life while the old health care system devastate herd financially and left her in ruins. >> i hope she would be very proud. i hope she would be very proud. and i miss her terribly. and i'm sorry she had to go the way she went. because the it was not, it was not a right way to go. >> suzanne malvo joins us now. there are official crowdest maltcrowdest -- estimates. seemed like a huge number of people. probably more people in some of
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the cities than planned for? >> it is interesting too, the people who are in the house behind me, andersen, made no mention of the massive crowd. but just to demonstrate that it was early on when they were supposed to leaving for independence, down constitution, the crowd was so thick and you could not move just getting from the truck to our live shot location, people were pleading with each other not to move you could barely breathe. there was a sense of tension, almost like you would be crushed. fortunately that feeling subsided. took a while. the announcers begging people not to move at the moment. and really just underscores, andersen, this massive, staggering crowd was much, much more than even the organizers expected. anderson. >> thank you very much. we don't have, an exact count of the numbers of people who showed up to the march today. pictures are striking. take a look at los angeles. and the marchers weren't just in the united states today, should be pointed out. they were in cities around the world. take a look at pictures from barcelona, london, paris,
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melbourne, australia. there are also marches in cities in germany, italy, new zealand, south africa, ghana, the list goes on. the scenes from across the country and across the world. joining me tonight now on the panel, inside politics anchor, john king, cnn political analyst, and "usa today" columnist, and gloria borger, dana bash, and commentator, obama senior adviser, david a l axelrod, jeffrey lord, and, trump supporter, penny nantz, conservative women for america. appreciate you all being with us. how much of these marches about from a rejection of donald trump, a rejection of his presidency, how much are they about di strers larger issues? it seemed like there were a lot of different signs with a lot of different causes. it wasn't sort of one message? >> absolutely. it was truly a combination of all of those things. but what gloria steinham said,
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she used the term wake-up call, what madonna said, before she dropped the f bomb, a different story. but the idea that, that a lot of people, especially young people who really only in their adult lives knew president obama, and didn't have an understanding these are democrats, talking about, or people, tend to vote democratic, that things could not go their way. didn't go their way. on election day. the way -- it was put its they didn't realize that bad could triumph over good. and it did. again this is their perspective. i'm not saying it is right or wrong. that its what motivated a lot of people to get out there. to say, you know what, we realized you can't just rely on good prevailing. you have to get out. use your voice. and, and, and use the, the power of protest and the power of masses of people to, to do so. so whether the, the quotation whether or not it is the beginning of something else. we don't know yet. but it certainly could be.
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>> that its a question. look at the tea party. which had success at the ballot box, you know, in the next election cycle. in this, you have a lot of people who are facebooking their friends, you know photos, sort of like-minded people. that's not necessarily activism. activism is actually sort of making inroads with people who don't share the same philosophy as you. and the question is what happens now. does this actually become a wake-up call in, as they see it? >> i think that is a big question. i think you could are gu a lot of the people who are marching felt they had a safety net with barack obama as president of the united states. so if congress screwed up. maybe barack obama would veto something, or, or and that's not there anymore. but the truth of the matter is at the state level, and at the legislative level, the democratic party has been hollowed out. over the last eight years. they have lost 1,000 seats in state legislatures. now the process begins of starting to win those back. and i think what you have got to
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start seeing at these rallies, are some of those white noncollege educated working class women who trump won by 28 points. once those women start showing up at these marches then i think you will get something cooking that its, that is a lot larger. but you have to start at the local level. that's what they're talking about right now. >> kirsten? >> i think one of the things about this doesn't bode well, this is a march called the women's march. but it also was then told a lot of women that they weren't allowed to come. they didn't want them there, because they weren't pro-choice. and so there are a lot of women. i personally know them who knocked on doors for hillary clinton, very progressive, but who are catholics or serious christians who are pro-life. in every other way would agree with everything being said today. >> women that are pro-choice were told not to come. >> they were told not to come.
