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at the search for of some folks mexico on al-jazeera. the. president steps up his twitter tirade against the u.k. branding its prime minister a fullish and a washington ambassador wacky and pompous. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program china demands that the u.s. immediately cancel a $2200000000.00 on sale to taiwan plus the bill is stet.
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on kong's leader kerry lamb says she's killed the extradition bill that sparked mass protests but fails to convince her critics and the italy's hardline interior minister of officially closes what was once europe's biggest migrant reception center. hello welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has ramped up his twitter tirade against the british prime minister and the u.k. bassett are in washington it comes 2 days after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which criticized the trump white house in his latest tweets trump called britain's ambassador wacky and a very stupid guy he also lashed out at the u.k. prime minister again attacking her brakes and negotiation and calling it failed and the disaster but this time he went even further calling to reason made foolish and ambassador king. barrick appalled. well the u.k.
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foreign secretary jeremy hunt has hit back describing trump's coleman says this respectful and droll emma haywood has more now on the british reaction to the latest tweets. while downing street would have been hoping that this route would just go quiet but the has not been the case taking to twitter. to nor insult after insult out to the u.k. some boss is washington describing him as wacky pompous even very stupid that he didn't just leave it that you also attacked a reason breck's its handling describing it as a disaster now given the us me u.k.'s close to half the special relationship to say that back kind of language is very undiplomatic very unfriendly now this is all taking place against the backdrop of the u.k. leadership contest and the contenders weighed in the when weighed into this today with boris johnson describing his relationship with the white house as good while
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the u.k. spar minutes to jeremy hunt described the comments made by donald trump as disrespectful and wrong now many questions are being asked about how this memo from the u.s. ambassador could have ended up being linked in the 1st place and there will be now an investigation into that into how it ended up on the front page of a national newspaper and what here were there with the reaction from the u.k. let's go to rosalynn jordan who joins us live now from washington d.c. as so pretty strong tweets obviously from president trump but what about the rest of us government what are they saying about all of this because i understand the state department has just had a briefing. that's right the spokesperson more going to talk us was asked about the ongoing war of words as it were between the british ambassador sir kim dowrick and the us president donald trump the question was put to ms or tigris as the ambassador ross still engaging with state department officials or more precisely
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our state department officials still engaging with cirque him morgan basically said that there has not been any change in dealing with all credentialed diplomats unless and until the white house instructs them to a deal otherwise and so basically the situation is that for now sir kemp is still the u.k. ambassador to the united states it is important to note that when there were a lot of follow up questions mr talkers kept saying you have to ask the white house because ultimately it's up to the president to decide whether to continue accepting the credentials of another country's ambassador open whether to indicate that the ambassador should leave the country what president of the settling insinuated that they want to going to maintain relations with sir cam so where do you think this
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leaves the so-called special relationship that the u.s. and the u.k. have often have always enjoyed. well certainly there have been strains in the past this wouldn't be the 1st time certainly and there hasn't been anything this personal at least in recent years as best as i can recall but certainly this is not the kind of situation where for example you have had venezuelan diplomats kicked out of the country because the u.s. is not pleased with the conduct of the mud doodled government in caucus certainly not the situation where the u.s. was very displeased with the ongoing conduct of the syrian government of bashar assad in its civil war and it basically told everyone affiliated with the syrian mission to pack his or her bags and to leave the country the syrian embassy on wyoming avenue is closed and it's only being guarded by the u.s. state department diplomatic security the iranian embassy is basically an empty
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building sitting on massachusetts avenue its diplomats were kicked out in 1979 no one's been allowed into the building sense so it we're not at that situation with between the united states and the u.k. and i think it is important to point out that you do not hear the british government suggesting any sort of tit for tat as it were suggesting that perhaps if there were to be any more pressure on search that perhaps woody johnson who was the u.s. ambassador to the u.k. should be prepared to leave st james and return to the united states doesn't join in with the latest on that developing story joining us from washington d.c. ross thank you. well the diplomatic spat with trump is likely to come up in the final t.v. debate between the 2 candidates vying to be pretty britain's next prime minister which is just getting underway now boris johnson and jeremy hunt are competing to
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replace to resume a as conservative party leader the winner will be picked by conservative party members on july 22nd and will take office later this month they will then have 3 months to win support for a break sit deal before britain's show joel departure from the e.u. at the end of october. thanks. china is demanding that the united states immediately cancel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sales to taiwan it would be washington's 1st big ticket military sale to the island in decades the move could worsen american ties with china which considers taiwan to be a breakaway province when hate reports now from beijing. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of arms announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no
