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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 11, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i really, really appreciate it. >> with that we have heard today from hillary clinton from michigan talking economy. a rebuttal of what we flaerd mr. trump earlier in the week. what is next? "the lead" starts now. >> thanks brook. did donald trump just successfully change the subject? "the lead" starts now. the rom nominee blaming president obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton for "founding the terrorist group isis." literally he says being the founders of isis. of course that is completely untrue but focusing on what role they played has he scored a big media victory. >> separation of foundation and state, that is the way it was supposed to work but now cnn
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tell u.s. they had secret meetings and the next head of the clinton foundation and today the state department is refusing to answer this direct question of did clinton's top aide violate ethics rules. desperation, doctors sending a letter to president obama saying we don't need your prayers, we don't need your tears, we need you to stop the bombing. another story breaking this afternoon. the never trump republicans, some of them are still working. 75 republican party officials including former members of the house and senate and others that worked with gop candidates and elected officials at every level are going beyond saying we can't vote for trump. they are circulating a letter that is encouraging on abandoned
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donald trump. more on that story in a minute. first who are the founding fathers of isis. last night and again in morning, donald trump accused barack obama and hillary clinton of literally being the founders of isis. that is of course literally nonsense but she doing what he wants to do because he has the media focusing on this. cnn jessica schneider is outside of the trump tower, he did the opposite of backing away from the comments he is repeating them over and over. >> that is right, jake. donald trump repeated those comments in four separate settings in the past 24 hours. when he was given a chance to clarify or explain what he meant by the term founders of isis he says it is not a metaphor he
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means it as he said it. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. >> vowing to back down from his incorrect claim that president obama and hillary clinton created isis. >> i think we'll give hillary clinton most valuable player mvp award. isis will hand her most valuable player award. her only competition in barack obama. >> trump made the claim at a rally in sunrise, florida on wednesday night. when he was giveen a chance -- given a chance to clarify. >> i know what you meant -- >> no the way he got out of iraq that was the founding of
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isis. >> the g.o.p. nominee called for the u.s. to get out of iraq in a 2007 interview with wolf blitzer. >> you know how they get out? get out. declare victory and leave. >> hillary clinton reviewed the charge saying barack obama is not the founder of isis. someone willing to sink so low, so often, should never be allowed to serve to our country. trump made those comments with disgraced excongressman mark foley right behind him. he resigned in six amid a scandal where he sent inappropriate messages to under age boys. >> how many people know me when you get the seats, you know the
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campaign. >> the trump campaign did not respond to foley being in attendance. this as reince prebus has expressed concerns about the direction of his campaign. trump insisted this morning he didn't have plans to change his approach. >> i just keep doing the same thing i'm doing right now and at the end it will work or i'm going to you know i'm going to have a very very nice long vacation. >> trump may be trailing in some battleground states but he is neck and neck with hillary clinton in a poll out of iowa. also this morning, rudy giuliani saying that donald trump will participate in all three presidential debates this fall. something that was a bit uncertain given his comments in
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the past few weeks. >> jessica schneider, thank you so much. joining me now also out of new york peter king chairman on the sub committee and counter intelligence thank you for joining us. >> thank you jake. >> so donald trump says that president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis. i want you to listen again to when hugh hewitt tried to provide a more rational explanation of what he was saying. >>. >> last night you said the president was the founder of isis. i know what you meant -- >> no he is the founder of isis i give him most valuable player award. i give it to her, too. >> he is not sympathetic, he hates them he is trying to kill them. >> he was the founder. >> you served on the homeland
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security and intelligence committees. is this an effective way for your candidate to talk about the very, very real risking posed by this terrorist group? >> i think he is trying to use exaggeration and hyperbole. creating it from the ashes and allowing it to go toward despite the intelligence warnings. >> that is what hugh hewitt was saying but he said no i mean he is the founder of isis. whether or not i would have done it i think he needs to focus people's attention. why isis is there today.
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why donald trump and orthers think isis is functioning today. but what he threw in about the mvp award, this was a device a form of political hyperbole if if he was going to make that point, he would not say that about mvp. >> isis started with the creation of al qaeda in iraq that happened because of the iraq war and president bush declaring war on iraq. and the there are any number of presidents that might also get an award under this and i think you would be o fechbdffended if a direct nominee suggested it. >> yaed and iraq was in ashes
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and from those ashs isis developed. i would say it is from the promises of president obama. we can debate the status clause agreement. but again i think it is very fair to say. a very fair political and diplomatic point to make that isis would not be the force it is today and it was created in the obama administration because al qaeda and iraq was destroyed by the end of 2008. >> when donald trump makes this comment in front of an audience whom many people think that president obama is a muslim is not a citizen, they think he is a traitor. isn't this part of the rhetoric that many people have talked about that is dangerous? the things that trump says? >> maybe because of the things he said but i find this in the course of a campaign when you try to remind people where isis
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came from it was rhetorical advice to you. whether or not i would use it that is a different story. for this one in particular, it is a way to exaggerate his involvement. >> in 2007 he said all troops should be withdrawn from iraq. does donald trump get the booster of the year award cheering for u.s. troops to leave iraq? >> president obama was the one who was president obama when the decision was made. you can make the argument that donald trump is saying that in 2007. in 2009 if he saw intelligence on the ground he may not have made the decision.
