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tv   Antarctic Sanctuary  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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have significant reverberations throughout the global economy u.s. shale exports and the shale industry has taken off we have seen a boom here in the u.s. and we're now on pace to beat saudi arabia and surpass saudi arabia by city banks estimates next year as an overall leader in both crude and overall oil product exports but however in the short run that's what we have to be most worried about it's the short run repercussions of the saudis cutting output that would send shock waves throughout the global economy but i would say that that that's leverage it would diminish in the long run unless they diversify as the world continues to diversify itself from its energy resources still to come on counting the cost tales from the crypto why digital currencies like bitcoin and ripple out of favor in two thousand and eighteen. back in november iran was effectively shut out from the dollar dominated financial system when the trumpet
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ministration decided to re-impose sanctions the measures are aimed right at the heart of the slammin republic's economy oil eight countries received a six month waiver but this still puts enormous pressure on to her on the smokes and side of a surety frezza didn't solve s.d.b. energy international explained wants next for iran and the oil prices there is a expectation in the market that in the next six months i mean two thousand one thousand the market is going to face over and over supply due today higher expert capacity from the u.s. and also lower demand so the market moretti at that time for any pressures on iran isn't the only countries that are importing oil from you i'm not there are going to be any types of back to iran and iran can only import and humanitarian goods or this is very good news that are not subject to sanctions back to iran so. they're
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kind of bartering you know with for food or medicine and are necessary goods and now we have european union and they are coming up with as specific channels as trade with iran banking actions that actually be right and if these channels are being held for more as formal as and more usable and ways that are working with iran this of course is going to weaken nine's and dollar as an act also iraq is now selling its oil in a local currency to these countries so i agree i mean if he pushed this new operation he wants to use this as an arrow weapon is going to and he's as losing its influence from we cannot also denying the fact that these all have it's own and sequences on iraq's economy council became the first country in the middle east to quit opec in two thousand and eighteen his decision to move away from the cartel and focus on its natural gas exports comes at a time when questions are being raised about who's really setting global oil policy
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is the feeling that saudi arabia along with knowledge opec countries like russia and the usa according to shots. it's very difficult to understand the russian oil for countries to be either in or not in the organization of course you can say there is a certain concentration of power with the bigger players they have something to say and their decisions have as huge impact but of course at the same time if you if you look on the smaller numbers producing maybe two hundred thousand barrels a day four hundred or more of those volumes don't really matter so much when it comes to the end of the day it's always nice if you have more countries are part of it but why do they can contribute the world hope it is a research organization so having access to that research is maybe interesting for those countries but also i would guess having an international platform or the politicians can be seen to communicate and to be on the same level was politics.
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the production cuts is necessary because there's quite a lot of surplus right now and it's not necessarily just because of the rainy and story of the consequences but it is because a lot of supply is emerging from many other countries and on top of that the biggest supply addition this year of course is the u.s. we've also reported this year on countries trying to diversify their economies away from oil and plan for a different kind of future and young people and women demanding a more inclusive role in that society one of the advisers to governments in the middle east is the international monetary fund christine legarde the managing director of the i.m.f. was in doha earlier this year in an exclusive interview counting the cost asked her about the role of women in the region and the changing economic headwinds. well because i care about this region of the world and because i visit very often my first advice would not be to the young woman it would be to the leaders of those countries and my advice would be first of all look to legal structure your legal
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arsenal all the rules providing equality for men and women second i would say look at your budget are you providing for parents who leave are you providing for child care centers are you helping the woman access or stay on the job market so that would be my first. my first call to the leaders because policies can actually change them up and i would also say to them and to people if i can reach out to them. change your mindset consider how valuable women can be for your economy how much additional growth they can provide how much more sustainable that growth will be how more resilient it will be and how much inequality you're going to eliminate and then i would turn to the woman my sisters and i would encourage them to number one get as much education as they can and i
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hope that this is accessible in the country we're talk to them not always the case i would second say. have enough self-esteem take confidence in what other women in the area of beyond can achieve and just be yourself and make sure that you have a voice and if you can't find your voice get the support of all the men and women who will be supporting you along the way millions in the u.k. are worried about what the new year will bring that's because the government has yet to reach a consensus on how do exist the european union at the end of march u.k.'s economy is slowing and the currency is weakened as politicians continue to argue many voters are beginning to ask if it is an expensive miscalculation. peter dixon from commerzbank has more i think when you look back to three years ago those people who pushed for bread seat i don't think i expected to win and they can never had a plan to deliver in the event that they did so now we've wasted an awful lot of
