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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  January 20, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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presidential candidate, and to president-elect. today will put his hand on the bible and become the 45th president of the united states of america. guests are gathering on the west front of the u.s. capitol. bc president clinton and hillary clinton. other presidents are there a lot of supreme court justices. members of donald trump's family have been in place. president-elect trump and president obama are heading up to capitol hill. they had coffee this morning. 43 see bush 42 and -- bush and his wife laura in attendance. shortly we will see the announcement of melania trump, the soon-to-be first lady. karen pence, the vice president to be's wife. of americansring little leadership both parties on will be an extraordinary day of the ceremony and an important transition unlike the country has ever seen. john, you saw hillary clinton
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and bill clinton today. the expectation of any issue would be taking the oath of office today. in one of the biggest surprises and maybe the biggest political upset the country has ever seen, donald trump will become president and about an hour. john: get the next ordinary thing. -- it is an extra ordinary thing. i think it is the biggest political upset of all time. this was one of the most surreal -- certainly the most surreal operation and our lifetimes. it's hard to imagine with the clintons are feeling given the level of expectations she had along with much of the people of the country that she would be taking the oath today. there was a lot of speculation about it they would attend. she has been, according to many of her friends, and a dark and depressed place. i think it shows extraordinary fortitude and a great commitment to the goal of trying to unify the country that both of them will be here today, putting on a brave face.
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still a great deal of emotion and psychological pain. mark: one of the dramas we are following today. hillary clinton is there not because she is the one who lost, she is there as the spouse of a former president and the former first lady. as good a seat as anyone will have been under an hour watching donald trump take the oath of office. this is a date or we don't expect much policy to be enacted, although the new president will sign some executive orders. he said he will have most of the business get underway on monday, the first full work day he will have as president. today will be a day for ceremony with president-elect -- vice president-elect pence and president-elect trump taking the oath of office. and in the widely anticipated in relatively short speech from donald trump. then the parade and then tonight a few inaugural balls.
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it will be a day of extraordinary moments for the country. there are a lot of protesters in washington and a lot of people very excited about seeing the change they voted for began with what will be a speech for the ages. there has never been a president of the united states without military service or elected office service. there you see the president-elect donald trump and president obama as they get ready to be announced on the stage. john: there are a lot of questions about this speech. the inaugural addresses are obviously a great ceremony and great tradition. it is the case that many presidents have given them and they have not been especially memorable, not obviously the case. this is the speech they are remembered for. because of the division of the country and because of the unusual this up -- unusualness of donald trump, this speech seems so much more important. much more important politically,
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much more important to the state of the country and how they look at donald trump in your average inaugural address. before we move on we get to see the soon-to-be president and ex-president walking together. i want to ask you, as you have seen the end of this transition period play out and see these days in the run-up to this very important day, what struck you in the last 72 hours as trump got ready to take the oath? mark: he is a man of contradictions. -- there's vice president biden and his wife dr. jill biden. there is the incoming vice president mike pence and his wife karen. he is a man of contradictions. gracias at times and mean-spirited at others. i think in the last 72 hours it is an atypical trump, talking about unity of doing some divisive things. i think today's speech will lean towards more of the unity and we
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will see whether americans who see him as a divisive figure decide if that's the president they are going to get. as recentlysomeone as yesterday, last night talking about -- there is the incoming president's adult children. john: soon to be the first family. mark: tiffany and eric, baron's youngest child. john: this is a man who ran a divisive campaign but he said it was centered on bringing the country together. every modern president has run on the notion of ringing the country together. we will see how that emphasis goes, whether he talks about some of the the -- the themes that in more divisive or bringing the country together. the family has been part of political journey of their father's. they have been focused on helping him win and now cover -- govern. evocative trump's -- jared
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kushner is new to politics, like his father-in-law, but plans to play a major role in governing. john: it seems to meet one of the questions was donald trump on election night is a striking noted unity, a noteworthy tried and succeeded in some respects to have a softer kind of rhetoric, a more unifying rhetoric. and then over the course of the transition we saw the old donald trump in much of his public performance. certainly his twitter feed, combative, often provocative. and divisive. i think everyone expects and rightly so that he will in this formal address try to go back to election night and the town he struck that night. then the question becomes what happens by the end of today? by tomorrow? those are questions for the presidency, but trump is so
