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‘ the ‘the queen. for bbc news at majesty the queen. for bbc news at six fiona. we leave you with these happy images from central london. the world and hundreds of well—wishers get the first glimpse of new baby boy. earlier a royal wave from princess charlotte to hundreds of well—wishers as she and her brother accompanied their father to see the baby. i'd like to see the baby and see the royal family. i think it's history in the making, really. 0h, it'sjust very exciting and it's nice to be in the place where the excitement is. the baby was born at 11 o'clock this morning, as yet the duke and duchess haven't confirmed his name. also tonight. british citizenship for any member of the windrush generation and their children — a promise from the government. the 29—year—old who appeared on masterchef, who collapsed and died during the london marathon. a personal finance expert sues facebook for defamation after it
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publishes dozens of fake ads using his name. i don't do ads, so any advert with my name and face in is fake. and crowned the best player in the premier league — now can mo salah lead liverpool to champions league glory? and coming up in the sport later in the hour on bbc news, we look ahead to the first of the champions league semifinals as liverpool prepare to face roma at anfield. good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. in the last few minutes the world has had its first glimpse of the royal baby, the latest addition to the family of the duke and duchess of cambridge.
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the baby boy was born this morning atjust after 11 o'clock weighing 8lb 7oz. the duke and duchess stood on the hospital steps with their children princess charlotte and prince george to be congratulated by hundreds of well—wishers. wrapped up making his first public appearance. it will be one of many over the years, the newest addition to the royal family, over the years, the newest addition to the royalfamily, born over the years, the newest addition to the royal family, born seven hours earlier at the lindo wing in st mary's hospital. the duchess of cambridge arrived before 6am this morning. her son was born at 11:01am. the duke of cambridge was present at the birth. weighing 8lb 7oz, the baby prince is the heaviest of their three children. oyez, we
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have a new prince here today. the news it was a boy came a few hours earlier, to the delight of hardened royal watchers, some of whom had camped outside the hospital more than a week. it is wonderful news! fantastic news! isn't it wonderful? we are from the states and happen to be here four days and we are going to catch this. we are really excited. it is great news. making everyone smile. there was a visit from the new big brother and sister, also. a tentative looking prince george and are confident way from princess charlotte, a defining moment of family life, meeting the new sibling. the announcement of the royal birth initially came via a tweet and e—mail. but the official birth notice was by more traditional means. tied to an easel displayed on the forecourt of buckingham palace. the arrival of the baby boy secures
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princess charlotte place in history. it is a significant day for princess charlotte, because she is the first royal princess in british history not to move down the line of succession when a younger brother was born. before 2013 when the law was changed, to give women and men equal succession rights, essentially if a younger prince was born, she would lose her spot. they now leave for life at kensington palace as a family of five. other the next month's royal wedding, the duchess will spend the next few months out of the public eye, focusing on herfamily. it may be baby number three for the cambridges, but global interest has not waned in the new prince. he will be fifth in line to the throne. our royal correspondent, sarah campbell, is outside the hospital now. as well as photographers there were
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many well—wishers waiting to get a glimpse at the family and at last they did. exactly. the e-mail came through this morning at 8:30am the duchess of cambridge was in the early stages of labour and since then the streets around here have filled up with hundreds of members of the press and hundreds of well—wishers. it is literally in the past few minutes that the duke and duchess of cambridge have shown their new baby to all of those people waiting all day and of course the media. these pictures are being beamed around the world as we speak. it was a huge moment bearing in mind the baby was born at one made it past 11. i can tell you already people are having their picture taken in front of the lindo wing. the interest in this baby has not waned. we have had prince george and princess charlotte, who made a visit to the hospital, so they have been
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introduced to their baby brother. the duke and duchess have now taken their son back home to kensington palace, so all three will be able to get acquainted with each other. this is the fifth in line to the british throne, has not overtaken princess charlotte due to a change in the laws over the succession. and this grandchild of the queen was born on st george's day. any member of the windrush generation, and their children, will be granted british citizenship if they want it. that's the pledge of the home secretary. after a week of bad headlines, amber rudd also told mps that anyone who has gone to another country and is stuck because of the government's treatment of windrush migrants, will be able to come to back to the uk. and for all involved in applying for citizenship , any fees will be waived. labour hit back blaming the home secretary personally for the problem saying she must have known and yet allowed the scandal to happen.our political editor
