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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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a lot of is it very old and i think the average age is 40 years. >> old housing stock, some of is it too big. it takes a lot of investment. >> i'm not a millennial but i'm raising kids and schools in urban centers. it can be done. >> it can be done. thank you. "fast money" begins right now. >> the keystone pipeline. something that has been in dispute and is subject to a renegotiation of term by us. we are going to renegotiate some of the terms. and if they would like, we'll see if we can get the pipeline built. a lot of jobs. 28,000 jobs. great construction jobs.
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and donald trump signed the executive order today for the dakota pipeline. the dow tumbling toward 20,000. hitting record highs, materials, tech stocks, all leading the way. did trump just revive his own rally? are we about to break out of this tight place we've been this for over a month? >> you say did he reignite? we had a whole conversation about did he derail? nothing has been derailed. it has been sort of stalled for a while. we talked about how the s&p 500 was still within a half percent of an all time high. it is at closing it was an all time high. did he reestablish it? i don't think he ever got it off the rails and i think it is intact. one of the things we said last week. everybody wants to buy protection. which i get. i'm in favor of as well. but i think the vix is headed to single digits.
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the complacency out there and the ability of this market to continue to levitate higher is intact. >> my takeaway was bless which should i buy but reduction of regulatory interesting quagmire. he made a big point to talk about that. they're going to be expediting the environmental reviews. so back to what are the things people are really excited with? layering that pmis around the world. manufacturing surveys, flash ones for january were some of the best in years. europe, 69-month highs. that's what's going on here. and this is exactly what he said he would. do attacking the regulatory process. in this case, pipelines and talking about infrastructure. >> we're starting to see parts of his agenda come to life. >> right. and this is what he was elected. on lower taxes, lower regulation. this is what his base wanted. this is what he has to do. coming out of the gates, ceos with every sector. extremely bullish. having said that, does he get
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ball over the goal line? tremendously different arena. tremendously different question. are we starting to see stuff? the market prices in potential growth. not growth. potential growth. so they still can get ahead of themselves. the market, they start to climb in semi conductors. extremely bullish. the first time ever, tech has been part of the infrastructure play. you saw cloud names run today. upgrades across the whole space. micron. >> i think you hit on a really important point. what you've seen year to date is a rotation back into these higher growth, some of the tech. there's no reason the tech should have been left behind. maybe it was rotation, big time tech was outperforming until the election. look what performed really well. you have amazon, facebook up 10% of the year. google, apple is up 3.5%.
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that's a lot of market cap right there. so these stocks have taken back the baton and what has underperformed so far, the xle, energy is down a little bit. a bit of a rotation here. and just to look ahead a couple days, we have microsoft, google, a trillion dollars in market cap. google quietly is at an all time high right now. they could drive the market up. >> here's the question, where were we yesterday? >> in hollywood. not california. florida. >> right. very windy. we were at the etf conference. so here's a would you rather. would you rather spy, or triple qs? >> spy. i think we're at a point, the triple qs, i think they closed. the s&p 500 is right around that. s&p has been national lining for a while.
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i think, i think the next date play is in the spy. >> i hate to be agreeing with guy. i think the bar is significantly higher for the tech sector. you talked about what google has done and amazon has done. these have been earnings largely driven stories. these are companies that actually have done what they said they're going to do. we look at a lot of the names on the s&p. look at the energy sector, the financial sector. you start to get into the infrastructures, the miners. they can blow away. we had that infleck in the third quarter on earnings so spy for sure. >> only a handful of names that can look at the triple qs. sometimes it passes the baton to the xlf and sometime they're performer of the day and sometimes utilities outperform, sometimes materials. so i think it is easier to buy
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spy. >> i didn't know -- >> qqq. >> these guys, i'll say qqq and i'll tell you why. expectations are high. 40% is five or six names. and i think these are stocks people expect to do well in this environment and some of the biggest beneficiaries of tax reform. so i think people will start -- >> are you worried about the underperformance of biotech? or do you say it underperformed? >> i think it is hanging in there. i think it was a decent balance. i think to me they'll get sorted out. i think valuations are a pretty good spot. >> the only issue is the repeal and replace. people just shoot first. they shoot at that wall. it wouldn't matter what it is. all health care, one bucket. regardless of whether it is or it isn't. >> if i look at the nasdaq, this earnings season will be all about where eps matches valuation. >> so let me tell you. if you're looking at these tech
