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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 15, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the president-elect of the united states versus a civil rights icon versus congressman john lewis, feels the backlash after donald trump won, saying he is not a legitimate president. some 70 come together for a peace conference in paris on the israeli palestinian conflict. guess who is not there? the israelis and palestinians. the greatest show on earth, america's legendary ring liling brothers circus is taking down its tent after almost 150 years. live from cnn world headquarters
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in atlanta. welcome to our viewers from here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. the u.s. president-elect p is firing back against a civil rights icon. on friday, congressman, john lewis, said, he didn't see trump as a legitimate president. lewis, an ally of the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. during the early days of the civil rights movement found himself the subject of trump's twitter wrath just days before the u.s. holiday commemorating dr. king. here is how it all got started with lewis' comments to nbc. >> i do not see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping in man
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get elected. they have destroyed the candidacy for hillary clinton. trump on twitter firing back. quote, congressman lewis, should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime infested, rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk. no action or results. sad. trump later seemed to double down on that criticism, quote, congressman john lewis should finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner cities of the united states. i can use all the help that i can get. here is what some residents of john lewis' district here in the city of atlanta, georgia, had to say about this feud. john lewis, detrimental to his cause. >> trump is the president. i got over when obama went in. half the world needs to get over
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it now that trump is in. >> let's bring in eugene scott live for us in washington. eugene, a pleasure to have you with us. i would like to start by break t breaking this down. donald trump attacking a civil rights icon saying he is all talk, no action. this despite lewis' deep history in civil rights not to mention the fact that just last june, lewis arranged a sit-in right here on the topic of gun control. the issue of lewis' service, being attacked, bha has bewhat the response? is there a feeling the president-elect may have gone too far? >> there is certainly a feeling that donald trump is actually not familiar with john lewis' record in congress. so one approach to that we have seen on social media is people tweeting out some of the causes and policy proposals that the representative has put forward p in his 30 plus year career in
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congress. >> here we are days before the inauguration. there is a growing list, eugene, of democrats, who say they have no plans of even attending the inauguration. take a look here. you can see that we have the breakdown of the many different democrats that say they plan to skip it. this image shows trump's preinaugural approval ratings. it is the lowest compared to other presidents. you see donald trump at 44% compared to president obama, bush and clinton, much higher. here is the question, eugene. what dwoes this say about donal trump's ability to build bridges across the aisle before he takes the oath of office? >> it questions his ability to do so. the list of democratic lawmakers boycotting the election continues to grovemew. it is on top of the women's
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march. there is a concern also that perhaps donald trump isn't really interested in working with some of these people. if you look at the heart of john lewis' critique, it wasn't about donald trump specifically as much as russia's involvement in the 2016 election. many democratic lawmakers who even do think that donald trump's election was legitimate would like to see the president-elect you be more aggressive in addressing that issue. >> this latest controversy all started after lewis said that he did not believe trump to be a legitimate president. this topic came up during the obama's presidency. poppy harlow touched on that earlier in her show. let's listen. >> i also think it is unprecedented that a congressman with a stature was able to come out and say, i don't believe donald trump is a legitimate president. i cannot imagine the fallout, the backfire that you would have
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if a republican would have ever implied that about barack obama or bill clinton or jfk or anyone else for that matter. >> that's what many did questioning the legitimacy of the first black president. >> ben ferguson making the poichpoint and poppy harlow making the counter point that that did, indeed happen, with the president-elect focusing on the birther issue that has been proven to be false. >> it is true that donald trump some say built his political career on questioning president barack obama's legitimacy despite having documentation that the current president very much had reason and the right to be president. whether or not donald trump will move forward in accepting the
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intelligence that his critics are hoping he will that will no longer bring his legitimacy into question for people like john lewis and his supporters, is not yet clear. he has proposed to put forward a committee that will look into more hacking for our government in the future. eugene also as a matter of fact. facts do matter. trump called lewis' district crime-ridden. that district is the city of atlanta for the most part. i live here. no one can deny there is crime in the city. to try to define an entire city or district in 140 characters or less is a massive overgeneral zation at best. atlanta has many things going for it. i will post some things on twitter today. the question comes down to this. trump's style, whether it is focusing on people or companies, what happens when he takes office doing these kind of things online? >> well, one of the things that's going to continue is what we saw yesterday.