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time and effort since the referendum trying to figure out how to deliver breads it which it's not even clear that the electorate now wants so it has indeed been very expensive both in terms of absorbing government time. to the energy which business is now have to spend in order to prepare for something which frankly may not even yet happen g.d.p. is about two percentage points below where it would otherwise have been in the absence of bragg's it and that can be calculated in in a number of ways when that's a bit like saying we you know we've almost lost a year's growth. over of a two year period which is you know quite a quite a considerable quite a considerable sum. so without putting a precise figure on it i think it's fair to say the numbers being well i think on the on the current. projections on the assumption that we don't get a hard brags it you know growth will continue to remain in the area of one hundred percent give or take a little bit obviously at the start of the year if we get continued uncertainty
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then that could lead to maybe a bit more weak does in investment growth consumption but of course be impacted by the strength of inflation if there is a date any as a result of the of the weakening pound so at the start of the year old suspect will get off to a slow start but on the assumption that some of his presidency was empty is eliminated all smooth away then over the course of the year i rather hope and i think the consensus expects to that growth next year will be similar to what we've seen this year. more people in two thousand and eighteen have access to the internet than safe drinking water and the world's digital population keeps growing the roof is the world is not reaping the so-called digital dividends of this transformation one two billion people actively use facebook on a monthly basis which has had a decisive year and mr reed the principal research sure and policy director of the
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european future innovation systems center has more. in terms of facebook i think it's been it's been particularly hard hit by some of the concerns that have arisen . over over the different scandals that have taken place in terms of the access to data and the use of the data but their career related to elections and who knows how to in effect i think also there's and that's that's a sort of natural trend that only market people put their career i would say the younger generations are looking for a tools and moving to other areas other props and platforms so there is a sort of a natural trend i think linked to the sort of hit that they've taken from this sort of privacy abuses that to play this really it's a two bricks it's another referendums on elections or more in the last year or so i think this is had sort of the negative effect is a typical facebook. i'm not sure of the case i think we have a very strong position but i think it's again it's
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a very good example of where there's a need for clear regulation and checks on that's the use of the dittos collected by such a company staying with digital want to difference a year makes this time twelve months ago bitcoin mania was all around but the crypto hype hasn't been matching the reality lately bitcoin is down around seventy five percent from its all time high of nearly twenty thousand dollars depending on what exchange you're looking at gonna kill me and has more on the drivers behind the situation we've seen prices of crypto assets like big quain go up and down in the ten years that they've been exist in existence because it just celebrated its ten year anniversary it's a new asset class it's uncertain how we should value it and the type of all to lety were seen it's not a surprise however i think there's a growing acceptance and acknowledgement by just not just technologists but also regulators that block change technology and crypto currency are very much part of
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the future architecture of our financial system and there certainly has been some were. done by you know academics and others looking at trades on certain exchanges that do look suspicious i think there is a big question mark around that there's questions around how much trading volume is real and how much of it is moved or is watched trading i think there's a general consensus that there has been some some you know monkey business basically at work at some exchanges at least and that's all part of the maturing of the space and something that needs to get cleaned up for institutional investors and retail investors feel more confident comfortable owning krypto assets two thousand and eighteen so the world's first habitable three d. printed howe's is the newest technology causing a stir in the construction industry node in the trade as additive manufacturing some say could change how we live and construct homes in the future simon hearts from innovate u.k. explained how it works. well actually that the technology is actually relatively
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mature in smaller scale so small scale three d. printers have been available even for domestic use for many years now what you're doing with with a large scale three d. printer is really extending the scale and the size of that three d. printer but there's a fundamental difference is that domestic three d. printers will typically use plastic they will heat up the plastic till it becomes a liquid and then print that liquid in a line they wait for it to cool and then print the next layer now with houses if you're using concrete for example you have to wait for that to set or to become solid before you go to the next layer so whilst the similarities are there with with domestic three d. printing it's actually a lot more complex to do this for with structural materials such as required to build a house who exactly will have to pay for saving the planet is a big question these days the u.n. body published their answers in two thousand and eighteen following three years of
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research we can limit global warming and prevent climate catastrophe if radical change is made now we're here in the middle east an area that is petro dependent and trying to find ways to diversify away from fossil fuels and create jobs for people who live here so we asked michael graham professor of energy and climate change university college london what a carbon free future looks like for this region. middle east obviously has a concern that much of the middle east is dependent upon oil. not so much on coal and coal is the first in the line of fire the biggest sin in terms of climate change if you like. but one issue for many in the middle east is what is the future look like if we do have to curtail the oil demand. that's probably going to affect some other regions or show it was first because they're actually
