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i'm really, really on the brand i think the general suit be on whether or not joseph joseph chino, upon, we seem to have some glue limbs now with your line, we're getting a lot of glitches. but joseph or channel writer and commentator. and again, in affairs telling us there about the impact of such a long lockdown in school closures, of course, on younger people in uganda, sir, thank you so much for your time. lots more still to come in this news our including it's the 1st 2 decades. it saw a crisis near collapse and then eventually stability. now the euro is being given a new look for its next 20 years. ah, and venezuela migrants makes sweet music in audiences, but their host country is denying them a basic right? ah.
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now a lot of people ended last year on a particularly wall note, and this more or less continues. the weather in europe has got some big swells of plan, an area of stormy low pressure that will drop temperature some. but beyond just not gonna make progress that you might expect. it will become windy though windy in ireland and scotland and on the coast of norway and you see where the cold is lurking. but everything south of wick really is temperatures, at least as high as they should been in many places higher than his average. his time the year is the cold talking in through scotland answered norway in particular with snow for the mountains. not done a big surprise. some of that rain will catch the far north of the portugal or spain probably on monday, but every route again we see tempt is typically 6 degrees above average in some places like salzburg 12 above average. now that weren't necessarily laughed in some
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parts of central europe, but i'll tell you 3, monday for the south. and it has lasted. so in the middle that and let's take place in austria as a case in point, this cold will penetrate to some degree at an ins. brooke, you go down to 6 degrees, then 0, then minus 3. now that is proper which, but doesn't return until wednesday, but when it returns, it brings some welcome snow. ah, if the political debate show that's challenging the way you think, have agencies fail hating the situation is, was them? it was before the digital sound bites and digging into the issue is a military advancement. going to stop the family ticket? i is under a company to drive to help people out of die. how will climate migration differ for those who have in those who don't have lot of countries see, we will paid poor countries to keep refugees there upfront with me,
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mark lamond hill on al jazeera cato, one of the fastest growing nations in the world, news bonnie casa needed to oakland and develop it into national shipping company to become a p middle east. and pub trade and money skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop oh, filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cato. cortez gateway to whoa trade. lou, the a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera,
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south africa, the president has described desmond tutu as a crusader in the struggle for freedom. justice equality and peace of the former archbishop funeral in cape town. the anti apartheid hero died last sunday at the age of like at least 12 people have died in a stampede or religious trying to get started kashmir. the vote team were marking the new year. and these 13 other people were injured and thousands of people as marched in cities across iraq to express their anger at the us, 2 years up the top range in general. and so the money was assassinated outside baghdad. residents in colorado who lost their homes to wildfires this week or returning to salvage what remains of them through heavy snow. 15 centimeters of snow fell over night, putting out any remaining embers and temperatures dipped as low as minus 13 degrees celsius. hundreds of homes were the stored in several pounds by wildfires on
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thursday and more than 30000 people were forced to evacuate to people are missing. we didn't think that the fire was going to come back in this part of the neighborhood. we were trying to stay hopeful and then all that came crashing down with her house up in flames. make you want to choke up a price like christmas just passed and then you know, everything that they went through it just gone. they still one more christmas morning, their house when we could go and now, then we would have been very unfortunate the new year brings with it the world's largest free trade agreement, which has come into force in the asia pacific region. the regional comprehensive economic partnership was signed in 2020 and is set the ease trade barriers between 15 nations. they include china, japan, south korea, australia, new zealand, along with 10 members of the association of southeast asian nations. the dealings
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to slash 90 percent of tariffs between those countries trade in the region. total $2.00 trillion dollars in 2019 and the u. n says this could this theo could boost that figure by $42000000000.00 that makes it larger than any other trading block, including the deal between the us, mexico and canada, and the european union. and the mark is a senior research fellow at the center for china and globalization. he says, the agreement will reduce costs for consumers. this is truly a historic trade agreement that is coming into effect and will have enormous ramifications for not just the people that are covered by the people around the world. one reason is that this is the largest marginally so the u. s. m ca, or the us mexico canada trade area is, was the largest r sip is a little bit bigger. but here's the really important point. us m. c,
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a covers less than 10 percent of the world's population are set, covers about one 3rd. its exactly 20 years since the euro 1st entered into circulation occurrences now used by 19 you countries. among others, they replaced the german mark, the french frank can do italian leader. and while it's achieved successful stability, it's not without problems. but when it came, looked back at the benefits and challenges were bringing so many nations together under one currency. 20 years ago it was a novelty, a new currency across much of europe. as one central bank took on responsibility for the monetary policy of hundreds of millions of people for much of its 1st decade, the euro's own seemed to prosper. but then came the global financial crisis with the greeks leading a succession of states unable to pay their national debts and close to defaulting on them. and therefore, dropping out of the euro club,