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difference it's a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strongly as does such as wired and thoroughly opposed to this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side and. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy and craft missiles and battle tanks
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the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan last month you they also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to the test again if this latest arms deal goes through. beijing. after weeks of huge rallies and pressure from protesters hong kong's leader says a controversial extradition bill is now dead kerry lamb admitted her government's work on the proposal was a total failure sparking the territories biggest political crisis in decades but pro-democracy activists are in convinced that the announcement marks the end of the bill rob a bride has more now from hong kong. after more unprecedented protests hong kong's
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chief executive power lamb appeared to yield. with the mission of failure in base handling this controversial legislation she promised it is now dead there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or where it was whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill instead opposition to the bill has resulted in mass protests with some violent clashes between a minority of demonstrators and police pro-democracy groups fear the bill would allow china to extradite political opponents from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts a claim the hong kong government rejects but carry lymes concession doesn't go far enough for the protesters to speak we feel safe. to. say he should
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feel the legislative power is an evil that will. cause us here that feeling that we cannot find the way that if we are the evil the protesters believe the chief executive is playing with words and that although her government has given up on plans to introduce this legislation there's nothing to stop a future administration from trying again part of what many people here believe is a gradual erosion of hong kong special freedoms within china the demonstrators are also demanding a full independent investigation into what they claim has been the excessive use of force by the police and breaking down largely peaceful protests. the government's strategy seems to be weathering this period of unrest hoping public support for the protesters will wane and that it's concessions will have an impact aides are
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counterproductive it don't handle the a crisis way now she has to be when the trust of the old and the she has failed to do so. on aging the support and all of. them will have to own her for the pro establishment camp the fact. the people have taken to the streets in such numbers is evidence that home homes freedoms like the freedom of expression are alive and well. the bad news for the hong kong government the protesters a promising. mcbride al-jazeera. a funeral has taken place for the youngest known victim of the philippines war on drugs 3 year old piano was killed in a police sting operation last week officers say the girl was used by her father an alleged drugs the law as a human shield during
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a shoot out east of manila but the girl's mother has denied that account and says that she was inside sleeping her death has sparked renewed criticism of the government crackdown which has killed around 6000 people since president 3 go to test the took office in 2016. nigeria's national assembly went into lockdown earlier after shots were fired during clashes between police and the group of shia protesters demonstrators say police fired at them killing 2 people after they tried to enter the assembly building the islam a close mint of nigeria a group that represents the country's minority shia muslims has protested regularly outside the parliament calling for the police of their leader has been on the tension since 2015. internet services are slowly being restored in sudan after a court ordered the telecoms providers to end a week's long blackout 2 of the main operators of now fully restored access to customers sudan's military council has claimed the blackout. the transition deal
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reached with opposition groups following widespread political protests a power sharing arrangement was announced last week sparking celebrations across the country. still to come in this half hour after 4 years of fighting the u.a.e. says it's withdrawing some of its forces from yemen. and we'll tell you why flying out of france is about to get a little bit more expensive. hello countries bordering the adriatic in the mediterranean been remarkably stable we recently we get an idea of just in these what took place here they're moving fairly quickly but they're generating an awful lot of damage from wind or flash flooding anyway from spain down towards the croatia and serbia and the forecast maintains
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that so the middle of italy and right across the balkans is towards remain near that green center could well produce some big stones towards once again a little bit better of course further west over certain france and spain it's a sunny looking picture for wednesday and this is rather obvious you shape when the area is a little bit disappointing july 19th to 22 likely to be rainy anywhere from poland to western russia and then if i take you into thursday you'll see the big storms disappear eastward so that could well affect the rights of black sea this weather is not quite as we need but still disappointing and spain and portugal still sunny but it has occurred in france and all this is happening cause over land partly generated by the strength of the sun but the wind direction so a different effect again through north africa we seemed to news here and sardinia of course crupper to the low forty's it's much cooler now into less.