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but i think the debate should be on the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton. >> freesht as always sir. >> they promised there would be a lot of daytime between the state, but a cnn investigation is raising serious questions about a secret meeting clinton's then chief of staff had for the foundation. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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. welcome back to "the lead." hillary clinton has been building up today's economic speech. a chance to explain why she believes that trump's plan will not work or look out for the middle class. she is even trying to pressure trump to release his tax returns. she will be releasing her return from 2015. that is 38 years of tax returns released by clinton and zero
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from donald trump. clinton's husband has been soeshed with free trade deals like nafta, and as secretary of state she worked hard to support the free trade deal. jeff zelaney joins me live. a trump loophole. what is that? >> she did, in a campaign filled with nicknames and name calling, trump loophole can be hadded to that list. she used that phrase to describe what donald trump suggested this week. giving a tax break to businessmen like himself. a campaign that is revolving around the economy. >> hillary clinton offering an upbeat view of the economy. >> i want you all to work with me to build the kind of progress
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that america deserves to see. >> a starkly different picture than the one donald trump bait painted earlier this week. >> he is missing so much about what makes michigan great. >> the economy at the heart of a bruising war. >> how can you not be frustrated and angry when you see nothing getting done. and a lot of people feel no one is on their side and no one has their back. >> even while admitting trade deals she supported hurt american workers. >> too often, past trade deals were sold to the american people with rosy scenarios that did not pan out. >> trade is the pillar of a argument towards electing a
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second clinton president. >> she has stripped this city of it's jobs and wealth. >> mr. trump may talk a big game on trade, but his approach is based on fear not strength. they're fighting on some of the same terrain nap is why she made her pitch in a factory home of the footballed reagan democrats. >> i want to ask some of you that you call reagan democrats to join with me and come home with me today. come home to me and george bush. trump believes they are his best shot. we talked to james blanchard today who says times and candidates are different. >> i still have fond memories of
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ronald reagan, but he was measured optimistic. that is a stark contrast here. we have a sad, sad deranged spectacle really. >> and she is hammering home to voters one message. >> he is saying he is on the side of the little guy, but don't believe it. we're about to find out how rich the clintons really are. campaign advisories say it is an effort to force donald trump and highlight that he is not releasing his tax returns. the question is do voters carry about this. some of the workers in this tack tire here applauded that line
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when she said it today. >> newly uncovered e-mails are asking if a donor was provided access to the state department. the larger issue raised by the e-mails was the clinton family's competing and overlapping pools of interest. the clinton foundation the clinton state department the clinton library, the clinton campaign on and on. and without clear lines of delineation, one of her aides was simultaneously involved with the foundation. drew griffin is joining me live here to break this story. you're looking into the activities of sheryl mills. >> yes, and the reason we're raising questions about this is
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at the time of her confirmation as secretary of state, she said she would not participate in any particular matter with a direct and particular effect on this foundation. hillary clinton did not, but one of her closest aides, did. sheryl mills, the chief of staff for secretary of state, hillary clinton, boarded a train in washington's union station. why has remained a mystery until now. for the last seven months they have been trying to find out what she was up to. for seven months they refused to answer. now cnn learned a potential reason why. sheryl mills, a u.s. government employee and secretary of state, clinton's chief of staff, was in
1:22 pm
new york working on behalf of the clinton foundation. a source close to the situation confirms that she was interviewing two people for the leadership role at the foundation. mils interviewed top level people at walmart and pfizer. was it in violation of government ethics rules, did she have permission from the state department did the state know the trip was taking place. federal employees are permitted to engage in outside personal sifts within the scope of the federal ethics rules. all federal employees are subject to federal ethics laws and regulations including rules
1:23 pm
pertaining to conflicts of interest. that vague he response -- >> congress has a right to ask for any information that it wants to from the executive branch of government to keep track of them and the government should be turning that information over. when you have a break down in that system you have a break down in our democracy. >> it is easy to see why she was asked to help. her relationships with the clintons go back decades. >> i'm honored to be here today on behalf of the president. in 2008 when hillary clinton was running for president, mills was her senior legal advisor. when hillary clinton became sec
1:24 pm
tear of state, mills left the board of the foundation and became chief of staff. now she is on the board of the clinton foundation and was backstage with hillary clinton at the democratic national convention. the secrecy about the new york trip the dual roles played by trusted assistants. the mixing of business between clinton, the department of state, and the donors all play into the theme of trump's campaign that politicians like the clintons use government to benefit themselves. >> they are crooked people and they have been crooked from the beginning. their foundation is pure theft and crookedness. >> she says they were doing volunteer work for a charitable foundation she was not paid.