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laura kunessberg has the latest. arrivals at tilbury. the empire windrush brings to britain 500 jamaicans. windrush brings to britain 500 jamaicans. those who came here are not numbers but people with families with responsibility and homes. the home secretary's words today, but the windrush generation made those homes here, only to be failed. there is no hiding from this mess. each individual case is painful to hear. but so much more painful, often harrowing for the people involved. the state has let these people down. you did, they cried. she and theresa may before. now there is an offer of an easier route to citizenship to fix the mistakes. i want to enable the windrush generation to acquire
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the windrush generation to acquire the status they deserve, british citizenship. quickly and at no cost and with proactive assistance through the process. none of this kambundji the pain already felt, —— and none of this can undo the pain. nick brodrick came to britain from jamaica as a toddler but says he was threatened with deportation and lost hisjob. he is £30,000 out of pocket. does today's promise make up for the distress? it is positive. it will help a lot of people. i don't know if i will get money back. i am glad to become a citizen and i can work again and get my life on track. labour said it should not have been allowed to happen. this was a generation with unparalleled commitment to this country,
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unparalleled pride in being british, unparalleled pride in being british, unparalleled commitment to hard work and contributing to society and it is shameful this government has treated this generation in this way. the offer of citizenship without fees or the test, will it right the wrong? i and others are in this country because my parents were born under the british empire. when she says people can apply for to citizenship, does she understand that citizenship was theirs all along? it is notjust this home secretary who has been under pressure over the sagas. was it theresa may? her boss the prime minister was in charge when the rules changed. weeks ago ministers played this down, now they cannot move fast enough to try to move on. laura joins me from westminster. have they done enough to draw a line
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under this? it has been a mess, and damaging episode for the government, not just because of damaging episode for the government, notjust because of the political closeness to the prime minister she was in charge of the home office. this is a big administrativejob, there are a lot of details to be worked through and in that sense it will be difficult for the government to move on and somehow for them to be able to forget about it. it will be able to forget about it. it will be hard because mps are warning there are other groups who have been caught up in the tightening of immigration rules who have suffered underfairly, as immigration rules who have suffered under fairly, as the immigration rules who have suffered underfairly, as the home office has worked through their cases, so i don't expect this to be the last time mps will raise concerns of members of the public who feel they have been caught out unfairly when they have the right to be here. ministers have to carry out
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something that is difficult to balance. they believe and public opinion suggests that people want a fairand tight opinion suggests that people want a fair and tight immigration system, but what people clearly do not want is something perceived to be cruel, and getting the balance right is no easy task. thank you. the prime minister has restated her pledge that the uk will leave the eu customs union after brexit. the government's coming under pressure after a defeat on the issue in the house of lords last week — and it's facing a symbolic vote in the house of commons this week. remaining in the customs union would mean the uk could trade without tariffs on goods within the eu but would not be able to strike independent trade deals. our political correspondent vicki young has more. stitching together a deal that will last, that is theresa may's brexit challenge. this factory in dudley exports furniture and businesses wa nt to exports furniture and businesses want to know how they will trade
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with the eu after the exit. the customs union and allows goods to be shipped around the eu with no tariffs, but it stops us negotiating free trade deals with other countries, said the prime minister insists we need a new arrangement. coming out of the customs union means we will be free to have deals that suit the united kingdom. i recognise the importance of businesses like this to have a frictionless border into the eu and we put forward proposals that will deliver that frictionless border and enable us to do deals around the rest of the world. this visit was pa rt rest of the world. this visit was part of the conservatives' local election campaigning. theresa may has been dragged back into the brexit row over trade and some businesses don't like it. we do not expect all the answers but we expect the evidence to be listened to and that as much information is shared. this is the next stage of
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discussions and we urge the government to listen. she is under pressure to explain how her plan fits in with the promise not to create a physical border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. last week appears defeated the government on brexit and some conservative mps still want answers. no conservative comes in to vote against the party leader but this is an important issue and whether we get it right and i hope discussions the cabinet are having to make sure we don't create problems with a hard border in ireland, but i think there are more discussions to be had before we can say how any vote will go. today reflects a broader argument in the conservative party about how close the uk will stay to the eu after brexit. theresa may has set up plans but parliament will have its say and any suggestion the government is preparing to stay in the customs union infuriates
