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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 142  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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lesbos reports say some of the blazes were started deliberately to protest newly imposed coronavirus restrictions the facility was placed under quarantine last week . the police chief and other senior officers in new york state's rochester city have announced they're stepping down as criticism grows over the department's handling of the arrest and subsequent death of a black man daniel prude and the u.s. justice department is seeking to take over donald trump's defense in a case brought by a woman who's accused him of rape the unusual move means government lawyers would defend from and make american taxpayers responsible for any damages awarded the defamation suit was filed by the columnist he jean carroll. so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street special time so much. talk to all jews there are we know this is the government not to take the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still
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think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. color melissa chand and i'm guest hosting this week for a few days you are watching al-jazeera is the stream politician and today we're going to be talking about mali to be weeks ago a coup took place there after a summer of protests so now what does the future hold for this west african country as usual and get on you to post your comments and questions we'll try to get as many as possible so you too can join the stream. welcome everyone and welcome to our guests now go away and fatima and mohammed i'm
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going to ask each of you to introduce yourselves to everyone we'll start with me ugly. i know i am right and you're getting ready you know and i am your chair of operations. where we should be in a working democratically kerry or in. welcome you know go away fatima tell us about yourself. how i came out of that. a political. dissent up with. i'm also defined there are. network in mali. and last but not least mohamed tell us about yourself. i don't know. you know and. there's a day. i. understand. and one who will. so 3 weeks ago
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molly a coup and echo us the economic community of west african states responded by sensually having a sanctions slapping sanctions on the country and closing down their borders to the country and also stopping the flow of money there in addition you have the fact that there are 45000 refugees in mali those are people coming from outside the country to mali and internally you have internet displaced people 250000 people you have 15000 u.n. peacekeeping troops and from france 5000 soldiers that is the context of this coup which has drawn up a riding of opinions from people in mali have a listen. valuable are afraid of the military power i just have to clean up their country and sweep away all doubt an image from which they must not take power and refuse to give it to civilian we're civil rule has lasted too long in this country
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it's necessary to turn to the military over there now to see what will happen because for them there is no mercy and no nonsense. mohamed i'm going to start with you how has it felt out there do people feel i'm easy are people happy as a result of what has happened. oh lord i think that these. people are and have equal or slower do a former president ready. some people say that you sign on for now but it's. in the hours of no well i. don't want to go. on when you look can't do the cleaning for all is an issue of ibrahim work and it just so abuses a result is unusual. of a long distance unknown can't do it and why it's the way and
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how it's what is your mission dissensions and it can't be unmanly because the neatly west of it on and we can do a lot of for our viewers some sunshine. is not good for my knee and people are now . all of mine. sung on the road and he's not one to lean on him and give one just. 'd drops in maui are also friends orson. in 2000 son who was all in or. against johnny's are dreaming mind your soul so all deeds those dance really hard like you but it's now you mom. i want to turn to some of the responses that we've gotten on twitter to our questions over the last 24 hours for
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example here we have mocked her kanye or her cane saying the coup brought about a change of leadership but not a change of habits here's another opinion from baba today rajiv most important is for the citizens to observe peaceful understanding within their selves having their representatives fully on the ground at the negotiating tables with soldiers and the ecowas negotiate a peaceful transition by mid next year while international aids come aboard there's a 3rd opinion should be at the forefront of all international community engagement for the situation to ensure that decisions made reflect the reality on the ground and the aspirations of the people of mali of course we'll talk a little bit more about echo us but it seems to be a divided opinion on the ground in terms. of people who support echo os's engagement and involvement and people who feel like that is an outside organization
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imposing in timelines and opinions on the people of mali but i want to talk a little bit about the drivers of the protest fatima could you talk a little bit about why people have been taking to the streets over this past summer . the people were very unpopular was. he he ended the they did elections in march though because there's a partial a way of handling that if you so that i could have who you people to be on the streets and now being on the march and june i'm going to have to live this week and somebody runs the basement 1st they want to do is the president who signed our butts is the president of the way but when it was it was the mom in my vehicle was able to negotiate with the president and the inside movement so finally they came out together it was like open all of the i would imagine the last time not one of the was one of the much smaller ones of the caucasus if not and also who
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one who said you need a government by the it was never any big not credible. something with that. i. would find the common argument so they keep. keep keep the one this week and then the minute they need. nearly i'm curious did you predict what would happen 3 weeks ago. it's very difficult to predict that the only thing i can say is that they're aware of the rumors about them in was that the need to recruit intervening to know so on what was the situation which while it really brought the question in fact was to the mission or intruding because what is very important is that we need to
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re is not a very unified body in the middle east if it's important to you he wrote we are different. streams are in your side of the earth. and that some dreams are linked to the only thing. we need including 2 former. parking you have a very different streams and there where indeed and so much room or seems that. the couldn't happen and in fact that's what has succeeded and. there's a problem it is now the. people within the gentiles are in fact interacting well with the early people and he also with the political opposition.