1:25 pm
and ryan fallon volunteered her time. she paid for her travels to new york city personally and it was crystal clear to all involved this had nothing to do with her official duties. the idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd. >> thank you for your reporting. cnn also learning today about another meeting months ago where the fbi and justice department thought about launching a corruption case against the clintons. the fbi wanted to know if there was a criminal conflict of interest. but the u.s. official tells pamela brown top law enforcement officials decided not to pursue such a case out of concerns that the request to open the investigation was politically motivated and one year earlier the justice department looked
1:26 pm
into launching a similar proepbe and found insufficient evidence to do so. they accused the obama justice department for covering for clinton. this is why the u.s. has lost trust in their politicians, and want to elect someone like donald trump. she is here next to talk about mr. trump. then we don't need tears, sympathy or prayers. we need action. a letter from doctors left in syria and what they're asking the white house to do.
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welcome back to "the lead." mary katherine ham. hillary rosen and andre bower. let me start with you. 75 never trump republicans including former members of the house, former congressional staffers they're circulating a letter pleading that the republican national committee shift their resources away. they say it is a waste of time and money. he is attacking republicans. what do you make of all of that? >> this is the first i have heard of it andre bower is not
1:32 pm
signing the letter. >> let's switch the topic to hillary clinton and this latest questions about the blurring of the lining between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. a former official told me at the end of 2008 when they were making these arrangements for her to be secretary of state, there was discussions about scrupulous scrupulously keeping separate clinton foundation. . i think they're minimizing these republican defections but the historic nature of seeing so many defections is a mind boggling to me. not who they are and what they stand for. back to the clinton foundation. i don't think that the e-mails that have come out don't show anything that unusual.
1:33 pm
if you're involved at all in the world that nongovernmental organization the global public policy world. there is interplay between foundations and state department all of the time. they have all interacted. so saying someone ought to hear someone interested in a job, or someone you should talk to i think that is why they thought this was no big deal. there is nothing in the e-mails to suggest there is anything wrong with what occurred. >> or anything illegal. >> every state department has communicated -- >> not all global foundations have the name of the secretary of state on them.
1:34 pm
this is what trump voters are responding to. they're doing business as usual, and this line sounds like that. >> the very one that investigated them are their friends. when you sit on the tarmac with the attorney general of thenitis and meet with them who knows what they talk about, but this is the corruption in washington. it is so insescestous. do they work with people who are working to solve global poverty. that happens all of the time. do people from the state department work on how to solve global aids problems? yes, all of the time.
1:35 pm
>> sounds great. >> but the obama white house has asked for certain rules to make this clear, and they avoid -- >> there is no evidence they didn't follow the rules. >> that is why the justice department declined to investigate. >> andre, let me ask -- >> you can be wrong and not criminal. >> let me ask you -- the reason mr. trump trails in the polls, there are concerns about hillary clinton according to polls is the things that keep coming out of mr. trump's mouth. here again this morning he is asserting that president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. well jake -- >> the founders of isis. the founders in fact i think we'll give hillary clinton the you know if you're on a sports player most valuable player. the mvp award.
1:36 pm
isis will hand her most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. >> it is not a joke andre. this is a terrorist group that raped and murdered thousands of people. we can get into the history of isis who founded al qaeda in iraq. regardless of that why be so frivolous with an important issue. >> his style of campaigning is not how i would campaign. it got him this far. i would love to see him now change. there are so many opportunities here to show the difference between him and his business savvy. he needs to fix international problems. as a trump supporter, i'm sitting here saying we're missing great opportunities to show two vast differences in the candidates. i hope he will focus like a laser beam on some of these
1:37 pm
issues. this is corruption problems and why people are so frustrated with what is going on in washington. this is why servers disappear. >> mary katherine, one last note donald trump was on the hugh hewitt show. he was asked about potential debate moderators and he said there was a number that would not be unfair. >> chuck todd won't, jake and wolf won't. dana bash was very fair to you didn't you think? >> mary katherine hemp very fair to you. >> i have never gotten along with her. >> she is not a fan of mine and i have never gotten along with her. i don't know her, but she says only bad things. so let's cross her name off. i do not -- i am not a fan. >> say one nice thing about
1:38 pm
donald trump to prove him wrong. >> look as a conservative who is concerned and skeptical about those who govern us. we had two nice interactions personally. he turned out fairly well for him in new hampshire. i thought it was a fair debate. i asked about conservative policy. but it was a passion for me and not his. >> how anyone cannot like you is beyond me. thank you so much. no food no water, no electricity and that is not the biggest challenge for the last doctors left in one of the most devastated parts of syria, trying to survive bombings every few hours and they're pleading with president obama for help.