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traditional wrestling family god has a village festival. now it's a national male and female school board and lodge arena as the big prize money. al-jazeera love the 5th unifying cultural fold. and a way out of poverty from. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera.
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time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president has again attacked the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which sharply criticized his white house from branded to reason me and called a diplomat canberra. and a very stupid guy china is the man being that the united states immediately cancel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sale to taiwan it would be washington's 1st big ticket military sale to the island in decades and hong kong's leader says a controversial extradition bill is now dead kerry admitted the proposed law was a total failure sparking the territories biggest political crisis in decades. qatar has signed a deal with the us to buy aircraft from the american plane maker bot bowling the agreement was announced that the white house is the catheter yumi a shake to mean been handed out tiny made president donald trump it was one of
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several agreements for business with u.s. companies around the fence energy and aviation projects. we're doing a lot of work investing very heavily in our country creating a lot of jobs they're buying tremendous amounts of military equipment including planes and they're buying commercial planes as you know very large numbers of commercial planes from boeing and we very much appreciate it we're going to be signing a document to the very large transaction you're going to be invited to the signing it's a transaction that will be purchasing a lot of boeing jets and a lot of money spent in our country and that means a lot of jobs our diplomatic editor james bays has more now from the white house what a difference 2 years makes 2 years ago the block. it had just started against katsav by many of its neighbors and at the time it was clear there were some in the white
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house who seemed to have supported that blockade seem to have given the north the green light president trump one point was even talking tough against doha now though a very different scene very good relations between the emea of qatar and the president in part because of the trade deals they've signed deals on defense aviation and energy this is a president who sees things in very transactional terms but also i think because of a number of other factors the mr missteps that have been made by some of the countries that continue to blockade cattle for example the murder of jamal khashoggi and the fact that many human rights experts believe that was a direct talk ration carried out by the saudi states the ongoing war in yemen and the civilian costs of war the tarnished human rights record over egypt but i think also some of the current circumstances and in particular the tension with iran
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remember that qatar has the biggest u.s. base in the middle east at the same time it potentially could be a mediator as it has called your relations with tehran a court run by yemen's who the rebels sentenced to death 30 academics trade unionists and preachers for allegedly spying for the saudi led coalition the who these have also called for the full withdrawal of the coalition this after the u.a.e. said it had begun pulling some of its forces from yemen senior iraqi officials are quoted as calling it a redeployment but they say the u.a.e. remains committed to the coalition. has more. after 4 years of fighting reports say the emirates are reducing their troop numbers to pave the way for what they're calling a strategic redeployment plan in yemen the host using those opposed to the u.a.e. saudi war say it's a withdrawal a sign that the 2 countries are losing the war. in reality it's difficult to know
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the exact reason behind the troop withdrawal 4 years since the war began what started off as an international coalition of arab and muslim countries led by saudi arabia to restore the un backed government in yemen has turned into a coalition of true saudi and the u.a.e. bombing yemen and transforming it into the worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth according to the united nations 4 years ago there was almost daily briefings by the saudi led coalition troop numbers were given together with military targets but since human rights violations have emerged and accusations of war crimes have been leveled against the saudis on their merits he is information has been much less forthcoming. activists have filed court cases in the united kingdom petitioning the government to stop selling british weapons to the gulf countries targets in yemen particularly saudi arabia last month the u.k. supreme court ruled that on sales to saudi arabia were unlawful a decision the u.k.