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companies, city, 70% in earnings from overseas. we have tax reform. think about what that does to earnings in 2017. you want stocks to grow into. >> despite the move, the s&p remain in addition tight range. will we break out? what is left to buy. >> it is still very bullish. if we put this into context, over the last two years we had a 12% drawdown, a 14 drawdown. and over the last 24 months we build this base. we break out in november. all we've done the last five weeks is consolidate. there's been no selling pressure. leadership has been very strong internally. we think this next move is up. i want to circle 2,400 on this chart. i think it is a good first target for the s&p. when we look at what will get us
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there, materials are involved in this market for a while. this sector really took the last seven, eight months off. remember, we're coming out of a 30% bear market. today we had 50% that stocks in the index make new three-month high. we think it is bullish. the move is broad. it is chemicals, metals. this is a good group that we think powers the s&p on this next leg higher. >> should we invite chris over? >> he's talking my language. >> see, there he is with. the chair. >> job, nick. >> johnny on the spot with the chair. >> i think we talked about it. you have microsoft continuing, you have apple up 15% since november. it is up 30 since the lows. there's still a lot of good charts in this. biotech has been the outlier. stay away. the semis continue to work as
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well. no signs of deterioration cycleally. >> what would be the they know that you watch? >> we always need to be mindful of what the sentiment back drop looks like. i want to be careful we don't run into everything around us. a lot of these groups we like, i don't think sentiment is as egregious. since the election, there have been 97 bank down grades. only 60 upgrades. so the street has used strength to take numbers down. we don't think that says euphoria. we think that says indifference. i think broadly, sentiment is not a threat as you might think. >> i always have an exit strategy and a must have left. what's the level to the down side where you say reassess,
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heighten up on what you were long from. >> 21-34, it has held a hot of tests. i think ultimately. when we're in a bull market, it about being involved. you forget what bull market rules tell you to do. and they tell you to be there. to stay long and be involved. >> we talked about the volatility at the top of the show but it is pushing toward 12. does that concern you? maybe we're in days where 10 or 11 is the norm and not the exception. >> we did a back test this morning and we looked at what volatility, or what the market tends to do when the vix is below 12. believe it or not, forward returns are abovaverage. if anything, low vix is squint a market trending up, not down.
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>> chris verrone, thank you for coming on. >> we're entering the bulk of earnings season. if you looked at the february expiration, the qqq is at 124. february 124 call cost you 1% of the stock price. that's what you have to risk to participate with the google, the microsoft, apple over the next few weeks. so that's why, on your would you rather works choose qqq, be long calls. if we're in animal spirits, bull market rules again. >> animal spirits, i added some ag plays. what chris is saying, when it is time to be bullish, it is time to be bullish. with commodities and mining names. when things go good, it goes real good. 2 sfoi copper can equate.
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up 9% today. >> what an infrastructure. >> anything related to copper, which is the grid, and so we know those plays. specialty metals, cement, these are things you should be playing. i've added my spiders. i think those are places you can be strong. and monsanto. the deal surprise 127.5 so you have tremendous upside. >> i like the january 20 earnings report. we said that if the banks doesn't get sold off on the back, there is a good chance it will move higher. that's what's happening. to me, the performance of american express over the last few weeks is very impressive. >> so you like qqqs. does that mean that you are on
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board if you are in the notion -- >> i'm trying to be constructive. >> we have a lot of announcements the last couple years. we don't get what we need. the banks, if they continue on stall out, the back-up toward the highs. i think this is a lot of head winds. sent symptom very positive and it is very low. that has not been a marchly bullish set-up. we may have one last push here. a little honeymoon period. as we get out of q1, i'm less only miss particular. >> would you say pits much more ebullient? and the seconders have struggled and just started to turn it around. >> the big five that we're talking about. the best to go the best stuff that has ever gone on. amazon could get -- >> i'm not pounding the table.
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>> what did i say? for the next three week, you can be long on the qqq and define your rick. >> to me, it is extreme. still ahead, a very busy day for president trump as he met with top ceos in the industry. will it help auto stocks get in high gear? plus, check out the housing stocks. and there's one under the radar name in the space one of our traders says about to go even higher. and finally, the stock at record highs. why are traders suddenly clamoring for crash protection. we'll explain later in this hour. new bikes aren't selling guys...
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. jumping about 3% after a strong quarter. wasn't just the usual suspects. vulcan material also jumping here. is there room to get in? >> i'm long on kb homes and pulte. they'll be buying back 23% of the company over the next 15 months. they have a 2% yield.