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of the last doctors serving the remaining 300,000 citizens in eastern aleppo syria. the doctors telling president obama they have seen "no effort on behalf of the united states to lift the siege." we thought it was important to hear the words of the doctors. for five years, we faced death from above on a daily basis.
1:44 pm
we have born witness has patients friends, and colleged suffered violent tor mepted deaths. the world stood by and remarked how complicated syria is. at this rate our medical services in aleppo could be destroyed in a month. what pains us most is choosing who will live who will die. young children are sometimes brought into our emergency room sos badly injured that we have to prioritize those with better chances. two weeks ago, four newborn babies gasping for air suffocated to death after a blast cut the oxygen supply to their incubators. their lives ended before they had gun. unless a permanent lifeline to
1:45 pm
aleppo is opened it will be only a matter of time until we are again surrounded by troops. hunger takes it's hold and hospital supplies run dry. we do not need tears or sympathy or even prayers. we need your action. proof that you are the friend of syrians. let bring in clarissa ward. you also spoke before the united nations security council this week. what is happening? >> the situation is an extraordinary thing. it continues to get worse and worse. they haveen under sooej now for nearly a month. you heard the pleas of those doctors. they don't have ct scanners they don't have life support machines they don't have
1:46 pm
oxygen food or medical supplies. they have no electricity or diesel now. they have no power to keep them operational. we also heard from the unthere is problems with the water system and the plumbing. so clearly this is a humanitarian disaster. we heard from the russians today they would like to have a three-hour cease fire daily where food and help can come in but the u.n. said we need 48 hours. >> the plea from the doctors for help comes as we hear of more gas attacks in the city. what are you learning? >> we learned overnight according to medical staff on the ground in eastern aleppo
1:47 pm
that the u.s. one claim to success in syria, essentially, has been that it coordinated a bargain between the russians and the re regime. and you heard the tone from the letters. the people in syria believe very strongly that the u.s. by not acting is involved in this. >> an electronic watergate. this top democrat blames the russians publicly for the first time.
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welcome back to "the lead." another child is in the hospital after falling from an amusement park ride adding to a list of similar incidents all this week. a boy fell from a roller coaster about an hour from pittsburgh.
1:52 pm
he was on the ride with his brother and it is now shut down. monday three girls fell from a ferris wheel. one girl has been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury from that incident. sunday a 10-year-old was killed after riding a water slide in kansas city, kansas. today nancy pelosi saying there has been an electronic water gate. it was not just political groups accessed but personal e-mails as well. where is the intelligence community right now as to whether or not russia can be definitively blamed for this hack? >> not definitively but since these hacks were revealed the community told us that russia is the prime suspect.
1:53 pm
however, for a leading official, a leading lawmaker who has been receiving briefingings on the hack to publicly name russia that is a first. and we know they have put in danger the democratic officials. >> it includes the democratic party officials. the hackers, one official told cnn, they are going after everything they can to the point that both parties have been warned to assume all e-mail correspondence could have been compromised. and now for the first time the alleged culprit, identified by a top ranking democratic. >> this is a break in. >> nancy pelosi who received classified briefings, pointed the finger at moscow.
1:54 pm
>> it was the russians. they broke in who they gave the information to i don't know. >> so far, the russians had not directly blamed russia for the hack. however, intelligence and law enforcement officials told cnn it is the most likely suspect. as first reported by the new york times, the cyber intrusions include a breech of private e-mail accounts. some with direct ties to the clinton campaign. this is according to u.s. officials familiar with the investigation. so a senior lawmaker identified russia as being involved. wiki leaks say they have more documents they have not
1:55 pm
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you can stay with me. thanks. i've already lost enough today. welcome back to "the lead." today's money lead more proof that shoppers have shifting away from the big box stores and embracing technology. macy's announced plans to shut down 100 stores nationwide. that is about 50% of their stores. it will happen after the holidays. they will try to offer affected employees jobs at nearby stores. the success of online retailers
2:00 pm
like seem to be coming at the great expense of old school department stores. macy's announcement follows other big closures by walmart, target, jc penney, and sears. happening now, the founder of isis donald trump steps up his attacks calling president obama the founder of isis and hillary clinton the cofounder. even when asked if he really means it he insists it is not a mistake. and trump takes heat from gop leaders. but trump says he prefers his style and refuses to tune it county.