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brexiteers. what we need to do as politicians is remember what the vote was in 2016, which was to leave the eu, which means leaving the single market and customs union because they are elements of eu membership. we have to address the issue of frictionless trade at the borders. parliament does not yet seem convinced the government plans the brexit will work in practice, with crucial votes maybe next month, theresa may still has some explaining to do. protesters have attempted to storm the merseyside hospital where the terminally ill toddler alfie evans is being treated. they were reacting to an announcement by the european court of human rights that it would not be intervening to prevent his life support being withdrawn. around 200 demonstrators gathered outside the hospital chanting "save alfie evans". the sole surviving suspect in the 2015 islamist attacks in paris which left 162 people dead has been sentenced to 20
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years in prison over the gun battle with police that led to his arrest in belgium. salah abdeslam was convicted after being found guilty of the attempted murder of police officers in the brussels shoot out. abdeslam is currently in custody in france where it is expected he will stand trial in 2020 for his role in the paris attacks. a memorial service marking 25 years since the racist murder of black teenager stephen lawrence has taken place in london. prince harry and his fiancee meghan markle attended the service, where they met the murdered teenager's mother doreen lawrence, now a peer sitting in the lords. and the government has announced that from now on a national commemoration of stephen lawrence will take place every year on april 22nd. our royal correspondent nicholas witchell reports. it wasn't the moment for royal baby remarks. this was something more solemn, the remembrance of a live
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cut short and a murder which still has an impact a quarter of a century after it occurred. prince harry and meghan markle, who has known racism in her life, took their seats for the memorial service to stephen lawrence. across the aisle was stephen's mother doreen and his younger brother stuart. prince harry read a message from the prince of wales, paying tribute to the family's efforts to honour deavin ‘s memory. as you remember stephen and what has been lost it is my special hope that you might all find some comfort in knowing just how much there is to be thankful for, comfort in knowing just how much there is to be thankfulfor, in comfort in knowing just how much there is to be thankful for, in the stevens life and in all that it has inspired. applause and that life and what it has inspired will henceforth be remembered every year on the anniversary of his death. the prime minister announced that after consultation with his family, april
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22 would become stephen lawrence dave. forfamily 22 would become stephen lawrence dave. for family which 22 would become stephen lawrence dave. forfamily which is india and so dave. forfamily which is india and so much from stephen ‘s brutal, senseless murder and the flawed early stages of the police inquiry, the news that there will be an annual commemoration of his life was welcomed. stephen ‘s father neville said it represented what they had been striving for years to achieve. our sun's memory will be enshrined in history, he said. nicholas witchell, bbc news. the time isjust gone a quarter past six. our top story. the duke and duchess of cambridge show off the new addition to their family — a baby boy, born this morning. and coming up — the magic of mo salah as liverpool prepare for their champions league semi final. coming up on sportsday in the next 15 minutes on bbc news, mo salah wins the pfa player of the year award. and the liverpool striker says he's now got his eyes on the champions league trophy as well. the personal finance campaigner,
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martin lewis, is suing facebook for defamation. mr lewis, the founder of moneysavingexpert dot com, claims the social media giant has published more than 50 fake adverts using his name and face. facebook say they don't allow false or misleading ads but mr lewis claims the ads are often left up days or weeks once they've been reported. here's our media editor, amol rajan. over 15 years, martin lewis has become one of britain's most formidable consumer champions. he took on banks and utility companies, and won. now he is turning to facebook. this is why. over the past year, at least 50 fake adverts bearing his face have appeared on facebook. they are scams. lewis doesn't do ads. he is suing facebook for defamation and will give any damages to charity. i've had over a year of regular, repeated, continued fake adverts
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with my face on them, and i report them to facebook and, if i am lucky, after a couple of weeks they take them down, and then the next day they launch a new one and they've put the onus on me to stop them. well, i'm not here to police facebook or pay people to police facebook. facebook needs to police facebook and the only legal route i've got is defamation, so i'm taking it. facebook declined to be interviewed. in a statement, the company said, "does not allow adverts which are misleading orfalse", and that lewis had been told any offending ads would be removed. facebook‘s business model is based on the idea that it is a platform and not a publisher. it's funded almost entirely by advertising, but the sheer scale of the social network means that it's virtually impossible to police all the ads that it carries, so if this case punishes the company for reputational damage, the implications could be catastrophic for them. many people are duped by fake online ads, whether on facebook or elsewhere. they include malcolm richards from newport.
