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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview. now, that comes from nick merrill, a spokesman for secretary clinton. not a lot of details there but it's important to point out this was a routine interview in an investigation like this. the fbi has also talked to a number of hillary clinton's top aides, including huma and we long expected her to sit down with the fbi, her campaign and aide pointing out when this probe launched in august, she said that she would in fact sit down with the fbi 11 months ago. now democrats feel like this has taken a lot longer than they hoped it would. it really lingered during this campaign season. republicans are using this as a hammer against hillary clinton. hillary clinton has said she has not done anything wrong, that she did not send or receive any classified e-mails and that's what the fbi is investigating, whether or not any laws were violated coming with classified
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information to or from that server. of course, she said when she sent or received information, it was not classified. some of that information has been retroactively classified and that has republicans who have said that this is a problem. this is certainly something that hillary clinton and the democrats would love to see put to rest. this was a last big piece of this investigation. the fbi expected and hoping to be able to wrap up this investigation before the democratic convention in a few weeks from now. and director james comy has made the point he wants to do this quickly and well. he wants to make sures done as well as possible, quickly being the secondary priority. democrats would love to see this put to bed and no charges brought but that certainly remains to be seen here. but the big news of course, she did sit down with the fbi and we'll see where this investigation goes from here.
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>> appreciate it. let's talk more about this development and what it means for the race for the white house. austin goulds bee, counsel of economic advicers under president obama and julian zell itser. austin, is this encouraging or discouraging this three and a half hour meeting, interview by the fbi involving hillary clinton would happen just three weeks away from the dnc? >> well, we knew that she had to be interviewed. we've known this thing was coming. i don't think there's any surprise in that. you've got to get this over with if that's a sign that the investigation will come to a close, that would be an overwhelmingly good sign. if that's just one of a beginning and extended string of interviews, then clearly that would be a bad sign. thus far i think this has largely only played out on
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purely partisan grounds, that is the same people who were upset about the benghazi investigation are the same people saying that the e-mail server is terrible and same people saying that they should have impeached president obama and as long as it stays in that partisan frame, i don't think it's going to change the race. it would have to jump the shark as it were in order to do so. >> julian, do you see this as being influential in any way, even though we don't know the outcome and if review is coming in a matter of weeks or if a conclusion komgz before the dnc and just after the three and a half hour meeting what happened at this point in the race, in what way do you see it influencing it? >> well, the way it influences is first it takes time from the clinton campaign away from mounting an attack on donald trump and away from issues that concern the campaign to talking about this. second, it takes attention away
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from the republican candidate and president clinton instead of looking at multiple problems that have emerged, this is front and center. finally, it's simply uncertainty. i think most people in the clinton camp are still confident that this will not be damaging once it comes to an end. but the fact it doesn't come to an end just creates the kind of instability and uncertainty campaigns never like. >> if there isn't a review or a real conclusion coming, you know, just prior to the general election, how might that influence voters' opinions about things, austin. do you feel confident they will have a conclusion before the general election? >> i don't -- if they don't have a conclusion before the general election, i would be stunned. it's possible, you saw the fbi
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say they would just want to do a thorough investigation. i would think that the fact that they are doing an interview with secretary clinton today, there's still months to go before the fall, i would assume that they are going to have some resolution of something. if not, i think the insight this is just another uncertainty and no campaign likes uncertainties like that is clearly true. but we just got to figure out what happens. if they come in and they say there was no intentional release of information on her part, they don't think she should have done this, a thing which she herself has already apologized for and the republicans say that's not good enough, we don't like it but it remains essentially a partisan issue, i don't think that will have very much bearing on the fall campaign. >> julian, we've been hearing on reporting within the last couple of hours that this meeting is an
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indicator, near the tail end. when you think of an investigation, you know, a broad investigation and here she is the center piece, it would seem that interviewing her would come in the beginning stages and there would be follow-ups which might indicate it's toward the end. are you so certain? do you feel confident that this interview is an indicator that it's in the tail end of the investigation as opposed to mid stream? >> i'm not confident. i don't have any more insight and i don't think anyone does at this point of where they are. it seems that the process usually is to gather the information as much information as possible and testimony and that then get to the principle player. this interview might not be indicative of anything bad at this point. it might be wrapping up an investigation that will say nothing illegal is done, nothing unethical is done and we can move forward. but it has been a long time. i think many people wonder just what exactly is taking so long
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when investigators understand this is taking place in a political framework. so resolution is required at some point for both parties and for the public. >> and as you said, for a moment it may take away from the republican candidate but at the same time the republican candidate, we know his style already, donald trump will seize upon this. and try to upstage the news of the three and a half hours and instead be able to apply it to his kind of narrative that hillary clinton is crooked, that there are secrets and this plays well into his dialogue. >> he's saying exactly that. and he has been saying it. i think it takes some of the attention away from the republican candidate but given donald trump gave a speech this week about the economy, literally in front of a big pile of garbage and they've had a campaign shake-ups, there are some aspects.