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unpredictable he could easily give a unifying speech right now and within hours be doing things that will undo whatever good he does in the speech. never have we had a president-elect represent some of the unpredictability. mark: the trump children being announced. this uniquely american tableau every four years on the west front of the capital. politicians from both parties joining together. there has been as much divisiveness in the run-up to this ceremony as we have seen in modern american times with several dozen democratic members of the house of representatives choosing to boycott the event. the country's leading democrats are front and center. the obama's, the clintons, the carters joining president bush, vice president cheney, bush 41 the only living president not present. he is in the hospital in houston. our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. leading of america's
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political class are here. the new first family, the trumps. there is jared kushner in the dark jacket. he will not just be the son-in-law to the president but a top advisor. this is a close-knit family. you can bet although they are supposedly separating the trump is this empire and the trump presidency that the adult children and donald trump be front and center throughout this administration, both symbolically and behind the scene. john: in particular jared kushner and ivanka trump. some are reporting over the last that theysurprisingly will possibly be the most influential people in this entire administration. last night donald trump put an incredible weight on jared kushner's shoulder, saying he felt he was the best suited president trump could imagine to bring peace to the middle east. a rather extraordinary statement
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to make. whatever you think of it on merit, one that casts a young man in his 30's with or foreign-policy experience whatsoever in the extraordinary position of influence and responsibility that trump is already talking about. -- andhew -- andy two the two other boys. republicans and democrats suspect donald trump will be sued shortly after he takes the oath of office as having violated the clause of the united states constitution because those conflict are unresolved. this is a president-elect who comes into this moment with a divided country, a minority of the popular vote. other presidents have faced that in faced great political challenges. he's being investigated by several ranches e-government for connections, campaign connections with russia and its role with the election.
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business conflicts that will be the source of controversy. potentially scandal. been extraordinaire set of political challenges to overcome that he will come close to making good on the grand promises he has made to make america great again. john: let's go to capitol hill. kevin is standing by and is watching over a large crowd that a suspect donald trump will estimate is the largest crowd ever to attend an inaugural, although it will probably be short of that. let's talk about the legislative agenda. people talk about infrastructure, tax reform, beingation, regulation as amongst the big things to be worked on first. what is going on on the legislative side. which issue will move first? kevin: we can see developments as early as tonight in terms of the incoming administration
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trying to really lay out their case for their priorities. mark, i have been up here for the past two weeks. already the republican leadership is meeting behind closed doors with some of the incoming powers that be. people like steven mnuchin and gary cohn are making frequent trips to capitol hill to meet with house speaker paul ryan to begin laying out their agenda on issues like tax reform, perhaps infrastructure, economic stimulus plans, and even immigration. first and foremost i think we'll be hearing a lot over the next three days about repealing key part of the affordable care act. it's been a somewhat chaotic transition period. much of the government remains -- a lot of open spaces. a lot of jobs to be filled. many of these nominees for cabinet posts as yet unconfirmed.
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some have had a rocky hearings, some less so. where do things stand in your view about how successful donald trump will be in getting all the people he wants into the jobs of running the government? kevin: john, i put those questions to the democratic senators this week. people like senator elizabeth lauren and senator bob menendez from massachusetts and new jersey respectively. quite frankly they were honest with me in saying the opposition to president-elect trump's nominee and appointees has really been largely to characterize them, to begin laying the groundwork for opposition on key issues like immigration and obamacare. when you look at mnuchin's nomination and rex tillerson, they have not been able to convince any of their republican colleagues to flip their vote. that means they will be unsuccessful in blocking any of
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these particular nominees. john: thank you very much. youa, if you are there, have been following this campaign closely and spent a lot of hours with donald trump and have a pretty good read on his personality and history. what do you think he is thinking as he prepares to take the oval -- both of office? -- oath of office and what is his main objective today? jenna: i wish i knew exactly what donald trump was thinking at any given moment. today is the day. this is the big, big day. he is becoming the president. whether he ever thought he was going to get to this point or not, here he is. morningching him this there seems to be a little bit of a heavy solemn this to him -- solemness to him. starting today he will have
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a lot of heavy decisions facing him. i think probably the weight of his position is probably going to hit him as he takes this. as far as what he is going to say, a lot of people are hoping that he will deliver a message of unity. that he will finally reach out in a meaningful way to the people who didn't vote for him. like you guys were saying earlier, he has made such comments in the past and his actions have not really matched those words. this is his opportunity to not only get a message of unity, but perhaps hit the restart button and going forward try to bring this very divided nation together. mark: there you see the tableau waiting for the announcement of the vice president-elect, president-elect, and expecting them to take the oath in about half an hour.