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brussels became the place the seemingly endless meetings, event, bailout packages. with growing tensions between rich and northern and poor, a southern european member states between 20102012. there are endless predictions that the euro is going to fall apart, or at least that it would lose some of its weakest members. like, like greece, in the end, none of those forecasts came troops when the covey pandemic seemed to shake the integrity of the euro zone, angular mackerel, and a manual mccall salt the crisis with the so called corona bombs. effectively using the assets of the rich member states to guarantee the debts of the worst hit nations. now the e. c. b's main f o is inflation driven by fast increasing energy prices and supply shortages when the euro is being dreamt up, someone that if the plan was a currency to challenge the dollars supremacy. today, europe has managed establish itself as the 2nd global most important currency
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concerning, for example, of the 4 ex markets or debt market. and in the international payments for sample, it throws almost equal to the dollar. the driving force behind the single currency comes from paris and berlin. the new german government will continue to closely cooperate with the french government. and i assure you that the franco, german tongue then will stay essential for the further development of the european union and the european monetary you, in your opinion, polls both across the euro zone and the why did you suggest broad popular support for the single currency? a trend that has been stable throughout its existence. 20 years ago, hundreds of millions of europeans had to adapt to the new notes and coins in their pockets. and soon they may have to again, because the e. c,
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b has announcement over the whole of the look and feel of its cache. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. a lot, all countries adapted easily to the constrain severe membership, especially during the years on crisis. johnson helpless reports from athens on how greece is financial crisis and deal ferry t that followed it, shook the currency to its core. it was a moment of enormous pride. greek prime minister, costa semi. this made the country's 1st euro withdrawal from an atm inside the bank of greece, signaling the countries changeover from the drachma a decade long process of lowering budget deficits and double digit inflation had enabled grease to meet euro's own criteria. and the trade off was credibility. in international markets, greece could now borrow at 5 percent interest down from 25 percent. but there was a problem, governments over borrowed and largely to buy votes. it financed the increase of
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government consumption spending. ah, hiring in the public sector increases a spectacular, in some cases, increases of salaries when the subprime mortgage crisis hit us banks in 2007 lenders began to look more closely at borrowers balance sheets, especially in the european south. current accounting balances that had been built than the net foreign debt that had been built in the south became on sustainable during the crisis when foreign investors and creditors realised that there was so much debt that had been built, that didn't been possible to service. ah, and that's how credit rates when very high the spread when they high and, and the government crash shut out of markets. greece was forced to borrow from its eurozone partners on condition that it cut public spending. that brought protestors
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out on to the streets. they called for greece to default on its loans, which could have seen the euro come crashing down by encouraging enough traitors to bet against the currency. instead, between 20102018 greece performed the fastest and deepest spending cuts recorded in a developed economy. and also suffered the deepest postwar recession losing a quarter of its g d p. unemployed swords to 28 per cent. all this happens through a political storm in which governments averaged 2 years in office. but this instability meant that eventually every major party signed onto austerity. the reason was that even in the depths of the crisis greeks overwhelmingly back to euro's own membership, before the act of a global, yet, it was right to stand the euro because we don't have much of a primary sector. we don't produce many things that we import a lot, and if we don't have a strong currency to buy imports, we'll suckle what turkey suffering right now. its currency is full against euro, and the u. s. dollar to everything important is expensive. all the greek crisis
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created a new institution. the european stability mechanism set up to lend, to distressed euro's own governments, and protect the currency from speculation. and it planted an idea, realised during the pandemic crisis of a common euro bond greeks hope. the $750000000000.00 euro resilience and recovery fund will be the 1st step towards a more perfect fiscal union. jumps are hopeless. al jazeera athens, irish has become one of the official languages of the european union. all documents published by the eel will now be translated into irish making it the 24th official language of the block. irelands government says the move is a crucial step in the development and future of the language. hundreds of live ruins have been taken ashore and the italian porter put low after they were rescued by a german charity both last week. those on board are mostly from africa and include
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around $200.00 children. the german charity says it took 5 rescue operations to save them from the mediterranean. italian government says 167000 migrants arrived by boat in 2021, nearly twice as many as the year before. more than a 1000000 venezuelans have fled poverty and political upheaval by heading to peru in search of a better life. most of them find work in the informal sector, putting their health and safety at risk because they don't have access to health care ready. and sanchez reports from lever ah, a holiday gala far away from home. i uses sions of the road. i'm orchestra, give free concerts to promote themselves. oh, the musicians are mostly business. will m migrants trying to make it in? they do but it's hard says lead viola player yet melissa.