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yeah and this is just coming in through you tube in terms of talking about the military jen fall has a question can the military be trusted fatima. i don't mean the problem i mean we think that had for the. faster than we can often enough as it amuses me right now the need for everyone in power there had been why and after so many thought it would be back in the money there i want more people than any. farmer or i not have the power and i think i'm going to meet about. all they need to do i'm one of the only how can we right now who better. what we did i know there's a lot again i don't need anything who actually got it i would somehow have it and he like how the family i think. the i don't.
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need. you know mohamed earlier you were talking about the presence of u.n. peacekeepers as one of the variables one of the issues that the country has to deal with with this new leadership we have a video comment from william nami post on this have a listen to what he thinks are the challenges of the un peacekeeping troops and this new transitional government united nations peacekeeping is incredibly important to the stability of mali the military can't fight the armed groups in mali on its own fire crew has created a real dilemma for the u.s. because it had for years owing to itself with the key to government the popularity of the coup tells us that the money and people themselves were dissatisfied with her and by extension the united nations if the human loses the support of the mauling of people effectively loses
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a conflict in mali. and i said there was a transitional government but that is certainly the whole we don't quite know how this is going to play out mohamed i'm curious about your thoughts on that coming do you agree with what what he said. i think that's what he said he. wants. very in what sense i want to jump on towards the president still un. is very important for mine not only for a peacekeeping force or for a builder who i. 'd spoke to and no e.u. has done and this is the u.n. peacekeeping presence you know mali that's the from what you have to hear. the fighting is what they are on last fall the early on. the problem and soon as you probably know issues were only in there are now it is also in the sense of sort
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it's more and more but it's. not all done it's sure you can use. a lot of 2 groups and the needs 100 can are. disgraces isn't even looking for will not do a bit of usually. they want to go to a few 2 to 2 and 2 projects so my view and it all is an ability in mali saw their presence just an ordinance is what and or money they needed to do to work. and can't be concrete solutions. yagami do you agree with what mohamed said. i didn't grief that because important to consider is the un president being younger
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than me if there is a lot of it and indeed there are all of those human right is the commission is not absolute because it's not been the commencing a lot of abuse these both from the but also probably the security forces my insecurity towards the there and it was absolutely crucial also important that news cannot do anything and is not only wrong you are all there are international actors or presidents you are also french or see the open rishon but gov and also the g.p. . wars which are there as well and in fact they all are for the mandate but what it wants to recognise is that despite all the thought or theory is it not enough to counter the 19 very dimensional straits that are.
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really in the sky. and while we've been talking we have a nother comment through you tube not court it says can the international community clairol in this crisis on moderating which we've been just talking about and this person goes on to say i mean if it's the military control all over can it be influenced in any way if the other nations are trying to interfere so you definitely have 2 views some people seeing international involvement as a way to help assist the country go through a transition and hopefully get elections soon and of course there's an argument about how soon elections should be held within one year seems to be what france an echo us wants but there are people on the ground asking for more time including the military. or is in question that are running things the other think the other
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comment we have is walter siebert saying the rebel groups are so powerful because they receive support from powerful leaders there is a lot going on in terms of challenges i want to quickly go into the domestic challenges of food security economic security mama can you talk a little bit about how people are feeling about the state of the economy in in mali . is suffering or in yours they want you for a possible deal is. not money it will who are suffering but since those people are. more and more war and more so just who counts who've moved to who to make this additional war stadion because it as you mentioned as you measure it's now almighty and can't be
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serious money from the drug and decision is becoming a key. deering's dean is normally known money transfer. is meant decision we also use and milan are calling now because there was going to go to war 2 to who to him to consider. for money and people because. in. money need to know who need to all. these problems. just brought. suffering so it wasn't just me now it's clearly to those sanctions our economy and more sure are there at one point. and so that's the immediate thing to deal with in the future but of course the long
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term future is the question of elections who's going to actually run the country have another community comment from zealand yappy take a listen to what he says i do believe that these 4 lieschen should be used that opportunity of course not to fix of a problem that the country have that f. ing that needs to be an opportunity for mallya to discuss the kind of political reforms that have to opt in and i think that the mistake that you usually committed by a lot of people including at the national actors is to push too quick elections in condition that do not i fully make his election very minute for a father population millions want to have a real discussion a vote as addition discussion about where after discussions about ways to restore security because 3 and i think that of a try the last at least a one maybe 2 years to be able to pick of the issue of the not just focus on
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elections. but tomorrow i'm curious because you've been a participant of the weekend meetings that have just kicked off between the military leaders and with the opposition and there was some controversy in terms of getting the opposition represented in all the working groups that will discuss the future of the country do you agree the west what was just said. in terms of on taking more time before there is going to be another election. oh yes i mean i kind of agree with him at fenway because i thought i think that the what's important thing is not not about who climbed in our or who should be in transition my goal is that i think it was important to be get on scene of what the times which i was kind of catch on to me being discussing and that's why i think that what important that they were by the magical cessation socket was like what should be in