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so you get a 25% return. everyone thinks rates will kill the space and i think it is proven that it isn't going to. you have millennials moving out of the parents' basements. don't be afraid of rates. >> are you worried that the trump administration? there's an interesting down grade of kb home. you've been in it a long time saying the reversal of the insurance, the fha insurance premium cut will probably hurt. because more than 50% of its buyers in particular use fha. >> i think kb homes outperformed so strongly in the last year or so. i think people have used it as an excuse to rotate out of it. nothing is done as far as regulatorywise. i think pulte is a risk reward. >> in terms of the stocks, they are just getting above their
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highs earlier in the year. they went down after elections and stayed down. so you've had a 15% move in the last few days. the number were very interesting. they showed that there's growth in the sector. their deliverries up 16%. new sales were up 15%. this is reverberated throughout the sector that i think has been a show me. the housing status has been okay. pulte is the best valuation of the bunch. >> moving on here. lockheed martin falling after weaker than expected 2017. curiously, a number of defense stocks thatle predicted would do well under a trump presidency and did do well immediately after the election have hit a roadblock. basically flat since the day after the election. is it defense stale trump trade? >> i was one of those people who thought defense stocks would do very well before a trump administration, into and in the
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ensuing administration. obviously the stocks have been derailed. if you look at the quarter, and back over everything else. they got it low for the full year 2017. now, in retrospect, it should have been obvious to me that they might have done something like that. there's no way they would have gotten higher with the president, the huge cross hairs on the entire space. i'll say this. the quarter speaks for itself. the business speaks for itself. you can get on these stocks in terms of valuation but you can't get in terms of what they've been performing over the last five or six years. so although there's still under pressure, i think they're huge value stocks. >> they make the point that historically, lockheed has been very conservative with guidance. they beat initial guidance by 6% over the past three years so it has been a pattern. a long time pattern. >> i think guy makes a really good point.
5:21 pm
good you'res in president's cross hairs, let's not be exuberant. back in november, they said this and that. that's one i want to keep an eye on, what their guidance looks like. the stock has come all the way back here. it was a company that in my view, in the fall, had a credibility issue. let's see what the environment does. >> i think when you can get away from the stereotypical defense stocks, and maybe go to palo alto when you talk cyber security. i think maybe that's not in the cross hairs or, it has always been speculated back what the outcome will be. palo alto is the premium nail in the space. take look at that cyber security angle versus the traditional defense names. >> what has been working? you're talking about stocks there. i don't think it is prohibitive but they've been questioning it. you're at a place here, and palo alto.
5:22 pm
i like the contest, the topic, the theme, but these have had big names. this is a value driven rally. throws the stocks to be chasing. still ahead, check out the big movers after hours. are earnings enough to give the rally more steam? you're watching "fast money." first in business worldwide. >> we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states bigly. >> will president trump's move to bring jobs back to america help or hurt the auto stocks? plus, with stocks at a record high, why are traders suddenly piling into crash protection? the answer and what it means for the rally when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back. we are in new york city times square. it was a record day for the market. the s&p and nasdaq closed at record highs. we are within 100 points of the key level. here's what's coming up. texas instruments, seagate, all reporting after the bell. we'll give you the latest. plus, stocks may be at a record high but traders are rushing for crash protection at an alarming rate. we'll tell what you that could mean for the rally. first for the autos. promising to make manufacturing in the u.s. easier and calling regulations out of control.