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republicans campaign this week that maybe that's a positive to him they are taking the attention off. i think he will likely play it exactly the way you described, that he will say, well, she was interviewed by the fbi this weekend and unless and until we get to the point that the fbi releases their report or makes a recommendation or whatever they are going to do, until we get to that point, i think donald trump will keep saying that and try to take focus off things he said. >> the cnn poll asks voters if clinton was wrong to use the personal e-mail and 67% agreed that clinton was wrong while 31% said no. so julian, how does hillary clinton address this or does she just avoid the topic, meaning not answer to it directly and instead try to direct the narrative elsewhere?
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>> i think that poll in itself is okay and some people are bothered by this. many people are bothered but it's not devastating to the campaign. we don't like a lot of things about donald trump too so it's easy to pull a comparable poll. she'll continue to say she's done nothing wrong, there might have been minor mistakes and nothing disqualifying. if it continues post fbi review, if the fbi does not reconclude anything bad had been done, illegal had been done, i'm sure they will talk about this being partisan, which is the argument we've heard before when the clintons have faced this situation. so i think that's kind of a three-step process of their response. >> austin, final word? >> i would just say it's funny, i think hillary clinton would be in the 67% saying that it was a mistake to do that. she publicly said she wouldn't do that again and wished she hadn't. so i kind of think if they can
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wrap this up and get on with it in a way that would be good for almost all sides. >> all right, good to see you both, thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, usa department confirming now the death of one american in the bangladesh terror attack. more on that next. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30.
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stay at over 1000 americas and canadas best value inns stay at over 1000 americas and canadas best value inns room discounts instant rewards and a home town touch the world was rocked by two
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deadly terror attacks. 20 were killed in a bangladesh cafe. one victim is an american. the ten-hour hostage taking ended after police charged the site. this is a photo of her. she was enrolled at emery university. she apparently accounts for one of the three victims who was attending colleges in the united states. there's also been one report of isis claiming responsibility in that attack for the u.s. state department said it was likely al qaeda. meanwhile, investigations are under way in the airport bombing in istanbul, turkey, a top soldier in the isis war ministry organized the suicide bombing that killed 44 and injured 239 others. the chairman of the committee on homeland security says this man nicknamed akhmed one armed
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ordered the attack. let's go to alexandra field with the news on the attackers. what more can you tell us about this ten-hour siege ending and those responsible? >> reporter: fredericka, even hours afterward, there's heavy security here. we've got armed officers still on the scene. they've got a gate up to stop people from going closer to the restaurant, which is just down this road behind me. that's the spot where commandos stormed in rescuing 13 hostages but finding so much carnage left inside. we're learning more about the people who died inside that restaurant. the 11 men, nine women in american indian, bangladeshis and italians among them. the investigation continues into who would launch an attack like this. we're hearing that all of the attackers in this case were
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bangladeshi, isis did claim responsibility for this hideous attack from the beginning. u.s. intelligence officials were looking at a lot of possibilities and focused on isis as well because of the evidence that seems to have surfaced online, a media website afill yalted to isis has posted pictures of men who they purport to be the attackers identifying them as isis. that website has also posted pictures which they say are the victims inside the restaurant. cnn cannot independently authenticate the photos and will not show them because of the graphic nature. they show men and women lying in pools of blood with injuries to their necks, same as being sustained by people inside the restaurant who were stabbed and hacked to death. we have seen armed officers coming down this street. they seem to have been closer to the restaurant but certainly this area will stay closed while police continue to investigate what happened here. >> horrible situation.