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government is appealing. in the united states members of both the house and the senate are demanding that on sale stop true and that according to nobel prize recipients and rights activists who are called car man is the main reason for the u.a.e. withdrawing troops. in agon and there but this is a partial withdrawal intended to improve the u.a.e. is image in front of the international community this withdrawal has come as a result of the emirates failure in yemen i'm certain that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will retreat and shame from yemen after they fail completely there was real pressure from the u.k. on the air. it's not force them to withdraw in order to repair their public relations image another important reason is the iranian threat if tension in the region continues the u.a.e. would be a prime target. it's not just international pressure that's been applied on the emirates the north u.s. backed by iran have proven to be a formidable enemy taking the war to the u.a.e.
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they claimed responsibility for an attack on international airport last year when an unmanned drone was able to reach its target without being intercepted while debates will continue over the reasons behind the reduction in forces many will be asking after 4 years of death and destruction what exactly has been achieved the un recognized government remains on able to govern the maintain control over yemen the only difference is more yemeni men women and children have been killed or had their livelihoods destroyed. well military spokesman for the who says they have new weapons to strike targets in saudi arabia al-jazeera cannot independently verify the images shown in his presentation i have on but it is a recognition drone that can fly over the skies of saudi arabia with a depth of over 500 kilometers as you can see on the screen it is the recognition
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road some odd one you can reach into a very deep areas in enemy territory and it is a huge achievement it can transmit everything it recognizes and all the information it collects directly from the operation theater. french president emanuel mccrone stopped diplomatic advisor is spending 2 days in tehran this part of an urgent effort to the escalate tensions with iran over its nuclear deal e.u. countries that signed the 2015 agreement have issued a statement calling for a meeting after tehran's decision to increase its uranium enrichment france germany britain and the e.u. expressed deep concern that iran is pursuing activities inconsistent with its commitments under the deal they called on tehran to fully comply with the agreement . turkey has ordered the arrest of 176 military officers accusing them of involvement in a failed coup attempt in 2060 ankara blames the uprising on for too long
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a turkish political figure living in exile in the us prosecutors say the wanted military officers have links to them some 77000 people have been jailed as part of the government crackdown. russian president vladimir putin says he does not support imposing sanctions on georgia he made the statement in a television address after russia's parliament recommended the sanctions this is all in response to weeks of mass protests in georgia against russian influence in its government putin said he didn't want to negatively impact on relations with georgia. that's for sanctions i would rather not do it as respect the georgian people the sake of restoring full times when russia in georgia or anything that the complicated our relations. politicians often show up to officially open buildings but it really is hard line interior minister made sure that he was there to formally close a large migrant center in sicily but there's
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a very me toward the center as it was shut down and speaking to reporters he underlined the drop in migrant arrivals to the country the center was once the biggest reception center in europe had been due to close for a number of years due to prosecutors uncovering what they said were illegal activities there is refusing to allow humanitarian rescue ships into italian ports resulting in thousands of standoffs since italy's populace government took office in june of last year. this was a promise i made not only to the sicilians but the italians the biggest migrant sense in europe a business of dozens and dozens of millions of euro's and it had become as proven by the prosecutor's office ascent to base for the nigerian mafia for drug dealing prostitution theft and stolen goods aggression violence rape and homicide in public gunyah i was considered to be crazy when as a minister i promised i would shut it down because it was a sense
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a housing more than 4000 people in the past we kept reducing those numbers and today it's 0 greece's new cabinet has been sworn in 2 days after conservative party leader. in sunday's elections made so that he says he wants to get to work right away and he's requested that m.p.'s skip their summer break is called the parliament session for next week some of his main priorities are tax cuts and reducing crime. the french government is said to introduce an eco tax for all flights taking off from the country's airports the amount of tax owed will depend on the type of ticket bought varying from 2 dollars to 20 dollars money raised will be invested in public transport within fronts that tasha butler has more now from paris. flying out of france will become more expensive for air passengers from next year the new eco tax is part of the french government's environment policy ended fighting climate change that whole city. branch is