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and that, that being pro-abortion rights was part of this march. it is just speaks to the same kind of i think tone deafness, in the democratic party. i think it is sad. i really think there are a lot of women that, what's so funny? >> i think that -- today was the beginning of something that was amazing. and i don't think anyone its giving it its due. today we have protests and marches across the country. you had it across the world. you had women who cam out. you had, you literally had metro stations that were two-hour waits to get there. i think that what we saw today may not be the end of anything, but i think it was the beginning of something. what we saw, i mean, it's, it's, a collection of issues. but even more importantly there was a common theme that united everybody protesting today that was, that was the freedom and justice. people came out because they believe in those things. and the democratic party is hollowed out. we did lose 1,000 seats. we did lose governor's mansions. no question about it. people are looking to others, my friend, mayor of south bend
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indiana for leadership now. the fact is that people came out today in something that we haven't seen in this country or around this world in a very long period of time. this is not anti-trump. this is pro-america. >> we'll see a lot of the people at march for life. how many show up at march for life. >> yeah, march for life, been going on for 43 years. will have about, 400,000, 500,000, next weekend. i will need all of you back here to have the same conversation next weekend. because the that is ignored on a regular basis. this is not new. i welcome it by the way. i believe in the first amendment. any time women and men get together and show their, their believes, and, strongly support their candidates or whatever that its. that's fantastic. it's good for america. but this was not a women's -- pro-life women were told, need not apply. not welcomed here kellyanne conway was not welcomed, why are you laughing it is a women's
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march we should have been included. we are not. so therefore. women are not monolithic, same group of progressives all along fighting against donald trump, and, kfrg value. they're welcome to do it. let's not misname it. >> we can cast this aside, castigate it as if it is not -- >> no, no. >> 400,000 people who march here, pro-life. >> next weekend. >> i appreciate that. >> the point is it shouldn't have been called a women's march. do you have any issue with what it was billed at? >> not at all. >> the women are the backbone of the country. civil rights movement. you don't have hillary clinton or anyone else unless you have a -- >> should have been called pro-abortion march. >> and -- >> the response to the idea that people aren't giving them enough credit. i do think part of the problem is that donald trump made a spectacle today distracted from the march.
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that its not an accident. >> not being distracted. we are going to cover -- >> i don't know. it's being covered. could be covered more. i want to say i personally tweeted out pictures from my home town, fairbanks, alaska, women marching. you can say that and also say it should be more inclusive. i don't think it is a denigrating march. >> it is not anti-trump. >> first of all. >> trump supporters were there. >> a political matter, observer of politics it is highly unusual to have the streets of washington and cities jammed the day after someone takes office. so something happened. okay. that ought to be, ought to be noted. it's not just like every other thing. >> january 21st -- there is a mountain of issues and causes represented there. how you translate that into a
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political movement, that ends in the election of candidates when people were motivated by different things. >> how does that next step happen though? >> i think that is not clear. i think that is not clear. i suspect, you know, i walked around the streets today. i think there was an awful lot of energy there. i suspect that energy will translate into some political activity. but there is no obvious vehicle for that. i think there is work to be done to got there. >> we have got to take a quick break. more on this. much more to talk about tonight. coming up. what she referred to as a spectacle, donald trump at cia headquarters has former director of the cia up in arms making public, very, public criticism of the president. also, more on one aspect of it. his focus, press secretary's amplification of it. these go tows not with standing that audience at inauguration was bigger than it was or biggest ever, details on that.