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a bit more expensive than a bit more carbon intensity but still we're talking about rather than the past century largely fueled an expansion of coal in oil this century being about their contraction and the rise of solar wind other renewable sources so that's the first thing we need to think what's the energy economy of countries in this case the middle east countries traditionally heavy dependence on oil significant on gas that scar of both good and bad it's called much cleaner than coal. burning we've have to missions in the power sector partly by using gas instead of coal and that's our show for this week but remember you can get in touch with us via twitter use the hash tag a.j. you can see when you do drop us an e-mail counting the cost of al-jazeera dot net is our address is more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c t c thank
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you straight to our page which has individual reports links and the entire episodes for you to catch up on. for this edition of counting the cost i'm sam is a down from the whole team here thanks for joining us news announcer zero is next. a policy imposed decades ago woman port but she said look to be goods and when you board is changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences you're creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at
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every level will be get being given money money to agree to star as ation our money to get other people to be the star of social out there examines the politics of population control the latest news as it breaks i'll go and see both sides of the political spectrum are you know it seems in their criticism of victor governments with detailed coverage only change so far as to make it explicit that cuba's communist party will remain as the only party. from around the world the idea of an armed intifada as opposition to the occupation is gaining support that's moving away from diplomatic negotiations. the death toll in indonesia rises to three seventy three and there are warnings or could be a second tsunami at any time. and
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the shock area this is out to sara live from doha also coming up israel heads for early elections as cracks emerge and prime minister benjamin netanyahu has coalition. open war despite an effort by the treasury to keep the markets under control. and homeless in kenya volunteers are helping those in need when government programs fail to deliver. the number of people who lost their lives in saturday's tsunami in indonesia has risen to at least three hundred seventy three there are fears more strong waves could hit the country's coastline because the volcano the trigger the weekend's devastation it's continuing to erupt enter thomas the coast of the province which
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was the worst hit by the tsunami. listen carefully over the milly's of the waves a regular allowed to boobs. that's not wind hidden in the gloom forty seven kilometers out to sea and krakatoa volcano is still erupting it has been for months but on sunday the eruptions triggered an underwater landslide that caused the tsunami that led to this hotel's line to the sea front here some workers in guests saw the wave coming and ran a little and then a book about it was not like a usual beav it was a huge wave before one thought and it was just rolling and rolling after. at this hotel two children swept out of their ground floor rooms as they slept one of their bodies was found in the swimming pool after the tsunami it retreated across the road and yet i showed us her damaged house she's pulled metres above normal see
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that all here yet the water powered into her home and into her shop next door of the mobile an appalling. i've got no money the shops gone to so i've got no income i don't know what i'm going to do. the main road through two hundred grand has been cleared of debris but what remains of the stephanie villa hotel has not twenty nine people are known to have died here seven more a missing the water did a pretty good demolition job here but what it left behind those men are now clearing completely bearing and in some ways hoping they find some of the bodies of the missing insides people on nervous along this coast watching the sea for signs that another wave could come not knowing which rumble means they should run andrew thomas al jazeera pundit line internees dozens of people are trapped in
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a government compound in the afghan capital kabul is fighting between security forces. and gunman continues and attack again more than four hours ago started with the bombing at least six people are injured two attackers have been kill two hundred forty people have been evacuated by security forces it's not yet known who the gunman are or the total number of casualties. mistah rahane is a security analyst in kabul and he passed by the area sometime after the attack happened and described what he saw i processed by the media just after the attack a few minutes after the attack took place. it is reported to be two car but car bomb. blasts taking place near the ministry of public works and blast took place just before. the stuff getting out of your offices and going our way for more saw yes a lot of smoke coming out of d.d.r. there was. the office was the fire had broken out in the building
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where the ministry is least. i do have some local apartments who are trying to residential and its. potential area according pakistan has found former prime minister nawaz sharif guilty of corruption in jail time for seven years is also been fined twenty five million dollars strafe says the charges are politically motivated person to pary has the latest three time prime minister nawaz sharif known as the tiger of pakistan is back in prison the anti-corruption court in islamabad imposed a seven year jail term for having investments beyond has declared assets. he was unable to prove the source of income for the ownership of a steel mill in saudi arabia a dog them out of a supreme and the courts are supreme for us we will abide by their judgments. our
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leader nawash ory submitted himself to the legal process but all these proceedings are one sided sharif who denied wrongdoing had been sentenced to ten years in prison in july by the same court on different charges they were related to the purchase of property in london he had been freed on bail pending an appeal sharif's party lost general elections in july while he was in jail the history of august on has been that no ruler in pakistan has had ever been actually sentenced you know prior to him the pakistani politicians of all is been going scot free they have always believed they will not be sentenced in any case it is not possible they can exert influence but this time i think we are living in a different dimes people of pakistan they are going for you know accountability people are tired of corruption. the security around the court was tight for