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people will continue to push back with facts. people have flooded social media describing metropolitan atlanta and surrounding is your bushsube accuracy that was not reflected in donald trump's tweets. we will see people pushing back on claims he has made that can be supported by stories and news and research. one of those examples is donald trump allegedly will be visiting the smithsonian museum tomorrow in commemoration of martin luther king day. john lewis is the representative who introduced the bill for that museum to be built. >> eugene scott live for us in washington. eugene, thank you. civil rights activists who are concerned about the trump administration plan to make it known that they intend to stand up to the president-elect even before he is sworn in. this the scene in washington despite the rainy weather. some 2000 people marched saturday in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. the protest organizer, reverend
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al sharpton says democrats in congress need to, quote, get some backbone. organizers say they are against the targeting of muslims and fear deportation of millions of immigrants. civil rights activists say they will continue to watch what happens with the trump administration. the president-elect is also looking to see u.s. sanctions lifted when it comes to russia. this is something he is talking about he has indicated. he has indicated it is up to moscow for this to happen. he says he will be fine with meeting with the russian president, vladmir putin, if, indeed -- after he takes office. matthew chance is following that story. die want to a i do want to ask you, what is the perception there after the president-elect is making it clear he is willing to meet with vladmir putin? >> that is being welcomed,
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obviously. if you talk to russian officials, they say they are not looking for any special treatment by the bhwhite house,y president donald trump once he is sworn into office. behind the scenes, they are secretly, quietly confident that the situation is going to improve somewhat once donald trump is the president of the united states, particularly with the issue of sanctions. there is a belief that donald trump has a negative attitude towards sanctions as a policy towards russia because it hasn't changed russia's behavior. and, of course, he has been supported in that belief by his nomination for secretary of state, rex tillerson, when he was the ceo of exxon. went on the record to say that he did not believe that sanctions were an effective tool of american policy. i think there is quiet confidence, shall we say, in the kremlin, that once donald trump becomes president of the united
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states, the very rocky relationship that has existed between moscow and washington is going to start to ease somewhat and get better. >> at the same time, there have been a lot of mixed messages to say the least. donald trump indicating one thing. congressional leaders indicating another, saying that the u.s. should keep a stronger stance against russia. is there sort of a wait and see attitude there in russia? >> there is definitely that. the ru russians are not that. donald trump is seeing as being unpredictable. he has spoken about recognizing crimea as a legitimate part of russia. russia annexed that territory in 2014. he has criticized nato and
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spoken about cooperation with the russians in syria to fight international terrorism. all of this is music to the kremlin's ears. he is an unknown political quantity. behind the scenes, there are serious doubts here in russia, amongst russian officials that he will be able to follow through, willing or able to follow through on any of those suggestions he has made in the campaign and as he approaches this inauguration as president of the u.s. matthew chance, live for us in moscow. thank you for the reporting. still ahead on "cnn newsroom," the first major foreign policy test of donald trump once he is in office. his administration invited to the next round of syrian peace talks. we'll have details on that. plus, france is hosting a peace conference on the israeli/palestinian conflict. why this meeting is so controversial. live across the world this hour, we are watching "cnn newsroom." looking for balance in your digestive system?
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welcome back. the incoming trump administration may have their first test on foreign policy. they have invited turkey to the peace talks. it is unclear whether his administration will accept that invitation. the high negotiations committee group says they support those talks. for more, let's bring in
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mohammed lela. good to have you wuss. the yunited states was not part of brokering this peace deal. it is invited to the table. what does this mean for the u.s. to be invited? talk about being thrown right into the deep end, we don't know if the united states is going to accept this invitation and join these peace talks. normally, what would happen is that the state department would make a recommendation for the president-elect once he is inaugurated and becomes president. it would be up to him whether or not to accept that invitation based on the recommendation of the state department. what makes this invite so interesting is not the fact that the united states is being interviewed but ho they are being invited to the table. this is not the united states being told it will have a role in this syrian peace process. it is specifically the trump administration. the reason for that is simple.
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this has all been hammered out over the last several weeks by russia and turkey, two of the key players that have proxies and have very deep vested interests in the outcome of the syrian war. those two sides have been hammering out how this peace process would play out and throughout that entire period starting back in late november, the united states wasn't invited. secretary of state john kerry didn't have a seat at the table. the entire cease-fire was hammered out without any u.s. involvement. lo and behold, three days after trump is scheduled to take office, now, the united states gets an invitation to be part of these long-term peace talks. clearly, a strong preference from turkey and russia to have completely avoided the obama administration and waited for the new president-elect to be inaugurated before the united states would be invited back to the table. >> no word yet on whether trump or his team will attend. if the u.s. attends, what is the plus/minus here.