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well in his first full day in office, president donald trump put the cia at the top of his jenn. intention presumably mending fences with the intelligence community which he disparaged during the campaign. the outscum mcome may not be wh president had in mind. what he said where he said it and item he fixated on, crowd size at the inauguration carried over into the day. dominating the first white house press conference. take the day in order just so you can see how the issue escalated. the cia, first cnn chief national correspondent jim sciudo reports. >> will i want to thank
5:18 pm
everybody, very, very special people. it is true this is my first stop officially. >> day one as president and donald trump visiting the cia to face the same intelligence community he has repeatedly accused of politicizing intelligence. and leaking damaging information about him. >> there its nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than donald trump. there its nobody. >> trump spent more than half his speech, nine out of 15 minutes to be exact, talking about issues other than the intelligence community. standing in front of a wall honoring 117 fallen cia officers, he took swipes at the news media, and defying the facts, blaming his feud with the intelligence community on the media. >> as you know i have a running war with the media. they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the
5:19 pm
intelligence community. and i just want to let you know, the reason you are number one stop, its exactly the opposite. exactly. and they understand that too. >> fact is the president has repeatedly criticized the intelligence community in public comments and in tweets regarding its assessment that russia hacked the u.s. election to help him win. the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, perhaps more time need to build a case. very strange. intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to leak into the public. one last shot at me. are we living in nazi germany? the president also use the the moment to accuse the press of intentionally misstating crowd sizes at his inaugural. off off it looked honestly looked like a million naf and a half people. whatever it was it was. it went all the way back to the washington monument. and i turn on, and by mistake, i get this network, and it shows
5:20 pm
an empty field. and it said we drew 250,000 people. now that's not bad. but it's a lie. we had 250,000 people literally around, in the little bowl that we constructed. that was 250,000 people. the rest of the, 20 block area all the way back to the washington monument was packed. so, we caught them and we caught them in a beauty. i think they're going to pay a big price. >> his assault on the press was met with some applause inside the cia. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. right? >> trump telling the crowd he knew the military and intelligence community had mostly voted for him. >> probably almost everybody in this room voted for me. but i will not ask you to raise your hand if you did. >> mr. trump ended on a positive tone for the gathered audience. >> now i just wanted to really say that -- i love you.
5:21 pm
i respect you. there its nobody i respect more. you are going to do a fantastic job. and we are going to start winning again and you are going to be leading the charge. >> jim sciuto joins us now as well as the panel. strong reaction from former cia director john brennan. >> strongly worded statement, former little more than 24 hours. former cia director brennan is deeply saddened and angered at donald trump's despicable display of self aggrandizement in front of the cia memorial wall of agency heroes. brennan says trump should be ashamed of himself. it's remarkable, it gets to that point that, is in effect the cia's arlington, the 117 stars there. many without names. many we know the names of, of those who gave their lives. >> cia officers, agents. >> killed in action. >> sacrificed their lives. many now can't be named. >> exactly right. some we know. johnny michael span, first american killed in afghanistan after the invasion. the two cia officers killed in
5:22 pm
the benghazi attack for instance. want to make this clear, there has been a lot of talk about the politicalization of intelligence, agencies, brennan was in the cia for 25 years. he served as national counterterrorism director under george w. bush. so he served republicans and democrats. yes served obama add strags for years, but served republican as as a cia agent under multiple administrations. so, his service has been to, to -- not relate it to party, although he is obama appointee. and this is when i speak to folks inside the agency that's their mantra. we do our intelligence work often at great risk to presidents and administrations regardless of party. >> jeffrey lord. >> i'm hard pressed based on the clips you have shown tonight, of donald trump at the cia, to understand when the man looks at these people right in the eye and says i love you, why this is some sort of diss for the intelligence community. the diss is that you, you talked
5:23 pm
about, were from previous times. he didn't stand there today and do that. >> he denied -- >> he denied he dissed them in the past. >> he clearly doesn't think that -- >> calling them nazis. >> wait, wait, wait. there is a problem. we talked about this before. there is a problem in the intelligence community isn't just the intelligence community, the washington bureaucracy of leaking things. >> problem in the trump administration of leaking stuff. they all leak. they all leak. >> this isn't the intelligence community. the specific leak he was talking about, that got them all so fired up. >> you can't deny he disparaged the community, putting intelligence in quotes. >> today? today? did he do that today? >> no, he denied he did it in the past. in front of the wall. >> he did disrespect them today. i have heard from people who -- were in the intelligence community, and people who are in national security, who said that he did disrespect them because he spent most of his time during
5:24 pm
this speech in front of that hallowed wall talking about crowd size at his inauguration and instead of talking about the hard work that these people do. so he went there on a mission, but he didn't spend most of his time talking about the intelligence community. he said, yeah, we are all going to work off the same page. we're on the same wave length. >> why are you dismissing that though? >> he spent most of his time talking about other things. >> look, look. his leadership style as an executive is to work with people to be a leader but also to set a fire under them. now, i think -- >> i think he did. not the kind. >> i think you will see not only today, but you will see a lot as he deals with bureaucracies. you will see more of this kind of thing. what he is trying to do its inspire them, ignite them, get them. >> talking about crowd size at the cia have to do with
5:25 pm
inspiring cia officers? >> in front of the wall of the fallen. >> had he gone to arlington, laid the wreath beautifully on inauguration day, that he done the exact same thing, would you say this too? >> anderson what he is doing is communicating -- >> had he done this at arlingto- >> at the wall, hallowed ground, langley, worked two summers in college, that is hallowed ground in that hall? >> understand that. understand that. >> does he? >> what i am saying is he is communicating to them the leadership style with them. that is going to be the leadership tile in white house for four years. >> no doubt about it. >> last night the president went to this ball for the armed services. and his first line was, i'm glad to be here because you all voted for me. much like we saw there. then he went on to talk to troops who were being beamed in from afghanistan, and they, he asked them to ask questions. they said, congratulations. most of them, that's all they said. i love your questions, you like me, not like these people.