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monday's verdict which shines on uncomfortable light on corruption at the highest levels of government in pakistan dorsetshire party al jazeera israel will be heading to early elections on april ninth announced that by the coalition parties headed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu is a deadlock over a controversial bill that was scheduled for november two thousand and one thousand . five hundred sensible to go to the actions now complete agreement by. the congress complete unanimity and a great partner should prove. step back or has more from bethlehem in the occupied west bank. israelis will be heading to the polls early they will be heading to the polls in april now and not november many people will tell you that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu how. early and actions for quite some time even before the resignation of his defense minister just two months ago following the back and forth on gaza division reason is this they say that they have such
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a slim majority in the knesset that's of course the israeli parliament seat that is it is almost impossible to get anything done most people will tell you that this is actually a politically savvy move from a man who is seen as a political mastermind in terms of operates very smart and that future pressure is hanging over his head of three court cases where he is accused of corruption and bribery and fraud allegations and it's believed that the attorney general will be recommending to indict him in the next couple of months that this is a distraction from all of that certainly the polls show that his party because and benjamin netanyahu remains very popular and that once israel goes to the polls once again the expectation is that he will retain his post as prime minister christians around the world are gathering in bethlehem in the occupied west bank to mark christmas eve earlier the most senior roman catholic church cleric in palestine crossed into the town through an israeli military gate from jerusalem that allowed
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the archbishop to complete the journey was taken on the night of the birth of jesus the gate is open once a year otherwise the wall cuts the ancient religious routes. the u.s. stocks have opened lower a day after the treasury took unusual steps to ease investor nerves followed following a week of heavy losses. and called a meeting with the heads of six of the us biggest banks late on sunday. a short hand the banks could survive the current climate charlatans he joins us live from washington d.c. so talk about the current client climate will misspoke and an earlier news. yes u.s. president donald trump had not weighed in on what's happening with the markets twitter but he has since tweeted the only problem our economy has is the fed they don't have a feel for the market that's just the brief version of it. i'm i'm not sure that he's on the same page with his secretary of treasury. well actually it's
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interesting when when he tweeted just in the last in the twenty minutes before donald trump tweeted there was actually a bit of a recovery underway on the dow jones you can look at the graph and actually you can see the things a sudden was slowly picking up and then tweeted that message which again repeated his criticism of the federal reserve and then the slide began one small on the dow jones i didn't do a terribly good job and one of the one of the reasons why the markets are concerned is because of the speculation that donald trump might take the unprecedented move for a president of trying to sock drone paul as the chair of the federal reserve they were tweets messages from the administration that that was not now something that donald trump wants to do that he didn't realize he didn't think he had the legal authority to do so but even with those tweets and some of the other shore and says that we were getting from the white house it did reaffirm that it's something he's actively considering it is a legal gray area and as long as all trump is actively considering something people really should win as
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a sara lee that he is not going to actually do it eventually so that is one of the many reasons why investors are jittery and that tweet certainly did not help that re his criticism of the federal reserve no that was also a meeting so. he had that conference call from the beach and probably some lucas in mexico which doesn't help the optics either because it's out of the panicky with the c.e.o.'s of all the different banks the top banks in the u.s. who then assured him that there was no liquidity crunch the problem with that was no one really thought there wasn't a quantity crunch in the first place always even considering the quantity crunch of the banks and this is just made people wonder why was he also for the shorts is there a liquidity crunch and even though the banks so there isn't that sort of one of the other words the other measure that he took there was to cool a meeting of the president's working group on financial markets and as a nickname the plunge protection team that meeting house we understand taken place now. thank you for that these are the financial regulators it was drawing power of the fed the f.c.c. chair the commodities futures trading commission
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a couple of other organizations as well what we understand from blue. burns is that they said they see nothing out of the ordinary in markets despite the recent stock slump so they were saying that they were being reassuring in that meeting we understand but that isn't quitting the fear is on the market who just feel of everything is just well the bizarrely uncertain as a result of the actions of steve nugent on donald trump over the last couple of years so yes your point is is spot on right that there's concern that he might. fire and that the fed chairman which is uncertainty but it almost. certainly almost seems to be larger than even just specifically that it's just not certainty not stability that is being projected from the white house and general in the markets like stability and predictability well exactly and so therefore that tweet didn't help the new transactions didn't help and people are wondering you know why didn't it shouldn't do this was it because there is some perhaps some systemic problem in
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the banking system people don't seem to think about is necessary.


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