2:18 am
will the u.s. be at a disadvantage going into this meeting? >> a big question about what capital or currency the united states has left in syria. there was a point where the united states was considered a broker, a channel for the opposition to possibly talk with turkey and russia and to set up some peace process. the united states has tried to do that in the past. it has completely failed. the fact that turkey and russia seem to be succeeding in maintaining this fragile cease-fire, is an indication how far the u.s. influence has fallen and how important russia, turkey and iran are. even if the united states does get a seat at the table, it's role is up in the air. turkey and russia have guaranteed our put themselves up as the guarantors of the cease-fire. so when there is a violation, people in syria now look to
2:19 am
turkey and russia to monitor it and to enforce it. the u.s. hasn't played any role in that. is the united states going to be an observer or have a more active role. at least if the last several weeks are any indication, it may simply be in an observer role. that will be up fot president-elect donald trump to desite what role the united states wants to have in syria moving forward. >> invited three days after inauguration. it is a game of geopolitical chess. it will be interesting to see whether the u.s. accepts the invitation or not, how it will participate, how it could or not mohammed lela live. around 70 countries are meet ng par meeting in paris for a peace conference. they hope to urge israeli leaders to commit to a two-state solution. the key issue that divides both sides. it is the city of jerusalem.
2:20 am
both sides claim it as their capital. our sara sidner has this report for us. >> the tapestry of palestinian neighborhood ns ea neighborhoods in east jerusalem is changing. more and more the star of david is woven into the landscape as jewish settlers with the help of nonprofit buy or sue their way into palestinian homes. we watch as jewish children walk to and from home noticing they are never without an armed escort. their families fear evident in the most mundane of acts. fear is something they have in common with their palestinian neighbors. this man says his own home surveillance video shows guns used to protect jewish settlers are sometimes turned on palestinians. settlers say they simply respond to attacks by palestinians. they are trying to scare the families with guns so we get to a point where we are convinced to take the money and leave.
2:21 am
>> in the beginning of 2014, he says, they started giving us evacuation orders claiming this land was owned by settlers since 1892. in the legal battle, he says jewish settlers site battles written back when the empire world saying it was once jewish owned. a century later, they want it back. >> the rajabi family live ns this neighborhood jammed tightly into the hills of east jerusalem. it lies right outside the gates of the old city which surrounds a mosque and the whaling wall. for him, this is simply home. he is staying put even after jewish settlers offered him a blank check to sell it. >> reporter: why not take the money and get out of here? >> this question makes me laugh. it is not the money. it is about principles. we want our land, our house, our
2:22 am
dignity. even though his children dread encounters with settlers who live a few doors down. they shot at us and arrested my brother. i was so scared the 7-year-old said. his son says this encounter shows violence he endured by settlers near his home. >> reporter: we tried to talk to some of the israeli settlers here in east jerusalem. however, a young man name neve did speak. he asked why anyone would choose to live in such a tense situation. for some, it sfems frtems from and abiding belief that this land belongs to the jews and settlements go against the international law. >> do you think you can ever
2:23 am
live in peace? >> how will i forget how i suffered and how they beat me? we can never live in peace. here, even the next generation can't imagine a peaceful solution. sara sidner, cnn, jerusalem. >> there us a peace conference taking place in paris on the israeli/palestinian conflict? let's talk more with warren lieberman. good to have you with us. given that neither the israelis nor the palestinians are part of this actual meeting, can anything truly come from it? the french foreign minister said to have to do something before all is lost, they are not trying to impose a solution on the israelis and palestinians. there is a question of what will come out of this. at best a recommendation or a guideline that either side can ignore what it doesn't like. there is no consequence to ignoring it. the idea is to keep the peace process moving forward, which has been stagnant since the last
2:24 am
round of peace talks broke out in april, 2014. netanyahu fired off another criticism of the peace conference saying it is a false conference and a rel lick of the past. a new day or era begins soon, very soon. perhaps they are references president-elect donald trump inauguration. >> could it put new pressure on them to find a solution? >> on its own, that is unlikely. there is no con quens. this is some 70 countries meeting. this isn't the u.n. or the eu. there are no sanctions that will come out of this. israel's fear is what comes next. if they are taken to the u.n. security council and adopted even if it is nonbinding, that's a big step forward, a big step that's virt quulually impossibl undo. whether trump chooses to abide
2:25 am
by it or not. they will become a u.n. security council resolution. that remains israel's fear. there is a group calling itself commander's for the security of israel. they are not coming out and saying we need a two-state solution. they are opposing a one-state solution. it hurts israel's democracy and security. that's a big statement. that includes very high-ranking officers in the military. they are trying to push forward whether it is the peace conference itself or peace trying to make a statement to move forward. >> the united states is certainly an important key in all of this. the israeli leaders there frustrated with the obama administration, leaving the door open. hopefully for change and policy with the incoming trump