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there you see the current first lady, michelle obama. that is nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi. cameras sohed to reporting and talking is not always easy, but what is the latest on the scale of connectivity of protesters in and around the inaugural events? jenna: there have been little outbursts here and there. we had one right across from the washington post building in the franklin square park. a group of protesters all dressed in black who clashed with police officers who were there. we will keep our eye on this throughout the day. the police seem to be taking a stance of not letting anything go. really confronting protesters at the perimeter. we will see what happens. as far as i know it is small,
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isolated pockets of protesters around the perimeter. mark: jenna johnson from the washington post, thank you so much. there is michelle obama and jill biden, two people leaving and thent housing today daily lives that in their reality for the last eight years. i think it's safe to say they are leaving the next feelings. not expecting to be handed exotic donald trump. widely expected for over a year that today would be a day when a friend of theirs, fellow democrat hillary clinton would be president at the event today. you see the rick perry -- ec rick perry, the man in line to be the energy secretary. john: and not only is this an unexpected outcome, but for all the people in the obama white house, all displayed in incredibly active role in this campaign. barack obama campaign for hillary clinton a lot. michelle obama had some of the
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most romantic and emotional roles. gave some speeches in the fall campaign that were extraordinary on the part of a first lady. mark: you see two men who have run for president, bernie sanders and to his left john mccain. another sign of the bipartisanship. >> first lady michelle obama. director of the united states senate committee on rules and administration. [applause] mark: there they come. michelle obama. very vocal opponent of donald trump in the election. gave these emotional, powerful speeches. i think one of the things for alling here is these folks that will be asking themselves for a long time, did we do enough? did we do the right things? then we do the wrong things? ec soul-searching this weekend
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-- you see soul-searching. they all feel as though they are trying to be -- to do the right thing for the country. hisident-elect trump and people have expressed great appreciation for the fact the obama's in particular have been so helpful and gracious in trying to make this a smooth transition. yet you know this group of democrats who are now exiting power are going to be having second thoughts for a long time about what unfolded and the role they played and what potential consequences might be for democratic priorities for the country in this highly unusual new president. john: you see president bush 43 in his usual jocular mood. you look at the clintons' faces. textured, and rich visages of the two people that are experiencing as much
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emotion as anyone up there. we expect shortly the new first lady in the new wife of the vice president, might and, karen pence and karen pence. you see the scope. that looks like a lot of people who defied expectation they somew -- they somewhat previous inaugurations look like. a smaller crowd than barack obama eight years ago. here to talk about the trump agenda, please talk about that with kevin, mike, what is happening? wider worldhink the will react to this? mike: now we get to the point where donald trump will see the problems from translating his rhetoric into reality. they start on capitol hill because there is no unity. normally the political dynamic is republicans against democrats, but that you have
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republicans against republicans. trump will have trouble getting much of his agenda through. the first thing they want to focus on is obamacare. they can do to repeal fairly quickly, but they have no agreement on what they would replace it with. the president-elect says he wants repeal and replace at the same time. he also suggested he will have his own plan coming out when tom price is confirmed as hhs secretary. second the mid-february. we are waiting for that. four committees have to deal with obamacare replacement. that will tie up a lot of members of the senate in particular. it will be hard for them to move forward on tax reform and on infrastructures ending. -- spending. i havebers of congress spoken to say this will be a much more drawn out process then to donald trump expected. table take them well into the summer to get anything passed. nothing will affect the economy and therefore the markets until late 2017 or early 2018.