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ah, although he's a professional musician, the only job he's been able to land cleaning car tires has increased injuries to his back. most venezuela migrants are willing to do any job and most without health care is the fear, the neil a thought in them out, i stopped eating some food to buy pills. one of my colleagues gave me part of his salary. so i managed to pay for 10 appointments, but for the most part, no one gives me a hand, but ah, more than 1200000 venezuelans are displaced in bay to a national superintendency for migration says nearly 80 percent of them don't have health insurance or other benefits at the santa rosa parish on the outskirts of the capital, at least 50 per venezuelan families live on handouts cannot be in them, but most don't have money for food or
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a stable job. and many have health problems. the low here says that only migrant children under 5 year sold and pregnant women can have free medical care. the rest must have residence card, but the majority doesn't have one. just to leave a little her says her son, the stand will soon turn 6 and lose his free health care. however, she says it doesn't make much of a difference to have a work permit. when i'm here for half an hour, my husband has the residence. he can, but he works in an, a formal job where he has no benefits. so we simply up in the air without anything . economists, your c venezuelans have contributed to bidders g d p with 0.2 percent last year. but the challenges continue to be great. we've been walking, been there, we're talking about an extraordinary situation for which we have to generate extraordinary norms. we are talking with the authorities, so it was the people on the door opener for these rows. but a boy,
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ah, nearly 30 percent of in his willen migrants are professionals, that 9 out of 10 do not work in their expertise. among these musicians, there are security guards, cooks, street vendors, many say they hope they can soon play full time, but for now their contribution to peruvians is music that heals the soul. but in the center, so to us either lima biddle 21 people have spent their new years eve trapped the in a cable car in albuquerque, in the u. s. state of new mexico. their carriage on the sunday, a peak tramway became stock over night due to the icy conditions or but one of the passengers have now been rescued. they are reported to all be safe and well still ahead. in this news, our despite growing tensions on the border, ukraine's president says 2022 is the year to end the war in the east of his country
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. and a new law banning plastic packaging on most fruit and vegetables comes into effect in france. ah. with. ready wild alarm if we listen as zionists are making serious efforts in order to in te and to stop the tendency, we beat with global use maintenance. i'm talking about the store be stuck on the city of cobble as experience so much upheaval for decades. and this is another change to get used to, and one that's boss from easy about a situation to now it's not clear all the people are just lost and confused. there are deep rooted fears about the erosion of basic price in particular for women and girls. despite assurances from the taliban and about to return to crude punishments
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for certain crimes, everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again from rats. now together, that feeling their way forward into their new reality. lou ah, ukraine's president has used his new your message to say his main goal for the year is ending the war in the east of the country. large parts of the region were taken over by rushing back separatists almost 8 years ago, and the russian troop build up near the border has led to increase the pensions growing in both the us and europe. nadine bob report,
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are we not scared of any army on the other side of the border? that's the message from ukraine's president in his new year message, one clearly aimed at russia, and there was more defiance in the sun with bookish navigate shirley. unfortunately, we have not ended the war in the east of our country yet. this is our primary goal . that's why i say not yet, because next year will definitely be better, according to ukrainian officials. there are currently around a $100000.00 russian troops near the border. western government say they're concerned about a full scale invasion, the fighting, an east and ukraine between separatists backed by moscow and the ukrainian army started in 2014, a huge protest in the capital. kiev, lead to the pro russian government being overthrown. the conflict is killed more than $14000.00 people, devastating ukraine industrial hotline notice that the bus leaving civilian terrifies. earlier this week the russian and us presidents had a phone discussion last thing nearly an hour and involving threats on both sides. i
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was calling to clear the president that he makes anymore move goes in to ukraine. we will have severe sanctions, will increase our our presence in europe with our nato allies and the heavy price to pay for it locally. but our president immediately responded that if the west decides in this or other circumstances to impose the unprecedented sanction, he mentioned that could lead to a complete breakdown in ties between our countries and calls the most severe damage to relations between russia and the wes rushes. worried by what it says is the west rearming of ukraine, and it will be taking part in a series of meeting starting in 10 days time. it wants legally binding guarantees
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that any future expansion of the nato alliance will exclude ukraine and other former soviet bloc countries. it's not clear at this stage, we're already compromise will come from the baba al jazeera shoppers in france, need their canvas bags ready as a major new environmental law comes into force. cucumber is bananas and carrots are among 30 types of fruit and vegetables that it is now illegal to wrapped in plastic packaging, closure. so regimes and leaks are also on the list as one of the 1st moves. so outlaw all single use plastics by 2040. on the other hand, cherry tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries have been given a reprieve, but even soft and moose produce will have to be plastic free. but a few more years before that's implemented by 2026. now it's estimated that more than a 3rd of all fruit and vegetables were sold, wrapped in plastic in france. last year,