5:26 pm
and never once did he say, this is a man who now has the the power to send these young people into situations that could very well cost them their lives. and how about thank you for your service, we appreciate the sacrifices you and your families make for this country. and i am only saying this, that is the role of the commander-in-chief. when he want to the cia today and stood before that wall, he should have known, this is not the place to talk about crowd sizes or to talk about votes. this is serious business in front of an audience of people who have committed their lives to protect this country. that its part of being president. that is part of being commander-in-chief. he has the to peck up this role. >> but -- david with all due respect. you know i am not yelling at you here. but part of being commander-in-chief is not with draufing troops from iraq. >> no, no, no. because that was an act, direct action of the commander-in-chief
5:27 pm
that wound up killing some of the kids. right? >> i am not going to dignify that, jeffrey. i'm trying to make a point about what the role of the president. >> i'm -- >> you are making a political point. >> i'm saying that's the role of the commander-in-chief should have been executed. >> if you feel the president was appropriate last night and to day. you should say so. >> i think we are, i think the eb tire question is a needle out of a hay stack. a typical media sort of thing. >> you say it is inappropriate what he did at arlington, you can't directly criticize what the president did today. >> standing in front of a group of people. he got applause in the clips. did he not? >> yes, he did. >> there were no boos. >> do you think he had a sense or was adequately prepared about the meaning of that space in the cia? do you think he -- he knew? >> of course i'm any sure. >> he did it anyway. started talking about himself.
5:28 pm
>> common knowledge what the wall represents. >> he started talking about himself. >> guys, guys. >> the larger point. there is no reason. you know, people can express shock, defend it, whatever. this is what -- this is, this is who donald trump is. this is the way it is going to be. moving forward. that's just. more clear than ever. >> we live in interesting times. yes it is who he is. we are going to have to get used to this. part of it to dave ifd's point. part is he is going to have to get used to it. we'll see. maybe he is right. maybe he can say things as president he said as candidate or president elect it won't cause trouble. maybe it won't move markets. maybe it won't offend world leaders. part of the demonstrations the ones overseas were people, he has the world's attention right now. he has the world's attention. see what he does with it. last night at the ball we were at, sitting at the ball last night. came out asked the rhetorical question, should i stay on the twitter. he went on to talk about the enemies. he didn't say critics, political opponents, didn't say democrats, he didn't say those agree with my policies he said enemies.
5:29 pm
that its unusual language. being poe lielt. that is unusual language in our american political discourse, to call some one who disagrees, your enemy, as opposed to your critic. >> there was that at the cia. moved over to the white house. going to report on that. why the administration's focus, with everything that is going on, everything that is happening to day, the first day, remember, day one, essentially, all of the things they could be talking about, the focus from them seemed to be on the crowd size yesterday, which frankly we didn't report much about yesterday. we didn't really talk much about it. because of the importance of the day. but they have made now a big story today, we will have more on that ahead.