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if you're looking for something to affect the markets, it might be a straight trump comment like his talk of the dollar or talk of the foreign policy situation. mark: we are watching melania trump, the new soon-to-be first lady making her entrance at the inaugural ceremony looking extremely elegant in that blue coat she is in. we see the u.s. capitol as people prepare for her to make her first appearance on the dais. understand there was a great sense that trumps ambitious agenda will run into the typical and atypical roadblocks and obstacles. he will want to put some wins on the board. >> mrs. karen pence. mark: you come melania trump and karen pence. >> mrs. janna ryan, the
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honorable elaine chow, and eugene mccarthy. ♪ mark: given those realities, the trump administration will want to put some wins on the board in the first 100 days. it will not do for them given the current circumstances to wait for the summer before they can chalk up a win. when easy easy low hanging fruit for the trump administration to put some points on the board quick? --: the easiest is him is for him to issue executive orders to repeal obama executive orders on regulation. he will say they are moving to clear the underbrush on things holding back american business. he may do something on immigration. he has some discretion, but the changes may not be as big as what he promised. he has realized in recent days the obama administration was already doing much of the things he had talked about like prioritizing deporting
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criminals. he can issue executive orders and use previously existing legislation to start some sort of construction project on his famous wall. they can get some talking points out of regulation and immigration. it will be harder in other areas. john: we are now watching the outgoing president barack obama and his partner, vice president out to sayg the walk farewell. you are watching the last dignitaries. the coming up barack obama and joe biden escorted by nancy pelosi to the platform. bloomberg politics live coverage of the inauguration of donald trump to be president. in a moment we will see both the incoming vice president. both will come out and take the stage and we will see some remarks before the administering of the oath and the transfer of power. there is melania trump with her
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son. joining us from washington is another call -- probably -- another colleague. margaret, barack obama has been active over the past week. radio addresses that were given a lot of attention. margaret: mark, is a little bit of all the above. he is trying to set the primitives and boundaries by which he would reengage if donald trump crosses a certain line. and to submit as much as he can in the face of some those repeals of executive order. a lot of policies he put in motion. them, from health care to the environment. mark: now we have the announcement of the current president. leaderte democratic
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ingles committee ranking never charles schumer, and houston or credit leader nancy pelosi. leaderhouse democratic nancy pelosi. john: they formed a giant partnership over the last eight years. had a bit of a bumpy relationship in the senate. both ran for president in 2008 as rivals, then teamed up to when the white house twice and have become, as barack obama said about joe bide when he given the medal of freedom, brothers. close, close coming partners. john: we have seen some vice presidents unless you administrations. joe biden, dick cheney, al gore some of the most powerful and influential vice president in our entire history. genuinely i think what is most unusual here is there was not a bond between george w. bush and dick cheney like this one. there was not a bond between bill clinton and al gore like this one. the bond between these two men,
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and politics partners often talk about how close they become. it is watching these two over the last eight years and in the last couple of weeks it is incontrovertible how much they genuinely love each other. it is something i think we rarely ever see in politics were some in relationships and so many partnerships are essentially formed around political necessity and self-interest. this one transcended that in a remarkable way. mark: an extraordinary look at american political royalty, the obama's. jimmy carter, the trump family, the incoming first lady on the far end of your screen. thee is joe biden and clintons as well. this is all the living vice president and president's, say bush 41 and barbara bush who are back in houston recovering. there are the supreme court members greeted by president obama. the people you see, the mix of
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big people, they are the secret service people protecting the most valuable human commodities in the country. john: we see donald trump about to make his way out. we have some reporting worth mentioning. one is sean spicer, the incoming press secretary, said that it will be no excerpts provided before donald trump's speech. unlike many cases where reporters are given transcripts beforehand it would basically already know if they are going to say, or planning to say. in this case donald trump will be speaking with no preview to members of the press. we will be like all viewers had home, surprised by whatever comes out of donald trump's mouth. the associated press says there are violent protests going on in washington, d.c. and the police have used pepper spray. restaurant window seven smashed downtown -- windows have been
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smashed downtown. apparently at least some of that is not coming to fruition on the streets of washington. mark: just a small part of the law enforcement contingency, federal and local. all over the nation's capital. you will see reports of that protest. we will keep you posted and try to give you a good sense of the perspective of the scale and scope of them and how large they are. that will be part of the tableau of the day. president-elect trump about to come out. he's with the republican congressional leaders that will escort him out. that is a somber looking, serious looking donald trump. i suspect we will see moments of levity. he understands the flow of a live event. i think people balance a lot of different things today. mike pence, president-elect. they were talking about the influence of joe biden. but mike pence has been a big part of the campaign and the
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transition, which he actually ran. a lot of his allies will be in senior positions in the government. i suspect mike pence will join dick cheney and al gore and joe biden, particularly dealing with congressional relations. governor of indiana now, he was governor of indiana, but he was one of the leading members of the house of representatives. -- it is so isortant -- some of you familiar for republicans and democrats on capitol hill if things are going to get done in the trump administration. mike pence will be a part of it. margaret, because of your long history covering barack obama we are talking to you about this. country,als around the the thing i hear most and then the last couple of months is sort of hope that barack obama not only will set parameters for
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engagement wil but will be actively engaged. now there is hope that he might be. what is your sense of how realistic it is for democrats to think barack obama will be intervening in the political scene with any regularity? margarate: i would totally bet on that happening. how mucht yet clear is will be in the public space and how much will be behind the scenes with fundraising and connecting. part of what he is waiting to do is what works best. doingsn't want to keep this. it they need to come up with their next generation of leaders. we're watching the introduction here of the congressional leadership.