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the government thinks that the new van could cut more than a 1000000000 pieces of plastic. every year. a majority of people surveyed the said that they were in favor of the move they bring. spain is going to bring its own band, which is quite similar next year. well, we can now speak to and elizabeth notation, french journalists, writer, and colon this, and she joins us now from paris. madam, thank you so much for joining us here. and i was there this weekend is a bit strange, isn't it? today's the 1st day of the year tomorrow, sunday, perhaps not quite as much food shopping going on as that would be normally, i guess monday would be the real test. but so far we actually would you say there has been in france to this new law? well it's, it's an excuse a friend because on the one hand, the french is very much aware of the need to reduce plastic use. there's brought some pull to the general use of not using so much plastic and they complain about this at the same time. but the ones you buy, the vegetables yourself, you realize that nothing has been calculated to find new ways of wrapping
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vegetables. that doesn't sort of make them decompose too fast. in the case of a, i'll give an example that i've been through myself during your shop. i often buy and when to on and i switch on world of french winter vegetable and they were wrapped all the little plastic tray and wrapped in sort of thing. and now the plastic tray has been replaced in both of the, the, the, the cut off of the law by a cobbled one. and you put those in the fridge and the, the, the, the, the end of the moist, soon, the called bolts sort of melted them. and the whole thing is completely rotten. so that now i buy ziploc bags which are made of plastic to put them because otherwise i cannot keep them more than a day in my fridge. and on the, the center is very much where of that. and they say they're all things that people will not touch because they can't keep them the same way. and the, you know, when, as long as it's something like bananas, nobody chose something that you have to appeal. nobody cares. there's one
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implication. the other thing is that this comes right at the time of coded, and quite frankly, people were just happy not to have, you know, lots of people pulling the vendor tools and trying them in selling them and then, and then buying on, buying them. so it's, it's, you know, people do not exactly how to take it as plus and minus on this. yeah, because often you have to use a sort of plastic glove as well. single used plastic love to actually pick the through to the supermarket, but going back into the issue. so are you saying that most french people, i guess, like most people in all places on paper, everyone's happy to reduce these plastic. but would you say that the problem in france that we see now is that there just hasn't been enough time to really look at alternatives? i would say yes, exactly. that other have been complaints by. ah, the associations of shopkeepers, of people who would mock is not the not supermarket lodge change. they will always know what to replace something with. but all the independent who actually produce
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the best vegetables. because the, all the short suckers you directly from the producer to of the buyer, which all the things that normally you do of the carbon footprint is smallest. these people say nobody has thought about this and it creates a real problem, extra problems. and we have much short, smaller margins than the log retail chains. and would you say that in the past few years, a in france, there has been a shift in attitudes when it comes to single use plastic or having more this sustainable at the sources. so for example, going around with a canvas bag that you can just put into your other main bag. have you seen those changes over all across french society or see this in the past 10 years and it's a huge change. oh, shops used to give you plastic bags. now the job 1st they taught for them and now they all give you up. you know, those brown bags paperbacks. oh,
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which really are accepted and the sometimes you will have children who will insist a to their parents a bit like reticent berg that they should, they should going by that to not ask for plastic bags when they have a choice. it's really a change of attitude and even if it does not translate into politics and roles because the green thought yearly, sort of still polls 8 percent projected votes from the presidential election. but in terms of habits, it's a huge change. and elizabeth motel, french certainly speaking to us from paris, i guess monday will be interesting that the 1st proper day of the, of the test of this for the moment. madam. thank you. thank you, barbara. remember, you can get much more and everything is everything that we've been covering on the news our on our website, there it is. the address out just the adult call was that is it for this news? our do stay with us though. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes with more of these that
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ah ah, with a uses performance ought to draw attention to the critical and controversial issues facing chinese side. one on one east meets china is active with me, one out to 0. the latest news, as it breaks, a new bed is added a void of these giant dumps. ross having more woven power. these being able to
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extract more pool more quickly with detail coverage. everywhere you look there is this stops and the food survive. good fellow, life will never be the same again. and then from around the world, he fell to the ground and cried out. i'm going to prison. the question the jury has to decide now. he should she i'm in rural central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous, but profitable with global demand set to skyrocket. people empower, investigates, claims that industrial mines extracting the precious material, needed for cleaner energy, are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of cobalt people empower on a j 0. we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy does,
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laura will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. how does in europe ah, many of the messages we received have said, thank you for sharing him with the world glowing tribute to south africa beds a final farewell to archbishop desmond tutu at a modest funeral in cape town. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up at least 12 pilgrims are killed in a stampede at a hindu shrine. an indian admin.


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