2:26 am
administration. no representatives from the incoming administration are taking part either in what's happening in paris. trump has made it clear he doesn't support this conference. i think secretary kerry will make a speech. that gets at why this conference may have no immediate effect on its own. what's important, this conference doesn't stand on its own from israel and the palestinian perspective. it is part of the process we have seen from the first security resolution to the kerry speech. if this stands on its own, it could be it doesn't mean anything. whether trump likes it or not, the fact is, it is there. >> warren lieberman, live for us in jerusalem. thank you so much. 5:26 on the u.s. east coast. you are watching "cnn newsroom" in the u.s. and around the world. still ahead, a veteran police officer is laid to rest while
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we are following for you this hour. china's foreign ministry is not happy about donald trump's suggestion that the united states one china policy could change once he is in the white house. a ministry spokesperson called the policy nonnegotiable and said taiwan is part of chinese territory. the u.s. has formal diplomatic relationship was beijing and not
2:31 am
taiwan. no word on whether the u.s. will accept an invitation to take part in the next round of syrian peace talks. turkey said the u.s. would be asked to join those talks, the talks scheduled for january 23rd. that's just three days after donald trump takes the oath of office. special military police are responding to a number prison riot in northern brazil. a government spokeswoman says at least ten inmates have been killed there. the riot began after an altercation broke out between two rival gangs. this is brazil's fifth deadly prison riot in two weeks. the u.s. president-elect, donald trump, is getting some blockback for his harsh respond to congressman, john lewis, saying lewis is all talk and no action. how residents of lewis' district here in atlanta, georgia, are speaking out about that feud. nico nicole carr from our affiliate wsb has more. >> reporter: a civil rights icon and georgia congressman, john lewis, began trending online
2:32 am
saturday. atlantans came to his defense rejecting backlash from president-elect donald trump. >> he has dedicated his entire life to community service and that's a lot more than what mr. trump has to offer. >> reporter: in a series of morning tweets, trump shot back at lewis who said he was not a legitimate president. trump said he was all talk and no action. >> what did due during the civil rights movement? i didn't see you out here. >> reporter: the tweets said lewis should cons freight on his crime-infested district, which is largely african-american and primarily comprised of the city of atlanta. they ranked atlanta 14 of the major u.s. cities with the worst crime rate. >> this is the only city i would feel comfortable raising a family in mid-town, which is just down the street from
2:33 am
downtown. >> no, i don't feel unsafe. >> there is less crime in our neighborhoods than there is in politics. >> trump's tweets have garnered an invitation from john yves. >> he needs to come here, see what's here, the good and what the opportunities are. >> thanks to affiliate wsb and nicole carr for that report. john lewis is not the only one in washington not seeing eye to eye with donald trump. his inauguration just days away. some of trump's own cabinet picks seem to disagree with him on key issues. cnn's jeff zeleny has this report. >> reporter: donald trump is facing a new round of opposition on capitol hill, not from democrats but from his own cabinet nominees. at one confirmation hearing after another, trump's team is contradicting the president-elect on some of his key campaign trail promises. russia taking a far softer tone on vladmir putin than his pick for defense secretary, retired
2:34 am
general james mattis did. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset, not a liability. >> i have modest expectations about areas of cooperation with mr. putin. >> reporter: on the intelligence probe, trump sounding far less certain than mike pompeo. his choice to lead the cia. >> it is pretty clear about what took place here, about russian involvement in efforts to hack information and to have an impact on american democracy. i am very clear-eyed about what that intelligence report says. >> at trump tower friday, the president-elect downplayed the differences between his views and those of his perspective cabinet. >> i told them, be yourselves and say what you want to say. don't worry about me. i'm going to do the right thing, whatever it is. i may be right. they may be right but, i said, be yourselves. >> his rhetoric before the election and since is now colliding with governing. sending mixed signals to
2:35 am
americans and allies about where the new trump administration stands. on the campaign trail, trump railed against nato while his defense secretary took a different view. >> nato is obsolete. it is over 60 years old. >> having served once as a nato supreme allied commander is the most successful military alliance in modern history. >> they spent time asking if they agreed on hot button issues like torture? his pick for attorney general, jeff sessions, said he did not. >> would i approve waterboarding? you bet your ass i would approve it. >> congress has taken an action now. it makes it absolutely improper and illegal to use waterboarding or any other form of torture. >> on one of his biggest pledges of all, building a wall on the border with mexico. >> we are going to build a great border wall.