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the center of reference this what should be they discovered in the national competition what are they do you have a problem with the money and the what of the problem of money and if you can go in simple clean stable but what i like the challenges that the country is facing so that we can i wait on others who again because i don't think we're trying to rush enough of the transition we my and i'm going to do the same chain because in 2012 there was a coup this happened and now again there's a metaphor that that's what they got me that they saw feeling like it's not so it's not a question it's all how long the time which was to be that what you know issues in my life and how can we overcome that though so that's why i think that the national organization on the democrat since it was it is that important and i need and would simply say days times differ the better the set of references and then try to make all that they come to include that read all of the money and voices are heard you're going to do you agree with that and do you have confidence that the military
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and the opposition and all the stakeholders will reach some kind of agreement to move forward. i think that clearly. you need surgery are not the only girl there and then difficult. to negotiate with all there are 2. countries the us who was the last when you where you funded nonprofits and who longed and died or might lose their revenue was the need that had been lost or learned from that and tried every student particularly in we don't want the regulations to be thought of by the need to read because not all people are exuberant you don't like the need to read intervening to support. for that and not for the 1st thing so but i didn't think as my colleague that
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the real were committed to be done a lot in the coming thick for the future in this country it will not be enough to organize elections because today it is not so new president because always going in front of his own eco in each little more globally and as you can see with the success of office there's ronnie is that just the human ego is there older or is new this intrigue haven't really seen it and to date you are not on the kapunda charter to be included in this that tradition so no need to hurry up there is a need to worry for the very areas can you see on what is the way for want and what kind of project from the security people in the you from the political point of view in terms of their look i'm concerned are they. need they need to education.
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and i want to share another comment on you tube nuts and that's a saying the situation in mali needs regional solutions ecowas did it in sierra leone liberia and recently that's definitely one point of view and i would be remiss if i didn't share a comment from. the opposition leader and in monti had a warning for those in charge right now for the military take a lesson. that i ask you to remain vigilant remain vigilant i would like to say this and it is a clear and firm message that no one no one i mean no one will be given a blank check. we let the 5 people died a military came to finish it over don't let them make the same mistake as the previous one. we're getting to the near near to the end of our show some go to ask each of you to very briefly in one sentence
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a give us your predictions for what's going to happen it could be short term or long term let's start with fatima. oh i think what you want i think i would hope for a. conference on the but ignition of the francis. will that thing that the military they have to have and they make very inquisitive by my only problem is i'm hoping that the international community will be able to national what the national people also want it's got a. very smooth. back and was attached. again smooth transition mohamed a very short one sentence what is your projection. and you're hopeful and because money and or are a strong what you need to change that's old news but change for change's who can we need 'd time and we don't can't because we are under pressure of. coming
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days i'm sure you will come out news once shut down and. change and helen's a shark got it and you're not going to help needle a very quickly one sentence 1010 will not make protection but a really important that the nation the heart of the transition because our goals who are super cool and security craig you got it they had a lot of that at the center if pete put it like the center dante's tell like me haggling that i'm up on a pretty funny shelf thank you for watching you let's take a. org.
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the health of humanity is at stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools supplies and training to help the world's most found people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that scene working with scientists and health workers to learn all we can about the virus keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land advocating for everyone to have access to essential health services now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthy a world. for everyone. an image can change the way we see the womb if we had not seen this week we'll be
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talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created longing for a fellow opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story but this thread and the talking points are pretty identical it can forge narratives already right through the listening post gives you the full picture on a. one of australia's most love making and i'm the one that is under threat from an agonizing disease but one wild one campaigner is dedicating a lot of deciding what i want to east makes the woman who spoke on al-jazeera when the news breaks and the racism protests continue in a number of cities across the united states when people need to be heard in the health area line. we destroyed about 80 percent of this land al-jazeera has teams on the ground people are just talking about wind and solar is it that's
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going to solve the problem if want to bring you moon documentaries and light. afghanistan's vice presidents survives an assassination attempt in the capital kabul 2 others die. in the attack on his convoy. hello i'm down in jordan the sound is there on live from doha also coming up put on hold astra zeneca pauses it's corona virus vaccine trials off by participant falls ill. an overcrowded migrant camp is partly evacuated on the greek island of lesbos after several fires were reportedly started deliberately. and police leaders in the us.


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