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>> i had doubts to join quts dancing with the stars and said if i failed in first week that means people would view deaf people as people that can't dance. >> but he didn't fail, he won. >> i'm niledemarco, i was raised in a family that was completely deaf, great grandparents, it is genetic so i consider myself fortunate. my whole family knows sign language. i went to gal you debt university, the only university in the world for the deaf. my whole goal was to become a math teacher. >> hollywood came calling. >> they found me on social media. >> being on the modeling reality show wasn't easy. >> i had to live with the models and i couldn't really communicate with anybody and
11:20 am
just remained optimistic, i'm going to win this show. >> reporter: and he did. his next goal, to help other deaf people gain access to american sign language. >> there's 70 million deaf people in this world and only 2% of them have access to sign language. to deaf kids they should always find the ability in the disability. if you do, you'll do great things in life. >> welcome back, i'm fredericka whitfield, terror attacks like the ones this week in bangladesh and turkey are the reason law enforcement in this country are stepping up security. live at penn station, it's a holiday weekend and lots of people are out and that includes a lot of police and sniffer dogs. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right. it's the fourth of july weekend, fred, people are heading out and traveling and also going to
11:21 am
these large events and people across the country from chicago to washington, d.c. to here in new york city are going to see the extra police presence. police in tactical gear and bomb sniffing dogs and check points. as a traveler, it's scary at times to see that stuff because you are constantly reminded of that threat, police are -- police presence is right there and reminds you of what's going on, however, experts we've talked to and police have said, it should be an assurance to people traveling this weekend and who are attending events they want to have fun that the police are on top of it. they are working on it. homeland security secretary jeh johnson also addressing this this week coming into the holiday season. here's what he had to say. >> my caution is that when it comes to public places and public events, we should not focus our attention on things
11:22 am
like airports to the exclusion of other public places and public events, we're concerned and focused generally on public events and public places across the nation. and in general, we continue to encourage the public to travel, to associate, to celebrate the holidays and july 4th holiday, continue to go to public events but be aware and be vigilant. >> reporter: so there it is, be aware and vigilant but still go out and have fun. i want to show you something. i'm here at penn station and this is what police would call a soft target, places like this, like the area outside of an airport or cafes, events that you might see on sunday and monday. those are what police call soft targets because they don't have that secure perimeter. those are the places cities across the united states where you're going to see that additional police presence. he is sfeshlly in the big cities
11:23 am
because aaa estimates 43 million americans will travel this weekend, that's a record number. a lot will be going into the bigger cities where you're seeing that stepped up presence. fred? >> and have authorities in this country said anything about credible threats? >> reporter: so, no, you hear police chiefs and officials saying they aren't reacting to anything specific, no credible threats but in the last week we've seen two terror attacks abroad and last three months we've seen two terror attacks at aer airports abroad and all three were soft targets, two in airports. that nonsecure area going back to soft targets, that's what officials are focused on this weekend and again, people see that and they are reminded that maybe the climate is a little different than it was a year ago or five years ago. but it's that additional presence keeping them safe and
11:24 am
that's why experts are saying, see that, continue to be aware but also go out and enjoy yourself this weekend. fred? >> sara ganim in new york. the fbi interview of hillary clinton over the use of her private e-mail server, we're talk more about that next.
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has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. democratic presumptive nominee for president, hillary clinton meeting with the fbi this morning for a three and a half hour interview. her campaign said she voluntarily talked about her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. i spoke with pamela brown about what this meeting could have meant. >> this was the last big piece of the investigative puzzle for the fbi to sit down with hillary clinton and conduct this interview that we know lasted three and a half hours and
11:28 am
happened at the fbi headquarters. i can tell you the hope is that this would be done much sooner than now. we're weeks out from the democratic convention and i know it was very important to investigators to try to do it before the convention and she's officially named the nominee. we've been told previously, the hope is that the investigation is wrapped up before the convention but of course as an investigation that i think in a year and now we have reached this critical point where they have sat down with hillary clinton and just covering the fbi for the past couple of years. the feeling inside the bureau this is one of the most high stakes investigation the bureau has ever done. and investigating a presumptive democratic nominee, they've taken this very seriously as we heard david comey said, they want to be quick and thorough. we're reaching a homestretch according to officials we've been speaking to. we expect them to wrap up
11:29 am
shortly. >> what do we know about the time gs of this? i mean in the statement it makes it clear that she voluntarily participated in this interview and we heard from a number of analysts who said she -- you don't have to say yes to the interview but hillary clinton did. but what about the timing of the interview in terms of the stage of the investigation? >> typically an investigation you want to interview the target of an investigation towards the very end once you have gathered the evidence and all of the facts. that is why they have waited until the end of the investigation to do this interview. even though the fbi says we're focused on being thorough more than anything, they are acutely aware that the democratic convention is just around the corner and so the hope was to get to that phase, to this phase towards the end before the democratic convention, which
11:30 am
they have done but weeks away certainly cutting it close. >> that was my conversation with pamela brown. joining me right now on the phone, senior analyst, jeffrey toobin. glad you could be with us. in your view, a three and a half hour interview conducted by fbi, largely what happens in that interview? what kinds of probing questions might they be asking? >> it's pretty straightforward what the fbi will want to know, how this e-mail system was set up. whose idea it was, what did secretary clinton understand the rules were? what did she believe most importantly about how classified information was to be handled and then certainly the fbi agents will have certain documents and printed out e-mails that came from the system and they


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