2:36 am
his pick to lead the department of homeland security, retired general john kelly disagreed. >> it has to be a layered defense. secretary of state nominee, rex tillerson, conflicted the view on climate change saying he believes it exists and requires a global response. donald trump says he wants members of the cabinet to have their own views but whose views, the cabinet or the president, become the policy of the new now, to orlando, florida, debra clayton was killed while trying to arrest a murder suspect. she was promoted to lieutenant, one last honor before being laid to rest.
2:37 am
nick valencia has this report for us. >> reporter: it has been a solemn week in orlando, punctuated saturday by perhaps the saddest day of them all. >> today, we are mourning but also here to honor the beautiful life of an extraordinary person, wife, mother, daughter, sister, police officer, leader. >> master sergeant, debra clayton, a 17-year veteran of the orlando police department laid to rest sflchlt reque. >> we have all struggled this past week to come up with words to soften your loss. there really aren't any. words cannot begin to express our heartache. >> nor than 1,000 people attended her funeral. officers from all across the country came too. two of her colleagues and friends reminded everyone of how big of a void was left behind by
2:38 am
her death. >> it is sad. it is a senseless death. she loved her job. she was a strong-willed woman with a contagious smile. she is going to be missed but never forgotten. >> she had a passion to make orlando better. she, like myself, grew up here in orlando. for her to be taken away by someone in a community she loved, someone who was from the same area is just har. >> reporter: she was murdered by a man police say was already on the run for allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend in december. in an exchange that lasted less than 30 seconds, fugitive, markeith lloyd took her life, stood over her body and continued to fire as she laid on the ground defenseless. >> as we celebrate the life and the legacy of master sergeant
2:39 am
debra clayton. >> reporter: she was an officer, yes, but also a community activists, determined to bridge the gap between police and the public. her friends and colleagues have only one message for the man suspected of killing her. >> i have a message to markeith moore if he can hear you guys. >> you won't get away with this. i am confident in our department. we will turn over p eveevery sto find you. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn, orlando, florida. >> now, to a follow-up story that we have been reporting here on cnn. kamya mobley, a young woman
2:40 am
kidnapped as an infant and found only recently. she was taken when she was only a few hours old. she met with her parents for the first time on saturday. you see her father here. he says that that meeting went well and that he told his daughter that he loved her. >> it couldn't have went no better. >> are you planning to bring her here? >> we are just taking it one step at a time. >> that reunion came after an emotional meeting when mobley visited williams, who raised her. awaiting a hearing on kidnapping charges. >> still ahead on "newsroom," an entertainment tradition that began almost 150 years ago. it is coming to an end. one of the world's most enduring circuses is folding.