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with protesters lining the streets notably in washington, sean spicer gave his first press briefing from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he did not take any questions. it was in a word, brief. in another comb battlive could be an adjective. senior white house correspondent jim acosta at the briefing. he joins us now. this was unscheduled briefing. explain what happened. >> yeah, andersen, an extraordinary scene. obviously donald trump does not like the news coverage that he has gotten over the last 24 hours. some of the news coverage has shown how the attendance at his inaugural does not measure up to past inaugural attendances. most notably barack obama's in 2009. as you heard he lashed out at the cia earlier today. and then sean spicer his, his press secretary, at his very first briefing inside the white
5:34 pm
house, uptz eused the opportuni go after the news media. here's what he had to say. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. both in person and around the globe. even "the new york times" printed a photograph showing a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original tweet. in their paper which showed the full extent of this support depth and crowd and intensity that existed. these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful, and wrong. the president is committed to unifying our country, and that was the focus of his inaugural address. this kind of dishonesty in the media that challenging bringing abut our nation together is making it more difficult. there has been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold donald trump accountable. i am here to till you that it goes two ways. we are going to hold the press accountable as well. the american people deserve better and as long as he serves as the messenger for this incredible movement he will take his message directly to the american people, where his focus
5:35 pm
will always be. >> and andersen, that final message that weep just played there from sean spicer i think is critical. he said, that they're going to hold the news media accountable. i talked to a republican source right after he made that comment, who said, make no mistake, that was a threat from the white house press secretary at his very first briefing aimed at the news media. and the other thing that is extraordinary about the statement that sean spicer gave in the briefing room if you go down the list of these metrics he laid out, you can, you can fact check nearly all of them. which is something we have done. >> you know, it's interesting, because he keeps talking how his focus is just the american people. donald trump talks about himself and did this today, the size of his crowds. more than -- more than many people do how smart he is. i think he talked about that again today. and, sean spicer seemed like he was reading directly from a statement, a statement that certainly seemed to be carefully worded. >> it was carefully worded.
5:36 pm
but he was careless with the facts. keep in mind he talked about how this was the first inaugural where they used white ground coverings to protect the grass on the national mall. that is not true. anderson. we found a photographs from 2013. here they are. actually those are different photographs. we have photographs from 2013. show ground crews laying those white ground coverings on the national mall. there it is right there. you've can see the crews, doing that work at, president obama's second inaugural. he also said during the briefing, andersen that magnotometers were used around the mall and prevented people from getting to inauguration site and donald trump. we asked secret service about the claim, u.s. secret service tells us that magnotomers were not used around the mall. not true. he cited metro numbers. cited the wrong metro numbers, anderson. talked about incomplete metro numbers that were not encompassing for the full day.
5:37 pm
put this up on the screen. tell you. according to metro, donald trump drew 570,500, on the metro. 4:00 in the morning to midnight. 2009, 1.1 million for barack obama at the first, and 782,000 in 2013. so andersen those are three metrics right there that are just incorrect. factually incorrect. either sean spicer is deliberately misleading us and giving us bad information he went into this extraordinary briefing earlier today totally unprepared which is something you can't do as white house press secretary. there will be days -- >> that's even the weird thing about the numbers he gave on the metro. the numbers he gave were lower than the real numbers, actually more people were riding the metro according to the metro than sean spicer said they actually were. so even in his argument, he was giving his numbers were wrong, but they were, they were wrong,
5:38 pm
in a way that did not favor donald trump who seems to care about how big the numbers are. >> that's right. anderson. there gigs to come a day when we are talking about more important things than donald trump's crowd size. and on those days, the white house press secretary has to be accurate with his information. now everybody makes mistakes. everybody flubs. and slips over a word. that sort of thing. but i think this should be a teachable moment for this new administration. they can't come out and just blast the news media with bad facts. and that's what they did today. >> jim acosta, thank you. back with the panel. john, we would not be talking to day about crowd sizes, the most ridiculous thing to be focusing on, but this is what the white house was actually focusing on today. >> look, we have seen this throughout the campaign. to his credit, candidate trump drew amazing crowds. to his credit, candidate trump used krucrowds to build the movement, surprised everybody to win the nomination and the election. he its president now.