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a bitcoin ad enticed him to part with £250. he ended up losing £39,000. the emotional fallout from that, because my wife didn't know i was doing it, so i had to tell her and my family what i'd done. to say it was embarrassing was an understatement. i was upset. i lost a stone in weight. one tech public policy thinker, who has worked at both facebook and google, believes the social network is trying to get its house in order. one solution here might be more regulation in order to ensure that people's images and rights are not abused in this way, but in order to make that work, technological solutions need to be found, but they exist already. they're used in music rights, in video rights already. facebook has faced a barrage of negative headlines in recent months. martin lewis is evidently determined to add to their woes. amol rajan, bbc news.
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an upgrade by tsb to its banking systems over the weekend has caused chaos for customers. some are still having problems today, worried about being able to pay bills or even get cash to pay for essentials. many people have complained of being unable to access their money. one customer reported being able to access another‘s account, complete with all the confidential transaction details. the body of a scottish man, who went missing on his brother's stag do, is believed to have been found in a river in hamburg. 29—year—old liam colgan, who was from inverness, disappeared in the early hours of february 10th. his family have said mr colgan's driving licence was found in his pocket. the organisers of the london marathon have confirmed that a 29—year—old who reached the semi—finals of masterchef: the professionals, collapsed and died during yesterday's race. matt campbell had completed the manchester marathon earlier this month in under three hours. as our sports correspondent andy swiss reports, he was running in memory of his father. it is a day when so many
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compete for so many causes, but for all the 40,000 finishers yesterday, one race ended in tragedy. for a place in the finals week... matt campbell was one of britain's most talented young chefs. so i wanted to do a dish that you're not going to miss the sugar, you're not going to miss the butter, but we'll have to wait and see, though. just four months ago he appeared on masterchef: the professionals. he was also a keen runner, here alongside his brother and his father, martin, who died in 2016. matt began racing in his memory. two weeks ago, he completed the manchester marathon, but yesterday he collapsed near the 22—mile mark and died later in hospital. despite the conditions, his death is not thought to be heat related. we really don't want to speculate what was the cause of his death. we don't know. an autopsy will be carried out and, as a result of that autopsy, we will find out and, as i say, our thoughts arejust with his family and friends at the moment and giving them
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the support that they need. in a race of record temperatures, organisers handed out more water than ever before, and yet it still ran out in some places. in deptford, members of the public even helping out. among the exhausted charity runners was sam evans, who said the race was the toughest he's known. i started feeling light—headed at about mile seven. it's quite disconcerting to see the number of people collapsing on the side of the road. i think there were many stjohn's ambulance staff attending to people and as you're running, you're starting to feel tired, you're starting to feel light—headed, you're feeling hot. but this always extraordinary event has ended on the most sombre of notes. tributes to matt campbell, a man described by his family today as "inspirational". andy swiss, bbc news. last night he picked up the player of the year trophy — now, could the player liverpool fans call the king of egypt help them crown their season by winning the champions' league again? mo salah's goals have lit up
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the premier league this season so can he now help the reds conquer europe as they take on roma in tomorrow night's champions' league semifinal. here's our sports editor dan roan. it's been an exhilarating european adventure that has revived memories of past glories. liverpool have exceeded expectations on their journey to the last four of the champions league, even knocking out runaway premier league winners manchester city. the manager now relishing the prospect of another momentous night at anfield against roma. these are very special moments, and you can't enjoy that moments, and you can't enjoy that moment something is wrong with you. so for us and the boys on the pitch it is hard work but no problem, we knew that before but it is still much more fun when you do it at anfield. we both have the chance to go to the final and that's all i need. i don't need anything else. mo salah! one man they have needed this