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welcome back. at least 10 inmates are dead in northeastern brazil. special military forces were deployed to gain control. the bigger problem is an on going conflict between rival drug gangs. violence in brazil's prisons began two weeks ago. more than 100 inmates have been killed since new year's day. dozens of people are missing after a boat carrying 110 migrants sank off the libyan coast. a french warship along with a plane and helicopter are
2:45 am
searching for passengers. so far, rescuers have pulled four survivor frs the choppy seas. at least eight more people have been found dead. 5,000 people died last year trying to make similar journeys across the mediterranean. it is still very cold across much of the united states and europe. our meteorologist, allison chinchar is here to tell us about it. >> we have some more snow from portions of europe. separate wave that is will be impacting the alps and the pieranese mountains. we got a tremendous amount of snow into portions of switzerland. this was from the world cup downhill skiing that took place t was canceled due to too much snow. i know that doesn't necessarily make sense. they had about 40 centimeters of snow that came in overnight friday night. it came in so quickly and with so much, the crews really weren't able to clear it off in time to get the event going. so they had to cancel that event
2:46 am
there in switzerland. here is a look at the forecast going forward. we still expect some snow showers for the day today and then more as we go into monday and on tuesday. we are also keeping an eye on the frigid cold air that is going to slowly make its way into central europe as we go into the on coming workweek. in terms of the forecast, it amounts for snow. in the lower elevations, we are talking about 10, maybe 20 centimeters at most. locally, specially up in the alps, we could be looking at an additional 40-60 centimeters on top of what they have already had. in the pyrenees, we could be looking at an additional 100 centimeters on top of the 90 they have received. zurich, the average high, zero, we won't even get that warm in the next seven days. by the end of the upcoming week, we are talking a lot of areas of germany, into portions of austria, poland and a lot of
2:47 am
these other countries stretching as far south as albania and even to hungary, could be looking at 8-10 degrees celsius below average. this is what happens when your temperatures get too cold. this in albania where they had extreme cold causing pipes to actually burst. with this next wave of cold air coming in, this could likely happen again in some of these similar areas. on the other side of the atlantic, we are keeping a close eye on the ice storm that has been taking shape across the central u.s. stretching from texas all the way across toily nigh. over 20 million people under some type of winter alert. this is the ice that has already fallen, 1.25 centimeters are in oklahoma, about .5 for u.s. viewers and the same thing around canadian, texas. those numbers are high to begin with. you have to factor in they are going to get more on top of that. the forecast going forward at least the next 24-48 hours, many
2:48 am
of these locations will be picking up at least an additional .5 inch, as much as .75 on top of what they have already had. the main threat, not just roads but also widespread power outages as well. >> thank you. we'll stay in touch with you on it. extreme weather is also killing peru's alpacas. the animals starve to death when the grasslands they graze on froze over. many depend on them for their livelihood. they have requested assistance from the government. local media further report that region has been hit by drought, which, itself, has hampered alpaca breeding. >> how michelle obama showed her lighter side on tv comedy shows. you are watching "cnn newsroom." what's the best way to get
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. say it ain't so. one of the most famous circuses
2:53 am
in the world is shutting down for good. the parent company of ringling brothers barnum & bailey says they are closing there more than 100-year circus extravaganza. the last show will be in may. the ceo said ticket sales dropped dramatically whether elephants were cut from the show that came after years of pressure from animal rights groups and fines from the u.s. department of agriculture. a successful launch and return for a spacex falcon 9 rocket on saturday. >> three, two, one! ! >> always so cool to see that. it blasted off from a us air force base in california carrying ten communications satellites. this was the first launch for the private space company since a similar rocket exploded in september. it was followed by a smooth return landing for the rocket's first stage booster and then
2:54 am
glided on to an ocean platform known as the drone ship. spacex and its rivals have been trying to perfect the landing, because reusing the rocket is the key to making space travel more affordable. >> from outer space now to your inner peace, this newly discovered buddha statue has been sitting undisturbed in a southeastern china reservoir for hundreds of years. archaeologists say it dates back to china's ming dynasty. the top of the buddha's head appeared when the water levels dropped. remnants of a temple have also been found below the water. the transition of power. come january 20th, the obamas will be moving out of the white house. the u.s. first lady, michelle obama, was one of america's favorites on television. jeanne moos takes a look back. >> reporter: her days of dancing
2:55 am
across our screens are numbered. >> how cool is the first lady. >> reporter: cool enough to run a potato sack race with jimmy fallon and now reached the finish line as the first lady of late night. her first talk show appearance featured her surprising people as they delivered farewell messages. >> to continue to go high even when the challenges of life make us feel low. thank you you so much. >> reporter: she was serenaded by steveie wonder who adjusted his lyrics. without further ado, we present the greatest hits of the comedy styleings of michelle obama. there was the he have lugs of
2:56 am
mom dancing alongside jimmy fallon followed by the evidence of getting a bag from your collection of plastic bags under the sinks. she did carpool karaoke, went shopping at cvs with ellen. >> we need help on aisle two. >> reporter: she was always promoting her let's move campaign. she even beat ellen, who gave up after 20 push-ups. no wonder stevie is singing in tribute. >> you will always be first lady in my mind. >> reporter: he is the first ladies singer. ♪ signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours ♪ >> not for much longer is she ours. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell at the cnn
2:57 am
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