5:29 pm
let's get to the very latest. >> and most importantly, donald trump wants the manufacturers to bring their plants in mexico and in canada back to the u.s. because as he said this morning, on twitter, any car sold in the u.s. should be built in the u.s. that was the message when they met at the white house this morning. they got together about 45 minutes. with the ceos of ford, fiat and chrysler. they talk about improving manufacturing, president trump did not give the automakers a decision for moving plants back here. why is that important? right now, almost all the plants are near capacity in the u.s. frankly, in all of north america. so where would they want to build, where is there space and what will happen with nafta? they'll be very selective about deciding to expand production in the united states. when you look at the biggest importers of vehicles from mexico, you put mexico and canada together, the big
5:30 pm
threeably the 2.2 million. but in materials of just mexico, gm is number one. chrysler second. and there you see ford bringing this 334,000 vehicles last year that it sold here. despite the questions that, what's this going to do to the cost structure for these guys, they have to put out another couple. a lot of people look at this and say, the trump administration is behind the automakers. so perhaps that's one reason why you see the optimism there. >> i would imagine there could be a ripple effect if the auto makers are building plans and factories. the auto parts makers could follow suit. otherwise if there's a border security adjustment tax, they could be deemed paying some sort of too. parts brought in. >> right, right. generally speaking, you have the parts suppliers near final assembly plant. if you have more of those coming into tuesday, you will eventually have the parts suppliers along with what might happen with some type of border
5:31 pm
adjustment tax. >> thank you. on top of the auto news today. would you be a buyer here? >> they report this thursday. the stock, you're laughing. >> i would never laugh. i'm just telling myself a joke. ford, i think it gets through the three-years. the winner of all this has been, whether a car maker or not, tesla. >> part of that morgan stanley upgrade was for cars sold in the united states. >> we've made a big deal out of the high quality jobs or at least the high technology jobs. and that along can be bullish enough. if you're looking at relative value, gm is massive. this is a stock that actually is living up to and i think exceed
5:32 pm
2016. >> so let me ask you this. trump is billed as a businessman president. are his policies considering the auto industry, are they pro business if you have a president who is basically strong arming company the moving jobs to the united states, or relocating factories, decisions that they made in the board room long ago, to do in another way, is that pro business? >> at first blush, absolutely not. there's nothing free markets about it. there's no two ways about it. i didn't like when obama did it with the financial institutions. i don't like when it he's doing it now. this is a difference. he is holding carrots on the stick for them. he is giving them been fits. he is talking about lower corporate tax rates. he is giving them something. >> isn't it fair to say that the bush administration saved the financial institution, staved banks. they would have all been under. we wouldn't have had a show
5:33 pm
anymore. we would have went under. the banks are safe. with shareholder money, our money. >> jpmorgan was told what to do. to guy shares. the obama administration said you couldn't do inversions. so there was a total outcry on one side. i believe it is an important distinction on your question that they are getting something back. yes -- >> they're promised something now. >> to the point though, all these tax cuts have to be predicated on some ability to pay for these tax cuts. so we're going by -- >> the fiscal restraint over the last eight years. i think people were worried about getting growth going by any price necessary. >> deficit impact is really overwhelming. you add that to the fact we get to a place, if anything, sure. maybe this would be great for the companies. what it will mean for the u.s.
5:34 pm
consumer and inflation? and you can't tell me this is a zero sum game. i think you get to a place where -- >> i don't disagree. many angles to this but we haven't worried about debt and deficits for many years. when you talk about currency. >> we've talked about cutting the nation's revenue by trillions of dollars. all of a sudden you're talking about increased spending, massively cutting tax revenue. so the tax rate from 35%. one of the highest in the world, and bring it down to 20%. >> we're talking about currency wars, trade wars. >> it has a hot of moving parts. i didn't see the outcry from a lot of people on debts and deficits. he is going on sacrifice that. >> that's what they do. republicans worry about it. >> corporate tax reform, i think every ceo comes on this show.
5:35 pm
we would be remiss. we are financial trading show. every ceo loves the idea. >> there's a cost to it. if you think cutting corporate taxes. what's the risk reward to it? >> the anemic growth. >> i think there's spirited disagreement on this desk. and there would probably be spirited disagreement on capitol hill. no? >> president trump didn't want -- >> that goes back to the original question, is this good or bad for business? what donald trump is promising are corporate taxes which will be fought about like this within the republican party. is that a real carrot? >> every regulation that is put on the books and taken off the books is fought about just like this on this desk. that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make the sausage so to speak on capitol hill. >> but will the sausage be good?
