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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  January 27, 2017 5:45pm-6:01pm GMT

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let's have a look at the main news headlines. theresa may is meeting president trump at the white house. they are expected to discuss trade deals and renewing the special relationship. two men have beenjailed for a total of 12 years for manslaughter after a tipper—truck killed four people, including a li—year—old girl. tesco's share price rises sharply after the supermarket chain says it's buying the food wholesaler booker, including its chains of convenience stores. an update on the market numbers for you. for viewers expecting the film review with mark kermode, it'll be on at 9:16 on bbc news channel this evening because we're waiting for this joint press conference between prime minister theresa may and president trump. that is where they are going to be. barbara, do we have any idea what is
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going on? we have some idea, because we are getting photographs and reports. we know that mr trump met theresa may at the door, kind of unusual protocol here. she is in the oval office, she was photographed signing her name in the guestbook, the first name in the foreign visitors' guestbook for president trump. they got a photograph taken, standing either side of the bust of winston churchill. president obama removed that when he was here and mr trump has returned at. he moved the bmp trump has returned at. he moved the lamp so that reporters could get a better shot. he said it was a real honour to have him back. theresa may said it is an honour that you are glad to have him back, and i'm glad to be here. that is some of the information about what is going on inside. she brought gifts for them. for his wife, she brought a hamper full of british goods, including
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ba kewell ta rt full of british goods, including ba kewell tart and apple full of british goods, including bakewell tart and apple juice. for him, she brought a traditional scottish drinking cup, which is supposed to symbolise friendship and trust, and honour his scottish heritage. we are waiting to hear comments shortly. and the reaction to the bakewell tart! to pursue how the chemistry might go, i have heard from american friends, they see mrs may as quintessentially an english lady. many on this side of the atla ntic lady. many on this side of the atlantic probably see donald trump as being one of those great american characters. the chemistry come in other words, might work? yes, who knows? if they are going to look at each other in terms of your favourite national stereotypes, that might help. mrtrump favourite national stereotypes, that might help. mr trump can be quite charming, fora
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might help. mr trump can be quite charming, for a great british lady, if that is how she is seen. we really can't say. we know they have very different personalities and quite different worldviews, even though mrtrump quite different worldviews, even though mr trump has painted what has happened in england, the uk, as part of this populist wave that is meant to shake up the establishment institutions, we can't forget that mrs may was against brexit, even though she has to carry it out now. she wants a strong europe, even though he's quite dismissive of it. we have been talking about this whole issue of the commitment to security institutions like nato, which is crucialfor security institutions like nato, which is crucial for britain. security institutions like nato, which is crucialfor britain. he is a protectionist, hard nationalist, she is an internationalist, and she is on about free trade, she needs to have that to get the trade partnership she wants to do when the uk leaves the eu. i imagine there is a protocol for the special relationship and that will be followed. but we will have to see how it plays out with these two
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com pletely how it plays out with these two completely different characters, taking leadership at a very u nsettled taking leadership at a very unsettled time, when the traditional framework for the relationship is evenin framework for the relationship is even in question. i was also wondering, the other interesting thing about the so—called special relationship is the totality of the relationship is the totality of the relationship between the united kingdom, our institutions and america. it is actually quite large. in other words, our service personnel often serve together, work together, the diplomats know each other, the military know each other. that is an interesting and important pa rt that is an interesting and important part which is not the bit that gets the headlines, but it is perhaps just as important? in arlington cemetery, there are some british war dead. just another sign that there have been decades of action and cooperation in war and peace, very close institutional ties on the military side, especially, and the
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diplomats as well. britain has traditionally been the leading partner when the united states has carried out international operations. i think that is something they hope will continue, and there has been continuity signalled from the department of defence, where generaljames mattis has taken over. we're still awaiting confirmation of the foreign the second —— the foreign secretary, the secretary of state. we will check in as that news conference takes place. a man in his 70s has been arrested by police investigating historical abuse related to football. he said to have worked as a coach and a scout for clubs including peterborough united, cambridge united and city. the number of urgent operations
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cancelled across the nhs is the highest on record. data from nhs england shows more than 4000 urgent operations were cancelled last year. the shadow secretary for wales has resigned from labour's shadow cabinet. it came after the party leadership announced it is imposing a three line whip, the highest form of party discipline, to force mps to back a bill triggering the uk withdrawal from the eu. a man in reading who had his bike stolen thought he would never get it back. he left a note asking for it to be returned. that note was ignored. instead, a total stranger read the note and decided to act. a bike rack in reading. nothing unusual, you might think. look closely and there is a note attached to one poll. it was written by a man whose bike had been stolen.