5:39 pm
he is the president now. he gave a speech yesterday. democrats disagree. conservatives at the table, like most if not all of it. completely eradicate isis from the earth. revive inner cities, cut taxes, create jobs, make a supreme court pick that will send the town into a tizzy. why we're talking abut crowd size to me is just absurd. but again, he is the president of the united states. he has a bully pulpit. he proved again today that if you get under his skin, look, no d doubt he saw the marches going on. i don't remember talking crowd size on cnn yesterday. >> we didn't. >> "the new york times," a "the new york times" reporter tweeted out the back and forth. 2009 and yesterday. if one tweet is going to send the president of the united states off. hillary clinton tried this in the debates. watching from home tonight. so maybe, maybe donald trump is right. but if one tweet can so get under the president of the united states skin. i just hope he finds better use for his time. >> you have to believe sean
5:40 pm
spicer didn't go out on his own. that was not from the heart from the piece of paper. >> clearly a president who was agitated. spoken about it earlier inappropriately i believe at the cia. who was mad about this because he saw this pictures, these, he didn't like these pictures. this is day one. of the administration. this is day one. you want to talk kroutd size, the numbers we ought to be talking about six months from now, job creation and other kinds of things. this is, this is incomb prehence bum. it is absurd. and i think, ultimately, self destructive for the president to be doing this. it make him look smaller, not bigger. >> look, somebody said this to me who knows these people. sean spielser did this for audience of one. his boss, donald trump. going down the line, hopefully, sean spicer as the the white house spokesperson will be speaking to the world not be speaking to his boss. meaning, his boss clearly was
5:41 pm
angry, agitated about crowd sizes. >> which by the way, something, ari fleisher tweeted out. >> he did. let's put it up, ari fleisher twee. he said this is called a statement you are told to make by the the. and you know the president is watching. former press secretary. >> exactly. sean spicer was clearly doing this because he was told to do it. he had two choices. do this, or quit. because his bauls -- clearly -- was agitated. that's the problem. i mean does he want to be 5:00. let me just finish one thing. >> you mean there are no iraqi troops in kuwait. >> i'm not going down the road. >> but, but -- the day that donald trump landed here couple days ago and went to arlington. i texted an aide who was with him. i wanted. we were doing live coverage. it was very, positive about the pomp and circumstance. and i said, i just want a little color. how does he feel? did his first official act. the response was the crowd sizes
5:42 pm
are amazing. it is a very special day. it is how he measures himself. how he measured himself, ratings, equivalent when in television. the question going forward is -- whether or not he can try to put that aside or more importantly if he can't, if the people around him who successfully rotated in and out, jared kushner, and steve bannon, successfully keeping him calm away from these things and focused on the prize which was winning >> we have to take a quick break. we will have the panel in just -- when we come back. much more to talk about on a day fair to say unlike we have seen. day one. we'll be right back. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
5:43 pm
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5:46 pm
talking about sean spicer's first press statement from the white house. for the most part focused on the size of the crowd back with the panel. and gave out incorrect information about it. david, you wanted to -- >> yeah, i did. as someone who was a senior aide to a president i still remember getting my ears singed every once in a while when i went in and said, no, sir, you can't do that. this is a bad idea. but i think it is important to have people around you who, who do do that. so, we should emphasize it is the first day. there are many days to go. but if this president is going to be successful then the people
5:47 pm
around him owe it to him to say, you cannot do that. that its a bad idea. and in terms of sean spicer who is a guy who has built credibility in this town over 20 years, everyone here knows him, to, to send him out there to do what he did tonight is to basically cripple someone or, or at least lessen his effectiveness when he actually has to go out and talk about something -- >> there is probably a lot of people out in the country watching tonight. who say this all is media carping about how they're treated, this is all, hand ringing, doesn't matter. >> nor does the size of the crowd i'm sure they're thinking? >> what do you answer to that? >> the answer is that if reporters can't trust the information that they're getting from the press secretary, if they've don't feel like they're getting real honest true facts then it makes it much harder for them moving forward to do their
5:48 pm
jobs. and they begin to discount things he says. and, you know, i just think it is extraordinarily important for, for the press secretary to always be in a possession to deliver what he knows to be -- >> if i could say, i know sean spicer, most of you do. first off he is his own man. and i don't know if anybody here has not gotten a tongue lashing at some point from sean spicer, and, and sometimes deserved. i have to agree that most people don't care. they don't care. >> because people don't care, you can say people don't care about facts, nevertheless facts do matter. >> well, of course, he needs to have his facts straight. and perhaps, i don't know what happened. but i do know this, sean spicer is not a robot. he thinks for himself. he is a very strong man. and will be a great press secretary. >> it is a tough job. >> i think, i think respectfully we are missing something here that a lot of folks missed for
5:49 pm
the last two years. is there is an underlying strategy with donald trump when heap does things. as i think i have said to you before i speck to him three years ago now. and what you were hearing here about the press, he said personally to me. he really believes this. now he is president. and first of all he was a candidate. i think he had a strategy of going after the press because he felt, and i think everybody here would agree that the press gets just in general gets low marks from the american public. so when we are talking here about, sean spicer comes out and says something that is factually not true, you have got lots of people in america pointing to the television and saying -- saying you are telling us things that are not true. >> if i can briefly. one of the things we haven't discussed in this. i think that there were many things, gloria laid it out. there were many things the president and the white house could have spoken about today. affordable care act. could have talked about, mortgage rates, executive order he signed that will make it hard for millenials to get, their
5:50 pm
first homes. but even, or the women's march. want to talk unity. could have tweeted or talked about that. millions of people in the streets. but even more importantly the white house lied today to the american public. i mean we can call it whatever we want to call it. we can say sean may have had his facts incorrect. sean is a great individual. i love sean.>> but today the wh lied to the american public, the first day in office. we could call it whatever we want to call it, but that is very, very dangerous. that undermines one of our very, very credit cable tenants of dm democracy. >> most of america believes shawn spicer over all of you. his credibility is higher than yours. >> what he says is actually not correct. >> but it was a lie. do you recognize that? >> i don't know what the numbers are. >> what you guys are stating is a very cynical -- he didn't lie.