5:36 pm
will it have the same impact? >> it will be a tail wind to this economy and this marketplace like we haven't seen. >> i agree that a cut will. >> the problem -- >> no one knows what will be in the sausage and how we'll get there. that's something we have to work through. i think it is great. i would love to see tax reform. i think it is the most important agenda item. there are some other parts -- >> oh, it is almost dinner time. sticking with autos, one name continues to lead to pack. we fwaktd, tesla. so what did you see? >> a lot of short term activity. here's a stock 19%. up 42% from december 2 when it bounced off some key support at 180. the activity today was very short dated. it leads me to believe that it is trade here's have been long, maybe looking for short term. the most active options were
5:37 pm
6,000. they traded for $2.thrive. here's the three-year chart of this thing. and this is what i'm looking at. look at this down trend. it got rejected here. do you know what that level is? $250. i want to take it back here. talked about that balance. look at that move. 42%. this was an 85% this reversal. last year in 2015, that was a 55%. this was about a 55%. so this thing is obviously prone to these massive snapbacks here. i know guy has been all over this. he's been saying new highs in 2016. earnings will be in mid-february. they have not set the date yet. they gave their deliveries for q-4. i think investors are pretty comfortable, that they are doing what they need to do despite missing some near term targets. they know they have 350,000,
5:38 pm
they'll go back in 2018. and most of those are here in the states and they'll be made in the states and sold in the states. if you're all bulled up, make america great again. this is a pretty decent story there. >> great again. 25,000 jobs tesla has in the united states, according to morgan standly. >> he lives in both worlds. >> dan's chart is compelling and the numbers speak for themselves. maybe we've danced around it. the potential for them to raise capital in the form of secondary offering. dan just gave me the finger. not the finger. >> a finger. >> right on. >> and they're at levels now which would make it pretty interesting for them to do it. i will say this. if they do in fact have a secondary, it will be interesting on see how the stock trades on the back of it.
5:39 pm
>> interesting support for tesla at a time when today it was about environmentalism, overdone. lots of competition in this space. and people are not supposed to think about electric cars, then you have to wonder the whole reason for tesla. it is a great car. >> you make a mistake if you think there's no reason to think about electric vehicles anymore. there's one half of the country that doesn't care that that stuff and another half that do. >> i think it won't be as strong as they were. >> we knew that last year. the incentives would run out in 2018. so i think the electric car story is very much intact. it is whether tesla will be a technology provider, a manufacturer of millions of cars. who knows? >> let's give him the last word. >> you just had the last word. >> oh, stop it. >> check out the full show.
5:40 pm
stop it! driving me nuts. a handful of companies reporting earnings. driving me nuts sometimes. capital one, discover, how is the world's largest asset manager playing the moves? top strategist from black rock is telling us where he is. we'll have a special report. you're watching "fast money" on cnbc. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade
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let's get some earnings. capital one and discover as well as tech nails like texas instruments and seagate which is soaring in the afterhours session. including johnson & johnson, and vise often dupont did move significantly higher. despite the mixed start to earnings season, the markets rallied to record highs. this begs the question. do earnings justify valuation? certain lay mixed bag. >> texas instruments trading down 23 times. the reason the stock is down. texas has been a monster now for
5:44 pm
quite some time. i think weakness should be bought. still has a solid dividend. this was a good quarter. maybe people were sketchy on guidance. but i think the earnings justify it higher. >> before the top five, chip stocks. you still like them. >> do i. everything we're hearing out of samsung and different companies, you're looking at a supply decline. and there's no supply and there's a tremendous one for these chip stocks. and you see micron. it is deram. specifically, if you think it is going higher. the pricing trends would let you know that. there's a reach for these storage names and that's why you see the chip stocks coming back into favor. >> in terms of the zo ydow? >> the blass the most value. autos and airlines. and i think you have a place
5:45 pm
where those are the valuations that make the most sense. they are the most defendable. and then i think financials. those are the places where i can get comfortable. >> for more on how to interpret earnings, we're joined by terry simpson with black rock investment institute. thank you for coming by. we appreciate it. what do we need to see out of this earnings season, and for 2017 to justify where we're at on the s&p? >> i think if you look at street consensus, they're projecting about 12%. it seems very high for us. i think the question we're asking, how close do you need on get to apiece investors? single digits. 5 to 8% can justify. as we go forward, the earners will be really important to look. it will be a test, a confirmation toast what's happening with the animal spirits from different ceos
5:46 pm
across the united states. and think about the competition, what is driving the rally to the next leg. >> you're a multiasset strategist. how do you interpret where we're at? even though we're at record highs, basically flat lined since the middle of december. we've had a rally in the bond market. we have gold sitting at two-month highs. what do you make of it? >> i think it's interesting. a reflationary hold. to set the theme that we're in this environment. there's always going to be this idea, we need clarity over this. the first couple days with president-elect trump and his new administration saying we're going to deliver on our campaign promises. and we send a delegation to davos. and in our conversation with some of our senior leaders they were saying, optimism was very high. that's why we need to focus earnings going forward. a, are they playing through to their real date? >> so earnings growth, you can manufacture it in different