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committed to what europe is putting forward on taxing air travel there is increasing awareness and things are beginning to move but this is urgent like other countries we have decided to put in place an acre tax on air transport on all flights departing from france the tax will only apply to outgoing flights not to those flying into france or transiting fares will increase by $2.00 for an economy class ticket within the european union business class flights outside the you could cost an extra $20.00 at paris's all the airport the response to the tax was mixed posable depreciation is good in principle i suppose but how can we be sure where the money will go a lot it's really thick and on to new tricks for going in the suits you both specific goodness of both it's always the ordinary people that pay and companies should take more responsibility for the state of the promise climate campaigners say that the aviation industry is responsible for nearly 5 percent of global carbon
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emissions the french government says of the new eco tax always grow $200000000.00 a year money they say that they will spend on less polluting modes of transport such as rail. the eco tax has already proved unpopular with some investors shares an air france fell after the announcement last year french president demand or mark cost scrapped plans for similar eco tax on diesel fuel that sparked months of yellow face protests but some activists welcomed the move by frogs governments historically have seen aviation as a bit of a no go area or intensive taxation or other measures that could help tackle emissions let's hope that at the moment there's that there's a bit more consumer readiness to accept that if we go. to tackle the climate emergency we're going to have to make changes and. passenger numbers are expected to double in the next 2 decades the french government says the situation is urgent
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and that other even ations should do more to crack down on an industry which is one of the world's biggest polluters natasha buchla al-jazeera paris we're going to have more on that story in the 21 g.m.t. news hour but you can also get more on that and everything else uncovering right now on the web site al-jazeera dot com. and now a reminder of the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. president has once again attacked the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked to diplomatic cables which sharply criticized the white house trump branded terrorism a foolish and called diplomat kim barack a very stupid guy jordan has more from washington d.c. . spokes person more going to talk to us was oust about the ongoing war of
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words as it were between the british ambassador sir kim dark and the u.s. president donald trump the question was put to ms or tigris as the ambassador ross still engaging with state department officials or more precisely our state department officials still engaging with cirque him morgan basically said that there has not been any change in dealing with all credentialed diplomats a lesson until the white house instructs them to deal otherwise. the final t.v. debate between the 2 candidates vying to be britain's next prime minister is underway . and jeremy hunt are competing to replace the reason me as conservative party leader the winner will be picked by conservative party members on july the 22nd and take office later this month they'll then have 3 months to win support for a breck's a deal before britain's shared jewel departure from the e.u.
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with the end of october china is the man being that the united states immediately cancel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sale to taiwan it would be washington's 1st big ticket military sale to the island in decades the move could worsen america's ties with china which considers taiwan to be a breakaway province hong kong's leader says a controversial extradition bill is now dead kerry lion has admitted that her government's work on the proposal a total failure sparking the territories biggest political crisis in decades the pro-democracy activists say they aren't convinced that her announcement marks the end of the bill. a funeral is taking place for the youngest known victim of the philippines war on drugs 3 year old nicole pina was killed in a police sting operation last week those are the headlines the screen is that.
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thousands of refugees in europe rely on aid workers for essential help but a growing number of volunteers are facing arrest and prosecution as countries discourage people seeking asylum i feel me ok i'm allowed to be allowed to they will hear about the impact of legal action against humanitarians and how aid groups are fighting to keep protecting the vulnerable when you're thoughts through twitter and you tube. the recent arrest of a german boat captain who brought 40 shipwrecked refugees into an italian port has
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highlighted the legal risks humanitarians a question at face when providing help to people fleeing war and persecution terrible record today was held up to her brussels see watch 3 collide.


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