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season salah! one man they have needed this seasonis salah! one man they have needed this season is prolific mohamed sulla. bought from roma this summer the striker has scored 41 goals so far ina striker has scored 41 goals so far in a spectacular debut season. the egyptian international honoured by his fellow professionals at a glittering awards ceremony last night as he was crowned player of the year. i'm very happy about the award, happy for my team mates at what we're doing in the premier league and the champions league, we are in the semifinal, anything is possible, we'll take it game by game and i'm very happy and very comfortable about that and i think we will do our best to win the champions league. football was reminded of the influence and the power of anfield in the last round when the home crowd drove their team on to an unassailable 3—0 victory in the first leg against manchester city. the challenge for liverpool tomorrow night to replicate that atmosphere and give themselves the best possible chance of a first champions league final for 11 years. having staged a remarkable comeback
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to conquer mighty barcelona, mo salah's former team mate, shouldn't be underestimated. the italians this morning preparing for the first semifinal since 1984. commentator: liverpool are european champions! the year that they were famously beaten in their own stadium by liverpool, the fourth of their five triumphs in the competition. commentator: it's wild and liverpool. no shortage of inspiration for clubs seem to reinforce its reputation as european football ‘s specialists. time for a look at the weather. here's darren bett. after a sweltering weekend how is it looking? it's all change, the heat will be a distant memory, called a fresh air coming will be a distant memory, called a fresh aircoming in will be a distant memory, called a fresh air coming in across the uk this week and it will be typical april weather, sunshine and showers for most of us. this picture was taken where we did have sunshine today, not about st george ‘s day in
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essex, in the west we've seen more clout, because our weather is coming in from the west. we are looking to the atlantic and this cloud has been spilling eastwards, most of the rain recently across scotland and across the north—west of england and if we run the sequence you can see how this letter whether we'll get pushed into the north sea. bands of cloud and buckets of rain and drizzle sinking southwards across england and wales, to the north clearer skies returning to the north and west, similar temperatures to last night when we keep the cloud and those figures could reach double figures. tomorrow looks pretty clarity in southern england, wales and the midlands, increasingly cloudy across lincolnshire and east anglia, and they will be rain and drizzle from time to time. northern england, northern ireland and scotland, sunny spells, a number of showers, more in the afternoon, some heavy. these other temperatures, 13-15, heavy. these other temperatures, 13—15, typicalfor this heavy. these other temperatures, 13—15, typical for this time of year. and typically more rain to
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come, this weather front will bring possibly heavy rain across england and wales tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, gone by wednesday, that every of low pressure the feeding in the showers, a lot in the north—west to begin with, many places starting dry and sunny but will be lucky to stay that way because the showers will be blown eastwards and develop the land as it warms up eastwards and develop the land as it warms up through the day. when they arrive the showers could be heavy, blustery winds, possibly hail and thunder, tim bridges between 12 and 15. thank you dan. a reminder of our main story, it's a boy, the duke and duchess of cambridge show off the latest addition to their family. and these are the first closed up images of the new prince as the duke and duchess stand on the steps of the hospital. we don't know his name yet. he was born this morning just after 11 o'clock weighing £8 and seven ounces and there he is in his car seat before being taken to
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kensington palace. and he looks very sweet. that's all from the bbc news at six, goodbye from me hello, this is bbc news. fifth in line to the throne — the world catches its first glimpse of the duke and duchess of cambridge's baby boy as the royal family leaves hospital in central london citizenship fees and language tests will be axed for the windrush generation and their families, as the government continues to address the commonwealth migration scandal days before mps are due to vote on the uk's membership
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