5:47 pm
ways. buying off stock, laying people off. but revenue is what it is. do you see it commensurate with the s&p 500? >> yes. so it has been missing this bull market and we'll need to see that. if the tax reform is justified enough for ceos to come out and say we'll do more hiring and more investment, i think it pushes the top line. it is a nice gift, welcome, but it will be more of a 2018 story as we've been talking about. that's why we're so focusing now on what can drive the top line part of the rally. >> your boss sends his annual letter out to the s&p 500 companies. and in it he questions, if we get this repatriation tax relief, what will you do with that money? in your view what the s&p 500 does, does it matter if they use it for buybacks or dividends or capital plans? >> so this year we have to differentiate between financial economy and the real economy. we're probably thinking kit
5:48 pm
benefit financial economy, i think the effects on the real economy here. we go back to 2004. the one time tax holiday, the half the $600 well sitting overseas. if we saw it used for buybacks, for dividends. what we would like to see is making sure it is use for hiring investment. that should help the real economy as well. >> all right. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. from black rock. >> good to have him back. >> yeah. >> a regular roundtable as far as i'm concerned. >> the key is not only one of the world's most sophisticated asset managers and biggest talking about the world according the asset classes. that's the way you need to look at i. he said the reflation got back on hold. that was mid december on metals. and pmis around the world, you're seeing commodities work higher. this is a trend, the rest of the world is doing fiscal policy.
5:49 pm
not just us. >> i think he brings an important point. the market is in a show me stage. it is a little too early. when you look at technicals, everything seems to be flat lining to go higher or lower as it always does. but financials, they can move higher and i think they are right now. >> i think you asked a really important question. if we do have this tax holiday and questions are able to repatriate, we have something to look back on in 2004. what was one of the biggest company interesting biggest beneficiaries. microsoft paid a $30 billion special dividend. so i think we will see a lot of that again. you think about technology over the last 18 months or so. to me, i think you're going to get more of the same and people didn't love all the buybacks and the dividends a few years back. still ahead, investors are rushing into crash protection.
5:50 pm
monitoring the next story from hollywood, florida. hey, bob. >> reporter: hello. miss you. loved seeing you down here. there's been interest in volatility index. what does it mean? is there a signal or just noise? we'll have the story when we come back.
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the records may be at record highs. from hollywood florida, hey, bob. >> hello, melissa. products like the dsx in the last month, they are very contrarian. usually you get flows with the vix under 13 where it is now of and you see people shorting them. there's been a pick-up in volume in long volatility. they tend to take profits very, very quickly and they tend to get out if nothing actually
5:54 pm
happens. the obvious answer is some are positioning for a trump disappointment after a big run-up. first, they're not unusually large. people just think, something has to happen. as it is now. and despite some concerns about the strong dollar, traders do not appear on the verge of any serious freakout about the stock market. there's no other xags traders believe the market will move to the down side. this is a little more noise than signal. >> all right. enjoy hollywood. we were just talking about this. you really have to be careful
5:55 pm
about it. >> what he said was really important. that traders when they do it, they do it on a short term basis. they're decaying every second and fast. so this is not a vehicle that you want to buy and hold because you're waiting for a volatility spike. >> i would put this right in trade school. this is the stuff that we feel the need to tell you. the three time etfs. unless you're ready, the problem is it forces your hand. if the market is not moving in your direction, you have to act on it. they're playing and i would caution, be careful. >> what's the overall view on volatility? >> i think people, you have insurance on your home and it has been great weather for the last two years. you say to yourself. the weather has been great. why do i need insurance?
5:56 pm
people have been buying insurance. now people are saying, what do i need it for? it is just growing up. it makes me earned the. in the meantime i think you can trade for yourself. >> it gives you the ability to stay in the market. that's the cost of doing business. you made decision. there is a cost and. at a to it andal over xat capital. and there are ways to offset the cost instead of buying protection. you have stocks you won't sell. you take in some added income. the qqq calls. you can replace it. >> coming up, the one commodity that tim says is going through roof and it could mean big gains for one stock in particular.
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only at&t offers you all your live channels and dvr on your devices, data-free. it's entertainment. your way. talk about fiscal spending around the world. going to 330, it broke through major resist attention. >> micron based on positive pricing.
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>> i'm far from giddy. qqq. >> viacom. buy big. >> thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i want to help you make men. my job is not just to entertain you but educate you. call me or tweet me @jimcramer. is psi


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