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margaret, you've been in washington for the week. tell us a little bit about the mood of the city. is it on lockdown because of security? what's it been like. margaret:: the last couple of days as they began erecting those barriers, you get to the crowds lined up. it looked different than the obama staffers who used to hang out there. this is a real change of the garden. it's a dramatic change of the guard. one thing we haven't seen it yet is what president obama wrote to donald trump in that letter. mark: this is the official announcement.
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he heads down to the podium. let's pause and look at this for a moment. this is an image that very few americans would've imagined they'd see. he is shaking hands. shaking hands with the man whose job he is about to take. michael: you are a student of donald trump. john: look at the visage there.
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give me a sense of how you think he is conveying here. he does not look uncomfortable. he does not look jocular either. you are a better student of him. mark: he has his serious face on. that's what he does. he is underestimated and so may ways. this is roy blunt who is in charge of this event. bit.ll listen a little we will chat a little bit and bring our colleagues back in. away fromtle while the administration of the oath of office to mike pence and then donald trump. we want to go back to our colleague margaret. for presidentss
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to pass on advice to their successors. the thingsknow about that barack obama has been conveying to donald trump. presidentwe know that obama has signaled to donald trump that he is always going to be there for him to reach out. the united states is a very big ship. take great care before you initiate something you can't rollback. he signaled publicly and in private. in these conversations between it's aen and mike pence, consistent message that every president has the right to set and the world
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looks to the united states for consistency and reliability to set the tone for the world. it's smart to take your time. you mentioned about the advice between residents. this comes in the form of a letter that the outgoing president leaves in the desk of the oval office. president obama has left that letter for donald trump. we don't yet know what it says. the outgoing white house so far is not releasing the text. it may just be ceremonial. it may have some advice in it as well. john: i want to ask you the flip side of the question. donald trump has reached out to barack obama a fair amount during the transition. it was someone he mocked and
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ridiculed and launched conspiracy theories against. he has said that he appreciates president obama's advice and he spoke of them very fondly over the last couple of months. is it your sense that he has had a change of heart about the president? is he just saying things he believes he should say as a matter of the quorum and being respectful to the man he is about to inherit. >> i think it's a little bit of both. the outgoing president is very popular right now. much more popular than donald trump is. i think he has realized it could be good for him to be friendly with president obama. they have had very long telephone conversations, talking about problems facing the country. donald trump says he has even run some of his cabinet picks past the president and got his thoughts on that. we will see.
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minute that president obama is critical of donald trump, you will see him punch back at him right away. it will be interesting to see how they continue this relationship going forward. it seems like donald trump does genuinely appreciate the president's point of view and seems to be seeking it out. aswill see if that continues we expect president obama to be a big critic of the incoming administration. mark: this is cardinal dolan of new york. providence we rule you,reatures produced by to govern the world in holiness and righteousness and to render judgment with integrity of heart. for we are your
11:38 am
servants, lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws. though one might be perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we count for nothing. wisdom. is who understands what is pleasing in your eyes, what is conformable with your commands. send her forth from your holy heavens, from your glorious throne dispatch her. she may be with us and work with us that we may grasp what is praising -- pleasing to you. she knows and understands all things and will guide us in our affairs and safeguard us by her glory. amen. mark: the first of several
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religious leaders who will speak. they are about 15 minutes behind schedule. they need to get the oath administered in time. this is about 15 minutes behind schedule. we want to ask jenna johnson one more question. that is what i asked margaret. how does washington seem on this day? does it seem a celebratory out there? what is the feel of the city you've experienced? jenna: the city is very quiet. i was surprised about how quiet it was this morning. a lot of people who live here have left for the weekend. my neighborhood was very quiet this morning. an uber withinet a couple of minutes. the crowd seems smaller than it has been at the last two inaugurations. there are people out and about.