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i could only afford that bike after a year of working my tears out. i was saving and dreaming of having a new bike one day. i only had it for a week. earlier this week, the note was seen a week. earlier this week, the note was seen by rachel thomas. it has an immediate effect. everything i read made me feel sad for the person, really. they had recently moved to reading. they had their new and shiny bike one week and somebody had stolen it. she was so incensed, she started an online fundraising page to replace the bike. it attracted £715. but who to give it to? the only clue was the name alex on the bottom of the note, saying he or she would return at six o'clock each day to see if the thief would return the bike. each night, rachel waited with these signs, not really believing anybody would turn up. last night, this happened. are you alex? yes.
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hi. my name is rachel. nice to meet you. alex was from bulgaria. he was almost lost for words. that is very kind of you, guys. i really feel... well... what it is, i don't know. yes. he will now use the money to buy a new bike. rachel believes this is about something even more valuable. the world can be a lonely place, but when everybody chips in it can be really lovely. this is the story of the bike, the thief, the note and the stranger. one where the thoughtlessness of some was no match for the kindness of many. well done, rachel thomas! lets see what pictures are coming in live from the united states. it is fairly obvious the prime minister
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will be standing on the left, and president trump on the right. they are due to come out to speak at around six o'clock. but you can never predict these things because if they are getting on particularly well, they might go on for quite a bit longer, because nobody is going to, believe me, interrupt them if they wanted to continue to chat. trade will be top of the agenda, as far as we know. the future of nato, also, the prime minister has made it clear for some also, the prime minister has made it clearfor some of the also, the prime minister has made it clear for some of the areas that they disagree, one is whether water boarding is a fit or useful technique for dealing with prisoners, she will make her views felt if and when it is necessary. the news at 6 is about to start on bbc1 and on the bbc news channel we'll bejoining karin giannone who'll be bringing us live coverage of the joint press conference between theresa may and president donald trump from the white house. it isa it is a day of change, or the start
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ofa it is a day of change, or the start of a change. there are still some cold airaround, of a change. there are still some cold air around, just nestled in them north yorkshire moors and across sheffield and across the eastern side of scotland. we have also had some doses of sunshine, not as much as recent days, not as much as much as recent days, not as much as yesterday. but it has been around in the north. the next few days, because we change the wind direction from the continental south—easterly, to the slightly milder south—westerly atlantic air, it means it will be much milderfor all of us with little frost by night. but it is a slow change. that cold air is still embedded across the north and east of the country at the moment. as the rain moves northwards through the night, albeit rather sporadic, it will turn to snow for the hills. it could fall onto frozen surfaces, both in scotland, northern england and across northern ireland. so, temperatures are still low enough for some ice concerns. it is going to be quite a great start for most on saturday. —— grey. in east
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of scotland, eastern england where we could hold onto that rather grey weather. towards the west there can still be some showers around. as you can see, further east, quite grey. still a smattering of rain and some snow, with a showery regime following. feels nicer with the sunshine in the west. through saturday evening and overnight, if you showers continue, largely dying out because of a ridge of high pressure, head of the next weather system. this is the one which is giving us a bit of a headache. how far north will it bring the rain. on balance, for the last couple of days, it looks like scotland will get off with the dry and bright weather and should hold onto it all day. pretty dry to start with across england. already, the rain looks set to come into northern ireland and get heavier as it heads eastwards through the day. patchy rain in the
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east and then a fairly wet and windy afternoon. all the time it looks like scotland will stay largely dry. a different weekend, wetter than it has been, quite windy. at least it is mild. that milder but cloudy and u nsettled is mild. that milder but cloudy and unsettled picture continues into the start of the new week. we have had the transition, or we are having the transition, from the cold and dry whether, to something milder but wetter and windier. theresa may at the white house for talks with donald trump. president trump meets theresa may. talks in the oval office are donald trump is my first with a foreign leader since becoming president. trade is top of the agenda and strengthening the partnership between the uk and the us. mexico's president holds a phone call with mr
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trumpa president holds a phone call with mr trump a day after cancelling a summit over the us president's demand for his country to pay for a border wall. and on herfirst day in thejob, america's new envoy border wall. and on herfirst day in the job, america's new envoy to the un delivers a blunt warning to those who may oppose mr trump's policies. we will show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our
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