5:51 pm
he stood in front of the american people. i love shawn. i really do. he stood in front of the american people that he should have known wasn't true. >> do you believe that yesterday's inauguration and the crowd size was larger than 2009 with barack obama? >> but nobody cares. how about that? >> what's funny is actually the president of the united states cares. and shawn spicer seems to care. >> you care because he was taking it to the media. >> our job isn't to be loved by the president. my job is to do credible, serious journalism. >> i didn't vote for donald trump. however, i do expect the president of the united states -- i'm sorry. i'm not jaded by reality yet.
5:52 pm
i expect the president of the united states to actually tell the truth. >> he lied about a really big thing. >> he won the presidency in an unbelievable way. he should own that and not worry about the crowds. >> we're going to take a break. what's next we're going to take a look at what's next for the obamas. they will be back in washington, soon, not far from the white house. we'll be right back. oh, it's our verizon bill look at them. line access fee, administrative fees, there are even taxes on top of them decent people shouldn't have to live like this (slaps "fee" off dad's head) did i get it? t-mobile ends surprise fees and taxes that's right, with t-mobile one, taxes and fees are now included 4 lines, 40 bucks each. all unlimited, all in. learn more at a t-mobile store.
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5:56 pm
a lot of different issues they were representing. the trump white house team has been silent about the actual protest. meanwhile, barack obama hit the links on his first full day out of office. they are vacationing in the california desert. a first step back into private life. though, they will not be going far from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. randy kay tonight reports. >> reporter: it is surreal that once he's done with golfing in california, he'll be coming right back into trump's washington. >> it wasn't good-bye, but more of a see you soon for president barack obama. in washington, dc, he has plenty of unfinished business, including trying to keep the affordable care act from being dismantled. >> he's going to have to lead a charge on trying to save it. >> the former president already has an office in the world wildlife fund building. >> he's going to be working a
5:57 pm
lot on climate change, and he is deeply concerned about the planet and saving rain forests, saving echo systems, species survival. >> mr. obama will also work to curb gun violence, help african-american youth and promote literacy and the arts. >> president obama is the first president to say here in washington, d.c., since woodrow wilson. wilson remained here because he had a stroke. but president obama and his wife are saying so their youngest daughter, sash sha, can finish out of high school. >> they are renting out this nine-bedroom home. the president himself will also be a draw in town. >> he'll become almost like the lincoln memorial or the washington monument. people are going to want a glimpse of barack obama in a
5:58 pm
cafe or bookstore. >> the obama foundation is building his presidential library on chicago's south side. beyond that, mr. obama has plans to write his memoir. he'll also be on high demand on the speaking circuit. >> ronald reagan got a million dollars a speech for joing to japan. imagine what people would be willing to pay barack obama. he is sort of the top of the haep right now for public speaking. >> this former president has a hefty to-do list. >> my fellow americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. >> randy kay, cnn, washington. >> much more ahead on this special saturday edition of 360. huge turnouts of women's marches
5:59 pm
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