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are keeping and i on the protests. the nation is very divided right now. there are many people excited about donald trump becoming president. there are a lot of people who are very scared about the future , are very upset that he is going to be the president and are pushing back by protesting. here is hoping that it doesn't get ugly, that people don't get hurt. we have to let you go. thanks for being with us on this important day. we know you have to go. the packeterence to that you covered the obama administration. , when you think back to eight years ago when president obama came into
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office, it is so much different between this inauguration and that one. one of the things that was true eight years ago was he faced majorities in the house and senate. he did not reach across the aisle very much. he passed hading only democratic votes. will trump be like president obama with a majority in both the house and senate? will we see general outreach to try to form bipartisan coalitions? he has the ability to do some things that president obama didn't have. there are a number of democrats in swing states and if you key positions and he may be able to
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convince them to go along. it works typically in their party. as the lessons of barack obama that he can take away. one difference today as he takes the oath of office is he starts with a much smaller coalition and less public approval. directy force him to himself. she is a longtime friend of donald trump's. the first woman pastor to lead a prayer at an inaugural ceremony. that's pretty extraordinary that hasn't happened up till now. we will have a little bit more pomp and circumstance and then the main event. let's get a quick word in from michael mckee. we talked about congress.
11:43 am
chuck schumer, the democratic a major rolelayed in slowing down the confirmation process of a number of the trump nominees to the cabinet. he would need to be a big partner. he's going to need chuck schumer. arehis point, republicans divided more than the democratic caucus between the tea party types you don't want to spend money and the republicans who want to go away with feet tax cuts. he's going to need some democratic votes on different issues. in a goodmer is position to decide who gets the votes. we had a brief chat and he said he is going to take the issues one by one and the proposals one by one and see what he thinks of each one. he has made a decision on cabinet officials. he is delaying the vote on everybody except general mattis
11:44 am
and general kelly. he is already slowing down the trump train. that he istioned unusual in a lot of ways, he has these very particular and unique challenges, one is the investigations going on about russia in the electoral process. another is the ethics cloud that continues to hang over him. divest himselfto from his businesses. of those political challenges, which do you think might be the biggest impediment to him getting things done? he's probably going to be able to survive any kind of lawsuit over the millions clause. once he is taken office, his supporters believe it's just all political and just an effort to get him.
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members of the republican party seem to overlook a lot of it. it would be something that came out of the rush investigation that could erode support on capitol hill for him. it could cause him problems or it could be the fact that he comes into office as the lowest rated president since polling began and doesn't have any political capital. to be an't going groundswell of people calling into congressional offices to support his initiatives and that could be the real problem that he faces. he may have to give a lot of ground to members of congress, particularly paul ryan in terms of what he is going to be able to get done. mark: thank you very much. let's go back to kevin. you were making a point on twitter about the woman we just saw speaking. hereabout what her place is in the ceremony.
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kevin: she is a longtime friend of donald trump. she represents a newer age of evangelicalism. she has theological prosperity background, someone that uses television and celebrity to help bring about her version of evangelicalism. to see that juxtapose with cardinal dolan, one of the most influential catholics in america is an embrace of what the religious movement did mean to donald trump who was quite controversial to say the least. there on that stage. john: you covered the trump campaign and you saw the never trump movement take shape and then fade away. donald trump said it was all
11:47 am
fantasy and never really existed. a lot of republicans who have now rallied around him are still having profound disagreements with him. is, how long do you picture of republican unity will last? how fragile is it at this moment? kevin: i'm not sure it's going to last that long. i'm not sure all the divisions between the never trump people and the administration have healed. if you talk with aids within the trump political orbit, they still do remember those divisions. on the one hand, he is trying to unite the party. he is trying to reward loyalty. is something we are going to be following well within the first administration. remember step back and
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just how far trump has, since he first began his political when he only had a .andful of amateur staffers now to see the political apparatus that surrounds him than a team that will be in place within an hour after he takes that oath of office is truly can't be understated. schumer, the chuck democratic leader in the senate. is a fellow new yorker. he will be sentry to any legislating that goes on in the congress. that requires bipartisan intent. introduceing up to clarence thomas. we will see mike pence.
11:49 am
he was underrated. he was facing a tough reelection battle in indiana. he dropped that race and finds himself heading to the white house. mike pence is going to be using a bible that is only been used by ronald reagan. mike pence like a lot of conservatives of his generation are a big follower of ronald reagan. he fancies himself a reagan republican, but is now also a trump republican. you are watching bloomberg politics live coverage of the swearing-in of -- of donald j. trump as the 45th president of the united states. toos listen a little bit
11:50 am
senator schumer. schumer: a time when our country was bitterly divided and the second rhode island volunteers penned a letter to his wife. it is one of the greatest letters in american history. it shows the strength and courage of the average american. allow me to read some of his words which echo through the ages. sarah, he wrote. the indications are strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps tomorrow. if it is necessary that i fall on the battlefield for my country, i am ready. i have no misgivings about or lack of confidence in the cause in which i'm engaged.
11:51 am
my courage does not halt or falter. i know how strongly american civilization leans on the triumph of the government. and how great a debt we owed to those who went before us. willing perfectly willing to lay down all of my joys in this life to help maintain this government and to pay that debt. is binding me to you with a mighty cables that nothing but omnipotence can break. melove of country comes over like a strong wind and it bears me irresistible with all of these chains to the battlefield. he gave his life on the battlefield week later. it is because he and countless
11:52 am
others believed in something bigger than themselves and were willing to sacrifice for it that we stand today in the full blessings of liberty, in the greatest country on earth. that spirit lives on in each of us, americans whose families have been here for generations and those who have just arrived. i know that our best days are yet to come. read thel americans to full letter. his words give me solace, strength, i hope they will give you the same. now, please stand while the associate justice of the supreme court clarence thomas administers the oath of office to the vice president of the united states.
11:53 am
mark: they are both out of the conservative movement of the same generation. clarence of age while thomas was in the republican party. >> would you raise your right hand and repeat after me. prince doel richard that i willar support and defend the constitution of the united against all enemies foreign and domestic. bear faith and allegiance to the same. that i take this obligation any reservation
11:54 am
or purpose of evasion. i will faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter. so help me god. >> congratulations. an extraordinary story for him. a guy who had presidential ambitions. it looked like his national career might be on the ropes as he faced a tough reelection battle in indiana. he accepted an offer from a man who was a stranger to him. he eventually settled on someone
11:55 am
he did not know well. that has been the pattern for trump as he fills his cabinet positions. they have formed a very close bond. ways because of penses experience in washington and his familiarity with leaders on capitol hill, apart from his be inen, mike pence may that group of the most important people in this administration. that gentleman right there could matter more than donald trump himself. of republicans who are worried about donald trump are glad mike pence is there. they don't always agree with him on policy. the mormon tabernacle choir is
11:56 am
singing america the beautiful. as we listen to that, let's talk about the swearing-in moment. john roberts is the chief justice of the supreme court. the supreme court is front and center now. it will be one of the first big battles. only thisve seen not coming in the wake of the year that a supreme court vacancy was not filled. merrick garland was a centrist judge who was blocked in an unconstitutional way. there is now a question of whether they'll will be payback.
11:57 am
♪ ♪ may god thyica glory find it. ♪ ♪
11:58 am
for patriot's dreams that sees beyond the years. thine alabaster city sweeps undimmed by human tears. america god shed his grace on the. and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. ♪
11:59 am
john: that is the mormon tabernacle choir finishing off america the beautiful. we will now see roy blunt bring up the supreme court chief justice to administer the oath of office to donald trump. >> everyone please stand up. >> please write and in repeat after me. donald johnump: i trump do solemnly swear that i the faithfully execute
12:00 pm
office of president of the united states. and will to the best of my protect, andrve, defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [applause]


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